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Teak sideboard 71X17. 5X33. 5 one drawer pull needs to be re-glued some water staining on top of unit

Table 46X30X29 , expanded 75. 5X30X29, 4 chairs 20X18X31 chairs are wobbly, some black dots missing from chairs

Purchased in 2014, works, includes turbo brush

Mid century Danish teak bar cart. 29X17X24 In very good condition

Mid century chairs with original fabric. Chair is26X31X28 Lounge chair31X34X30 incl cushions

Made in Iran . 8. 10X5. 8 feet. Underpad included

Shelf 43X10X27. Slight crack.

Some damage leather strapping needs to be reattached on one chair dimensions of chairs: approximately 34 inches tall x 25 x 25, stool is 17 inches tall x 25 across by 21 deep

Teak with two drawers and cubby holes in front and rear desk dimensions: 39. 5 inches wide x 25. 5 inches deep x 28. 5 inches tall chair: 31 inches high

In working order 64X16. 5X26 some records and patch cords included

Large piece 17X12 Signed by Reed Cooper '74, medium piece 17X17 and small lithograph 2 Oiseaux Bernard Buffet. 12X9

Cheeseboard, saki set, tray, etc some made from teak

Mid century modern teak sofa 80w x 29dx 3h Some normal wear on cushions. Teak in excellent condition.

One of four shelves. Books included. See also lots 211, 212, 213. Dimensions are 31. 25X12X72.

Made in Denmark by Hans C. Anderson. Some wear on top. 14. 5X18

teak 48X9X30, slight bowing in lower shelf with some wear.

Hamper is 31. 5X15X19 Macrame? beads will cover doorway 80 inches high by 42 inches wide

Small rug 3. 3X1. 9

Exotic wood teak? largest elephant stand 8 inches tall and shortest in 3 inches tall. all lined up as shown = 5 feet

Desk not included


2 inches deep 24. 5 long bring tools to remove shelf from wall

Assorted bowls, egg cups, flatware, timer and shelf.

Tallest Inuit sculpture is 10 inches high, tapestry is 14 inches square

Black and white tea/coffee service set for 6: includes teapot, sugar, creamer, 6 espresso cups 6 saucers, 3 coffee cups. Wear as per age. Includes gold plastic tray. Made in Japan by Cadenza

Mid century desk lamp with wood base 28X12

Ceramics, candle holder with tapers, metal-ware, woven mats included, shelf not included, wheat not included

One of four shelves. Books included. See also lots 210, 211, and 212. Dimensions are 31. 25X12X72.

Table: 21. 5 diameter X19 height lamp with tri-light has felt base: stands 20 inches tall

Teak 18X12. 5X19. 6

Five pieces of teak wood. Top is 83. 5X11X0. 75. Three bottom pieces are 96X9. 5X0. 75. Books and bricks included. Bring boxes.

Shelf is 36X5X. 09. Bracket is 7x5 inches. Bring tools to dismount shelf

Pattern: konigliche pr Tettau German

Ludde 3. 25X2. 25 and 3. 2X

Large black shelf 24. 5X9X28, small black shelf 14X11X23, magazine rack 14X10. 5X19, golden shelf 18X8X33

Set of silver plated flatware, likely from 60's.

Vase is marked Germany, 17 inches tall x 9 inches in diameter, Rug is 12 inches square wheat not included

Mid-century, marked made in Poland. 19 inches tall, 16 x 16 when open

5. 2X3. 2 certificate and original purchase receipt included see pictures

Mid-century modern chest of drawers. 32X17. 5X41

Blue area rug 9. 1X5. 8

Large piece- Via Reggio-Hafen 20. 5X24

Mirror 23. 5 D

Night gowns size small or medium

Many frames are empty, some new, some quite old in need of refurbishing, some art unframed

Desk has pullout drawers from both sides. 54. 75X32. 1X29

Vintage clay pottery items and table runner . Runner is 51 x 14

Assorted small bowls including 4 ice cream bowls, 7 etched bowls, 2 bowls with scalloped edge, 2 shallow bowls, 4 bowls with geometric etched design, cake stand with wooden base, server

Wood coffee table 56 x 22 x 16. Has a small mark.

