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Yellow quilt with flowered squares: 76X62, white quilt with pink and blue squares: stained, frayed edges, used condition: 80X60,orange/white striped duvet cover: 70X53, pink flat sheet: 98X62, crocheted colorful afghan: 73X60.

Assorted Crystal paper weights, made in Japan, 29 pieces total. Still in original boxes.

Assorted Crystal paper weight, made in Japan, 30 pieces total. Original boxes.

Variety of vintage, antique and costume jewelry bracelets from the 1980's

Red Gianni Versace purse in excellent condition: 10X6, d-collection leopard print purse:8X10, jewelry case: 9X5, brown leather purse

Antique Clock H 19.5 x W 12.5 inches. Not tested for working condition.

Vintage clock. Needs to be balanced properly to run. Orig. value $800. 1982

Red Victorian celluloid box, 2 carved wooden boxes, Asian themed box slight damage to one compartment, lid needs reassembly, pendant

Assorted scarves (many are silk), assorted bow ties, and assorted shawls. Blue box not included.

Set of two floor fans, 17" x 17", untested

German Cuckoo Clock, Untested, 13" x 10"

Gold colour frame of oil on canvas landscape. Signed by Artist name illegible. 23 x 28. Unframed oil on canvas painting of Lake Louise. Painted by a group of artists at P and E. Signed by artists. 28 X 22

4 small bowls,13 medium bowls, 3 large bowls, 12 teacups, made in China all with fish motif, chopsticks

Variety of earrings from the 1980's, and the decorative millennium shell.

Filing cabinet, 54"W x 22"D x 26-1/4"H, laminate finish.

Vintage Wood cane. Brass Duck Bill handle.

Two framed Millennium Collections of .46 cent Canadian stamps. 8 groups of 4 stamps per Frame. 25.5 x 15. Framed Legends of Hollywood Marilyn Monroe 32 cent US stamp collection. 13.5 x 15.5

White bust, some slight wear: 29x12, black mannequin, some wear, chips: 68X13

Framed Salon Ladies Print 25 x 30.5 Framed Original Drawing of cat woman. Marina Wilding Brown 32.5 x 26.5 with frame.

Variety of watches including Mickey Mouse Watch and many other brands, All untested.

Framed Print of French Tempe Secret Poster 1997 25.5. x 16. Unframed print of Ronald Searle Vive La France 26 x 18.

Round 43" vintage table- wood and metal, comes apart at centre, metal base, surface scratches

7 glasses total. Assorted colours with swirly surface design on outside 3.5X3.5X3

Painting titled Lorgueil is one of eleven existing pieces. Napoleons men in French Louisiana. Signed. Year 1824. 15 x 12. Round watercolour.. Framed. 8 inches diameter with ribbon for hanging. Made in Germany

Matching fish motif Asian dish set. Good condition. Bowls 2 x extra lrg. 6 x lrg. 6 x Med. 7 x Sm.4x Soup bowls. 6 x Chop a Stick Holders. 2 x blue chopstick holders. 11 x tea cups and 1 x container.

Framed 1988 Picasso Print Poster from AGO. 36 x 24.5

Acrylic on canvas by Canadian Artist David Peto. 27 X 52

1 blue patterned Ikea down cushion 20 in by 20 in. 1 black and white Ikea down cushion 20 in by 20 in 1 fibrefill cushion 10 x22

Asian themed Tea Set, made in China, 2 teapots, 4 small cups(signed)

Variety of costume jewelry- 80's and vintage necklaces, broaches, bracelets and a jewelry holder.

Solid mahogany silverware box, size: 20"W x 8"H x 12"H, empty. Useful for jewelry.

Brass household items and collectables. 9 items. In good condition.

2 framed pieces of Asian art. 15 x 14.5 and 20 x 14.5

Coach purse in great condition made in U.S.A with serial number as shown, vintage basket purse, decorative cushion

Mikasa ultra stone bowls(4) and plates(3), Mikasa light and lively plates(3), blue/white bowls (4), mismatched white plate set, bowls (scratched and chipped), white canister, mugs(3), vase

Framed painting of The Large Blue Horses Frank Marc Print 7.5 x 13.5 Framed Oil on canvas 17 x 14. Three unframed paintings on paper 24 x 18 Artist unknown.

