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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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68" tall

Brass Elephant 14x13, elephant and baby 12X9, elephants 3 high 18X4, camel 13X9 and more.

Collection of 3 plates and giftware

Microwave oven, paper towel stand and telephone

Toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle and Osterizer blender

2 silk kimonos

Tea cart with removable wood and glass serving tray 2 flooding side trays with supports. Opens to a 37.5" diameter oval shape with scalped edge. Cherry colour wood drawer on one end

Decorative chandelier 16" square hidden spot light shines straight down to light table top

19" tall jazz players silver colour 3 total, porcelain globe 12"

Italian Black Lacquer bed frame headboard and end tables Includes box spring and mattress

Black wooden frame with copper accents 38X48

72X64 Includes 4 - 16" panels

Lamp base 14" overall height 27" 20" wide

2 geisha dolls 16" tall, 1 geisha doll in a glass box 12X21, glass box with a kimono and two dolls

Jasper cabinets, curio cabinet Contents not included. This is a hand crafted cabinet made in Jasper Indiana by the Jasper Cabinet Company. The upper cabinet is lit for display the glass shelves have grooves for displaying plates the exterior is decorated with hand painted gold leaf. Measures  77X33X15

Vase 22" H 13" W 43" overall

Japanese Satsuma Vase 21"H overall height 36" made into a table lamp

31X20.5 imported from Hong Kong approx 1970 glass top

Blue peacock Vase 21" over all 39"

Gold colour, 6 shades tri-light light 3 lights only the other 3 or all six lights 37X22

Statue blue clown music box "when you wish upon a star", alarm clock 5", butterfly jewellery box 4X4, heart shaped cloth jewelry box beaded cloth, Isaac Mizrahi clock 7X7, metal and jewelled jewelry box 3X3

54X21 decorative tree with mirrored branches

8 Asian figurines 17", 10 gold table & 1 Chinese umbrella gold and red

30X12 Plastic gold colour pineapple design

Metal and glass Liquor cart and 17X20 Sarah Moon print

28X32 geisha girl printed on red fabric background

Cheetah stuffy, 3 cheetah print hat boxes one inside the other, metal cheetah print container, cheetah print chest 16X12

Flowered print

12X12 each

Ceramic vase from Japan, ceramic dish 4.5"H and platter 7" diameter hand made blue-white & 24k gold from Greece.

29X29 red poppy print

8 gold rimmed 10oz glasses new, Braun hand blender and accessories

6 sea shell print side plates, 5 dinner plates, 4 side salad plates, 6 saucers, 6 dessert side plates, 6 mugs

Assortment of planters, pots, solar accent lights and figurines

29X19 Metal folding handle moving dolly

Black Lacquer wooden and upholstered chair with brass accents

68X30X19 also see lot #34 Made in Canada includes contents 4 martini glasses, 4 champagne glasses, 4 stained glass wine glasses, 6 goblet wine glasses, 4 glass side plates, assorted candles and Christmas platters, candle holders

30X30 mirror 42" diagonal measurement


Glass silver conical shell, glass wine decanter and more

Vase, oil candle & heart shaped container

Asian pot, Asian urn, coaster gold & Asian vase

Gold Urn ceramic 12X7, gold colour clock 4X6.5, and gold & white candle glass 4X6.

Screen 72X60 3 panels fabric, round stool metal frame and fabric seat, oval bench metal frame and fabric seat


4 unique serving platters hand made in Greece signed by the artist 25X13 oval, 14.5" diameter round, 15" fish and 17X11.5 oval

Asian wooden fisherman black, Asian wooden carving water buffalo & fishing boat mounted on a rock.

48X36 geisha girl picture numbered 92/250 signed &"M";

Step stool, iron and travel iron

Assortment of glasses and dishes 2 cupboards full

Collection of collectable glad and China pieces

Lasko adjustable standing fan

Lilly pad outdoor wall clock In working order.

Obi Sash for a Kimono original. Rope and rod for hanging in wall

65X41X19 Italian armour 3 drawers and 3 shelves

70X29.5X19.5 Black Lacquer 6 drawer dresser 51X45 mirror

22W x 27L x 22H oak wood and glass top

60"L 30"W 15.5"H glass top 3/4" thick

Ceramic clown mask 10X7 made in Italy from Venice, 3 ceramic and fabric masks & 2 clown dolls

35X25 Erte print sandwiched between two pieces of glass floating in frame

8 gold rimmed highball glasses, Nikko China from Thailand cream and sugar set with plate, salt and pepper set, 6 dinner plates and 4 side plates

Assortment of Christmas decorations and lighting

15x11 White tulip print in Brown frame 33X30

31X27 floral print pink flowers

Triangle gold bowl 12" diameter 7" height contents included.

White acrylic heart shaped sculpture two figures together 16"X13"

Includes electric wok, electric fry pan and assorted pots and pans contents of 2 cupboards and drawer under the oven

Yamaha RX360 stereo receiver, Yamaha KX150 cassette recorder, Sony 5 disc CD changer, Sansui SP-200 speakers, Hitachi M262 VCR, cyber home DVD player and cabinet

Plate 15" diameter orchid arrangement and pot 22" tall

Expo 86 child's watch made by swatch never used in the original case

Sizes 20X15, 15.5X12.5, 12.5X9.5

24X12 Pendulum wall clock

2 black ceramic vases large 14" diameter small 6" diameter, Japanese egg on a stand 14" tall

19" diameter plate on metal stand 25" overall height on stand

Made in Canada Includes 2 18" leafs 42X60 without leafs 42X100 with both leafs. See lot #50 for matching side board


8 dinner plates, 8 side plates, 7 cups, 7 bowels and 8 saucers

2 6X6 floral prints

23X23X16 Metal frame glass top

48X24 floral print

Assortment of flower vases

40X40 un-framed print

2 ceramic and 2 wooden Roosters

Red and Chrome metal painters Easel

22X16X10 Carry on wheeled suitcase and tote bag

24x24 flower print

16X10 Glass vase colour gold red and black, 19X15X11 ceramic stool red and gold colour

Assortment of kitchen utensils 3 drawers

3 round wreaths and 1 tree shaped wreath

29X35 2 Asian geisha girls

10X4 Crystal Vase and 2 - 4X3 crystal ashtrays

9X12 framed Nagel print

These need to be re-covered. Damage from Cat

42X32X11 bookshelf Includes Books

This piece needs to be re-covered. Damage from Cat

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