Eagle 15X8, mask 18X7, bird 13X7 and face 6X4

Metal with vinyl covering each 17 inches tall x 12. 5 x 12. 5

Assorted knives and carving set bone handle , electric knife

4. 6X3. 1

Boots are size six. Skates likely also six. shelf not included

Brown cups and saucers marked Arabia made in Finland , sugar bowl and creamer, tea pot, plates marked Langley? made in England , small lidded ceramic pot

Large piece 12X13 and 2 small pieces 11X8. 75

Assorted pots and vases.

Records included. 15. 5X15. 5X15

Tool kit, garbage pail, garden supplies, pots, extension cord, garden hose and spool, various tools, paints and painting supplies, etc. see images Note: lawnmower is not working.

Assorted copper decorative pieces and silver plated tea set. Oil lamp needs repair.

40 x 13

Large mortar from German pharmacy with pestle measures 8 inches in diameter, Spices in vintage jars with cabinet attached to wall - Bring tools to remove from wall.

Fascino Stoneware with bow and pink floral design. Complete set for 6. Made in Japan. Slight wear with age. No chips or scratches. includes dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers.

Large piece 13X17. 5, medium piece 9. 5X13 and small piece 6X11. 5

Wall hanging is 56X27. 5. , waste paper basket is broken

18X20X34 rip in leather

Tea set that has no chips or damage. 1970s bungalow doll house original owner. Cabinet measurements are 26X21X30. Sm white shelf is 28X6. 2X28. 2

From Hungary. Small one is very heavy.

Miscellaneous flatware

Costume studies for German theatre production of Schiller's Die Rubber Two pieces 11. 5x16

Cane seat and back. 20. 5X37X38 pillows included

Hats, coat guessing size small or medium and sweater guessing size large

Multiple styles and sizes

Leather top shows wear, marked made in England, 19. 5 inches tall x 13 inches diameter

Desk 20X15X30. 5. Chair is 12. 75X14X26. 25

Austrian crystal violin jewellery piece.

8 flower pots, watering can small dent on side , floral frog, coaster, small rake. Some small chips, see photos

Large piece 12X16, 2 medium pieces 9X12 and small piece 8X10

Ripped fabric cover 27. 5X15. 25X17.

Matching Persian rugs 26 x 17. Some normal wear.

Includes coffee pot, pitchers, serving bowls one with lid and platter. Originally service for six - dinner plates, salad plates, salad bowls, cups and saucers but some pieces broken missing , others chipped see images

Tea cups and saucers one marked Royal Albert and assorted dishes.

One of four shelves. Books included. See also lots 210, 211, and 213. Dimensions are 31. 25X12X72.

Towels, sheets, wool blankets, duvets. all used

Assorted ceramic pots and pitchers, water filter, metal sauce pan, cheese grater, cookie tin, metal cup, serviette holder, garlic press, food mill

Cocktail shaker, shot glasses, glasses, corkscrews, measuring cups, lemon reamer

Bags and briefcase are vinyl.

Bowls marked Japan. Metal pot marked Canada Forge, trivet heater works with tea light

Wine and champagne, parfait glasses with spoons

Cut square stacked in garage 10 feet wide by 20 inches high. 14 inches lengths

Tins, pots, salad spinner, etc

Retro salad serving dishes, shot glasses and others.

Lamp, digital alarm clock, telephone filing system x 2

Playboy June '68 , Swank May '66 , 1966 art magazine Causeway 1/4

Argentinian hide 43. 25 diameter.

Quite old but works power cord is disintegrating

Assorted kitchen gadgets

Retro tea pots and cups.

Vintage fondue set

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