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Bandit at 58" with price tags still attached at $170.00 new condition. 2 used at 52" and 56". One at 46". Foxwerks at 53". Grey Owl at 46". Note: The used paddles are all in good condition. Some may have lettering on them, and or black paint. May have tape on them.

28 pieces all in very good condition. Heavy Crystal glasses. Comes packed in paper.

8" x 12" picture with crazing from age. Box is 5" x 3" lacquer on metal.

All watches are untested. Some men's and some ladies. The Police lighter metal sleeve. Brass like belt buckle. One Louis Arden Ladies watch. Men's watches are Timex, TFX, Geneva and two TFBS. One Ladies BELLA. School ring by Flondra Jewellers Timmins Ont.

Both have all wires needed. Tested works. Both pieces have surface wear. Has some magic marker lettering which can be removed on the cases.

Comes with two controllers, a memory card insert and all the wires needed to hook up to a TV and start playing. This was played up to recently. Tested and works well. Everything works and all the games are in good shape. Some games are in replacement sleeves. All the original sleeves pictured have the game in it. See all the pictures for titles. This was not played by children and was taken care of.

Some of the paint has worn off. See pics. 11" high. Used condition.

Large size eagle is 10" high. Small eagle is 7" high. Swan book ends, duck, deer, storks, candle holder and more. See Pics.

Jobmate set see pics, not missing any pieces. Two boxes with many tools, see pics for tools. Boxes are dusty and could use a clean.

Has all cables needed and instructions. Tested works. used condition in very good shape. Has magic marker lettering on it which can be cleaned off.

Men's size with instructions and box. Untested because new in the box.

USA from Rochester. Mother Of Pearl by STELLA. Wear with age and the Opera binoculars in very good condition.

All in very good condition. 8 Dinner plates,6 smaller plates,6 Tea cups with 6 saucers, cream and sugar service. 32 pieces total. Comes carefully wrapped in a box. See Pics.

Carved out of black like marble/stone. This is a large sized very heavy carving. Stands at 10' high by 9' wide. NOTE: One of the arms has broken off and has been glued back together with a two part epoxy. Has some glue residue on the bottom foot. 

Tested works. Contains a scanner, HP office jet, strap ties, lots of back up new ink cartridges, all instructions and wires, pens, stickers, sticky pads tape and more. Has magic marker lettering on case which could be removed. This case has an extendable pull handle and wheels.

Xmas bulbs, Nut crackers, snow globes, ribbon rolls and more. See Pics. Some new and some used. All in good shape..

8" x 8" Tamper. Two stone rakes. Gardening hoe. Ice chopper. Spade shovel. Two square shovels. Four foot Stanley Fatmax level. Toilet snake. All used but in good condition.

Vintage Mother and Child coin mounted in wood case. 5" x 5" Vintage metal on wood with raised surfaces. 4" x 5" Copper square dated 1902, heavy copper. See Pics.

Computer screen tested and works. Routers untested. Boxes have tape with lettering on them which could be removed. 4 Pelican 1200 cases and one 1120 case, all in good condition.

In very good condition. 8" high x 8" long. Unknown material.

Hand carved Inuit men transporting blocks of ice for igloo building. Tallest one is 7"tall. In very good condition. Has Inuit lettering on bottoms feet. Heavy pieces. Unknown marble/stone like rock.

Folding lockable saw by corona. Tent flashlight by Voltex-Tested. Sharp axe with leather sheath at 20" long. binoculars by Vivitar. 9" wide deep dish frypan/wok with lid in new condition-not used by Cactus Creek. Mountain Co-Op knapsack which was washed in the washing machine around Nov 10th. The Knapsack is in very good condition except a little wear to the front small pocket with no rips or tears. Broadstone hanging fan for large size tents for air movement-tested works. Wind-up Radio by Ranger-tested works. Re-chargeable tent lantern-tested. Last pic shows everything packed up in knapsack.

19" high by 19" long. Composite material. In like new condition.

Includes Poland, India and Mexico pins. Gold coloured pins and coins. CBC media Pin. Montreal pins and more. See Pics.

