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Chrome, with paint chipping on top handle. 23 tall.

1964 Acoustic flat top guitar, maker unknown. Hardware marked - Kluson deluxe. ?Action is high otherwise fairly good condition. ?EZ method for guitar book dated 1962 included in this lot.

5 misc Beatles albums. Used condition.

Misc patches, most sew on, some iron on. Many duplicates, many singles. 250 in total.

Iron grills to cover wall vents in homes. Painted, rusted, two each have a piece broken off. Varying sizes. 13 in total.

Technics stereo receiver/amplifier. Good condition, however 1 channel (either L or R) not functioning, but repairable. SA 500

Plates for printing labels for a variety of products, including petroleum jelly, rubbing alcohol and nourishing cream. 10 plates in this lot.

Modern art sculpture iron welded heavy metal guitar stand unsigned, good condition, age uncertain.

Dial plates for airplane gauges, made in Toronto by the Sutton-Horsley Co. Ltd. for the RCAF. 11 plates total, some signed on the back by the factory women who painted them.

22 empty tins, made to look like movie reel tins. Leftover from TIFF2015, used as treat tins for celebrity hotel rooms.

Made from an old door. Distressed, but strong. Measures 32 long, 28.5 wide, 14.5 high, in inches.

Pair of small speakers. ?Cambridge Soundworks, Massachusetts USA. Heavy, working. 8??? tall 5??? wide 4??? deep.

Green pump, manufactured by The R. McDougall Co. Ltd. in Galt, Canada. Some rust and paint chipping. Roughly 48 high.

Plates for printing labels for a variety of products, including flavouring extracts, peanut butter, Ginger Ale, and more. 14 plates in this lot.

Round plate and mixing bowl are Fire-King, made in USA. Bowl has wear to finish inside bottom. Noritake bowl with saucer has one very small chip noticeable only from underneath; handpainted in Japan.

Photographs of San Francisco, shot and signed by David Campos. 10.5 inches high by 8 inches wide.

11 brass animals of various sizes. One is a candle holder. Tallest cat is 14.5 inches tall.

Chrome, with paint chipping on top handle. Originally mounted in Toronto General Hospital. 23 tall.

17 high, 36 long, 28 wide, in inches. Needs refinishing. One hinge needs attention (over extended).

Pine electronic brand bass amp as is. Likely from late ???50s early 1960???s. Made in Canada. Shows its age, probably needs work. Wear on grill cloth. Untested.

Made in USA. Unknown working condition.

Green pump, manufactured by The R. McDougall Co. Ltd. in Galt, Canada. Some rust and paint chipping.

Plates for printing labels for a variety of products, including air mail and Kool Motor. 17 plates in this lot.

Plates for printing labels for a variety of products, including doilies, serviettes and cigars. 12 plates in this lot.

Brass saxophone. Brand name ?Conn made in USA. Mother of pearl keys. Missing pads, parts, currently not playable.

10 misc albums including The Alan Parsons Project, The Doobie Brothers, Rick Wakeman, and more. Used condition.

Manufactured by The Leland Electric Co. in USA. Peerless Water Service Systems. Unknown working condition.

4 vintage phones, 2 rotary, 2 button. The black rotary phone has a thicker cord and unconventional jack on it.

Misc comics. The Avengers, Wonder Woman, The Warlord, Spider-Man, Richie Rich, Josie and the Pussycats, etc. 6 are in plastic sleeves, the rest loose. Stack in last photo are better for crafts.

Akai brand stereo tuner, receiver, amplifier as is. Functionality uncertain, 1970???s, AA 6600, 17 ?_ wide.

Picture of old woman. 24??? x 19 ?

1950s dashboard clock by Jaegar Watch Co. Made in USA. Unknown working condition.

Red jerry can, measures 19h x 13w x 6d.

No land line service, so unknown working condition. One head light cover is missing, and tail light cover pops off easily, can be fixed with a drop of glue. Instructions included. Box has some wear.

Each holds 3 candles. Tarnished.

3 turned wooden candleholders, varying heights.

Lithograph of St. John's, Newfoundland. Produced for Christmas 1968 from the Canadiana Gallery of the Royal Ontario Museum, by JK Smit & Sons. 13 x 16 ?_

3 vintage kitchen spring scales. Smallest one has some chipping of plastic on front, shown in photo. 1960s - 70s.

Babyphon combination portable 45 RPM (with speed variable control) record player and radio. Manufactured by Ariston Metz, tube amplified. Power supply would have been battery of undetermined or unknown voltage. Appears to be in fairly good condition. Age uncertain, likely from mid 1950s. Some of the green fabric is loose from the wood box. Untested.

5 misc Cat Stevens albums. Used condition.

Asian-inspired triptych. Some distress throughout. 36 inches high, 12 inches wide.

Pair of candle sticks, EP Lead. Benedict-Proctoc Mfg. Co. (as per mark).

Ma and Pa kettle lobby card 1950. 14 ?_ x 12 ?_ Frame is distressed.

4 vintage Chevrolet Hubcaps, decent condition. Some rust on inside.

Various pieces of tooled brass, various sizes. Small water jug handle needs welding at bottom end.

7 paintings, various materials (some board, some canvas). Largest is 21 x 16 and smallest is 10 x 19 ?_. Some need cleaning and or repair. None are framed.

