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This online auction features Antique Oil Painting, Two 1930's or 40's Bakelite Radios, 1:18th scale of 1969 Dodge Charger 500 & Vintage Ghost Busters Ambulance, Royal Dalton, Tasco Spotting Scope and Tripod in a metal box and much more!

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Hand made in IRAN. 114" x 53". Has some wear to it from age and use. Looks like it has an old repair done. Can only find it if you look closely. There are two small squares about 2" x 2" that look like they were sewn in at some point. SEE PICS.

In very good shape for its age. The pics show some wear lines but these are not wear lines, they are fold lines that disappear when the carpet is pulled flat. This is a very heavy carpet that will need two people to move. NOTE: HEAVY

7.5" long by 3.5" wide by 5" high.

122" x 55". NOTE: This rug is in good shape however has a spot measuring 2" x 3" that needs repair. Some of the wool is worn off. SEE PICS.

Primrose pattern # 357. In very good condition. No dings, dents scratches or damage. Five piece lot.

These were used to store a filing system. One box comes on wheels and has a extendable pull handle. Used for 15" x 9" files. could be used for other purposes. Two boxes at 17" wide x 12" high x 14" deep in very good shape. The flat sized box is 17" x 17" x 3". SEE PICS

The most beautiful mountain in China and the subject of many mountain paintings. Designated UNESCO heritage site. These canes unscrew into three sections for easy travels.

Solid leather woven carpet. In very good condition. Size is 59" x 94". The back of the carpet is solid thick real leather. The front of the carpet is one inch strips woven together. Has a 4 inch border. Can use it either front or back.

Minolta 35mm SLR Camera. 2 flashes,1 light meter. Lenses are a 28mm, a 80-200 mm, a 300 mm and a 400 mm. All in good shape . Everything tested and works well.

Wood framed with thick cloth centre. Stands at 6 foot tall. When fully extended it measures 53" wide. Each 3 piece section is attached with hinges for folding. The cloth is in good shape and may need a cleaning.

Entered in the Scarborough Art Guild 1988. Has Juried stamp on back. Stamp from Cedar ridge Studio Gallery on back as well. In very good condition. Glass and wood framed. 30" x 23".

VERY HEAVY-needs two people to lift. Solid Red oak construction, dovetailed drawers. 5 feet long x 22" deep x 37" tall. Matches lot 128. See Pics.

Bag is 16" x 10" x 20" in good condition like new. Corner clamps, table clamps, C- clamps and vice clamps. At least 50 clamps. See all the pics.

Tested and works well. comes with all attachments and foot peddle. The table/desk is 37" high 18" x 12". The table has two moveable lights. The table also has a main plug in, so that everything plugs into the power bar. Everything has been tested and works. This is ready to use. SEE PICS.

1:18th scale. Minor wear. Hood and doors open.12" long x 4" wide.

Model A-23. Made in Canada. Comes with original Owners Radio License.1930's or 40's. Tested works. Tube Radio.

Untested because new in the package. Plays cassettes and radio.

Like new condition.20" x 20". Has hanging slots on back for hanging. See Pics.

Like new condition in very good shape and still very sharp. The King of axes. Axe is 25" long. See Pics.

One handful shows pennies from the 20's,30's,40's up to newer dates. Box is about 5 pounds in weight.

Both tested and works like new. Everything is In good condition. The grinder is a Mastercraft model 054-7120-4 with the wheel wrench. The saw is a Mastercraft model 054-8161-0. Metal box full of sanding disks, blades, pads and grinder wheels. See pics.

11 wide x 18 high x 5.5 inches deep. In very good condition. Has hanging loops on back for hanging on a wall. Has three shelves. Mirror backed. See Pics.

16" x 16" x 24". In good condition. Could use a minor clean.

Crown is by Seletti. Comes in the original box. Box is 8.5" x 8.5" x 6" high.

Like new in the box condition. Does not look like this was ever used. Warranty card and instructions included. The case has a carry strap and comes with the keys inside. Case is 16" x 7" x 6". See pics.

Used a couple times. Like new condition. Contents checked. Box was falling apart and re-taped. Contents in good shape. Does not come with original pump. Has replacement pump.

Two come with leather sheaths. All like new. See Pics. All more than 12 inches.

Roasting pan and lid, strainers, can openers, bbq cleaning brushes, wine bottle openers, tongs, hanging spoons, bottle spouts, knife sharpeners by Wustoffe, candy cutters, Deep frypan by Lagostina in very good condition with glass lid and more. SEE PICS.

Two lanterns that use a propane tank in good condition. One stove top that screws onto a propane tank, could use a clean. One hacksaw in good condition. small size binoculars by Bushnell. Wind up Radio by ETON.. Radio has a wind up handle to create electricity that will work the radio, has phone charger outlet. Has a laptop outlet to power a laptop and has time display screen. All tested and works well. Comes with four new un-used propane tanks.

New in the box. box was falling apart and re-taped. By First Impressions. 22" x 36",Woodbridge. Model G. XDDZ106-921. Glass and plastic frame.

8" tall with no chips or cracks.

