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11 feet long by 5 feet wide. Comes with Hi output air pump by INTEX. The model number on the raft is V222grn/HF360. Can mount a 2.5 HP Sevylor trolling motor. Serial number is #82696A-313. Can hold oars on the sides or use oar rings on top. Has fishing rod holders on top. Has rope around the raft for holding onto when swimming. Comes in a heavy canvas bag with two double edged oars. This was blown up and left for three days to test for leaks and there were no leaks. The air was taken back out for storage however could not fit the raft back in the canvas bag. This can fit two large size people or small family. Heavy durable rubber construction. SEE PICS.

In good condition. These two pieces were made by a Ship Captain, there is a brass name plate on the bottom leg of the coffee table that reads "Made By Captain A.A.F. Hodge, DUNDAS. The coffee table has a thick glass top. Coffee table is 18" high by 36" x 36" from tip to tip. The Wine rack is 12" deep by 30" x 30". Both pieces are made with wood and brass. Heavy. These are built to last, strong and durable. The coffee table also has ships rope wrapped around the base. SEE PICS.

Total height is 30". Has thick real marble tabletop. Base and stand made of brass or brass coloured metal. Untested. See pics. Heavy.

Like new condition. By IVERSON snow shoes. 46" long x 14" wide. Made of leather and wood.

Purple Rain, 1999, Prince and Round The World In A Day. All in good shape with no visible scratches.

Like new condition. Folds up. Has one set of wheels for easy travel. Comes with a carry bag that allows the wheels to poke out the bottom. There is names written on in a couple places with magic marker ,you could cover with white tape easy. There is no wear to all the pads. This was only used a handful of times. Comes with all head rest attachments. Everything is adjustable. SEE PICS.

New in the box. Cast iron base with stoneware lid. Box is 15" x 13" x 13".

Expresso maker model FND1. Box is 12" x 12" x 10". Untested because new in the box. Coffee urn is a 42 cup urn. Model C40515. Untested because new in the box.

Like new condition.

Sun powered. Model LZ1-8. Total of 16 solar lights. Untested because new in box.

New with tags attached. 10" wide x 30" long. Hand made in Nunavit. This is to hang on the wall and you can use the pockets.

New in the bag, unwrapped for pics. Comes with hammer and instructions.

This is a heavy canvas camo army rucksack in very good condition, like new. Lots of pockets. Has rain bag to cover the rucksack. Backpack and waist straps. Padding on back part for hiking or running. This is a durable long lasting heavy duty rucksack.

When opened and extended the big one is 7 foot long. Small one is 5 foot long. Like new condition. By FRABILL.

New, tags still attached. Men's size. Comes with instructions in the box. Untested because new.

54 quart cooler. New in the box. Steel belted. Wear to cardboard box, contents new. Regular sized cooler.

Fully extended is 12 foot. A-frame at 7 foot. Light weight aluminum. In good shape, everything works.

Coins from all over the world. At least 170 coins of at least 25 countries. Most are vintage, all in plastic coin sheets.

21" high by 9" deep by 13 wide. Thermostat, flame, heater and power buttons on the back. Meets SA requirements. Tested and everything works. Lightly used and looks new.

Built-in lighting system. Contents checked. 12 foot by 10 foot. Used condition but in good shape.

LTD. edition, new in the box.

10" x 10" x 5". Used condition. No chips or cracks. See Pics.

Toaster model T01420BC. 6 piece blender set with 28 oz. cup. Both Untested because new in the box.

13" wide x 26" high. New in the box, untested. Angelo Decor model AD95816.

Tested works well. By Electrohome. Fan cage is 12" x 12".

Hand made at 13" x 13" round. The drumstick is 15" long. In good condition.

World Famous floating lantern, tested works and does not have power card, it runs on batteries. Four new un-used propane tank. Manual air pum. Propane burner that screws onto the propane tanks. Snap lite light sticks. 6ft by 8ft camo tarp-new in the bag. Fish weight scale. Hand held compass and more. See Pics.

Large size bronze bowl has dragons etched in to sides and inside artwork, very hard to photograph. The bowl is 5" high x 16" x 16". Has scratches and wax on inside of the bowl, could use a really good clean to reveal all the artwork. The bowl has a small crack in the base. Ceramic cup is 6" high x 4". cup in good condition. The Scroll box has a broken clasp. Scroll is 18" wide x 52" long. The Scroll box is 20" long x 3" x 3".

Young Americans, Station to Station, Ziggy Stardust, Diamond Dogs and Lets Dance. All in good shape.

7" long x 3.5" wide. Hand carved out of Marble/stone. Used condition. Signed by the artist Joseph Jonas 68. Has stamp from TIVI Galleries, Nunavik-QC.

Stands at 25" tall x 20" x 20". Heavy. Base is 8" x 8". Has some minor surface rust.

Total of 14 Solar lights for the garden. Untested because new in the box.

