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Label says ???Fritz Hansen???, designed by Poul Kjaerholm, serial #???s are 20080001272 and 20080001265. Seat width is 23???, height of back is 27.5??? and front of seat height is 14.5???. Wicker and brushed stainless steel. Note there are 2 chairs in this lot.

2 iMacs, model A1224 and A1312 1 Apple G4 Powerbook, model A1104. Condition unknown, hard drives have been removed. 2 keyboards, model M7803 1 mouse, model M5769 Assorted cables and connectors as per photos. 2 pieces of RAM ??? each 2GB 200 pin SODIMM, 256M x 64, DDR2, PC2-6300. Wear consistent with age, untested.

18??? wide x 17.5??? deep x 7.25??? high. No key. Metal label says this was made in Denver, Colorado. Strap handle is rubber and has raised ???Samsonite??? lettering.

2 iPhones. 3 cell phone cases. 3 Kobos, 2 with cases. ???Olloclip??? lens for iPhone with pouch. Kodak Recorder, PlaySport model. Conditions unknown, untested. Not verified if working, unlocked or usable after purchase.

Also a game controller. Condition unknown.

One American Girl doll, several sets of clothing, jewellery, wheelchair and campfire tent which is missing 2 poles.

Attaches to ceiling, planets rotate around sun. One planet is missing. Condition unknown.

Small skateboard is a ???Shawn White??? product. Wear consistent with age.

18.5??? wide x 12??? deep x 8.5??? high. Set of 4 silverware and cups with one plate missing. Wear consistent with age.

51.25??? wide x 30??? deep x 16??? to top of seat front. Wood is dried, needs oiling. Marks as per photos. Cushions are zippered. Wear consistent with age.

Working toilet. Will be removed for pick-up.

Kroehler 45??? wide x 29??? deep x 16??? to top of seat front. Photos show damage to vinyl piping and broken wood slat underneath.

Chrome and fabric stools. 30.5??? to top of seat. Extended foot rest. One of the seats needs to be re-screwed to base. Wear consistent with age.

Rolling stool. 28.5??? to top of seat. Upholstery on seat is partially faded from sun exposure. Wear consistent with age.

5 years old. Used on 2 canoe trips.

Drummer type. Lowest position is 20???, highest is 25.25???. Seat diameter is 11.5???

Wood frame has some hardware attached. Size with frame is 21.5??? high x 20??? wide. Small crack as per photo. Wear consistent with age.

Condition unknown. Have not been removed from sleeves for over 10 years.

18??? long grabber and 35??? wide saw. Wear consistent with age.

Cat print. 13.25??? x 10.25??? high (frame included)

9 pieces. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

Sony DCR-TRV525 Handycam, Panasonic DVX 100A. Both power on. Condition unknown, untested.

Heavy. Needs cleaning/sanding. 24??? x 18.25??? x 2.75??? high.

26 pieces. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

20??? x 22??? x 26.75??? high. On wheels. Top lifts off and hangs on back. Recently used as a bar cart. Wear consistent with age.

Altec Lansing model # iMT620. Realistic equalizer model #32-1115. All untested.

45??? wide x 29??? deep x 16??? to top of seat front. Photos show damage to vinyl piping.

Cord is old and frayed, when plugged in the coils turn red and get very hot. 8??? x 6.75???.

Camper shoes, size 38, note wear. New Banana Republic pants, size 8P, Martin fit. Small, black, gear bag, 10/5??? x 9???. New scarf labeled ???Ivivva??? is 19.5??? x 24???. Kimono has some fraying and loose stitching, see photos.

20??? x 14.5??? white ceramic ???American Standard???. 17??? x 13??? stainless steel. Both used. 13.5??? x 14.25??? red plastic with drain and faucet is unused.

Includes set of 4 rocks glasses in packaging, set of 6 tumblers in packaging, working Ninja blender with cup container and more. Tea assortment. Nothing tested.

???Saris??? model Bone RS.

Works, 13.5??? x 7.75???.

33.5??? high x 29.75??? wide x 18??? deep. No key, but door is open. No combination to lock. Rust, scratches, see photos.

New Siemens EQ Loadcentre, 16??? x 13.25??? x 4.5??? panel. 12??? x 12??? x 6??? ???Scepter??? box (wear consistent with age). 6 Breakers ??? 100, 40, 4 x 15. Noma power bar. 23??? of 14/3 conduit. Federal Pioneer enclosed switch. All untested.

4??? x 6??? rectangular braided rug with same size underpad. Pulled threads in one spot. Wear consistent with age.

Craftsman saw in case. All untested. No saw with mitre. Wear consistent with age.

30 matching old tea cups. Corning Ware dish top is missing knob. Wear consistent with age.

Necklaces, earrings, brooches, bangles and tie pins. Staining, some tarnishing and flaking. See photos.

Square tipped paddle is 53.5???, round tipped paddle is 51.25???. Duffel bag is Eddie Bauer brand, zippers work, has wheels on one end.

