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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Has Silver and gold makers marks on inside of back case. Gold Roman numerals for numbers on watch face with round gold insert on back of watch. Untested. Comes with the wind-up key, not sure if its the original or not. Could use a polish. The Loonie is not included-for size comparison only. See all the pictures for more detail.

One pair of US-Divers hard rudder/plastic fins-men's size large. Size 12 boots Rubber Ice suit by Typhoon XL size. Red Insulated suit by Kokatat men's XL. These are for working near or in winter water. There are no rips or damage of any kind. This was only used a few times. In very good condition-like new. See all the pictures. Fits a 6 foot two inch man.

Each pair was checked to be a size USA 7-y. All pairs are in like new condition with no wear to the treads. All come in original boxes. The bottoms of the shoes are just a little dirty. See all the pictures for designs.

Center diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side. Gold and diamonds were tested at a jewellers.

Drill and sander has been tested and works well. Lot includes sm crow bars, axe, screw drivers,hammers,tape measures, screen tool, ratchet set,clamps,trouble light, drill bits,plainer,black new fence door hardware and much more. See all the pics. Used condition and some new. Comes in a cardboard box.

Total length of each chain is 20". These are men's size larger silver chains. Leonie for size comparison not included.

In very good condition. This is used to pull behind a ATV, Dog-sled team or Ski doo. Used to transport heavy cargo in winter conditions. See all the pictures. NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR USE WITH CHILDREN. Size is 5 feet long by 2 feet wide by 1 foot high. Heavy strong durable plastic.

Large size ,Works. Adjustable legs to 60" high. Some surface rust on a few screws. Good overall condition. Has all parts needed. See pics.

Rings were tested at a jewellers. Red ruby ring and diamonds size 7. Solid gold ring at size 6.75.

15" x 11" x 11". Some may need a little clean.

Model BD-F5100. This is like new. Only used a handful of times. Comes with the remote and connection cables. Tested.

Toolbox in good condition with some red tape on it in places. Looks like mostly car mechanic tools. See pics for tools.

14" long by 5" high. In good condition. Heavy.

Used condition. Note: The two pairs of stud earrings did not have gold stamps on them and were not tested.

Pepsi tin is 6" high x 5" wide. Tin has some paint on it. Looks like about 25 to 30 dollars worth-not counted. Lots of WW2 steel USA pennies. Lots of vintage pennies USA and Canada.

All tested and works. Job mate reciprocating saw. Black and Decker grinder.. Skil jigsaw. New like Mastercraft drill bit set in metal box. All tools used condition in good shape.

All new in the box. Two boxes have wear, but contents new. One Disney special edition repunzel doll. One doodle colouring wall clock. One baby alive Sip-n-Slurp Birthday doll. One Tiana Disney Princess doll. Two Barbie dolls. See pics.

24" x 16" x 16". Some may need a little clean. Some lids may have lettering. All in good shape.

Could use a polish. These are monogrammed. In good condition. 916 stamp is old Russian stamp for Sterling silver.

All in good condition. See pictures for titles.

This lot has many antique stamps of Canada dating from the 1860's to 1960's. Many antique stamps. One binder is a stamps of the world collection. The other binder is Canada and Provinces by H.E. Harris. See all the pictures.

63"long when snapped together. There are push button locking sleeves. Has wear but in good condition. Has fittings for mounting on a rowboat. See Pics.

All have Canada Safety Standards stickers. One XL men's size watermelon print by NUTCASE climbing helmet in used lightly condition. One white bicycle men's large size helmet by BELL, used lightly. Two Dragon boat helmets, men's size. NOTE: These are not for use with motorcycles. Have not been verified against current safety standards or regulations.

Many 1st day covers. Piles of loose stamps. Book of USA independence stamps and 1st day covers. Book on stamps Boxes and bags of stamps. Large lot. See all the pics.

All shoes are sized USA 7-y. All pairs are like new with no wear to the treads. Treads are just a little dirty. All come in the original boxes. See all the pictures for designs. Note: the white pair pictured has more wear then the other pairs. There is some scuffs on the sides of the shoes and this pair is more dirty then the others.