Comes with four Sears speakers, model 280-20. These are 10 watt with 6"woofers and 3" tweeters. All connection cables included, Kenwood automatic turntable model KD-42 RB. Kenwood cassette deck model KX-32-B. Kenwood stereo amplifier model KA-52B. Kenwood synthesizer tuner model KT-42B. All tested and works. Note: There are some scratches on the clear plastic lid of the turntable which is NOT attached to the turntable.

Various artists from Motown, Clapton, Simon and Garfunkel, Abba, The Doors, Alice Cooper, Doobie Brothers, CCR, Ringo Star, Stevie Wonder, Grand Funk and many more.

Two sledge hammers at 16 pounds and 10 pounds with fibreglass handles. In used condition, dirty but ready for work. One Wrecking bar set by Jobmate. Note: hammer in the wrecking bar set was replaced with one that is not a Jobmate.. The sledge hammers are full length, pics don't show actual length.

Foldable bookcase is 38" x 22" wide x 11.5 deep. Table is 25" x 16" x 19" high. The last pic shows it all folded back up. In near new condition

Nine storage bins and nine lids. Some may need slight clean. All in good condition.24" x 16" x 16". These are Rubbermaid bins.

Tray is from handle to handle 19" long x11.5" wide. In good condition. Has artwork in gold, copper and bronze colours. Note: This is not from the time period.

New 3/8 by 100 foot camo rope, New 1/8 by 48 foot yellow nylon rope,75 foot 3/8 green rope,1/4 new white cloth rope and new 1/4 by 50 foot green rope. NFLD Sailors Whisk and more.

These can hold up to 400 pounds. These are tough, rigid and durable heavy plastic storage bins with the lids. 29" x 20" x 15.5". Like new condition. May need a little cleaning.

Beige and yellow sleeping bag is adult sized by DuPont, hollofill 11, pure down, winter and fall. The dark blue one is a Mountain Co-Op Equipment Thinsulate, Lite Loft by 3M, adult size for summer. The marine blue one is a Coleman teen size for fall and winter. All in good condition. Last pic shows them all wrapped up again. NOTE: These three sleeping bags were machine washed with Tide laundry soap and fluff dried until they were dry. These were washed around Sept 20th 2016. These are clean and fresh.

Model R-30. 17" x 8" x 6". Tested, works. Speakers are 23"high x 13" wide x 11" deep. Speakers model S-30C. Speakers show some wear.

10 speed glass jar blender,550 watts. Model BL2010BGC. Box is 15" high. Untested because new in box. Wine chiller new in box, untested.

8 foot by 7 foot. Looks like new in the bag. Contents checked.

Mens size. New in the box with tags. Untested because new.

Frame size is 25" x 21". In good condition. This is a print.

Leather shoes. No shoe size could be found, looks like a size 9. The treads look brand new and the shoes look unused.

New with tags attached, never worn. Ladies size medium.

Tested and works, the light goes on and the train goes forward and reverse. The tracks are a little rusty and can be cleaned up. The joints had to be WD-40'd to fit together. Note: The open-air silver boxcar has the wheels broken off. Can be re-glued or just discard. Everything works. SEE PICS.

Extends to 42" high. Photo, video or digital. Model T165. Like new.

Four packs of Mapleleafs light sets, 3 metal mantle stocking holders, packs of bulbs, lights, candles, cups, placemats. Vintage Santa lights and more. Most new in the box and some used. All in good shape. Big heavy bin with lid.

Fits regular sized tissue boxes. Easter Island stone faced one has hole in the nose, so that when you take a tissue it comes out the nose. These are made from plastic and composite materials. Like new condition.

Like new condition. Comes in carry bags.

Plates are carefully wrapped in a box. Most with COA's. All in like new condition. 9" x 9" plates. See pics.

Like new at 12" x 16".

Frame size is 31" x 44". Some small gold paint touch-ups would make this like new. Little wear to frame.

New in the box, untested. Boxes are 10" x 10".

Shoulder-strap. Has some writing on the first aid badge.14" x 10" x 6". Lettering on the inside looks like Russian. Used condition.

1973 25cent RCMP quarters ,USA quarters, Old TTC coins, 1c, 5c, 10c, and 25c Canadian coins 1975 Canadian dollar coin. Two flattened pennies and many more. Over 130 coins. Comes in a metal lock box with a key in the lock.

All like new in boxes with COA's. Kept in boxes since new, never displayed. Scarecrow, Wicked Witch, Tin Man, Glinda, The Wizard, Toto, Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion. See pics.

Twist and Shout, Rubber Soul and Abbey Road. From the time period. In good condition.

Two fold-up step ladders. In new condition.

Hand made, clay or stone. This is in used condition. This is not a tourist piece. This was used up until recently. Symbolizes relationship with the animals. Cree or Mohawk. Comes in two sections, one is pipe part and the other is a length of wood that fits into the pipe section.

