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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

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To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Used condition, in good shape.42" high by 19" wide by 16" deep. Top folds open to show mirror in two settings.Sides open for necklaces.Pull out drawers.One is a ring drawer,others are open spaced.Heavy piece,bring help to move.Made of Red oak.

Kitchen lot A. By Vitantonio.Tested.In used condition. Blender jug is glass.

26" x 18" wood and glass frame.Signed Vickers.

Metal exterior, wood interior. 30" x 22" x 18".Wheels built into bottom. Note: No carry handles. Wear with age.

Given to important visitors. Contains Real Jade,coins,stamps,ceramics and assorted art. Coins date from the year 221 through 1889.Various stamps from early to late. The Jade piece is from the Warring States period 221,its the round piece depicts two armies coming together. Jade piece is approx ..2" x 2".On the same page are two coins from around 221.Two coins on next page are from 118.Many more. All the coins in this book are genuine. There is a stamp at the back of the book thats reads No export without permission from the Cultural Relics Bureau. The book is written in Chinese with English at the back. Book is encased in a presentation box. Some coins from 621,1038,1068,1078,1086,1628,1821..Book is in used condition, but in very good shape. SEE PICS.

Made in Italy.13" x 8".Good condition.

16" x 10" x 8" and 5" x 4" x 3".Big chest is wood with wood and leather top. small one is wood. Both in good shape. Used condition.

Brought over from England.64" tall by 31" wide.Wear with age.The mirror is like new.Comes apart for transport.VERY HEAVY.See Pics.Original Brass hardware.

Lamp has bulb in it and works,tested.Lamp is 12" high.White crystal or marble piece.Rock formation piece looks like marble or crystal.Rock sliver piece is polished both sides,unknown rock.

Volt Meter by Weston Electrical and untested.Cast iron base Fan by Eskimo and tested-works.Fan is 12" high.

Maybe from Denmark.Coloured picture in middle.8" x 8".Good condition, wear with age.Has chain attached for hanging.

Large size Dream Catcher. The large size catcher is 12" x 12".Depicts a wolf with 3 smaller catchers.

Used condition,tested.Needs a clean.Attached to a stand up fixed table.Model 137 271180.Has guard and push guide.Stands 35" tall.Note: Blade changing wrench is not included.Can change the blade with regular wrench easy.

Comes with contents. Used condition.Blue box and grey box.Lots of lures.

Blue and black. Size large. Like new condition. Milan makers label. The leather is between a hard and soft leather.

Picture holder,candle sticks,candle snuffer,urns,candy dish,sm tea pot and a front desk bell. Used condition.Tested.

Ampro Precision Projector.Heavy cast iron.Comes in original wood case.Works well.can put it together and watch a movie right away.Movies are 1940 Zoo's Who and 1941 Sports Thrills.Both are 8mm.Comes with a new popcorn bag from the period. Comes with 7 movie stubs framed from the period.TESTED,Heavy. SEE PICS.

By Technics.Direct drive, automatic turntable system. Plays 33's and 45"s.Tested and works like new. Used condition. Comes with wire to connect to sound system and has clear plastic lid.

2 utensil holders.3 prisms.1 camel.Candle holders.2 carved wood pens.Small box and lid. Good condition. See pics.

Pots are in used condition. Pots are heavy steel. Crockpot is used, like new.

6" x 4" x 1.5".Good condition.

28" high. Base is 10" x 10". Sundial is 8" x 8" round. Looks like brass but may be some other metal. Near new condition..

Many lures and hooks etc.Comes with the contents of the fishing boxes.Plastic orange box and plastic blue and grey box.Used condition.

Frame size is 26" x 18".Sun glare on picture.The Oshawa Times.Shows Armstrong,Collins and Aldrin.

Approx. 200 cards. Binder of baseball cards. 2 screw down card holders with Phil Kessel and Jonathan Teows. 4 Wayne Gretzky cards. Ed Belfour and Guy Lefleur cards. Framed and signed card of Jonathan Cheechoo. Note: No C.O.A. on signed card.