Large heavy table mount clamp. Two welding torches and three regulators? There is surface rust on the clamp. The welding gear has wear and oxidation-can be cleaned and used.

New in the sealed box condition. Ages 4 plus. Kids can use this to video tape and make movies then play at home. Has grips to attach to bikes and more. Untested.

Lots of first day covers. Stamp dictionary. Canadian and European loose stamps. Stamp albums with lots of vintage Canadian stamps. See all the pics.

Queens Jubilee 1977 stamps. Complete collection from the Common wealth of 1st day covers of the Jubilee 1977-78.

Harris Master work binder of stamps. 4" thick. 100's of pages of stamps. See all the pics. Matches lot 63. This one contains countries from L to Z.

36 piece flatware set complete. Two candle stick holders. 13 assorted pieces of flatware. Note: Needs to be polished. Some pieces may be monogrammed. Wear with age.

Mint condition. This is a large size coin at 1 and a half inches wide. Comes in a soft plastic coin case since new. Case does open if you want to remove the coin. Mint condition.

Cow bell has mounting screw holes at top and bottom on the bracket for mounting. Bells are brass.

100's of pages of stamps. Standard World Stamp album A to L. Matches lot 61. Over 4" thick.

Pendant is 3" x 3". Like new. 25 cent for size comparison - not included.

Spotting scope is 16" long. Comes with all the attachments.

Like new condition. Sides, front and back come off with cotter pins. Handle can clamp to a bracket on the front that holds it in place. Wheels still have some new tire spikes still on it.. Wheels are under inflated due to storage. This was used for cargo when camping. Good for cargo or kids. In very good condition.

12 volt Power Winch 2000 pounds with hand crank and mounting bracket on bottom. Some pieces have surface wear and or rust. The steel braided winch line is in good condition. Other pieces all in use-able condition.

38" x 14". 24 volts or 1000 watt rating. Comes with cables to connect all three together and charge or power something. The pictures show the charging light is on. All three tested and works. There are front screw holes at the top and bottoms for mounting. There are also brackets on the backs for mounting as well. Used condition in good shape.

One hinged bangle with blue natural stones. One hinged bangle with green natural stones. Five silver rings. Over two ounces of silver.

Sony Sound System. Turn Table, Receiver, Video Cassette Recorder And Two Speakers.

Outbound Bivy sack for keeping the no-see-ums out, adult size breathable sleeping bag insert.. 50 feet of climbing rope at half inch. Scotty bail out boat pump. Mountain co-Op dry bag 10 litres. Leather and canvas gun case. Brand new life vest with tags attached adult size. Yellow bail out package with mirror and rope.

Four necklaces, 3 are just the chain and one has a mother of pearl white pendant with silver casing. Two diamond stud earrings. Five nose or lip earrings. The total length of each chain is about 18". Note: The diamond stud earrings have not been tested for real diamonds.

Blue book has most pages full of Canadian stamps. Souvenir Of Canada collection 1980-looks like full collection. Souvenir of Canada book has no stamps. See all the pics.

This is a light gauge steel Wheel barrow good for light duty yard work or construction. Plastic gardening wheel barrow like new. Note: The steel wheel barrow has some surface rust but has lots of life left in it.

All pieces are in good condition. 12 piece lot. Jugs,plates,trinket boxes and candle stick holders. All have Wedgwood stamps. See pics for details.

All new condition sizes 7 and a half or multi size. Note: The one black Tap-Out baseball cap is in used condition, there is some dirt and wear around the inside band. Back row centre.

Display case needs a clean. All the copper pieces in good shape.

Two new grey curtains at 53" x 96". One yellow Queen size sheet set with the pillow cases. One yellow king size bed skirt. One fabric shower curtain. One Sears Leppard print flannel sheet set for a double bed. One yellow full queen size coverlet. All new condition.

These are in used condition.

Looks new with no scratches on the screen. Box looks new. This was plugged in and charged, then tested. Everything works. Good for the kids to play games on,movies,internet,camera etc.

