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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
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A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

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To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

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Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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VERY HEAVY. Needs a clean. works well. 22" x 18" x 14"high. Good for the lodge, butcher shop etc. Note: BLADE IS VERY SHARP. Comes in a plastic bin.

Titled Ontario Works. Frame has wear due to age.

16" x 22' gold painted wood and plaster frame. Note :damage to frame. Some of the corners have chunks out of frame.

Used condition.4 Rabbit nickels 1967,Canada silver dollars at 1972 1969 1968 x 2 pcs. One Greenpeace coin. Queens Jubilee 1977 x 2 pcs. one Midland bank Canada dollar coin Queens Jubilee.

some new, some used condition. Canada Centennial stamps, Canada stamps book with stamps. 100's of stamps in bags and envelopes.

94 orange border,59 blue border,2 yellow and 63 red border. Approx. 220 cards. No doubles. Ungraded. In good shape. Note: these have not been picked through, selling as found.

Used condition. Mostly vintage Canadian stamps, some USA. 100's of stamps in bags

Used condition.1935 USA stamp book and stamps.1960 universal stamp album and stamps. Old hinged leaf album and blue hinged stamp album.

Like new condition. Carved wood gilded frame. SEE PICS. Large size 56" x 32".

Tag on back from Hamilton Art Association.1937.May have wear on frame.24" x 20".

Approx. 40 hard sleeves with cards front and back(80).Some names are Darryl Sittler, Tony Esposito, Trevor Linden, Guy Lafleur and more, selling as found. All in good shape or next to new condition. Comes in two cases.

Router and Bits Brand new, never used. Router table in used condition. Mastercraft Router model 54-6810-8,11amp 2.0 HP. Mastercraft router bits, 20 pcs in wooden box. Router table is attached to a workmate bench, with a plug in outlet attached. Stands 44" high to the top of the table. NOTE see pics, the plastic router bits attachment case that fits onto the Router case is damaged. Very Minor. Untested.

Like new condition. Plastic and metal.34"long by 12" by 4" when closed.

Some new, some used condition.1967 Canadian stamps in presentation case. 100s of stamps in bags. Some world stamps.

Scattergories, Digimon, Lord of the Rings trivial Pursuit, Battleship, Mouse Trap, NHL Monopoly, Sports scene It?, Yahtzee, Teasers, Buckaroo, Learn Chess fast gift set with pcs and board. All games have most pieces.

11" x 13"..#70 out of 250.Limited Edition.

19 x 7 x 6 used toolbox. Vice grips, screwdrivers, Allan keys, axe, hammer, pliers, wrenches, file, chisels, leather hole punch and mechanics tools and more.

Yamaha Receiver RX-v260,Toshiba DVD player 5D-1750.Mirage Hx-S10 Mosfit 15" x 15" x 16"amplifier--tiny tear in screen. Mirage HX-center FRX-G1...11" x 17" x 6". FOUR Mirage stand up speakers Limited Edition M-390 is C-1...stands 34" high x 11" x 9". Note: VERY LOUD AND CLEAR. Does not come with speaker wire. MIRAGE SPEAKERS, Yamaha receiver, Toshiba DVD player.

Good condition.3 Canoes leaning against a centre pole.

Note: carry bag is dirty. Built in pump.78' x 58" x 23".

Wear to frame. 25" x 29" frame.

Comes in a little green and silver coloured box. First glance brings two Kennedy half dollars, a Canadian 1867 to 1992 Loonie and a Arctic Expedition1913 to 2013 quarter. Some pennies and more.

Sentry 1150.Used condition. Comes with keys.14 x 10 x 9".Fire resistant.

Used condition. model C944.411371. 16" Bar. Comes with manuals and case. Tested.

Hammer, wire brushs, Dewalt tape measures, universal ratchet, screwdrivers, wire cutters linesmen pliers, tire fixing tools and DeWalt palm sander works. many more tools. Used condition.

Used condition, has stickers on it. 32H x 27w x 14" deep.

