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Walnut Sideboard. 70"W, 32 l/2"H, 20 l/4"D. Purchased 1955 from Eatons College Street Fine Furniture, Toronto. Note fine appointed shelves each side with centre drawers. Good condition. Category C pickup, from ground floor. Heavy.

Amber Murano Vase in shape of Woman's Torso. 14" High. Category A Pickup.

Canadian Folk Art, Hand Carved Fisherman with Nets. Signed John Sharpe, 1988, Newfoundland. Category A pickup.

Vintage Medicine Cabinet. White with mirrored front and 2 glass shelves. 18 3/4"W, 24"H, 5 3/4"D. Category A Pickup.

Vintage 50's Credenza from Art Shoppe 1955. Light ochre paint w/striations, possibly oak. 2 open side shelves on right, 2 drawers on left, one shelf in middle. 60"W, 30"H, 19"D. Category C pickup, from basement. Heavy.

Chicken Soup Tureen with Ladle. 11"H, 11 l/2"W. Handmade in Portugal. Bottom reads "Barrallo - Pinheiro E. Rainha." Mint condition. Category A Pickup.

Vintage Intricately Hand-Stitched Quilt. "Grandmother's Flower Garden." Quilter, Mrs. Fountain, Wolfeville N.S. 84" x 112". Excellent Condition. Category A pickup.

Panasonic Inverter Microwave. 2 years old. 20 l/4"W, 12"H, 15 l/2"D. Category A Pickup.

Cuisinart Convection Toaster, Oven Broiler. 16 l/2"W, 9 3/4"H, 14"D. One rack inside, plus one pan with rack. Category A Pickup.

Jewelry Collection. 12 Items. 1 Sterling segmented Silver Bracelet, Mexican vintage. 1 Sterling Lily Pad Brooch , Denmark. 1 Sterling round engraved brooch, hand made by Jyde Kunst. 1 50's stone double sun brooch w/small diamante inner circle; 1 narrow chiseled silver bangle. 1 silver bangle w/abalone inlay. 1 sterling 5-pc rectangles chiseled bracelet, carved, Spain. 1 multiple-strand yellow & orange bead necklace. 1 black and brown round wood beaded necklace. 1 ethnic African necklace. 1 vintage pink quartz necklace. Category A pickup.

Collectors' Items! Yellow and White Teapot 5" high, Coffee pot 7 1/2" high - with white & yellow polka-dotted lids, creamer and shallow sugar bowl yellow and white. All pieces stamped signature-style~ Susie Cooper English Bone China, excellent condition. Category A pickup.

Sansui Stereo Tuner/Amp, Solid State. 2 Akai Speakers, Model 2W-7, 2-way speaker system, all untested. Category B pickup.

Walnut Cabinet, same set as Walnut Sideboard. 36"W, 32 l/2"H, 20 l/4"D. Purchased 1955 from Eatons College Street Fine Furniture, Toronto. Good condition. Category C pickup, from ground floor. Heavy.

Etching of woman in black and white titled 'Memories' . 23/50, signed by Canadian Artist, Rita Briansky. 16"W, 20"H. Category A Pickup.

Mickey Mouse, 4" with tennis racquet copyrighted on base, Walt Disney Productions. Minnie Mouse, 4" with tennis racquet copyrighted on base, Walt Disney Productions. Goofy 6" with surfboard, copyrighted on base (in green) Walt Disney Productions. All 3, Excellent Condition. Category A Pickup.

4 Dresden Figurines and Tall Spanish Dancer 'Fanny Essler'. Tall figurine is 14" high. Dresden Figurines are 5" to 6 l/2" high. Some breakage on costumes. As is. Category A Pickup.

Bamboo Screen with 4 panels. Each panel is 18"W x 46 l/2"H. Slight wear and nicks. Category A Pickup.

Antique Early Canadian Seltzer Bottle. Peachy Amber colour. Etched "Toronto Stone Ginger Beer Co., Toronto, Ontario. Minimum contents 40 ozs. British Siphon Co. Ltd. London." Siphon reads "Peterborough Aerated Water Co." Category A Pickup.

Vintage "Royal" Typewriter with carrying box. Box is slightly worn. Typewriter in very good condition. Original Manual. 2 Typewriter Ribbons included. Category A Pickup.

Batik Painting of Bird from Bali, mounted on frame. 23 l/4"W, 37"H. Category A pickup.

Vintage Traditional Yo-Yo Quilt. Each and every rosette is hand-stitched. Quilter, Mrs. Fountain, Wolfeville N.S. Mint/Peach/White. 89" x 99". Barely used. A real beauty. Category A Pickup.