Screw drivers, power bars, extension cords and more. See all the pics. Note: The tool bag has magic marker lettering on it, otherwise in good shape. Everything is in good shape.

96" x 69". Shag carpet in good condition. Has a Pure Wool Tag on it. Looks like it was sent out for a clean and not used since. Had to cut open the plastic bag covering it to take the pictures. Comes wrapped back up in plastic bag.

Size 10.5 In very good shape.

Some still have art in them. Wood, clay, plastic and metal frames. From 6 x 8 inches to 16 x 14 inches.

Nancy Drew Mystery board game 1957. Has all contents and one flap missing from the side of the lid. The Dana Girls Board Game 1959 has all contents. Box is good condition.

Brass like metal frame is 10" x 23". Note: Some paint flecks have come off and crazing with age. See pics.

1:18th scale in original box. Like new in the box condition.

Extension cords from 1 foot to 75 feet. All in good shape ready to use. Approx. 20 cords. See pics.

Most bottles and tubes are full. All supplies are recent and not dried out.At least 30 tubes of oil paint. One book on painting with oils. Comes with drawing pencils. At least 30 paint brushes. One new pack of oil paints. All pictured comes in a clear plastic bin. SEE PICS.

Ryobi battery powered Skil saw-tested works with no charger. Packages of two sided tape. 25 foot tape measure. Sanding pads. 20 foot extension cord. Plug in drill by Skil, untested. Jig saw blades in new package. Dust masks. Hose clamp pliers. Versa tool for round cuts in tile. Screw on torch heads and more. SEE PICS

Multimax Dremel MM20.Mastercraft Dremel model 1416. Mastercraft Dremel model 1439. All tested and works well. Comes with many attachments, sanding disks, bits and much more. Note: The canvas tool bag has magic marker lettering on it. See all the pics.

Tested and works well. Comes with all wires, ready to plug in and use. Like new condition. Speakers are 10" high x 5.5 wide x 9" deep. Stereo is 6" x 9" x 12" deep.

Some still art have art in them. 4 x 6 to 10 x 16 inches. Wood, plastic metal and clay frames. Some have glass some do not. See Pics.

White mailing labels, white business card copy sheets, Ink-jet T-shirt transfers, file folder labels, clear mailing labels, large stack of file folders, packs of write-on dividers, open and close signs, paper shredder-tested works, lubricant sheets for the shredder, packs of printer cleaner sheets and more. Most new in packs. See PICS. At least 40 items. The items are not old, they were used recently in an office.

In good condition. Needs a clean-dusty. Stands at 55" tall with the base at 17" x 17". Top piece is 10" x 10".

Firemen,oil-workers or miners? Some wear with age. The gold colour zero on the front looks like a sticker put on recently.

Folds up so you can pull it like a dolly. In good condition. Large size tool box.

Like new condition. 16 x 10 x 31 inches. Does not look like it was ever used. Has extendable pull handle.

The ashtray is missing a couple hanging crystals and is 29" high. The two lamps are untested.

Blue binder is a Canada Vintage stamp collection 1930's to 50"s. New and used stamps in about 9 pages. Black binder is a world stamp collection in about 250 pages. Has many vintage stamps. Lots of Hitler stamps from many countries. Lots of stamps from 30's,40's and 50's. Selling as found.

Propane tank screws into underneath. Propane tank not included. This a ceramic heater with minor wear. Tested works. Stands at 15" high x 14" x 14". Has knobs for control.

8' tall with no chips or crack. In the original box with COA. Note: The box was falling apart and was taped back together with clear tape.

One new in the box and the other one is like new. 21" x 15".

30" x 40" on wood frame. Unknown artist no signature.

Tested and works well. Note: Some small scratches on the plastic lid.

16" x 18" x 48". Comes with the keys that work the two locks. In good condition, has a couple small scratches. Tiny dents from wear.

Two General Electric bakelite tube radio's. The brown one was tested and works, you can hear a radio station after it warms up. The white one was tested and the light went on, but no sound. Note: The white radio is missing a knob and the front radio station tuner plate is loose. See the pics. Approx. 9" x 9" x 13" wide. Brown one is model 404N.Y. and the white one is model C600.Toronto.

At least 6 pads of lined paper, lots of sticky post its, box of clear tape rolls, lots of envelopes small and large sizes, Packs of unopened lined paper, see-though poly sheets, new receipt books, hole punch, stapler, office kit -see pics,,13 note books, pads of coloured construction paper, stapler remover, white outs, calculator, boxes of pencils and more. Most items are new in the packs.

13" x 18". Some wear to frames.

Parker Bros 1950. Has Contents and instructions. 20 x 10 x 2". Wear to box.

New in the bag.53" x 19" x 35".Unfolds.

Like new condition. From floor to seat is 30". From floor to top of chair back is 49" tall. Heavy solid chairs.

22" x 22" frame in very good condition. Aladdin Sane.

4 trays at 13 x 12. 8 trays at 9 x 7 x4 inches. 3 at 5 x 8 plastic boxes with lids. 4 at 15 x 11 x 6 inches with lids. 2 at 10 x 15 x 11 with removable trays and lids. All like new.

