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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Lot includes an old radio. The tubes light up when plugged in, but no volume. Can be repaired or used as display piece. Good physical condition.

Brand new pair of moccasins. Come complete in the box with information tags. Includes a serial number for authentication. Size L-10 or M-8. Great shape, never used.

Lot includes 4 rims that came off of a 2004 Ford F-150. All in good shape, just need cleaned.

Men's ring. Mother of pearl style. Large size 11.

Lot includes 10 Canadian Nickels. Dates are from the 1920's and 1930's.

Lot includes 10 different hockey cards. Each card has an authentic piece of a game worn jersey. Many different players included. Some cards have double jersey swatches.

Coffee table style book. Features RMC of Kingston Ontario photos and stories. Dust jacket showing some regular wear, inside is great. Book is signed by the author Peter N. Dawe on the inside cover.

Green Day Revealed. Hardcover coffee table book. Cover has been laminated for protection.

Original Canadian $20.00 bill / note. Has been circulated.

Lot includes 17 vintage Playboy magazines. One of the issues features Donald Trump. Lot also includes other big names, so see pictures. The November 1995 issue has some cover wear.

Original Canadian dollar bill / note. Used / circulated. See pictures.

New in the package, and never used. Measures 4" x 2.75".

Lot includes a mix of 60 comics. Includes some big name superheroes. All bagged and most boarded.

Lot includes an original 1996 Canadian toonie coin still in the package. Uncirculated, and sealed. Great condition.

Lot of 6 hand signed hockey cards. Mixed hockey players, see pictures for players included. The maxim Noreau rookie card is limited to only 499 in the world. This lot also includes 4 game worn jersey swatch cards. Mixed players.

Lot includes a large mixed lot of 50 comic books. Includes big name superheroes such as Batman, Fantastic Four, Battlestar Galactica, Catwoman, Conan, and more. See pictures.

Lot includes a large metal filing cabinet. Features 4 pull out drawers. Measures 49" tall, 25" deep, and 15" wide. Lot also includes 2 leather briefcases. Do not have the combinations to the briefcases.

Lot includes a fish themed pendant, and a chain marked Sterling .925.

Lot includes a fish tank and stand. Both need cleaned up. Some rust on metal stand. Includes gravel for bottom of tank. Tank measures 36" wide, 18" deep, and 15.25" tall.

.925 Sterling silver ring. Nike logo themed. Size 6.

Black / onyx stone ring. Sterling silver. Art Deco style. Size 8.

Sterling silver ring. Black stone. Size 4.5.

New and never opened. New old stock. Vintage 1990 release dates.

New old stock. Never opened. Vintage 1990 release dates. Some scattered wear.

New, and never used. Still in the original package / box.

Collection of tourist collectors pendants. Will need to be flattened. Different mixed locations.

Includes a metal Superman belt buckle. Measures 3.00"'wide, and 2.50"'long.

Lot includes 60 comic books. Mixed titles. Many different superhero and Disney characters. Mixed condition.

Size small. Never used, new. Spider-Man theme.

Lightly circulated. Original bill / note.

Includes a complete set of medallion / coins. Comes on display card. Commemorative set.

Lot includes 4 original Doctor Who magazines. Vintage back issues. Good shape.

Lot includes 2 smaller oil lamps. Both include chimneys. Lanterns are clear glass, and green glass. Measure 9" tall and 8" tall.

Lot includes 50 Pokemon cards, and 1 special holo foil Pokemon EX card. All in good shape. The EX card comes in protective case.

Lot includes glass bottles. Different sizes, colors, and shapes. Good condition overall.

Lot includes different coins from around the world. Circulated coin lot.

Original Canadian dollar coin lot of 5. Mixed years, see pictures.

Early trench style lighter. Showing some wear from age and use. Measures 3.00" long.

Lot of 12 vintage Playboy magazines. In overall good shape. Some big name covers. See pictures.

This poster is not paper, but hard backed. Good shape. Measures 36" X 12".

Lot includes 3 Canadian $2.00 bills / notes. Circulated. Original pieces.

No chips or cracks. Nice colours. Measures 5.25" tall, and 4-7/8" round.

Original Canadian $10.00 bill / note. Has been circulated.

Older brooch, made in England. Signed and marked Sterling silver. Measures 1" round.

Lot includes a hand signed 8x10 photo / large hockey card of NHL star goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Lot also includes a mini jersey. Photo has wrinkle on front, see pictures.

New old stock. Still wrapped in the package. Never opened. Includes a CD featuring Canadian bands. Was a fundraiser to support / help the rainforest. CD named LAND.

Lot includes 9 Star Trek novels. Vintage books.

Large soccer themed beer mug. Measures 9.00" tall.

Size large. Good condition. Made for fly fishing anglers. Has padded spots to attach flies while fishing.

Good condition. No chips or cracks. Measures 6" round, and 2" tall.

Men's size XXL. Good condition. Quality fashion sports wear.

Lot includes a brand new and never used Iron Man t-shirt. Size Small.

Lot includes 6 Canadian fifty cent coins. All are in good shape. Different years included, so see pictures.