Vintage Viking Portable Sewing Machine w/portable lid; with pedal and all cables, working condition. Accessories Box for machine, tools, instruction book. Wooden Sleeve Ironing Board. Regular size vintage metal Ironing Board. 2-tiered Plastic Sewing Caddy w/assorted sewing supplies: Buttons, Thread, Needles, etc. Book: Woman's Day Book of Sewing. Category A Pickup.

2 Sterling Deco Candlesticks, 5 l/2" high. From Holland Circa 1930. Bottom reads "Raimond Sterling, Weighted." Very slight dents and wear. Category A pickup.

Deep etched Crystal Rose Bowl. 2 Herend Crystal, Etched Lotus Wine Glasses . 2 Antique French Intricate-etched White Wine Glasses - one with slight crack. Category A pickup.

16 Decorative Boxes. 1 Black and white round Wedgwood Box w/lid. 1 Coreen engraved round box w/lid, ceramics. 1 Red stain round wooden box w/lid, Aztek design. 1 Heart-shaped box w/lid, painted w/birds & Coreen background. 1 small wooden octagonal painted box w/lid; 1 Square box carved & painted, Polish made. 1 round rose pink box w/lid, metal. 1 Inlaid wood geometric box w/lid. 1 Rectangular inlay wood & shell small geometric pattern w/hinged lid. 1 Small Ceramic Box w/painted flowers w/lid, Limoges, France. 1 round ceramic box w/lid, painted birds, Kimoko Ikeda Japan. 1 Box w/lid, aqua green painted w/cat. 1 Square Ceramic Box w/lid, hand painted flowers. 2 Matching boxes, 1 oval, 1 round, w/lid, made in India. 1 Small inlaid wood/bamboo box w/lid, Made in China. Category A Pickup.

2 Picasso Prints in matching frames. Blue Nude, 19 l/2"W, 23"H. Mother and Child, 19 l/2"W, 24"H. Note water damage on Mother and Child. Category A pickup.

Antique 1910 to 20's porcelain painted hinged jewelry box; rounded top 7"; back to clasp 6"; Depth 2"; painted courting scene, metal beading edging, hinge, with centre clasp. Very good condition. Antique hinged dress clip, enameled green leaves, red flowers on gold coloured metal. Excellent condition. 2" long. Category A pickup.

Pottery Collection. 6 pieces. Artisan Made. 1 18"H vase w/green and blue/brown glaze, stamped. 13"x5" pot w/handles; taupe, brown & aqua glaze, no lid by Eva East. 9 l/2"x 3 l/2" brown glaze pot, signed. Butter Dish w/lid. 3 l/2" small vase, signed Eva (East) . 7"W x 4"H dish w/lid, inside is glazed. Category A Pickup.

VINTAGE HATS~ Veronica Tennant’s Personal Collection Black Beret (beaver felt) with beaded trim [LABEL~ Mr. Mac-New York c.1950] mint condition. Camel-coloured pill box w/Pheasant feather has some wear [LABEL~ JAEGER London, Paris, New York - made in Great Britain c.1950]. Grouse Feathered asymmetric cloche [LABEL~ DAVID fine condition] [c.1965]. Acqua Dress fine straw hat with matching ribbon bow at crown - some colour fading. LABEL~ Francette Originals [hand-made 1969] with original Millinery and Accessories hat-box. Category A pickup.

Collector's Book on the history of Prada. 2009 Progetto Prada Arte, Milan. 9" x 12". Glossy black cover with protective case. Unable to show inside due to copyright restrictions, but this is a book full of striking photographs. Category A pickup.

Vintage post-war early 50's (from England) Kitchen Table and 4 Chairs. Table 39"W, 29 l/2"H, 27"D. 4 chairs: metal frames painted white, blue leatherette seats recovered in 60's, good condition. Note wear on table top. Category B Pickup.

2 Wood Dressers possibly oak c.1960. 1 5-drawer, 30"W, 30"H, 19"D. 1 3-drawer, 30"W, 30"H, 19D. Category C Pickup, from 2nd floor.

Retro Vintage Solid Maple Wood Table and 2 Matching Benches w/High Backs. Painted Cream, note wear. Table 36"W, 30"H, 24 l/2"D. Benches 36"W, 39"H at back, 16"D. Category C Pickup, from basement.