Hanging scale, made of iron.

6 misc radio tubes. Unknown working condition.

15 misc albums including Pat Benatar, Olivia Newton-John, Chicago, and more. Used condition. All are gate fold.

15 misc albums including Styx, The Alan Parsons Project, Rick Springfield, and more. Used condition.

21 misc records including Glenn Miller, Patsy Cline, Merv Griffin, and more. Used condition.

Grayscale watercolour 1988. 14 x 18. Signed ``Bamento``. Ascensor Villa Seca 1988 Valpo written on back. Some foxing on mat.

Allen keys, socket wrenches, scissors, rasps, files, blades, and more. Sharp objects, and bin is heavy.

4 vintage bike pumps, rusty. No tubes.

6 misc radio tubes. Unknown working condition.

Vintage advertising. Old cans for motor oil, with spouts, originally collected separately. NuGold, Castrol, and Quaker State. Can of Transmission Fluid is full. Unsure of quality due to age; display only.

Made in USA by Grass Instrument Company. Model No. C4P. Missing a few screws to keep outer plate on (won't affect function). Unknown working condition.

CoolPix5000, made in Japan. Battery cover stays on when clicked, but pops off when opened. Includes battery charger, remote control, and carrying case. Works.

Tea Pot, creamer, sugar, two tea cups with saucers. Handle on sugar has been repaired. Lid of tea pot is cracked. Made in England.

Pieces on top are missing, and table needs refinishing. Part of side detail is cracked, but can be glued. 16.5 high, 36 long, 20 wide, in inches.

No. 2A Brownie, Model C. For display.

Winerack, candle holders, rolling plant stand, etc.

Two vintage gas cans for display.

14??? deep 33??? wide 21??? tall. Needs refinishing.

Various items.

50 pairs of earrings, various styles and materials.

46 necklaces, various styles and materials.

9 misc albums including Moody Blues, The Kingston Trio, Lighthouse, and more. Used condition.

11 misc albums including Village People, ABBA, Rick Astley, and more. Used condition.

Minolta XG1 made in Japan. Braun flash, also made in Japan. Unknown working condition.

Two on foil by Lionel Barrymore. 8 ?_ x 11 ?_ each.

4 vintage bike pumps, rusty. No tubes.

6 misc radio tubes. Unknown working condition.

Art deco inspired glasses, shotglasses, bowl and shaker. Shaker needs polishing. Two large glasses chipped, and one small one.

4 black card shades, scratched but no holes. 3 paneled glass shades. 5 green metal shades sit atop the bulb. 3 glass frilly shades. 4 misc glass shades.

Chic Zippers, sewing needles and pins, thread spools of varying colours, as well as coloured floss. Sewing basket in poor condition; can be repaired. Made in US Zone of Germany (stamp on bottom).

Technics stereo receiver/amplifier. 1980s vintage, working condition. SA 310 17??? wide.

Various trophies. Baseball bat needs repair.

Olde Bristol Porcelain, designed by Duvivier circa 1770. Reproduced by Clarice Cliff. 12 pieces in total, 3 pieces chipped.

2 drums, brand name ?Tama 1 chrome body, snare springs missing. Second wood body caminant is without tightening or tuning nuts.

Stereo receiver, amp with 8 track recorder/player. Built-in speakers. 21??? w. Partially functioning. Likely needs work. 1970s or early 80s vintage ?Candle? name brand. Untested.

Stereo receiver/amplifier unit with built in cassette tape player recorder. ?Lloyds name-brand. Functionality uncertain. 852 ohms, 60 Hertz input for 1970s vintage inputs for turntable. 22??? wide.

Pair of Realistic Minimus-210, made in China, working. Audition pair of speakers, working.

11 misc records; Harry Hibbs, Dick Nolan, Michael Wall, and more. Used condition.

11 misc albums including Klymaxx, Teddy Pendergrass, Gladys Knight & The Pips, and more. Used condition.

Made in USA by G-M Laboratories Inc. Model No. SP-203A. Unknown working condition.

Streamliner 500, made in USA. Unknown working condition.

Agfamatic pocket 2008. ModelNo. LUX 234. Unknown working condition.

Minolta Autopak pocket camera, Model No. 460Tx. Made in Japan. Unknown working condition.

Zoom-70. Unknown working condition.

Friar Tuck, Legend Products, 1981, Made in England. Punjabi, 1964, Bossons England. Third has title on sticker, illegible, but also Bossons England. Some wear, as photographed.

Made in England to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Canada's confederation. Includes box and info pamphlet.

10 decorative plates. 3 are metal souvenir plates of Washington DC, Liechtenstein, and Bruxelles. Other plates are Falcon Ware, Takiro, Wood & Sons, etc. Blue and white plate has a chip, and so does black plate. Takiro floral plate is handpainted.

All in found condition (need cleaning). Small brown bottle is Javex, larger one has chip in neck and part of cork.

1920s art deco dress remnant, silk with rhinestones and beading throughout. Shows some age and wear.

1920s art deco dress remnant, silk with beading. Heavy damage with age.

Picture of man. 16 x 20

No information on tumbler. Used with sand or other abrasives for smoothing rocks.

6 misc radio tubes. Unknown working condition.

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