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2004 Ford F-150 Lariat 4X4. Leather interior with power and heated seats, sunroof, 6 disk CD changer, power locks and windows. Comes with the 5.4L - V8 engine. Transmission was just totally rebuilt by FORD in October. Engine runs rough, and was told it will need engine work, or even a new / used engine installed. Scattered rusted spots, including cab corners. Front right tire has slow leak, and is flat due to sitting for a few weeks. Battery will also need boosted as the truck has not been run in a few weeks. Truck was able to drive short distance, but recommend having it towed as I am not sure how far it will go. Short box style. Odometer reads 250,647 KMS.   VIN 1FTP14564KA92329  


Pick up to be arranged with winning bidder.

Stamped 925. Features a purple stone. Size 8.

Lot includes 10 early Canadian five cent coins. Circulated coins. Overall good condition.

Includes the entire first 3 seasons. Many DVD's. Good shape, and complete.

Lot includes a hand signed XMEN comic book. Signed by the writer Mark Millar. Limited edition, numbered 196 of 249.

Old gingerbread clock made by Ingraham. Includes key and pendulum. Works without any problems.

Original Royal Doulton lamp. It is in good shape, and works without any problems. No chips or cracks.

Lot includes original buttons featuring vintage cartoons, bands, and more.

Lot includes straight and curved O scale train track. Also includes 2 power transformers by Lionel and Jefferson Electric.

Mixed lot of comic books. Many different titles including Hulk, Iron Man, Protectors, and more. See pictures.

Lot includes a golfer themed table lamp. Heavy and will need a new bulb. Measures 14" tall.

Lot includes 3 belt buckles. Includes The Ninja Turtles, Nintendo Controler, and Pacman.

Unique artwork. Framed. Reads Prima Swina, SVR82, 15/50. Good condition. Frame measures 6" X 6.25".

Lot includes HO scale model train track, train cars, and 2 power transformers.

Lot includes 2 special foil EX cards, and 100 base cards. All in good shape.

Superman comic book 646. Hand signed by artist / penciler Karl Kerschl. Great shape, bagged and boarded.

BMP Canada original harvest gold coloured pottery. No chips or cracks. Measures 8" tall.

Lot includes 43 mixed collectors pins. Includes Provincial themes, beer, military, and more. DuPont pin is marked 10k.

Lot includes 11 original Playboy magazines from the 1960's. Mixed shape and dates.

Lot includes 2 model cars. Easy skill assembly level. Never opened, still sealed. Includes an Aston Martin DB5 and an MGB.

Lot includes 5 original projector movie slide lot Of 5.

Lot includes 10 hand signed / autographed hockey cards. Many different players. All authentic by card companies. See pictures for player details. All in protective cases.

Lot includes 5 original 1940's LIFE magazines. Feature a lot of ww2 content.

Mixed lot of fishing tackle. Complete with storage box.

Lot includes 6 Playboy calendars.

Lot includes 5 older keys. Mixed condition. Different styles.

Lot of mixed vintage toys. Includes Dinky die cast truck, plastic car, rubber car, baseball playing card game, plastic army men, and Matchbox red truck.

Collectors coin. In protective case. Lightly circulated coin.

Lot includes 2 Star Wars themed key chains, one jawa figure, one talking yoda in ship, and 6 Star Wars magazines.

Star style clock by Ingraham. It is electric, and works. Cord has been extended. Showing regular wear from age and use. The star points could be straightened if desired. Measures 24" round.

Sliding lid box. Made of wood. Company name / advertising on the side. Measure 6" x 2" x 2.50".

Lot includes a teak ice bucket with matching tongs. The lid handle will need to be tightened. Regular wear.

Lot includes 2 guitar playing / learning books with CDs. Includes rock guitar and blues guitar styles.

Lot includes 26 coins from different parts of the world. See pictures for coin details.

Original Canadian coin.

Lot includes 3 Star Trek comic style books. One from 1960's, one from 1970's, and one from the 1990's. Mixed condition. See pictures.

The Cup cards by Upper Deck are the highest end cards on the collective market. This card features Chris Bourque. It has been hand signed, has a piece of his jersey, and is limited to only 249 ever made. In great shape. 2007-2008.

Lot of 10 jersey swatch hockey cards. Many different players, and teams. All in good shape.

Lot includes a mix of 12 different 1970's and 1980's vintage Playboy magazines. Mixed condition, overall good.

Hand carved and painted goose themed bookends. Measure 6.75" x 6.00" x 4.50". Minor wear.

Showing some wear. Will need a flint and fluid to get working.

Lightly circulated Canadian coin. Good shape.

Circulated original coin.

Lot includes 4 new watches. Never used. All of these watches work with out any problems.

Lot of 100 mixed magic cards. Many different deck master cards. Good shape, some in protective sleeves.

Lot includes a Spider-Man themed watch, a Deadpool themed watch, and a white robot themed watch. All are new and never used.

