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Dominion of Canada Stamp binder. Has about 300 pages of stamps. Most pages are full of unused stamps in sleeves.

White and a purple binder with stamps. Canada 1890's to 1960's. Italy 20's to 60's.

Used condition, like new. Tested works. Boxes are 14" x 37". See Pics.

Coke sign is 9" x 16". Spaceship sign is 8" x 12". Vintage 1965 Trail Marker sign is 8" x 6" from Enniskillen Conservation Area Ontario, wear with age.

100% Wool. 42" x 70". New in the bag. See Pics.

305 carats from Africa. 100% Earth mined. Toonie for size comparison only, not included. Note: No COA.

All in new condition. Coffee maker by CRUX. Lantern by Primus PTL 2245. Optimus Terra Pan set and utensils. Last pic shows everything packed back up. The coffee maker kit also has a small stove burner that attaches to the gas cylinders. Gas cylinders are brand new, not used or opened.

Canadian albums with First day covers, plates and corners.

By International Silver (I S ). Comes in the chest pictured. Approx. 64 pieces. In over-all good shape, needs a polish. Note: Lots of wear to the wood chest.

Loose stamps. large lot. Approx. 50- four packs in sleeves. Covers, plates and corners of Canadian stamps. Many more.

5 new instant BBQ's. folding pot/pan set, maps of Canada, Rivertrail portable folding stove with new butane, toast griller, rope, new 10 x 12 foot tarp, New picnic basket with lunch set, BBQ book and more. Comes in a blue plastic tub.

Set is in new condition, but box falling apart.

Used condition and needs a good clean. Tested works well. 24" x 16" x 10" high. Comes in a carry bag. Does not come with Propane tanks.

325 Carats. 100% Earth mined gemstone from Brazil. Toonie not included, for size comparison only. Note: No COA.

Cards are of most Toronto Police units. Approx. 100 cards.

Graded by KGCL. 705 Carats. Certificate number G2743468370 card included. Toonie for size comparison, not included.

White Polar bear head is signed Guy N. 2009. Larger sized brown polar bear signed D. Taylor. Small white bear is not signed. Pop can for size comparison, not included. All in good condition.

Model 5640. In good condition. Can plug into house or car. Charges up to keep stuff cold longer. Inside the cooler is a first aid kit, a one person small tent, rope, one instant BBQ and a new tarp 9 x 6 feet and an extension cord. All new or like new.

Two Rob Ford bobble heads. Collectors Hollywood edition in the box. Other one holding a drink is not in a box.

10 Foot by 10 foot Canopy. Takes 5 to 10 minutes to put up. All one piece that folds out and up. In good condition. Comes in a canvas bag with wheels. Metal frame. You can peg the bottom poles down with tent pegs not included. NOTE: The canopy is not blue as pictured. The canopy is silver coloured. The chairs as pictured also do not come with the silver canopy.

Like new. Men's size. One is by FABER, the other by GV. Both made in Canada.

4 pieces. Tallest one is 18" high with tags from The Tin Shop Parry Sound. Three are candle holders and one is a speaker. Two in new condition, two in used condition. SEE PICS.

Two camping tables that you have to assemble, takes about a minute. Table sizes are 32" x 32". Two fold up chairs. Lightly used. Note: the two tables have some wear to the tops. Nothing a table cloth won't fix.

Model 1CD-PX820. New in the box. Records 535 hrs. MP3 Recording. Windows and Mac compatible. Dictation in playback. Untested because box has not been opened.

Heavy plastic. 10" x 10 "x 8". Box is empty. Like new condition.

Set is by West Marine. Some flags may be missing.

Frame size is 17" x 21". Signed by the artist Ron L. Girdingh. Famous Chief Scout from the Sioux Nation circa 1785. Done in B2,B4 and B6. The artist "mark" is located at the bottom of the mountain slope ( a man carrying a child). See Pics.

New condition. 36" x 24" x 74"high.

Five large size Nerf guns. Two are heavy big Nerf guns. Used condition all work. May need to buy more bullets. Comes in a bin that also has bullets in it not pictured.

Items are in new condition but box's are falling apart. Tested and works.

Candles are all new and un-used. Candles sticks are 12" to 8" long. Cheese slice is large size 2" high x 8" x 8". There are 34 pieces in this lot. SEE PICS.

9" wide x 7" high. Good condition.

10 small stamp books with stamps inside. Stamps are in pockets, not stuck down. Lots of USA stamps. 1920 to 1960'S.

