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1961 to 1968 complete with the 67 rabbit nickel. 1922 to 1953 incomplete set includes the war years Tombacs. Looks like uncirculated coins.

From a Toronto night club. LARGE SIZE at 80" x 30" or about 7 foot by 3 foot. Very good condition. Has screw holes in the corners of the tops for mounting directly to a wall. Has plywood backs. Could use minor paint touch ups. NOTE: VERY HEAVY AND LARGE SIZE.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 like new in box-box ripped on top Untested. XYRON model 510 sticker maker,laminator,label maker and magnet maker-not sure if all pieces are present ,see the pictures and in used condition. FUJI instax Mini 8 instant camera. Takes credit card sized photos. In very good condition only used a few times and is tested works. Batteries are in the box.

Glass mirrors in very good condition. Some minor wear to frames. Has swan tops. These are very heavy mirrors. Size is 48" high x 32" wide.

Queen Quik Bed by Coleman air bed and one air pump used lightly. Like new Coleman 12" high lantern with recharging cords for car or wall outlets, tested and you can see the light bulb is on in the pictures. One Defiant lantern battery operated-untested. New in the package flashlight untested. World Famous water pump for water jugs. 11 new plastic tall cups. 25 new plastic plates. Large size roll out sleeping mat made of durable foam. Fold down lunch/picnic basket made of canvas and metal. Small size wood axe and wood saw in good condition. More items see pictures.

Sander and heat gun are tested and work well, in very good condition. The grinder has more wear to it and is tested and works as it should, but looks well used.

In very good condition. Flag is hand stitched with a thick material at about 28" x 17". The box/frame is 36" x 24" x 2" thick. The flag looks in near new condition. The frame is glass and wood with some very minor wear. This is a heavy frame.

Wrench sets. carpenters square, large size click flooring tool, nail counter sinkers, planer and rasp, vis grips, hole saw kit new, pry bars, concrete chisels and drill bits, drywall saw and many more. Comes in a 20" Stanley tool box with carry handle. lots of wear to the tool box. Used condition. See pictures.

One dollar to the penny. Uncirculated.

Looks like most are 1986-87. About 90 first day covers in plastic sleeves. Binders and covers in very good condition.

All tested and works as they should. Fan, air cleaner, phone, neck comforter-new, CD players, Sony MP3 Dock and speaker. Cord for MP3 player misplaced, trying to find for pick up. May or may not be available for pick-up. If cord not found, it can be bought commercially.

All stamps are in individual sleeves on sheets. Most stamps look new-not used. Binder in rough shape falling apart on spine.

Hammer 1/2" drill model# DW505. Drywall drill model# DW272. both have been tested and work as they should. The chuck key for the hammer drill will be in the zip gun case. Lightly used condition.

Made of soft vinyl like material. All padded. Brown and cream coloured. Chair is 34" deep x 45" wide x 33" high. Couch is 66" long x 34 deep x 33"high. Foot rest is smaller. This is only a few years old. In very good condition. Bring help to move. Note: There are two tiny one inch slits on the back of the couch in the middle of the back. Can be repair with putting a heavy sticker on or piece of vinyl and glued. Or just left alone. HEAVY BRING HELP TO MOVE.

Glass and wood framed at 16" x 29". Sun glare on pictures.

Green line quick stepper kits. Hole saw kits. 5" to 1" hole saws. Most are still sharp. Some pieces may be missing from kits. Used condition.

This is the JEWEL of all the stamp lots in this auction. 5" thick with hundreds of pages. Most Pages are complete and full of stamps in individual sleeves. You could call this a near complete collection. 1000's of world stamps in sleeves. This is a vast collection. Expertly gathered and taken care of. NOTE: Canadian stamps are not included, they were collected in another binder. Looks like all the other countries are present.

All coins in very good condition. 10 piece lot.

Lots of drill bits for concrete, drywall, wood, metal, tile and more. Carry case has wear to it-some of the side pickets have tear to them. Used condition and in good shape.

Used condition. Tested and works as it should. Looks like the cord on the hammer drill was repaired at some point.

