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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Series 11 digital, 300 watts max speakers. Serial number 061838831440384AS. Main speaker is 14" high x 9" wide x 20" deep. The two smaller speakers are 4" high x 8" wide x 5" deep. Comes with the remote. Comes with all connection wires. Everything in good condition-like new. TESTED Note: some minor wear to the remote.

Has carry handles built in. 27" tall x 12" x 16". comes with lots of tubing to connect to a window for exhaust. Has a filter system built in that you can remove and clean. Model DPAC5011. This is 5000 BTU's-enough to keep a two bedroom apt nice and cold. This is TESTED and blows strong and cold. Motor works very well. Only used lightly.

Size 6. Gold tested at jewellers as real 10K. Heavy gold ring.

Violin in good playable condition. Comes in a hard case. May need to be tuned. Bought from L and M's Toronto. This is a copy of a Bermini 40, Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis. Made in Canada.

Rings, ear rings, bangles and necklaces. Some new and some used. Turquoise necklace is made from many small turquoise stones. Comes in a like new red purse.

From the first year of the Canadian small cent to 1962. Note: not a complete set-see pics. Some years missing.

Gerber machete and sheath. Franklin Mint deer knife. Camping knife, fork and spoon. Folding knifes. Knife sharpeners with sheaths. Some in near new condition and some used condition. See Pictures.

Unsigned. Size is 31.5" x 23.5". In very good condition. Canvas on wood frame.

Two pairs of medium size flippers. Two universal adult size Stearn life vests. All in good condition with very minor wear.

34" x 28" and 28" x 42". Both in very good condition.

Frame size is 38" x 50". Signature looks like T. Rein. See picture of signature and you be the judge. The frame is thick wood. There is some small wear to frame that could be touch-up painted. Painting in over all very good condition.

Looks like this is solid white oak with a red wood stain. This is a heavy solid table with drawers on one side. Some of the staining on the sides is un-even. There is a small round stain on the top surface barely noticeable. Can only see it if you look for it. Over all very good condition for its age. Has some minor wear with age. Size is 43.5" long x 16" x 16".

Solid red oak construction. Has some tiny white paint flecks that can be cleaned off. Stands at 4 ft high. The paint flecks are on the bottom rail of the rocker. This is a large heavy rocker.

Over 100 sleeves of stamps. Most new. See pictures.

Over 60 sleeves of stamps. most new. See pictures.

Both in good condition. One has a handle and the other you can attach a rope to pull it. The flatbed size is 28" x 19". Strong heavy duty wheels. Note: some of the padding on the handlebar was ripped and taped up.

Five pieces. Good condition.

Coin collection in small tin piggy bank.Selling as found. Some of the coins picked out are:Two Canadian Tire One dollar coins in booklet. Roll of pennies. Two Canada Olympic coins. German coins. Rhodesia 1957 penny. Two 1973 RCMP quarters. 1967 Rabbit nickel. Silver 1960 Canadian dime. 2005 terry Fox Loonie. 1967 Eagle penny. Silver 1976 Kennedy 50 cent coin. 1950 Deutchesmark. 50's and 60's Canada nickels. Three Canada pennies-first years of the small cent 1920 and 1921 small cents. One 1936 Canadian penny. Many more. See Pictures.

All the shoes are like new with just some minor dirt on the bottoms of the treads. White toddlers leather size 7c-like new. Blue and pink size 13c-minor dirt, like new. Pink size 10c has more dirt then the others-there is dirt marks on the top front of the shoes. Size 8 black and purple with pink laces-like new. Black and yellow size 8. Red and white size 7y-like new. Orange and black size 7y-like new. Black and white size 7y-like new. most in original boxes. These are women's shoes.

Complete track set. Engine and coal car. 3 vintage cars. Controller and plug-in power cords. All in good condition. Untested.

24" x 16" x 16" Rubbermaid storage bins with lids-4 bins. Three rigid plastic bins with folding lids slightly smaller. May have tape on them that can be removed. May have lettering. All in good condition.

Bruce Lee,Van Damme,Tony Jaa, Jackie Chan, Steven Segal and many more. Contents checked and used condition.

25" x 36" Vinyl on wood frame. Good condition.

Good condition. Five piece lot.

Tested and works well. 43" long. Has minor wear and some small scratches. Comes with a shoulder strap and leaf bag attached.

Mint state RCMP mounted horse coin. Silver content coin has good toning to it. Comes in original Leather coin box.

Some years are missing. All war years are present.

See pictures for titles. Contents checked and in used condition.