Shaving mug. Made by Burleigh Ironstone, Staffordshire England. Showing NO chips or cracks. Measures 6.25" long, 3.50" wide, and 3.75" tall.

Lot includes a Ninja Turtles belt buckle. Still new in the package, and never used. Measures 4.25" x 2.50".

Canadian twenty five cent piece. Features the year of the Veteran. Sealed and never opened.

Never used or opened. New in the package.

Lot includes a vintage woman's purse lighter, a key themed necklace pendant, and a rope style necklace with pendant.

Original 1940's western romance book lot of 3. Showing wear from age and use. See pictures.

Lot includes a Nintendo GameCube (system only, no wires or controllers), Halo game guide book, 2 Rock Band guitars, and 4 Playstation 2 games.

Book is large / oversized, and in good shape. Many different dream cars. Great pictures.

Set of 4 hand painted napkins. Made in Atlantic Canada. New in the package, and never used.

Lot includes 27 fly fishing flys. All new and never used.

Lot of 3 original comics. All from the 1970's.

Travel kit made in Western Germany. Leather case, and many different storage pieces inside.

Large Lot of Lionel train track. O scale. Includes 16 curved pieces, and 5 straight pieces. Each piece is signed by Lionel.

Lot includes a vintage Girl Scout sash, and a few sew on patches.

Lot includes many mixed postcards. Mixed ages, some never used, and many different locations.

Lot includes 4 vintage MAD magazines. Mixed condition, good to some wear / damage. Original older magazines.

Lot includes a Royal Doulton serving plate, measures 11" x 9", and a serving bowl that measures 10.50" x 7.75". Appears to be a small chip on the plates surface, but very small. Made in England.

Lot includes an older, small crock. Showing some wear from age and use. Stamped by the maker. Measures 7" tall.

Lot includes an exclusive to Walmart magazine featuring The Tragically Hip on the cover, and an interview. Dated 1997. Magazine also features other musical related content / interviews. Lot also includes the Tragically Hips first record LP cover only. No record. Display piece.

Original era newspaper clippings. Featuring a lot of content! Comes in the Coronation 1953 original scrapbook. Scattered wear / mixed condition per piece.

Net measures 10' X 10'. Practice your golf swing at home!

Collector's plate. Comes in the original box. Great shape, no chips or cracks.

Lot includes 2 wall hanging oil lamps. Does not include chimneys. Good shape overall. Measure 10.25" tall, and 5.25" wide.

Lot includes 2 boxes of Minecraft games / playsets. Some pieces have been used, but most are new and complete on the cards.

Lot includes a sealed box of Star Trek trading cards. Never opened.

Harry Potter bookend set. Missing hands on both pieces, and tail on one of the Owls is missing. Measure 7.00" tall, and 6.00" wide. Lot also includes a Harry Potter book.

Lot includes 5 pocket knives. Multiple blades and makers. Red knife has one broken blade.

Vintage horn. Made of metal. Showing some wear from age. Measures 24" long.

Lot includes 40 Magic the Gathering playing cards. Mixed cards, with some doubles.

Lot includes a cherub themed table lamp. Works. Also includes a stained glass style shade. Small crack on glass shade, but only on close inspection.

Woman's wrist watch. Timex brand. Needs a new battery. Good shape.

Lot includes 2 older tools. Smaller adjustable wrench is signed by the maker Crescent Tool Co. Jamestown NY. Measure 10" long and 6.25" long.

Lot includes a Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs pennant. Measure 29" and 30" long.

Good condition with NO chips or cracks. No stoppers included. Vintage / older pieces. Hand painted. Measure 3.00" tall.

Lot includes 2 smaller oil lamps. Decorative pieces. One is milk glass with roses on the rim. The other is showing wear, but shows old car images. Measure 8" and 7.50".

Game used hockey puck collection / lot of 6. Showing wear from game use. Mixed teams.

Lot includes 2 flower vases. They are a matching set, only one is larger than the other. Larger vase measures 6.50" tall, and 8" wide. Smaller measures 4" tall, and 5" wide.

Handcrafted ceramic seagulls mounted on driftwood. Made in BC Canada. Wood base measures 5.50" x 4.00".

Teddy bear that talks when a tape is inserted into the player on its back. Untested. The battery compartment terminals may need to be cleaned up, and the tape cover is loose but included. Measures 19" tall.

Lot of 4 Star Wars magazines. A look inside the Star Wars world.

Large collectable matchbook lot of 100. Many different advertising pieces.

Showing some minor marks on the front of belt buckle, but may come off with a good cleaning. Heavy metal buckle. Measures 2.75" x 2.75". Lot also includes a new and never worn Transformers t-shirt. Size Large.

Lot includes a mixed lot of magazines. See pictures for details / titles.

Home made knife. Fishing knife style. Metal blade with wood handle. Measures 10.50" long.

Lot includes 50 coin holders / cases. They appear to hold a coin the size of a dime. All new, and in good shape.

Lot includes many different pieces of HO scale model train accessories. Mixed condition.

Motorcycle magazine lot of 10. Good shape overall. Adult themed.

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