Face swivels. Bracket has holes to screw down to a dash board on a boat. This is untested, but worked when it was removed from the boat.

First Day Covers. Sheet of stamps. Book of stamps looks like 1960's to 90's.

3 1/2" nailer gun model R30CHE clipped head framing nailer by RIGID. HDX 2 in 1 Brad and stapler 18 gauge nailer. Comes with two air hoses and all the connections on them to plug in and start working. The compressor is a Rigid model# of50150ts, 120 volt 14.5 amp. Comes with two new PowerCare quick connect nozzle sets. The pin nailer does not look like it was ever used. The framing nailer has very minor wear to it. Everything looks new. Everything was tested and works well. No leaks on the air hoses, connections or compressor. There is still new plastic covering on the gauges.

Vancouver Olympics 2010 set incomplete. Royal Canadian mint large size coin depicts front of the mint building. Commemorate Mining development in Ontario large size coins in presentation case. The mining coins contain a mix of gold,nickel,zinc,platinum,silver,copper and iron. 2014 and 2006 Olympic loonies. One 1967 silver cougar last year of the silver quarters. 1952 to 2002 50 cent Queens 50th anniversary coin. Four silver 1967 fish dimes-last year of the silver dimes. 1959,1960 and 1963 silver dimes.

Looks like 1910's to 1960's. Lots of USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Poland, Austria and world stamps. See pictures.

Pry bars, allan key sets, plastering knives, C-clamps, mallets, plumbing wrenches, wire testers, drill bits, chisels, box of markets, lots of screw drivers, wire cutters, baby sledge hammer, tiling and painting ,3M headphones,tools,caulking gun and much more. Used condition.

Both have been tested and motors work well. Dremel model number MM20. Master craft planer model 054-6622-6. The blades on the planer are nice and sharp-no nicks on blade edge. Used condition.

Husky wrenches, wire testers, box of marets. Duwalt drill bits, pipe cutter, lots of screw drivers and much more. See all the pictures. NOTE: some wear to the bottom of the canvas tool bag. UNTESTED electronics.

Shock absorbing lanyard by McCordick glove And safety Inc. Model SFP65ALQ. CSA CERT. Z259.11 2005. NOTE: May not meet current safety requirements.

Like new condition.

Model 6013 BR. Tested and works well. Comes with two large mixing paddles. Used condition. NOTE: The cord has many cracks on the rubber casing. Can be taped up or replaced.

Used condition. Tested works well. comes in a ROTOZIP bag. The straight line rolling tape is untested.

About 40 file folders. Staplers, hole punchers, thumb tacks, new keychains, 8 packs of lined paper, 2 packs photocopy paper, CD/DVD labels, brown large size envelopes, mini file folder and two hand held tape rollers for taping up boxes. Most new and used tape rollers..

Carry on case has pull up handle and wheels by American. Puma gym bag. Guess small hand purse new. Iron Man back pack. Black purse with handles. Some may have minor wear.

Used condition with age. One, two, five and ten dollar bills.

Leather belt adjustable length at 40" long can go 3"-4" both ways and has Celtic designs stamped into it. Sporran with chain waist belt. Sash or hat pin. All Made in Scotland in very good condition.

Binder and covers in very good condition. Mostly 1978. Contains limited edition official first day covers bearing the most important stamps in the world. These are full sheet sized.

Mint condition. Comes in Royal Canadian Mint folder.

At least 16 are gold leaf 1st day covers. All in plastic sheets. Cover important Canadian dates from Terry Fox to Olympics and much more. About 70 first day Canadian covers. Binder and covers in very good condition.

See pictures. about 12 First day covers and two page histories of the date. From Lindbergh's flight to Confederation to Surrender at Saratoga. Everything like new condition. Covers in plastic and paper sheets.

Battery charger and extra battery. Heavy duty 18v drill. Battery powered flashlight. Grinder model# AG402. All have been tested and works as they should. Used condition.

From the dollar to the penny. Uncirculated.

Comes in a jar. Looks like USA and Canadian Pennies. Selling as found, not picked through.