Square one is 16" x 5.5".Round one is 7" x 7". Like new condition.Round one is made in Germany.The ships wheel is a weather guide,made of wood and brass.Can hang either one.

Tigers eye silver plated bracelet.4 lighters.Roots mens watch and Geneva mens watch,untested.

17" x 17" by 19" deep.Made by Admiral.When plugged in some of the bulbs light up and the main picture tube lights up.May work if burnt out bulbs are replaced.Used condition with age.Tested but no picture comes on screen.

Blue, grey and pink. No chips or cracks. Used condition, like new. Tested works. Holds one light bulb.20" x 20" x 10" high.

Like New,does not look like it was used.For relief of back pain. Works,tested.

Has Original paperwork in box and receipt from an antique store.Wear with age.Good condition.

Reproduction tin sign 12" x 16".

30" x 13" x 21".Tools included.Toolbox unfolds to have access to all the tools at once.Includes screw drivers,drill bit set,vice grips,level,Olfa knife and blades,allen keys,linesmen pliers and more. Used condition.

Two hard case dealer poker cases from the Hard Rock Cafe. One new and one opened but not used.12" x 8" x2.5".Note:Small dent on the opened case. Heavy hard cases. Cards and poker chips.

Size is 18" x 10" x 12" high. Brass latches. Used condition with age.

Original WW11 Army helmet. Note: Has tiny dent in helmet.

Map one is North America 1845. Map two is Map of Upper Canada 1838.Map three is Map of the seat of war 1813 to 1815.Map four is map of Province of Canada 1865.From the Collections of the National Archives of Canada. These are on thin cardboard like paper. Ready for framing. Good condition. Size is 20" x 16".

10" x 8". No frame.Signed Sean Mombourquette.

Includes a framing hammer,screwdrivers,staple gun and staples,wrenches,drill bits,drywall saw,stud finder by Zircon,tool belt and more. Used condition. Stud finder has not been tested.

Frame size is 25" x 31" glass and wood.Signed E. Schwartz.In Good condition.

From left to right are Seiko,Calvin Klein,Giani Sabaini,ESQ,Fiodini and Caravelle by Bulova. Note: the Sabaini has a cracked face glass. Untested.

Puzzle is a complete set. Used condition,wear with age.

15" high.Mirror is 12" x 12" round.

Like new condition.See pics.Note: some of the dremel bits may be missing from set.Tested works.

By Milton Bradley.Box is 13" x 13" x 4".Comes with all original contents and paperwork. Game is untested.

10 photo's. Includes production information, biography of Stephen King and George A. Romero. Warner Bros. release. All in good condition, near new. SEE PICS." The most fun you'll ever have being scared".

Comes in vintage xmas Simpsons box. Made with ceramics, wood and metal.13" long. Looks like some sort of ivory coloured bone mouthpiece. Depicts dogs in picture. There is lettering on the box that reads"Grampas pipe".3 piece pipe. Used condition. See pics.

Used condition.Chess board is 14" x 14".King is 4.25" high.

2 lights-tested,coaster holder,candle holders,carved book ends,large size butter dish and lid.Carved egg.Incense burner.All in good condition,used.

In original box.Untested.

Stereo is 8" x 8" x 6".Untested. The three 8_Tracks are Barry Manilo,Glen Miller and an unknown 8-Track.

Hard leather, size 42.Near new condition. Flat back. Colour is black. See pics.

Vintage welding torch,candle holder and a lantern. Used condition.Note: Torch may not meet current safety standards.

Display only.Missing some knobs on side.8" x 3" x 6". By Emerson.Untested.

Used condition.12" x 7" x 5" high..

Used condition. comes with converter.Tested works like new.Comes in original box.

Carved old man face and hat.Signed KB.12" long by 4" thick.Has holes on back for hanging.

Used condition.approx. 24 pieces.Some pieces are not shakers.