Brentwood 31 day wind up clock. 35" x 14" x 6". Comes with pendulum and wind- up key. Note: some damage around exterior, a few large scratches and nicks out of corners. Wear due to age.

Used condition. Comes packed in a box. Kenmore Elite Pots x 3.Paper towel holder. Serving utensils.

Like new condition. Comes in a box. Grizzly leather weight belt.10 pound ball. Roll out mat. Push up pads.

Used, in good condition. Untested.

36"high x 54" long x 19" deep. Solid oak. Dovetail construction. Note: Very heavy. Top has been restored.

Games are Prince of Persia, Dance Party two, Rock Band, Wii Sports, Kids big beach sports, American Safari, Tiger Woods Pro, High School musical, Outdoor challenge and more. Works, played recently.

Comes in a round plastic container. Approx. 11 pounds of pennies plus 32 rolls of pennies.

52" x 24" x 19"wide.Has drawer and pull out side sections for eating. Has wear due to age. Scratches, dings and dents. Over all good condition.

Tested. Used condition. Blade size is 9 to 10 inches. Works well.

Frame shows wear from age.Size of frame is 15" x 11".

Wear to frame. White spots on picture are glare from camera. 22.5" x 19" frame. Signed J.Ellison, sketch of PeterPan 36.

26" x 23". Crab fishermen on boat. No signature or hidden by frame.

New scissors, hammer, caulking gun, stapler, mini crowbar, mini vice grip and like new master craft drill, comes in black bag.

Designer Real coloured pearls necklace set in Sterling silver chain. Designer real pearls bangle. The necklace, when unclasped is over 7 feet long. This is a multiple wrap around necklace. Necklace set in stamped sterling silver chain. The bangle is a multiple wrap around white pearls bangle See pics.

Used condition. Needs a clean. Comes with blade wrenches, push guide and guard. Tested, comes attached to stand up table.

Used condition. Note: The hammer inside was missing, was replaced with a steel Eastwing Hammer.

#1 through# 88. In good condition. No doubles. Missing from set are numbers 17,24,44,57 and #76. Not graded.

Used condition. 30" x 14".Gold painted plaster and wood frame.

Adjusts to 53" high. Model 8001217. Mid size tripod. Untested.

25" x 14" x 14'. Lots of tools. Handle pulls out so that you can wheel it around like a dolly. New Jobmate tool belt, glue gun and sticks, wire cutters, chisels, planer, files hammers grips and more. Note:Tool box is very dirty and needs a clean inside and out.

New condition, never used. Untested

Some in sleeves, Eric Lindros, Wayne Gretzky, Greg Adams, Gordie Howe, Mario Lemieux and many many more. Included in this lot are Two sets of base ball cards Opee Chee 1991. Approx. 2000 total pieces in this lot.

2000 Oh Canada coin set, Royal Canadian Mint. Comes in see through hard case. 1867 to 1992 Canada Medal coin ,Confederation. Low mintage 42 000.Given to Canadians of distinction.

Leaf Blower or vacuum. Works like new. Good condition.

comes in plastic tub.1943 steel USA cent, Greenpeace coins, Canada war nickels, many vintage pennies,1978 sea festival coin BC, Kennedy half dollar, Canada half dollars,25,10,5 and one cent Canada coins and many more. Approx. 150 coins.

Like new condition.24" high by 16" wide. No broken pieces. Holds two bulbs.

11" x 14".No frame.

Semi fish eye by Telesar. Electronic flash, Asahi wide angle, Vivitar converter, light meter, auto shutter release, Yashica 35mm camera, Argus 35mm camera brass top and leather carry case. Working order.

New condition, never used. Tested. Re-chargeable pump included.

Fishing gear bag and many see through plastic bait boxes. At least 50 bags of gear from hooks, baits, line and weights. SEE PICS. Most new in packages.