The Samsonite hardshell suitcase has a extendable handle and wheels at 24" x 16" x 12". The hardshell has some wear but the suitcase is in good condition. The Swiss Army knapsack 14" x 18" , is in good condition with padding on back for comfort. The three computer bags are all in good condition.

Metal construction. 11" long by 14" wing span. In very good shape. Shows a little wear. Has all pieces intact.

1960's game of Operation-looks like it has all the pieces box in good condition. 1977 Game of Family feud, slight wear to box, looks like it has all the pieces. 1950 game of Clue, looks like all the pieces are there and the box is in good condition. Game of Monopoly and game of Scrabble, looks like all the pieces are there.

Grinder has been tested and works well. Comes with extra disks and grinder wrench. The tool set has missing pieces. See pics for tools in case.

Box full of approx. 100 new rubber gloves. 12 vinyl rain jackets new. Hand and toe warmers about 20 packs new. First aid kits. Hot/cold compresses new. Packs of bandages new. One neon vest. Packs of Wet Ones. 6 emergency thermal blankets new. One used blood pressure arm gauge that has been tested and works well. One stethoscope used and tested works. Everything comes in two plastic bins. See pics.

All tools in good condition. some like new. Includes hammers,chisels,rubber knee pads, Leather tool belt-like new. Kenya drill holder for waist belt. Hacksaw,level,wire cutters, linesman pliers,rasp,punch set, choke line, small pryer,drywall saw and more. Everything you need to go to a worksite and start working. See pics.

Some items were over three feet deep. Everything here was found in the Toronto area. Includes 1 cent,5 cent,10 cent and 25 cent Canada coins. Rings, medicine jar, whistle and more. Coins date from the 1930's to present day.

The butterfly brooch has black polished natural stones and blue diamonds. the butterfly pendant and chain is 22" total length without the pendant. The two bracelets are 7" long each. Note: The natural stones and coloured diamonds have not been tested. There is a crack in one of the butterfly brooch black stone inlay. Loonie not included, for size comparison. The butterfly bracelet that has the butterflies lined side by side did not have silver stamps on it.

1967 silver cougar quarter. 1967 silver fish dime. 1967 eagle penny. 1959 25 cent. 1968 quarter. 1992 50 cent-not silver. 1945,1963,1964 x two, ten cent silver dimes. One 1965 silver dime. Some used and some like new.

In very good condition.

Harley Davidson belt at 36" long. White and black leather skull belt at 41" long. Silver and blue coloured skull metal belt at 45" long. Used condition in good shape.

One, two and five dollar Canadian dollar bills. All in used condition-in good shape.

First day covers. USA,Canada,Romania and British. Three stamp books with stamps. Military aircraft stamps. Bag of loose stamps. Three books full of stamps. One book on stamp collecting. Pile of first day covers. See all the pics.

Moorecroft vase is 5" by 6" tall. The other vase is unidentified at 5" by 3". Both in very good condition.

All in good condition. Some of the removable cloths could use a wash. From 12" high to Maggie at 7" high. Rubber heads with cloth body. Used condition in good shape.

Bendable Popeye and alien in used condition. Adjustable Superman and Aquaman. Rabbit invasion. All in good shape. New rubber snake. Simpsons.

All items were tested and works. One Noma heater fan. One Honey well heater fan. One curtis CD player and alarm clock. One new Dr.Hoes neck comforter. One CD player. One Microsoft Life cam VX-3000. Some items new some used lightly.

This is the ultimate gift for any little boy or girl that loves Thomas The Tank Engine stories. Each book has about two to three stories with pictures. These are the original books from the 50's, 60's and early 70's. The two first editions are Number 21 Main Line engines 1966 and number 22 Small Railway Engines 1967. The other titles are Toby The Tram Engine, Very Old Engines, the eight Famous Engines, Branch Line Engines, Henry The Green Engine, Troublesome Engines, Four little Engines, Tank Engine Thomas Again, Thomas The Tank Engine # 2, The Three Railway Engines # 1, Gordon The Big Engine-missing back cover of book. Note wear with age. Some of the books may have some loose pages. Some of the books have wear to the spines. At least three little boys loved these books over and over and over again. Books are 6" x 4".