New condition. Tags attached. Never worn. Size XL.

5 piece lot. Limoges Vase. Blue and panted gold vase. Ginger jar. Two Brass coloured candle holders with hanging crystals. Ginger jar has a repair done to it on the top of the lid. Looks like it was cracked and re glued at some point. See Pics.

Breakfast Club, Bonnie And Clyde sound tracks. The Who, Billy Joel, John Lennon, Monkees, Mammas and the Pappas, Diana Ross, Chicago, Simon and Garfunkel, Footloose soundtrack and more. See Pics. Note: Selling as is. Records have not been checked for scratches. or condition.

Brand new. Pieces were taken out of plastic wrap for picture taking. This was bought in Bermuda. SEE PICTURES. 16" by 16" x 2" high chess board. Composite material, hand painted. Kings are approx. 3.5" high.

Two boxes of Xmas Trains. Looks new but boxes have been opened. Has all contents. Untested. Battery operated. Large size boxes at 36' x 18" x 6" and 28" x 20" x 5". For ages 8+.

White Leather Puma size 9,brown leather Timberland size 6,Air Jordan size 6 blue and green, Circo black and white size 8,Lagoste white leather size 6, white and red leather Puma size 9,Batman Converse size 4, Oshkosh boathouse size 8,Champion sandals size 7.5,Cherokee high leather size 6,Black and yellow Puma size 8 leather, Puma white and black size 9, Jordon's size 6,Blue Nike sandals size 6c,StarWars slip on size 8 and more. SEE PICTURES. Some new and some used. All in like new condition. The shoes that are used in all cases have no-wear to the treads and are basically just a little dirty on the bottoms.

The Apple TV Streamer is in used condition, tested and works, comes with wires needed. The Laptop charger is in un-opened box, untested because new in the box. Looks like the modem maybe used but in new condition. Untested.

Whale is 9" long. Hand carved stone/marble like rocks. NOTE: There is a tiny chip off the sharks top fin. See Pics.

25 piece lot total. 6 wine, 10 port, 4 brandy, 5 champagne glasses. All in very good condition.

Approx. 25 pieces. Some large size and some small. 25 cent coins are for size comparison only and not included. Amethyst, cuprite, agate, crystals, sodalite, gemstones, tigers eye, pyrite, polished fossils, polished quartz, possible turquoise, Polished ammonites, chrysalides, geode, parrot wing agate and many more. SEE PICS.

Heavy solid Trilobites stone carved into school of dolphins. Approx. 12" x 12" x 3" tall. SEE PICS. Carved and Polished dolphins. Large size and heavy.

New condition, Kept in plastic since new. See pictures of other sides of records.

lots of Pier One hand painted ornaments. 3 metal Mantle stocking holders, tree blankets, lights and Xmas pictures, candles, stringers and more.. Some new some used. All in good shape.

Used condition. Needs a clean. Motor was tested and works well. Blade is not warped when on. comes with all the attachments. Cardboard box was falling apart and taped back up. NOTE: The plastic tray has a crack in it. You will need to get another water tray or other tray to hold the water. Easy fix.

1900 Dominion of Canada 25 cents bill. 1923 Dominion of Canada 25 cents bill. 1954 Five dollar bill. 1954 two dollar bill. 1954 One dollar bill. Wear with age. See Pics for close ups.

Selling as found. These three banks were weighed at approx.. 20 pounds. Note: After these pictures were taken, a crack was found in the small sized glass jar. The pennies were removed and put in a small bag. This bag of pennies are included now in the lot. Not shown.

Comes in binder sleeves. 36 in total cards.

All pieces in very good condition. The Necklace has a polar bear emblem and on the other piece of necklace there is a polished stone/marble like rock in the centre. See Pics. The drum stick is 16" long and made of wood and leather. The rattle is 14" long. The metal necklace has leather straps.

8 sm spoons,6 table spoons,8 knives,7 forks and 8 sm forks. Pack of 3 knives set. New serving set. See pics.