63 CD's, Assorted Classical, with 2 storage units. Category A Pickup.

Folk Art. 12 Items. Wool Woven Hanging w/fringe, hand made in Crete. Mexican hand painted Armadillo. Painted Fish w/farmer's scene, Mexico. Carved wood gnome fishermen in boat, signed, China. Carved wood gnome Wanderer w/stick, China. Carved wood male guitarist, female dancer, Cuba. Wood carved painted Canada Goose sculpture, signed. Painted pottery Canada Goose container, signed Andrea West 1980. Bird Gourd, carved and painted in wood, signed. Round wooden box w/lid, hand painted flowers, Russian. Vintage wooden Japanese fertility doll. NOTE: not shown in group photo: Russian traditional wood burned hand painted box 6"wide, 2 1/2" high, 4" deep. Category A pickup.

8 pieces. 2xSilver Plated Antique Tulip Vases, 6 3/4"H. 2xPink Glass Candlesticks w/hand painted flowers and Gold Leaf. Aqua Glaze Vase with narrow neck, hand made from Brooklin, Ont., 7 l/2"H. Brass and glass ink well w/Great Wall of China, Engraved lid. Small pewter photo frame with engraved roses. Category A Pickup.

Thick Wool Carpet in Geometric Pattern. Rust, Mauve, Cream. 8' x 10'. Good condition. Needs cleaning. Category B pickup, from 2nd floor.

6 pieces. 12" Mexican Blue Glass Jug w/handle c.1960. 11" Mexican Blue Glass, Round vase with narrow neck. 6 l/2" H, 5 l/2" W Decorative Glass Dish w/lid, blue and clear. 7"H Hand Painted Bowl w/lid; blue, yellow & green, Made in Portugal, 1964, Lisboa, signed. 7 l/2"W double saucer, handpainted, blues & cherry, Italy #3835. 8"H Vase, blue with gold relief, Handmade - 1764 - East Germany. Category A Pickup.

Pottery Collection. 11 pieces. Hand Made. 4 l/2" yellow and blue jar w/lid, signed. 2 cups 3 l/2"W x 2"H, blue glaze inside, signed. 3 l/2"H vase, blue-grey. 4 l/2"W x 2 l/2"H small round dish, blue glaze inside. 7"W x 3"H bowl, blue-grey glaze, signed. 6" jug w/handle, blue-grey, signed. 9"W x 2"H oval dish w/grey flower inside, signed, made in Wales. 5"H jug wi/handle, blue-green glaze. 5 l/2"H round vase w/silk flowers, signed. 4 l/2"H small box w/lid, interesting detail. Category A Pickup.

Imperial Osterizer Blender, Dual Cycle, Pulse Matic 16. Vintage Sunbeam Mix Master w/2 bowls, small and large. Both in working condition. Category A Pickup.

Early Canadian large dough-kneading wooden bowl, 19 1/4" dia. 6" high, original oxblood colour on outer frame, hand-laced joins, natural age cracks. Contemporary oval natural tree-trunk edged bowl 12" by 9 1/2" wide, 5 1/2 high, signature partly illegible, can read Croydon 8/98. Category A pickup.

Vintage Foldable Afternoon-Tea Pastry Table with 3 shelves, carved and stained wood in flower pattern; 10"W, 32"H. Small table w/wood legs and white melamine top, 15"H, 12 l/2" square. Category A Pickup.

10 l/2" square Japanese hand blown art glass technique, hand-painted, cherry blossom design. Category A pickup.

Lustreware Collection, 7 pieces. Staffordshire, England. 1 pint piece 4 l/2"H. Old Foley James Kent Ltd. Very slight flaw in paint on handle of 3/4 pint piece. Category A Pickup.

Coffee Table. 60"W, 16"H, 30"D. Spindle Legs, Gilded and Black Wood. From Art Shoppe. Shows wear on glass top. Category B Pickup.

Tea Caddy/Trolley painted white. 25"W, 24"H, 15"D. Some wear and chips. Category A Pickup.

Glass and Crystal Collection. 14 pieces. 6 x green ombre hand blown wine glasses, 6"H, all slightly different. 12" x 7 l/2" rectangular cut glass tray. 3 etched sorbet glasses, 6"H. 4 goblets w/hand-painted gold and white geometric design. Category A pickup.

Pots and Pans. 6 pieces. 1x7 l/2" dia. pan, Vis Inox 18/10 LJNEA-G-, made in Italy, no lid. 1x6 l/2" dia. pan as above, with lid. 1x5 l/2" Lagostina pot w/2 lids. 1x6 l/2" Pro Cuisine w/lid. 1x8 l/2" pot unmarked. 1x 8 l/4" Teflon pan. Category A pickup.