34" x 17" x 17".Wear with age.Made of metal.

Used condition with age.Has original bulbs and lights in boxes.

2 woven twine CD holders.Flower holder.3 floor mats.2 large sized square baskets.2 round baskets.2 twine baskets.Serving tray and much more. Used condition but all in good shape.Some wicker,soft twine and some cloth.The cloths hamper has a cloth liner and a lid.

Family watching TV. Good condition.

Size 38.Made in Canada by Franco-Canadian Leatherwear. Used condition, like new.

Black colour.Made in Canada. Heavy.Untested.Regular size.

These two stand at 32" high.They are completely hand made.The makers business card is taped to the bottom of the base.Used condition,in good shape.

60" x 30". 2 pieces. like new. The black metal base may need a little paint touch-ups. Good for indoors or outdoors.Glass is thick and heavy.

Auto focus.Used condition. Untested.

10" x 8".No frame.Looks like signed I.Capieri.

Lots of crazing due to age.7" x 6".Good condition.

Square one is 20" x 20" and tested-works.Round one has sun glare on pic.Round one is glass 17" x 17",Untested.

By BirchWood Furniture Company.Has Mirror back. Four adjustable glass shelves.Light at top,tested works.Glass front doors,glass sides.Brass handles.74" high by 41 wide by 13 deep. Note: VERY HEAVY.Bring help to move. Like new condition. See Pics.

Horse and rider,bunny,bell,belt buckle,mini tea set and an ash tray.Used condition.

All different.6 glass and one ceramic.

20" x 10". Used condition.Has all pieces.Game is about Toronto landmarks.

Used condition.Ringling Bros.Greatest Show On Earth.See pics.

10" x 8".Like new.Latin lettering.Sun glare on picture.

Size is 46" x 27". Picture is falling out of frame.Used condition.Signed H.Anito or H. Ahlto.

Rocket is approx. 6 feet tall.Looks like home made.Base looks professional.Has ignition switch.Top of rocket comes off with attached parachute.Works with some sort of gas.See pics. Used condition.

22 stickers. Fort Macleod, Province house. Legislative Building and more.Approx. 2.5" x 1.5" in size.

Beer stein is made in West Germany and is 7" high.Beer mug is made in Portugal and is 7" high. Used condition but in good shape.

Gilt wood and glass frame.22" x 26".Like new condition.

22" x 30". good condition.

Danier leather. Size 2xl.Used,in good shape.

Costume jewelry. Jewelry box is black 11' x 6" x 8".Comes with the keys,rings bracelets,bangles and ear rings.Near new condition.

Etched Falcon piece is 6" high by 1.5 thick. Two other pieces are 3' x 3' x 4" solid glass,heavy pieces.

Unopened pack with the gum stick still inside.Encase in a plastic case. New condition.

32" by 23".Unframed.Unsigned.This Painting was part of the large J.Ellison collection of paintings sold through Maxsold's Mid-June auction at the same address.

Hard leather, size 42.Has a little wear, but in good shape. See pics. Scrunched up back design.

Size 36.Used condition, but in good shape.

One bottle has small chip out of base.The coke glasses are like new.

18" x 14". Like new. Carved wood pieces make up the picture.Picture of couple on bench.

Used condition.Many rolls of yarn ,thread and patterns. Some completed projects.

10 pieces of Pez and 11 pieces of McDonalds toys. Used condition.

14" x 11". Wood frame.

20" x 16" frame. Signed Laspezia-67.

Signature hard to read,looks like Oyette or Oyetz.Average size is 14" x 11". The years on paintings are 64,62,58 and 72.

Wear with age.Has hole in face and the legs are not attached.Approx. 12" long.

XL size by Milano. Used condition, needs to be dry-cleaned.

Each frame is 20" x 20".Wood and glass.These are prints with silver paintings on top of glass.Good condition.

12" x 15" frame size.Sun glare on pic. Frame is falling apart.Needs to be reframed.

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