Stands at 15" tall x 9" x 9". New condition.

Some coins picked out are 1880's Toronto school good attendance coin. Blue nose McPuffin dollar. Grey cup, Terry Fox, Memorial and other Canadian dollars. Gemini medallion. Canada Confederation medal. Regina confederation. 1973 RCMP 25 cent. Lots of vintage nickels and some pennies. Rolls of pennies. 1969 Dollar coins and many more. Rabbit five cents etc. SEE PICS.

Stands at 27" high. These statues generally were shipped with the hand as a separate piece so it wouldn't be damaged in transit. The hand on this piece has been glued in and is not loose. Note: This is in very good condition for its age with only a tiny chip out of one of the Lotus flower petals tip. You can only find it if you look for it. Approx. 2mm x 2mm.

8" x 8" x 8". Has crank handle that turns. HEAVY. Untested. Try putting this in your pocket. See Pics.

At least ten knives. One sharpening file. Some wood, some made in Scotland and some vintage. See pics.

20" x 14". Has some wear to the glass. Graphics are in good shape for its age. See Pics.

Made in 1973 and 1971. Both phones were plugged in and tested, both worked. Stands at 13" tall.

Shafford, Diamond, Atlantic Bavaria, Royal Standard, Paragon, Royal Albert, Royal, Rosina, Stafford, Staffordshire. All in good condition except the Staffordshire gold coloured cup and saucer...the saucer has wear to the top, some of the gold has worn off.

Hand crafted ship in a bottle. Hard to photograph because of glare on bottle. The bottle is a three sided whisky bottle from Scotland. 8" long by 5" x 5". SEE PICS. In very good condition.

20" x 16". See pics for other side of painting.

This has not been smoked out of or used. The blade is very sharp and made of brass. It is 21" long. Has bead work. See Pics.

One 35mm Vario. One Sawyers Mark VI Movie camera. Untested.

About 30 boxes of bulbs. Some Waterford, Disney, Pier 1 and more. Some hand painted. Used condition in very good shape. Some new and some used.

12" x 16". Signed H. Dzilium. Good condition.

9 trains in used condition but in good shape. All work. Lunch box in good condition. See pics.

Big Mermaid is 7" tall and heavy, in good condition.

Tallest one is 10" high. 7 pieces. In very good condition. Comes carefully packed in paper.

Untested because new in the un-opened box. Size is 18' x 17" x 15"high box.

Necklaces, Brooches, Diesel watch-untested, Skeleton keys, Zippo like lighters, Belt buckles, leather wrist bands, wallets and belt. The large size leather belt looks to be a size 30' to 34" waist. Items were not checked for gold, silver or diamonds and no claim is made that they are included in this lot. SEE PICTURES.

Iglaak on wood post suspended on a Igloo. These are very difficult to carve. Most attempts fail because of how thin the stone is carved. See all the pictures. The snow glasses are very thin. Snow glasses are 7" long. Signed on the inside back glasses looks like ODEK. In very good condition. Carved from a marble like rock.

Basket is 8" high x 12" long and the bowl is 3" high x 8" long, both in new condition. The burl art by John Perry has a artist metal stamp on the back.. SEE PICS.

Parker Bros 1950. Has all contents and instructions. Wear to box with age. Box is 20" x 10" x 2".

Shell chains, rock chains, bangles, ear rings, pendants, necklaces, rings and more. Jewelry has not been checked for gold, silver or diamonds and no claim is made that they are included in this lot. Selling as is.

Frame size is 13" x 10.5". Has Gallery stickers on back.

In good condition. Comes in plastic sleeves.

29" to seat collar and 32" to top of seat in lowest position. This was used a handful of times. Still has new tire spikes on the sides of the tires. The chain will have to be oiled. There is some surface rust in a few places however the bike is solid. Still has price tags on it. With a little tune up and oil this bike will be ready to ride. Also tires are not fully blown up. Bell bracket on handle bars is missing the bell-easy fix.

From punch bowls to candy bowls. All in very good condition. Comes packed in paper.