Each box is 15" x 15" x 4". New in the box condition, but boxes have lots of wear. Contents have been checked.

Like new condition, kept in bag since new. Late 1970's or early 80's. 20" wide x 14" high.

26" long. Leather wrapped handle. Knife has attached leather sheath. Knife is sharp. In like new condition.

Three roll up mats. One is a blow-up. May need a clean.

Used condition but in good shape. 24" x 14" x 13". Has spout for water drainage. Has carry handles.

Tested-works. After you plug this in and let it warm up, it works. You can hear a radio station. Used condition with age, over-all good shape. 9" high x 12" wide x 7" deep.

Wood board is 12" x 54". This is a heavy piece. Looks like a ship cut down the length and stuck on a board. There are screw holes at either end for mounting to a wall. Total thickness is 3.5". NOTE: There is some small break-out around some of the screw holes at both ends. This is a vintage piece with some minor wear to the ship. SEE PICS.

Pliers, wrenches, door drilling bits, chisels, screw drivers, plumbers wrench, Tool belt by Kunys in near new shape, drill bits ratchet bits and lots more. SEE PICS.

35" tall x 20" x 20". Tested and works. Aura Sound System. Over-all good shape. Radio, disk and cassette player. Doors swing open to reveal sound system. Note: some discolouration of doors. Heavy.

Stands at 5 foot tall. Used condition.

Soccer ball not included, for picture taking only. This is roughly made to fit a mans size head.

Display case has wear on the top-see last pics. Comes with a tin full of all the COA's. One Hallmark ornament. One framed wood and glass map of OZ.21 Figures from the Franklin Mint with the COA's, all in near new condition. Framed map frame is 17" x 14". The display case is 18" x 21". There are three extra pieces that are broken and may be re-glued...The Wicked Witch, Miss Gulch and the Bad-Apple tree. All the figures are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.

Two framed prints of houses. Wood and glass frames. 24" x 24". Like new condition.

Never played. Like new condition. Sun glare on pic.

The One that has Canada on it, are not real rocks. The Other one is carved from one piece of marble/stone. Signed by the artist NING and dated 10/08/43. The carved one stands at 6" tall. Good condition.

Big round one is 8" x 8" x 6" high. One is a bottle holder and strap at 13" long. Small round one is 3" wide x 2" tall. All in good condition.

Used condition in good shape. Comes with shoulder strap. Bag is 13" x 13".

14 hats. Most new. Some used lightly.

Total height of 24". This looks like two vases were made into these lamps. The vase sections are 9" high x 5" wide. Does not come with shades. Tested, one works and one did not. Vase sections look in good shape. Base has wear. One vase has a rusty light fixture. Vase sections are some type of metal. SEE PICS.

Framed with wood and glass at 30" x 25". Comes with COA Estate Seal. Has City of Cochrane Seal. Has a little wear to frame. See pics.

One Brownee Hawkeye and one Big Swinger 3000 in the box. Untested.

White marble/stone carving of fisherman catching a fish. Stands at 4.5" tall. In good condition.

Lettering looks German. 6 foot x 32". In good condition. See Pics.

Made of wood and glass. Battery operated. Tested and works. 6ft high x 10" deep x 19" wide. Has minor wear with age. Comes with original warranty card. NOTE: The clock was tested with batteries. The chime section was not tested and the swinging pendulum was not tested, as they took different batteries. The Pendulum is missing. Can be bought commercially easy. Heavy.

16 High x 18 deep x 13" wide. Can program time and temp. Comes on wheels. Tiny amount of wear to front top lip. Tested and works. Meets SA requirements.

40 watt. Box is 38" x 14" x 3". Wear to box but contents like new. Untested.

Untested condition.

Made of fine ceramic/china. No chips or cracks. This was hard to photograph because its all white. SEE PICS. About 8" long.

Lightly used. 12 Volt DC .Runs on car battery. Plugs into lighter outlet. Good for bikes, air mattresses etc. Tested and works. Comes with the instructions and bits.

Archie Comics.

Three lanterns. One used, two new. Red one is 12" high.

Green and red carved stone/marble heavy piece. 6" long x 3.5 high x 5" wide. In good condition. See pics.

Round one is Asian at 3" x 3". Square one is First Nations 2" x 3" x 7". These are made from cinnamon. In good condition.

Black one fits large mens size head. Light coloured one has a 22 stamped on the inside. Used condition. See Pics.

Like new. RAM accuser golf set. 13 clubs and one carry bag. See pics.

Will fit an opening of 26.25" to 28.50" wide and 22.75" to 24.50" high. Actual size of heater is 29.50 wide and 24.50 high faceplate. Tested and works. May have to replace lightbulb. Meets SA requirements. Over all good condition, like new. Made in 2008. Heavy.

Vintage old school blender. Tested and works well. In good condition for its age. Heavy .

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