This is an old original street sign with the hole in the middle of the sign for mounting. The pole used to go up through the middle of the signs, now the signs are side mounted on a pole. This is made of heavy steel at 10" high x 33" long x 2" thick. It is two sided. This was bought at a City Of Toronto Auction. There is wear to both sides of the sign. HEAVY.

Like New-no stains, rips or damage of any kind. These have a soft like vinyl covering over padding with a high back. To the top of the seating position is 19". To the top of the back of the chairs is 38".

Three centre diamonds surrounded by 12 rubies. Size 6. Gold and diamonds tested at jewellers as real.

Open shelve is 32" x 14" x 12"deep. Drawers are 32" x 9" x 9". Both in good condition.

All come with the lids. Some may have tape on them that you can easily remove. Some may have lettering. NOTE: The largest size blue container in the pictures was removed because the lid was found to have a large size crack in it. Their are only 7 storage bins in this lot for sale.

Centre diamond with a diamond on either side. Size 6.5 Diamonds and gold tested at jewellers as real. About .30k centre diamond. 14k ring and 18K setting.

Folding boat ladder. Canoe pads for mounting a canoe on a car roof. Three life vests. Infants life vest for 20 to 30 pounds or 15" to 22" like new condition. Toddler life vest 22" to 34" good condition. Men's small size like new condition. Boat ladder is about 5 feet long. Boat ladder is for tying to the side of a boat like new condition.

The boots are like new with no wear to the treads. Boots are a large size men's 12. The black leather belt is size 34 to 36 in near new condition. The dress shoes are size men's 11 in near new condition.

Stamped 1/20 and 14k. Note: This piece of jewelry was not tested.

Like new condition. 12" deep x 63" tall x 29.5" wide. HEAVY.

In good condition with a little wear to the edges. 17" x 12".

New condition. These are large size coins.

Stands at 32" high. Moves freely. Garbage can fits snugly on dolly. Some minor wear to inside of garbage can, otherwise in very good condition.

Like new condition. 12" x 9" x 13" high. Has bottle opener on the front with folding carry handle. Lid comes off. Has a plastic liner on the inside. No scrapes, dents or damage. Metal outside with plastic inside. Like new.

Vintage lithograph framed in glass and metal at 24" x 18".

TESTED- runs well and has good suction. This is a Proteam by systems. 10 quart Hepa Level filtration. Comes with a pack of new bags and there is a brand new bag in the machine.

Size 7. Gold tested at jewellers as real 10K.

Large size at 28" high x 14" x 14". Base is 8" x 8". Heavy metal construction. Like new condition.

11 pieces. Good condition. Russia and USA.

Three vintage tins. One zebra pen holder. Two vintage blue Avon perfume bottles with the saucers. Three hand painted ceramic salt and pepper shakers with vinaigrette jar. One ceramic hand painted cat.

See all the pictures. Approx. 22 pieces. Most in good condition. Some may have wear.

Some silver-plated. Some may be silver. Approx. 26 pieces.

Three person Ozark Trail Camping Tent. Metal Cups, bowls and plates. World Famous axe. Folding wood saw. Mosquito coils. Survival candle. Compass. Sleeping bag pillow. boat ropes. Mountain Co-Op bottle holder and shoulder strap. Package of glow in the dark thick ropes. Tent Lanterns. Table cloths. Some new and some used all in good condition.

All in sleeves. 1960's to 1970's. Most stamps are in new condition-not used. Over 100 sleeves of stamps. See pictures.

Two Colemans and one smaller Thermos. All in good condition with folding handles. About 24" x 15" x 13". The two Colemans could use more of a clean on the tops.

The Paper shredder has lettering on it and is TESTED-works well. All the D-Links are UNTESTED. The crimper is like new.

Wood and glass framed at 29" x 29". In good condition. This is a print.

All in good condition. See all the pictures.

From the ship wreck of the Admiral Gardner which sank off the coast of Dover on January 25,1809. the coin has The East India Coat of Arms and you can make out the date of 1808.

Framed print on thick paper. Embossed with stamp from the Rodin Museum Paris. Print size is 16" x 12". Frame size is 20" x 24". Little wear to frame. Print in mint shape.

Sizes are 8" x 10". Comes in sleeves. NO COA's. One has a picture of the star signing the photograph.

In very good condition. The 1964 has some silver toning to it. The 1967 has slight toning.

The Exorcist, Devils Rejects,Creepshow,Saw movies and many more. About 30 DVD's. Used and contents checked.

CARS,Casper,Thomas The tank Engine and many more. About 30 movies. Used and contents checked.

Trunk is 18" x 16" x 28". Box is 24" x 8" x 8'. Trunk is made of wood and metal with stamped design metal top, the carry handles have worn away. The box has no handles. Lots of wear with age. See all the pictures.