4 papier mache clowns: 8-12inches tall, legs planter: 6.5X19.5

Carved India wood table: Handmade 12x12 basket from Africa, 2 antique handmade baskets

Variety of vintage and costume jewelry from 1980's

Good condition. Mix Asian Resto Lrg Bowl x 1. Soup Bowls x 4. Tea Cups x 5. Soy Sauce Dishes x 6. Serving Spoon x 1. Soup Spoon x 3.

Twelve pieces total. Wine Decanter with stopper x 1. Vodka Shaker x1. Sm Rock Glasses x 4. Goblets x2. Wine Glass x 1. Glasses Tall x 3.

Framed original landscape watercolour on board 23 x 45. Floral print 23 x 35.

Venetian ceramic mask, ceramic Asian doll, plastic woman figure made in China, ceramic woman's face wall hanging

Assorted fancy head bands & head clips, includes the box

8 ashtrays total. I blue glass, scratches, 2 green glass, 1 crystal, 1 with needlepoint decor, 3 others

150 year old transfer plates, round one has small chip, both have small surface cracks in glaze, steins, jug, mug, leather bottle, teapot, house shaped container, brass pitcher

Assorted lot of glasses and mugs, tea set. 32 pieces in all

1x vintage doll (porcelain head), 2x kids Chair (11"W x 12"D x 23"H), and rocking horse.

Glass desert bowls, assorted porcelain (china) dishes, saucers and cup (single), and other miscellaneous Glass items

Framed Oil on Canvas of clown. 23.5 x 19. Framed original ink and water colour on paper. Cartoon of naked couple. 22.5 x 12. Framed quilted embroidery of sad pantomime clown 18 x 14

Medalta jug cracked inside, see photo, 5 mugs with shoe motif, interior tea stained, note chip on one mug 7X6.5X4.5

Assortment of candleholders, shoe themed decor, ashtrays.

Folk art glove box label, assorted art, purses, 50's fibre glass lamp shade, basket

2 Goebel plates, 80s theme plates and 4 vintage tins

Plug-in vanity mirror with light, not tested.

14 pieces total. Glassware sets and miscellaneous. Two unique Rosenthal glasses. Martini glass. Glass carvings person and owl. Drinking glasses.

Ceramic and Earthenware miscellaneous. 14 separate pieces. Plant pot x1, 2 cup sets x2. Coffee Mug Extra Lrg x 1. Sugar Container x 1. Tiny plant pot x 1. Decor x 1. Candle holder x 1. Milk jug x 1

6 Items. 2 handpainted plates. Three coffee mugs and one medicine hat pottery bowl.

Yellow patterned fibrefill cushion 20x20 in, green velvet down filled cushion 15x 15 in, purple dragonfly fiberfil cushion 15x15 in, linen cushion cover only 18x41x5.5 in

2 Genevieve Lethu yellow bowls, small cracks inside, 5 in height 7 in diameter signature housewares hat motif mugs, tea stained interior

7 pieces in total. Dog labeled erphipa, brown glass dog, fu dog pair 3X3X2jade fu dog 2.5X2, lion salt shaker, elephant picture

7 Total Pieces: signed glass paperweight, platter: colourful garden themed, 17" x 13.5" x 2", glass apple, candle, two whimsical mugs, colourful painting 13" x 12".

Number of pieces: 13. Assortment of cherub and angel decor.

Twin headboard only. Hand painted Japanese motif, size: 53"W x 4"D x 51-1/2"H

Assorted decorative items.

Mid century decor and housewares. One plate. One salt and pepper set. One oil and vinegar set. Candleholder. Mini plant pot. 1950s Pitcher. Playboy coffee mug 1970s collectible cup and a wooden 1970s Teak sorter.

Orange square velvet cushion cover 24x24 in, red embroidered pillow cover with pillow 26x20 in, scooter patterned down filled cushion, taupe back. 17 in x 17 in.

3 clocks untested: blue Clock refurbished (owner says in working condition), others unknown

Assorted bowls and dishes with kids theme, decorative animals and decorative pool house.

Assorted flower pots.

Leopard print fiberfil cushion 12x16 in, shoe fits fibrefill cushion 6x9 in, clock patterned fibrefill cushion 21x 9 in.

Thermal tea carafe, top hat ice bucket, cloche, flask, lid opener, untested

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