Vintage bookends. Measure 7" x 3-1/2".

Hand signed by NHL hockey player Bobby Hull. Dated 1992. 8X10. Comes in protective case.

Matchbook mixed lot. Overall good shape. Many different advertising pieces.

Pitch inst master key. Chrom. Different keys. Works well.

Lot includes an original 1972 Life magazine, featuring "Remember Marilyn".

Wood lidded box. Regular wear. No key included. Measures 8" x 6" x 3".

Lot includes 5 vintage hockey pucks. Some were game used. All in used condition. Mixed teams, so see pictures.

Canadian five cent coin lot of 9.

Lot includes 2 brand new and never used Hello Kitty woman's T-shirts. Both are size medium.

Mixed lot of comic books. Many different titles including Fantastic Four, Iron Man, swamp Thing, and many more. See pictures.

Used older hunting knife. Includes leather sheath. Knife measures 10" long.

Lot includes a metal golfer themed wine / liquor bottle holder. Handmade art. Measures 10.50" tall.

Lot includes a best of the best NHL theme book, and a Conner McDavid t-shirt. Shirt is new and never used, and is size medium.

Lot includes an uncut Canadian stamp sheet. In good shape. Measures 12x8.

Lot includes a Hello Kitty hand bag. Minor wear.

Lot includes a glass lidded wine decanter. There is a sailboat etched onto the front. Good shape, no chips or cracks. Measures 10.50" tall.

Old serving platter made by Mason's Vista England. Ironstone china. Showing regular crazing and 2 chips on the rim. Measures 13.50" x 11".

Lot includes an uncut Canadian stamp sheet. In good shape, only missing a few side boarder pieces. Measures 9x10.50.

Lot includes 2 zombie themed books.

Mixed years and condition. Overall good.

Mixed lot of strings for different instruments. Different maker, some vintage packaging.

Harley Davidson lamp shade. Showing some wear on the inside, but does not affect the performance. Measures 11.50" wide, 9" deep, and 7" tall.

Gin bottle cork stopper / pouring topper. Made by Wade. No chips or cracks.

Lot of mixed stamps. Mostly Canadian. Some un used blocks.

Includes book and cards. Complete set in the box.

Includes many different guitar tabs, interviews, reviews, posters, more.

Lot of collectors stamps. Flight themed stamp sets.

Lot includes a fish tank that measures 17x10x9. Includes a filter system. Filter is working, but will need a new tube as it is not included. Can be bought from local pet stores.

Lot includes 7 graphic novels. Different titles.

Train themed decor. Made of porcelain. Measures 4-1/2" round. Regular crazing.

Lot of 4 Pez dispensers. Different characters.

Lot includes 4 unopened and still sealed posters. See the pictures for poster images. Unsure of what the Superman poster image is, but says the logo.

Lot includes 2 home made rock / stone jewelry pendants. Measure 1.25" long.

Lot includes a Cork Ireland made Irish themed ashtray, English made town scene ashtray, and a clear glass fish themed serving platter. Platter measures 15x13.

Lot includes 10 oversized hockey cards. Different players and teams. All in good shape.

Lot includes 5 vintage Conan magazines, comic book style. Used books.

Lot includes 10 Boy Scout patches. Never used.

Lot of mixed books. Some older. Mixed condition, some good and others have wear.

Lot includes a framed print of an older brick house. Frame has scattered wear. Original art by Walter Campbell, 1978. Frame measures 25" x 21".

Lot of 6 adult themed fantasy comic / magazines.

Mad magazine lot of 10. Includes 6 with paper covers that are for subscribers only.

Lot includes 28 older postcards. Some have been used, with messages and stamps on back. Many different themes, and some are real photos.

New and still sealed checkers board game. MLB baseball themed game.

No chips or cracks. Measures 10.50" round.

Lot includes a Inuit made soapstone desktop pen holder. Catching birds theme. Showing wear from age and use. Measures 6" X 4".

Lot includes a hand decorated tea pot, and 4 matching cups. Showing regular crazing from age. Peacock themed set.

Lot includes 4 MAD magazine pocket books. One is from the 1960's and the other 3 are from the 1970's.

35 gallon fish tank. Has crack on the side, so can be used for small animals such as rats, hamsters, lizards, etc. as it will not hold water. Includes lid with 2 opening doors. Tank measures 36" x 12.50" x 18.50".

Original piece of Asian art. Mixed media style. Stamped by the artist. Custom professionally framed piece. Frame measures 12.50" x 11".

Many advertising stir sticks. Different companies, and products.

Lot includes 6 prints of different themes. Mixed condition, but overall good. Measure 14" x 11". Some may need a minor cleaning.

Lot includes a scrap book featuring the Royal family. Many different clippings.

Lot includes a very large book featuring many different sports cards. Measures 24" x 17".

Decorative kitchen toothpick holder. No chips or cracks. Measures 2.50" tall.

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