Stamps in a brown book , a yellow book and a large bag of loose stamps. The yellow book has lots of loose pages of Canada stamps and newspaper clippings of stamp stories. The pages that come attached to the book are about 8 pages of 1930's American stamps. Most pages are full. The brown stamp book has about 16 pages of stamps looks like mostly German. Bag of stamps looks like all Canadian stamps about one pounds worth. Selling as found.

At least 20 boxes of ornaments, plug in stars, tinsel, power bars, cheese knives and a Easter decoration.. SEE PICS. Untested. Comes in a large blue bin.

7 Calculators,11 hole punchers, big size staplers, DymoLetra tag electronic printing calculator model EL-1701V. Electric Pencil sharpeners. 2 Extra printing calculators, Staples and a Casio. One Brother printing Calculator and more. Everything tested and works. SEE PICS. Note: some pieces may have magic marker lettering on them.

Three lengths of steel cable at 6 feet. One Master Padlock with keys. New condition.

6 folding chairs. One folding cloths hanger. See pics.

Like new condition. See pics.

Solid red oak construction. VERY HEAVY-bring help to move. Dove tailed construction. May need to be cleaned. dusty. Note: Tiny amount of wear on the shelves from cups. Matches lot 126.

Tested works well. JVC Model RV-B55. Comes with a carry strap. Has a tiny amount of wear with age.

28" high x 16" x 16". Has wear from use. Ready to play.

Most new in packages. See Pics.

Used condition, could use a clean. Tested works. Comes with two new propane tanks. Stove comes in a carry bag that also fits two propane tanks on the sides of the bag. This is a grill and a stove.

9" high with no chips or cracks.

Plastic jars full of paper-clips, safety pins, elastic bands, cable ties,3/8 staples, Sharpies, rolls of tape, suction cup hooks, push pins, key hooks and rings, c-clips, name tag hooks, scissors, two sided tapes, calculator, erasers, lots of sizes envelopes, mailing labels, pencil sharpeners long size brads, wall hooks and much more. See Pics.

Coffee maker by Sunbeam, tested works. Foot peddle aluminum garbage can and a plastic can. All in good condition.

Made of wood. Has switch for turning on or off. 22" x 22" x 3" thick. Holds five light bulbs. Tested works. Has chain for hanging on the wall. Heavy. Takes regular sized light bulbs.

NFLD RUM Screech tin sign. 13" x 16". Like new.

DVD, books, maps and coin. Books on great Lakes War Ships One large size commemorative coin showing the Battle of York at 2.5" wide. Two signed books with no COA from Fort York, The Call to Arms and The Pendulum of War. Two maps showing the battle area's. One DVD documentary. See Pics.

Metal saws, drywall saws, wood saws and kerf saws and more. See pics. All in good shape.

Three fans. All tested and work. Mini fan new in the box. Air works fan at 14 high by 13 wide. Square fan at 23 x 21". All in good condition.

Shakespeare given as a 1st place prize 1950. Robert Burns by William Wallace 1896. Anne of Green Gables 1942.

Big Ben alarm clock, tested works. Vintage Kodak camera-untested. 1960's Merc Radio model W600 new in the box-untested. Box of TRU-VUE film in the box new. One USA Army radio tube -new in box. Vintage Sunbeam Shaver-tested works. 1949 Humphrey Bogart Post-Card. RINGING BROS Souvenir Postcard and folder 1930's. Vintage cigar box. Note: the post cards are not used.

Speed skates by Viking. Men's size. No size visible, looks like a size 9 or 10.

Retro music boxes, animated village scene, ceramic present box and lid, mantle metal stocking holders, lights and more. Most new or like new condition. Wooden Xmas moose at 17" high. Liliport ornament. 2010 Olympic mittens new and more. See Pics.

Tested works. In very good condition.43" wide,14" deep and 38" tall. HEAVY Solid wood construction.

Wear with age.

All in good shape.

11 Rubber stamps See Pics. Some say Received, paid, send to, draft and more. Metal case is approx 16 x 5 x 12 inches.

Bolton vs Westham at Wembley 1923 picture on a plak. 18 x 12 inches. First Wembley Cup. 2002 FIFA World Cup Official Programme. 2002 world Cup Liquor bottle empty. Sm trophy and a soccer egg new in the box. SEE PICS.

13" x 8" Oval and the round one is 8" x 8". Gilt painted wood frames. Note: The oval mirror has pitting on the glass mirror from age.

Bushlite Size nine fishing boots in like new condition-no-leaks. Bait bucket by MAGIC 15" high x 11" wide x 9"-like new. Fish net 45" long. Tackle box in used condition by Flambeau Outdoors at 14 x 8 x 8".

Five clocks. Four are metal framed. One is composite wood like. All work on batteries. Tested and works.

In good condition. 12 Cup. Tested and works.

May have magic marker lettering. 20" x 20" x 26" sm table. 32" x 48" x 24" large table. The bench is 72" long by 12" wide x 18" high.

Flags Over The Capital by the Bradford Exchange. Rural Scenes#5 by Spade, England. Washington plate. Eskimos plate. Don Seymour signed plate,1990 Queens Plate with COA. All like new.

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