Tchaikovsky, Folk songs, Hans Albers, Don Cossack choir, Russian Tangos, Polka Music, German Choir, Soviet Army Chorus, Operas, Gypsy music, Russian Folk and more. Approx. 50 records. Note: records have not been checked. Selling as is condition.

Untested. 6' x 5" x 4".

Tags still attached. Padding on back for comfort while hiking long distances.22" x 15".

Stands at 8" high x 6" x 6". New condition.

Full set of pins. In like new condition.

Three 35mm cameras,1 Konica and two Pentax. One 70-220mm lens. One 135mm lens. Various filters and light meters. One digital Minolta light meter. One Macro adapter. One 100mm lens. One 28mm lens. One 24mm lens. 35mm film developing canisters. Untested.

28" high x 23 wide x 9" deep. Like new. See pics.

1981 Train Switch, The Stockyards at Keele and Dundas and The Original Fort York Gates. Frames are wood and glass at 12" x 15".

New condition. No cut marks on boards. One is maple and one is oak. 23" long by 9" wide and the other is 14" x 8". There are raised feet on the underneath.

Three lengths of steel cable at 6 foot each with loops at the ends for locking. One Master Padlock with keys. New condition.

Painted Polar Bear Drum. 15" x 15". Comes with the drum stick. Stretched skin on wood frame. All hand made. In very good condition. SEE PICS.

Size XL in very good condition. Used a handful of times. great shape. Has magic marker covering original owners name on inside tag.

5 extendable tripods for lighting while filming.

Depicts early fur traders like Alexander Henry circa 1775. Frame size is 22" x 18". Note: Wear to frame. Vintage print in very good condition. Has write up on bottom of print. See other pictures.

In very good condition with no chips or damage.

Has all original contents and instructions. Slight wear to box. Contents all in very good condition. Large size box. Approx. 3 foot by 1.5 foot.

Has all original pieces. Box is 24" x 15" x 3". Wear to box. Tested Works.

Carved duck head basket at 19" long x 8" wide x 11" high.

Adjustable lamps, desk lamps, metal football lamp, spot lamps. All tested and works. Only the two small lamps come shades. The adjustable lamps are by Lumina with heavy bases. See Pics.

Comes in a plastic sleeve. Wear with age. See pics for other sides.

Will hold a plant pot less then 9.75"wide. Stands at 29" high.

Two Buddha and one elephant. Unknown material. The two Buddha have a heavy weight to them. Tallest one is 4" high.

In very good used condition. There are no scratches or wear to the time piece. There is a tiny amount of wear to the leather band. It has a new battery in it and works well-tested. The leather band is about 1.5" wide.

Hand made Kilicks from NFDL, one on a sleigh. Kilicks made from wood and stone. Moose stands at 8" high. Composite material, heavy weight to it. Signed looks like Sleckbowie, hard to see. Moose statue called Still life, has MCSI stamp on bottom. Statue in like new condition. SEE PICS.

16 pieces. 11 Hot Wheels race cars. One Matchbox Toronto ambulance. One vintage Coca Cola race car in original unopened box. One Austin Mini. Two Matchbox big rigs. One double Decker bus. Comes in a red box. See pics. Some in used condition and some in near new condition.

One large size Dutch oven pot with handle at 11" wide x 4" high. Three smaller sized pans. These will need to be greased and baked in the oven for use or keep for display only. Used condition.

Looks like solid copper? This would have been mounted on wood frame at some point in time. Heavy thick piece. Approx. 5" x 3".

1950's Popcorn box,1960 Clamp new in the box.1970's Matches from Oshawa.1960 International Transistor. 1942 Pack of Ever ready Batteries. 1960's brown toaster like cig lighter 1960's Heat lamp bulb new in box. Vintage Rexall Quik-bands tin. 1950's Jar of antiphlogistine new in box and more..

Racket ball racket by Voit used condition. Slazenger Pro badminton rackets like new. Watchpoint men's XL Tennis by Wilson-like new. Pink ladies Vibration by Prince like new.

Good condition.

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