Art Glass Grouping with Wind Chime. 10" Hand-blown Artisan single rose vase mottled rust coloured, Canadian. 16" Hand-blown curved blue slim vase - label, Barracuda, made in Columbia. 20 l/2" Glass Bird Wind-Chime, Artisan from Salt Spring Island. Hand-made blue glass, w/hanging stick. Category A Pickup.

Traditional Art-Fabric Depiction of Indian Woman in White. Black Frame. 27"W, 35 l/2"H. Category A Pickup.

2 Antique Bartlett Prints, same image hand-tinted differently in Antique Pine frame. 18 l/2"W, 21"H. Top print is crooked in the frame. Category A Pickup.

Canadian - Solid Pine Side Table. 19 l/2"W, 29"H, 15"D. Category A pickup.

Stamp Collecting Kit in Box. With Album, international stamps, tweezers, scissors, magnifying glass, Beginner's Guide to Stamp Collecting Book. 3 envelopes with international stamps (over 120). The Stamp Traveler's Book. Category A Pickup.

Vintage Blue Mountain. Round Lotus shape planter/vase 61/2" high. Asymmetrical double curve vase/planter, 4" high. Good Condition. Category A pickup.

Hand painted coral bands on decanter and six matching glasses; gold-rimmed top and base. Some fading and wear on paint. Glass all in good condition. Decanter 7 l/2"H, 11" circumference. Glasses 2 3/4"H. Category A Pickup.

Vintage 60's Dresser painted blue and white, 29 l/2"W, 40 l/2"H, 16 l/2"D, some wear. Children's Wooden Table w/duck decal, 21"W, 18"H, 17"D, minor chips and wear. (File Cabinet in picture not included.) Category C pickup, from basement.

Box of LP's, Assorted Classical and Jazz x 50, 45 LP x 3. Category A Pickup.

Circa1950 Pressed Wood Art collage. Calypso Dancers and Musician. 23"W, 46"H. Signed LeRoy. Purchased from Eatons College Fine Art department 1955. Category A Pickup.

Hand-Made Rustic Tufted flanelette Quilt. 68" x 77". Note, there is an 8" tear on the lining side (shown). Category A pickup.

Collection of Frames in various sizes and finishes. 29 frames. Category A Pickup.

Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera. 2.1A. Mega O.I.S. 5.0 Mega Pixels, 2.5 LCD, Leica Lens, l l/2" x 2"screen. With Charger and 2 Batteries. One 512 MB Memory Card, One 16 MB Memory Card. Category A Pickup.

8 Items. 14"H Wood Cat, white with crackle paint. 1 Pair of Black Siamese Cats, ceramic. 1 Glass Jar with pewter cat lid. 1 photo frame, blue & aqua pottery. 1 White Sleeping Cat, drapes over edge of furniture. 1 pewter photo frame. 1 Pair of Cat Book Ends. Category A Pickup.

Earthenware Dinner Set. "Plymouth" Ridgways, Shelton England. (Bought in England in 50's before coming to Canada). 2 Serving Bowls w/lids. 1 Gravy Bowl w/ small chip. 2 serving bowls. 2 saucers. 6 soup bowls w/small cracks and chips. 6 dinner plates. Note: some have cracks and chips. Category A pickup.

Painting of Indonesian Family Scene from Bali. Signed. 27 l/2H, 18"W. Category A Pickup.

Storage Bench. 21"W, 17"H, 13"D. Lid upholstered: note wear on fabric. As is, note, matches dressers Lot13. Category A pickup.

Mirror-Topped Dressing Table with Skirt. 36"W, 30"H, 18"D. As is, mirror shows wear. Skirt is fastened to table with domes. One shelf inside. Category B pickup, from 2nd floor.

5 Pieces. 9"x11" signed print in white frame, Christy Mitchell, Blueberries and Leaves. 9 l/2" x 11 l/2" signed Shirley Mustard, mixed media art piece, Flying Fish. Two 8" x 8" still life gloss prints. 12" x 10" white tray w/iris design, Imports L&D, Providence R.I. Made in Italy. Category A pickup.

Sony Double Cassette Player, Battery operated. Pentax Espio 225 Film Camera, 38mm - 115mm AP Zoom w/ camera case, untested. Category A pickup.

Traditional French Hand Painted and Sculpted in Clay, Old Man and Woman. Signed McDeloro. Category A Pickup.

Wood Entertainment Unit with Glass Shelves. Note wear on finish. 56"W x 17 l/2"D. Left side with LP section, 25"H. Right side with glass top 21 l/4"H. Centre piece for turntable 13 l/2"H. Category B pickup.

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