Hand crafted from an HBC Point Blanket. 100% real wool. Adult size mitts. New in the box with tags attached.

Tested works well. Does not come with connection cables. Cables available commercially. Has a few scratches on the top, but works fine. Comes with instructions.

New in the box. 25.5h x 13.4 wide x 15.6 deep. Medium Pine, solid wood.

33" high x 38" wide. Made of painted metal. Heavy. Like new. Note: There are only 5 of the glass candle inserts out of the 9 spaces for candles.

Four cars by Vitesse, 2 cars by Matchbox and 6 Hot wheels. All in original box's. SEE PICS.

Box is 14" x 5" x 7". Real wood sides. Doors and steering wheel work. Motor City Classic. Comes with COA. Hand Crafted. New in the box condition.

New in the box. By PT Fitness, product #84-0168. Includes pump and ball.

Three are professional walking sticks that are adjustable in near new condition. Two are solid wood in good condition. These are not canes, they are for hiking. Lengths are 30" to 50".

For the wood worker. Wengi, bubinga, old school teak, cherry, mahogany, purple heart and Zebra wood. Most pieces are around two feet long by 1" thick. There are at least 25 pieces. Ideal for trim and inlay work.

Unknown tool art. Club/grappling hook or maybe fishing tool? 16" long. Like new condition.

Some new and some used. Approx.40 fly fishing lures. See PICS.

All Clubs are by Campbell. One club by Goliath. Lightly used condition.

Loose stamps. Four vintage stamp books. Tin full of stamps. Envelopes and more with stamps.

1973 one dollar bill in crisp new condition. 1974 two dollar bill lightly used. 1972 five dollar bill lightly used. 1971 ten dollar bill lightly used. Three Stooges one million dollar bill in crisp new condition. NOTE: The Three Stooges bill is not real currency. It is a novelty item.

By Heaven and Earth. New in box.

Custom built by JAG Woodworking. Large size deluxe Wanigan. This is a fold up top storage container with two removable trays. Size is 30" wide x 21" deep by 16" high. Like new condition except for a tiny amount of wear to the top. Built in 2010. Has original receipt inside, not pictured.

22" x 16" x 16". In good condition, has some tiny wear marks.

Haida painted Salmon on a Hand made paddle. This is a 62" long paddle. Signed R.G. Jones, Port Renfrew. See Pics.

19" long x 7" x 7".Hand carved and painted by artist Tom Martingdale. In good condition.

By J.M. Fleming of BIG SKY CARVERS. Size is 24" long by 9" high by 7" wide. Heavy piece. Like new condition. Made of painted wood and plaster. SEE PICS.

Tripod adapter included. New in the box. Model 71009. Box is 12" x 10".

Three lengths of six foot steel looped cords and one Garrison Padlock with keys. New condition.

Vinyl picture is 12" x 12". Cribbage game is 13" x 4". Small sized canoe Xmas decoration. Hand carved Haida Canoe is 20" long x 3.5"wide x 3" high. SEE PICS.

Well used condition, but still plays well. Tested.

12' wide x 40" long x 21" high. Like new condition.

Vintage, wear to box. Box is 8" x 6" x 9". Untested. Note some rips on the box. Bank has not been taken out of the box.

Men's size Everlast boxing gloves # 4308, one set new and one set used lightly. Boxing bag with bungee cords attached is lightly used.

16" x 7" x 8". Brand new condition with tags attached.

Etches and painted carved paddle.48" long by 6" wide. Signed by the artist. New condition with tags still attached. Frog pattern. SEE PICS.

Large size Santa at 25" tall, Snoopy in the box. Jim Shore Santa. Two chests of bulbs and decorations and more. All in good condition.

By Ozark Trail. 16 foot by 9 foot. Used condition in good shape.

Brand new in the box with tags attached. Approx. 36" x 36". See Pics.

Two empty tins. One large size candle. One coffee mug with a lid. One regular mug. Four tennis balls. All in brand new condition except the regular mug needs a clean. Note: The candle has a small dent on the side of it.

Black and Decker blender with Metal jar and glass jar. Tested. Stay fresh containers, Second cup tea pot, juicer, cheese boards, large size mixing bowl, cheese grater, mine pump set, large size platter, baking pans rubber and metal, glass bowls and lids. Everything is new except the blender, teapot and baking pans.

Signs are 8" x 8".Like new condition.

In good condition. 31" high. Used.

12 foot by 12 foot overhead shade. Triangular sail shade. Comes with instructions. Used condition but like new. Comes in a bag.