Used condition. Comes packed in a box.cast iron fry pan, wok-like fry pan. Baking pans.Plastic tubs.

wear to frame. 21" X 17" Frame. Boating scene.

caulking gun,3 crowbars, tape gun,3 mixing paddles and mount on table vice. comes in a white bucket. Used condition.

11" x 14".Signed Gordon Goodwin,2004.

Signed 1990Queens plate by Don Seymour. Stain glass art are horse shoes filled in with coloured glass. The names on the horse shoes are Lemons Lemonade, Venus Dolme, Arctic Maneuver, P.V. Ruckus.

Used condition.14 clubs. One Ted Moore "The Rudder Club".

Frame size is 21" x 17".Frame has lots of wear. No signature or hidden by frame.

3" x 5" x 4" high. Thick glass, heavy piece. Etched Polar bear at sunset.

Used condition. Ungraded.

Wear to frame. Presumed to be J.Ellison. No signature. Old time sailing boat. 30" x 22"

Note: Needs to be reframed. Frame in rough shape. Signed on back Hamilton market by Astrida Rofez. 1979.

20" x 8" vinyl. No frame. Signed on back by artist William Monague. See pics

Comes in a blue box. Pins, necklaces, pendants, bear claw and one sweetgrass brooch.

Lightly used. 3 x 21" belt. Comes in original box with instructions. Untested.

Comes in sleeve, crisp condition. Near new.

Used condition.16" x 8" x 11".

New in box. James Hatfield. Harvesters of sorrow figure.

19" x 19" x 22". Some wear. Used condition, wear with age.

Silver colour. Comes in a Tiffany box, NOTE: There were no markings found on this piece indicating Tiffany or otherwise. Approx. 3" x 3".

See Pics.8*' x 10" photographs.1980 photographs. Given to Newspapers and magazines for reproduction. 5 pieces.

Used condition. Comes packed in a box.

Used condition, tested.

wear to frame. 21' x 17".Town scene. J. Ellison

Used condition.19" x 30" x 16". Durable old school plastic. Still in great shape. Well Loved and ready for more adventures.

Size is 3 feet by 5 feet. See pics, near new condition.

New condition.17" x 13" x 8" high.

Blue border set and some Yellow border, approx. 130 cards, no doubles. Red Border set, approx. 150 cards, no doubles. There may be some cards missing from sets. Note: These cards have not been picked through, selling as found.

Soft leather cover. Stuck on pictures. Printed in London 1911,Arthur L. Humphreys. Note: inside book has come away from cover. Inside book is intact though. Cover is in good shape.

Note: These are printed on baseball. Signed by team.

14" long x 3" wide. Like new.

Used condition. In good shape. 32" High, untested.

Comes in a red jewelry box. Rings, bangles, earrings, watch cufflinks and more.

Used condition.Approx.180 cards.

Basketball frames, box frames. Wood, metal and plastic frames.3 x 6 through 18 x 16. Comes in a box. Some new.

In good condition.25 Archie book comics.12 MAD comic magazines and more.

Both in like new condition. Metal one is 13 x 13. Wood one is 11.5 x 11.5.

Silver brown watch by Fossil, good to 165 feet deep. White watch by EPIC, Blue watch by RAD 1atm water resistant. Comes in white round tin. Note: damage to clasp on jewelry. Easy fix. Watches untested.

Stamped 18k chain and pendant stamped with a GF. Gold coloured earrings and chain. Note: The clasp on the diamond heart necklace does not work. None of these have been tested for gold. No markings were found on these gold coloured pieces, other then the 18k stamp on the locket chain.

Note: wear due to age. Sturdy condition.

Good condition. Some special edition hologram cards..35 cards. 12 Wayne Gretzky, Mats Sundin, Curtis Joseph, Doug White, Doug Gilmour, Doug Weight and more

69" x 28" x 17" deep. See pics. Near new condition. has pull out drawers.

Bangles, chains, pendants, beadwork, natural stone, miniature pearls, shells and more. SEE PICS.

Used condition. Comes packed in a box. Crock pot and frying pan. One pot.

See pics for titles. Used condition.

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