Download and upload games. Touch screen. Voice recorder. Takes video and pictures. Has rechargeable battery. New in the sealed box condition. Untested.

Used condition in good shape. Looks to be a size medium.

The cell phone plug ins are for up to four cell phones charging at a time. There are multiple plug in lights red and white. Bendable lights. Plastic jars of various chains. Plastic jars of push pins. Different sized castor wheels big and small. Lots of plug in extenders for plugging in multiple plugs at a time. Has timers for turning things on. See all the pictures.

Rings,bangles,ear-rings,bracelets,pins and more. Has a little wear to jewelry box. Selling as found.

Dollars were not released to the public. Limited quantities available to collectors only. Mint condition.

Frame is 14" x 16" wood and glass. Good condition.

Coffee and teapots,trays,pie holders, wine holder, spoon set from inverness and more. May have scratches or wear and may need a polish.

New in the box with tags on. Wear to the box. Extended height is 52". Folded height is 21". Has levelling bubble. Good for cameras or camcorders.

Bath set by Pure passion. Writing set by Punch Studios. Both new in un opened containers.

Frame size is 19" x 12" glass and metal frame. Not sure if this is a photo or print. Looks like a photo. Good condition.

1977 Original Burger King Star Wars glass. New in box Yoda Figure. Original slide from the Phantom Menace movie. Storm trooper tin box. New Phantom Menace comic book. LTD Edition Collectors Phantom Menace VCR kit and book. Box shows some wear, contents like new.

Complete set in original folder. See other pictures.

One depicts Rocket Richard and Red Kelly at the opening of St. Michaels arena 1960. The other depicts Hall of Fame Alumni Gerry Cheevers.

About 30 records. Woody Hermin, Bing Crosby set xmas. Records by Columbia,Bluebird,RCA Victor and records by His Masters Voice. Records look to be in good shape. See pics.

Russian Space postcards. 1st Nations postcards. Toronto and Quebec postcards. Original Super man movie postcards. All un-used See pictures. About 25 postcards.

Bigger sized one is 27" x 15" x 14". Small amount of wear. May need a clean. Over all good shape.

One fully adjustable metal lamp with heavy base. Heavy white based lamp. All tested and works.

This is for the stamp or coin collector. Has light that goes on while being able to see very small detail. The main picture shows the underneath of the lamp. The top white lid hinges open so you can see the objects. The arms are fully adjustable. The light goes on all around the head. See all the pictures. Tested and works.

25" x 20" wide x 5"deep. Over all good condition for its age.

Economy Glass, St. Thomas Ontario. Pine with glass scrub base. In good condition.

Has garage door and front door wireless sensors. New in the sealed box condition. Untested.

Bulbs,lights,tinsel and more. Used condition. comes in a large blue plastic bin.

Two new in the box Cheese boards that look like mouse traps with the cheese cutters. One large size glass mixing bowl. Three smaller glass mixing bowls. One plant moisture meter. Six pack of new stretch lids. Used blender with glass jar by toastess. One large size new cheese board with handles that you can also mount on the wall, has hooks on the back ,at 16" wide. Kitchen aid knife and can opener. new. 6 new table spoons. One knife sharpener.

Total height with the lid on is 8" high X 5" wide. In like new condition.

May have scratches. may have wear. May need to be polished.

Used condition.

Suntone designer swivel clock. Con-air travel dryer. Aluratech 7" digital photo frame. Craig portable shredder. All items tested and works. Some new and some used.

Signed Helen. 31" x 23".

In very good condition. Only used a handful of times. No wear to the treads. These are 22" high. Could use a little clean and polish to look brand new.

Glass and wood frame is 11" x 15". Note: some dirt smudge on inside of frame on glass, not on the art.

Not clear if this is an original from the time period or a reproduction. 14" x 12". Comes in a plastic sleeve.

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