All cards like new in sleeves. Approx. 100 sheets in the binder. Various teams. Looks like mostly 1992. One set are Blue-Jays.

John Labbatt chest is 18" x 12" x 11". Postal chest is 8" x 12" x 11". Map chest is 10" x 8" x 4". Flower design chest is 7" x 7" x 6". All in good shape.

Cigarette case, card case, rings, earrings, necklaces pins and bangles etc. Used condition. Note: none of these have been tested for gold or silver. See pics.

Model PT-2030 AD. Note: Cord is missing but runs on batteries that are included. Tested works.

Most items are new and unopened. Knapsack artist backpack and carry bag.22" x 25" field sketch board, foldable easel, final spray/sealer, brushes, paint, pencils, powdered charcoal, compressed charcoal, artist twine, sketch pads by Fabriano Italy 9" x 12" and 14" x 17".Brushes and more. SEE PICS.

Plugs into the car lighter outlet. New condition, never used. Tested. 13" x 9" x 7".

Three pieces, Tallest one is 12" tall.

Four pieces. Large sized round piece is about 20 pounds-very heavy at 16" high x 13" wide. Made of painted concrete. The Cross is also heavy at 12" x 7". Harp is 7" high and the candle holder is 10" high. SEE PICS. All in good condition.

Full sized used lobster trap. 29" x 16" x 22".

Used condition, could use a clean. Tested works. 32" high x 17" x 17". Model D85-1153-8. Included is a jerky gun and a cold smoker tray for pellets-new.

Like new condition. box is 10" x 10" x 6".Tested works.

Round one is 8" long x 6" high. Square one is 5" x 5" x 6". In good condition.

New in the box. Fits 4" x 4" posts. Two pieces

Clamp-on door drilling kit, bike chain tool, hammers, Dremel tool, soldering gun, drill, knee pads, saws, plumbing wrenches, hacksaw, axe, caliper, crowbar, C-clamps, driblet set, wire cutters, staple guns, radial tire repair kit, wire strippers, tile cutter, 3 extension cords, caulking gun, drywall saw, Mastercraft clamp set, 36 tooth chops or table saw blade, tape measure, knee pads, Black and Decker cordless drill which has been tested works but has no charger with it. Some are new in the pack and most are in used condition. SEE PICS. There are more tools then the first picture could hold.

Two Kilt Sporrans, leather belt and belt buckle. One hat and sword pin. One sash pin. Sporrans and belt are real leather. All in like new condition except the belt has wear to it. SEE PICS.

One foldable mirror, two tins, Anniversary clock with plastic dome, clown puppet, vinyl or rubber doll. White large size bowl is from Germany. Red flowers bowl is Wedgwood. Staffordshire tea cup and saucer. Aynsley cup and saucer. All in used condition. Tea cups in good condition.

Hand crafted by an artisan at the Canadian Canoe Museum. New condition with price tag still attached. Made from an original Hudson's Bay Point blanket. Total length is 50".Has soft leather bottom. Beadwork and carry strap. SEE PICS.

Basket by Agnes Brault, Liard NWT. Bottom of Canoe reads The Nahanni, River of pure Gold.

Made of three metals.56" tall.

12" x 9". Like new condition. Hangable. Painted on metal.

Round sign is 11" x 11". Heavy gauge metal sign. Two riveted holes on each side for mounting. Used condition but in great shape.

Tested works, used on construction site recently to power up to four nail guns at once. It is missing one round rubber foot pad easy repair with piece of wood to level it. This is dirty and in used condition but works well. The hose attached is at least 20 feet long. Very Heavy.

Tascam CD-301 with Polk Audio speakers, models RT 15 31730 and RT 15 31731. Speakers are 11" high x 7" x 7". Used condition but in great shape. Speaker wire and sound system wires are included. Untested.

55" x 87". Made by FOR LIVING. Model 0413. Lightly used condition. Comes in original bag.

Size is 36" long by 8" high. Hooks are cast iron. Top middle hook is a stone with a spike through it. There are two holes drilled on the sides to mount to wall.

Basket signed Celine Eddy NWT. Basket is 9" by 4" high.

Thick rolled steel cut outs mounted on logs. Owl is 10' x 5, Bigger bird is 7" x 5" and last bird is 6" x 5".

Good condition. May have tiny chips out. Pop can for size comparison only, not included. Two piece lot.

Signed by the artist LESA-Nunuvit Metis. New condition. Painted Dancing Bear. 9" x 6" x 2".

Made from many kinds of wood. cut and carved each piece. 15" x 14". New condition.

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