Lots of Canada,Hungary,Poland , Czechoslovakia and more. See all the pictures for stamps.

The large size vas is 16" high x 10" x 10". Brass Coke Cola bottle. Painted brass flower dish. Approx. 14 pieces. Some pieces may not be brass, may be brass coloured.

There is wear to two frames. The Boat painting looks like it may be a painted on print-hard to tell. Sizes are 19" x 15" to 24" x 19".

All In like new condition. Just a little dirty. This is a large size cleaning bucket on wheels.

In Very good condition. Stands at 60" tall x 24" wide. Has the back rollers for stairs. Has rubber cushions up the front rails. Note: Heavy.

Used lightly. Folds up for storage. 31 pound maximum weight. Has MP3 holder area near handles. Clip down brakes. Dog leash holder. Storage area underneath that can be removed. Front bottle tray can be removed. Has all straps. Still has some of the new tire spikes on the sides of the wheels. Lots of tread on wheels. Very little wear. Runs nice and smooth. CSA approved-see pictures. Top roof folds down. Has reflectors. Note: This will be steam cleaned prior to pick-up. It will be nice and clean for whoever uses it next. Note: Not tested to current safety standards.

8" front facing camera internet tablet. This was plugged in and charged and worked as it should. TESTED. Good for the kids to play games on, search the internet or take pictures. There are no scratches or damage, looks new in the box.

One is made of wood and leather 11" x 9" x 7". The other is a carved wood box with a blue clasp. 11" x 9" x 7". Both in good condition.

Includes 2 pillows,2 sleeping bags,2 chairs and a large size sun shade. Used and in good condition. Note: Small rip on handle of the carry bag-see the pictures.

Like new condition.

Some wear with age. Stands at 40" high x 24" wide x 15" deep. Looks like tiny stain on the top. See Pictures.

48" x 24". Very good condition.

One opened and one still sealed. Introduction to stamp collecting booklets. Looks like these are from 1977. One pack was opened for the sale to show contents. See pictures for stamps.

Good condition. 13" high x 7" x 7".

Royal Canadian Mint. Mint condition.

From Jack-Ass movies to Mr Bean to Chris Rock. Used and contents checked.

Vinyl on wood. Print 20" x 30". Good condition.

These are miniatures at 5" x 5" and 4" x 5" frame size. Note: Some of the finish is coming off one of the corners of a frame. See pictures.

Made of wicker and wood. Has drawer that comes out and door that folds down. In good condition. Size is 20" high x 20" x 20".

One loonie and 12 quarters. Comes in a plastic sheet sleeve.

Heavy at about 20 grams of silver.

Print or lithograph on a Plak-It. 21" x 17". In very good condition.

From the Disney store 1994, Has Disney stamp in gold lettering. Glass and metal frame at 20" x 17".

Some new and some used. Necklaces, bangles, ear rings and more. Comes in a silver coloured jewelry box like new condition. See pictures.

19" to the top of the seat. 33" to the top of the chair back. Wear with age. Made of a hard steel painted white. Over all good condition.

10" x 10" x 2" high. Has Murano, Made in Italy sticker on the inside of the bowl.

Hank Williams stamps and postcards. New Zealand First day covers and stamps. See all the pictures for stamps.

Good condition with minor wear. 32" x 18" x 18".

Pistol is made of wood and metal. The pistol has no firing pin and one inch into the barrel is solid metal. The pistol cannot be fired, it is for show only. Brass telescope extends and has a loose glass piece at one end. 4d Pirate puzzle has loose packaging but contents new. Pirateology handbook like new.

Vanilla Bean candles, Cappuccino candles. Fragranced candles. Puzzle candles. most are new.

Two Pepsi trays at 12" x 15". One small Coke tray.4 Carnation hot chocolate trays.

See all the pictures. May have wear, tarnish and may need to be polished. May have scratches. The tea set marked German silver has damage to the teapot lid-lid hinge is broken. The lid comes off.

At a quick look, the oldest stamps found were from 1914. Looks like most are 20's and 30's stamps USA,Canada,Britain and more. The stamp book contains mostly Canada,USA,Germany and a few other countries. The stamps in the book are not stuck down, they are all hinged. See all the pictures for stamps. Note: These stamps and stamp book have NOT been picked through. Selling as found.

Seven Silver dimes. Four are 1967 fish dimes. One each of 1959,1960 and 1968. Some have minor toning.

Size is 10" x 8". comes in shink wrap. New condition. NO COA. 1999 to 2006.

The Royal Mint Of Great Britain. Coinage of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland. Mint state.

Framed in a glass and metal frame at 28" x 24". Good condition.

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