9 Wii games and assorted DVDs. Conditions unknown.

Folding worn looking metal step stool, chrome plant stand, wood and plastic mail holders, folding travel iron, battery operated closet light with pull string (missing bulb). Half bushel baskets, 83L Rubbermaid container, 2 red file folder boxes (some staining and scratches), and an IKEA plastic, wheeled, 2 drawer organizer.

18??? x 12.5??? x 11.25???. Composite material. Wear consistent with age.

6 ??? 48??? vertical brackets, 2 ??? 48.75??? vertical brackets, and 6 ??? 36.75??? vertical brackets. 3 ??? 8??? arms and 10 ??? 12??? arms. Some rust and wear consistent with age.

2 caps. Gap Kids parka, size 12. All clothing is labeled ???Ivivva???, 2 bras size 10, one is reversible, 4 ??? size 10 of which one is long sleeve., 3 ??? size 12 of which 2 are long sleeve, 2 hoodies are size 10 and 14. Wear consistent with use.

Tacks skates size 9. Voit flippers size 7-9. Child's CCM helmet. Padding for bike helmets. Wear consistent with age. NOTE: Helmet has not been verified to conform to current safety standards or regulations.

See photos. Wear consistent with age. Cannot confirm if all components are present.

Curved top mirror is 18??? wide x 50??? high. Wood frame is removed and partially stripped. Backing board is included, some warping and splitting. Beveled mirror is 17.75??? wide x 60??? high. No frame.

Larger wood box is 16??? x 10??? x 13.75???. Stainless steel container with handle is ???8 high x 9.5??? diameter. Wear consistent with age.

See photos. Damage, fraying, etc.

5 pieces. Seem to be made from clay of some sort. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

Tower fan with remote in working condition. Wood coat tree is missing all 4 hooks and is 73??? tall. Wear consistent with age.

Large ceramic is 12.75??? x 3??? deep. Photos show edge chips. Small ceramic is 8.75??? x 2.75???. Orange metal pan is 7.25??? x 4.75??? high. Needs cleaning. Wear consistent with age.

Sled scene. 26.75??? x 32.25??? (frame included)

13.75??? x 11.5??? board and 10.5??? pin. Wear consistent with age.

22??? wide x 28??? deep x 14??? height of front of seat. Fabric has stains. Wear consistent with age.

Coffee table is 38??? x 18.5??? x 15??? high. Wear, marks ??? see photos. Workout bench is 41??? x 10??? x 19??? high, adjusts to 6 positions. Wear, marks ??? see photos. 2 foot stools have stains. Wear consistent with age.

Print. 9.5??? x 24??? high (frame included)

28 pieces. Seem to be made from clay of some sort. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

8 pieces. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

9 pieces. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

Variety of books and music sheets. Stains, wear, fraying, etc. Pages missing.

20 records. Quality/wear is unknown.

17.5??? to top of seat. Wood and vinyl. Seat opens for storage. Wear consistent with age.

10 books, Used, wear consistent with use.

As per photos. Knife sharpener takes batteries. Lamp edge is broken, base is metal. All untested.

As per photos. Untested. Saxophone strap is new.

20 pieces. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

36??? x 29??? blue. Cover is removable. Some staining. 18??? x 11??? Relax. 16??? wide heart. 16??? square ?Lazy. Some staining. Cover is removable. 16??? square orange. Cover is removable. 17??? wide ?Paul Frank pillow.

26??? x 22??? portable drafting board with parallel rule. Small tripod is missing feet. Film reel, metal slide holder, scale, stapler, and black wire mesh organizer.

Stainless steel ???Grumbacher???. Original mounting screws and box. Wood one is not lapelled. Boxes are worn.

Metal case is 16??? x 15??? x 5.5???. Untested. Wear consistent with age.

2 lanterns, one is missing glass. 2 painted eggs, 2 small figures, glass tear drop shaped paper weight, square coin dish, 2 ceramic owls and more.

50.75??? long x 17.75??? wide. Frame is metal with rust and paint. Seats are laced, worn vinyl. Wear consistent with age. NOTE: Item has not been checked for current safety standards and is not verified for use with children.

29??? wide x 19??? deep x 28??? high with small drawer. Damage to wicker on right side of desk below the top. Wear consistent with age.

Gas mask, canteen, paintball shooter and opened package of paint ball pellets, approximately ?? full.

19.25??? high, seat diameter is 12.25???. One rubber foot is missing. Wear consistent with age.

See photos, wood grate is 18??? x 15.75??? x 1.5???.

10 pieces. Note damage, missing elements as per photos.

Condition unknown. See photos.

???Ethan Allen??? solid wood is 18??? square and 14.75??? high. Wear consistent with age.

39 in total. Wear consistent with multiple readings.

Sony Trinitron 18.5??? wide x 18??? deep. Has remote, condition unknown, untested.

Blades, knee and elbow pads. No size shown, size 8 foot will not fit into boot. Marks, wear are consistent with age.

Squirt guns, racket game, bolo toss game, underwater torpedoes. Parts may be missing. Condition unknown.

Wear consistent with use. 35??? x 25??? x 38??? high.

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