Heavy Duty 18 volt XRP 1/2" cord less drill with charger and extra battery, model DW 959. DeWalt 3/8" plug-in model D 21008 drill. Heavy duty large size DeWalt orbital 1" stroke VS jigsaw model DW 331. 6.5 amp. Powerful jigsaw. All tested and works well. In very good condition.

Two at 1/2". One 1/2" EMT. Used condition.

Heavy duty durable rigid plastic barrels. One has screw down lid. One has clamp on lid. A little dirty on the outsides and clean on the insides. Was used for camping to keep things dry and clean. 40" high x 24" wide.

One Pastel, one oil and one water colour. Signed H. Dzillums. About 7' x 11".

British Flag Couch pillows are of a heavy canvas fabric at 15" x 15" feather filled. Pillow cases may need minor clean. The Canadiana throw blanket is 50" x 62" and is freshly cleaned. All in very good condition. See Pictures.

About 45 first day covers in plastic sheets. Binder and covers all in very good condition.

Wrenches And Ratchets. Chain pulley with lots of lengths of chain. Large size wrenches longest one is 15". Note: At least 65 more pieces were added to this lot after the pictures were taken. Mostly more ratchet sizes. Used condition.

700 000 point. Only a few years old in very good condition. There was sun shading while taking the pictures. There are no dark lines on the carpet. Carpet looks new. See the other pictures. Cream and red -ish burgundy.

Like new condition. One dollar coin to the penny. 3" x 3".

All new stamps-not used.

One Super Man Dupont Car in display case. Some CARS movie cars.

The Garbage can and the wine opener are new. The blender looks new but has dirt on the plastic base-could use a wipe down. Black and Decker glass jar blender. MODA wine opener. Trash Rac inside cupboard garbage can mounts on a door with screws and comes with seven new bags of garbage bags.

Some new and some used lightly. 7 leather purses. One Roots shoulder bag. One back pack.

Very minor wear. Metal construction. It springs closed and open.

Hudson Bay Beaver Xmas ornaments. Hand made Celtic symbol in stained glass. Hand made dog and church scene in stained glass. Native polished rocks in leather pouch. Crystal ball 3' x 3". Large sized amethyst rock 3 x 3 x 2". Glass deck prism 3 x 3". Quartz rocks cut in half and polished. Carved stone turtle symbolizing Turtle Island. Face in coral rock. Rock pendants and more.

1800 Cathay Queen size bed sheet set and pillow cases cream colour. Cream colour shower curtain with rings. Wooden toilet seat. 8 Plastic zip up suit bags. All new.

Ryobi 4 1/2" Barrel Grip angle grinder. black and Decker Jigsaw. Comes with some attachments. Chuck wrench is in the handle of the grinder. Both have been tested and the motors work as they should. Used condition.

Can be used as either. The legs can be left on or unscrewed to use as a coffee table. The glass is thick at 1/2" and is tempered. In like new condition with no scratches to the glass. The legs look chromed or silver mirror finish. It was hard to photograph because of the sun glare. With out the leg extensions it is 8" to the top of the glass. With the legs on it is 30" to the top of the glass. There are screw down to the floor brackets if using as a coffee table. NOTE: VERY HEAVY. BRING HELP TO MOVE. See pictures.

The trade centre buildings come off the coin and can sit upright on the coin. The trade centre buildings are pure silver. The rest of the coin may be gold clad. From the National Collectors mint.

World stamps. See Pictures.

Wood framed at 43" x 29" and 25" x 21. Smaller one has beveled glass edge. Holes in wood on bigger one for mounting directly to a wall. See pictures for detail on frames.

Three clear glass mixing bowls. Four baking dishes. The two white big ones are 14"x 8". One shallow and one deep white baking dishes. These have no wear to the inside bottoms. Lightly used and in very good condition.

USA, Canada, Mexico and world stamps.

Top is hinged, with magnetic lock on door/lid. Minor wear. 18" x 11". Has cloth bottom inside.

Guitar stand. Fold up music sheet stand adjusts up or down. Harmonica neck holder. Guitar clamps and string winder.

About 20 first day covers. Has white blank mailing label stickers covering original addresses.

In good condition. 6 foot high.

Looks like 1960's uncirculated condition.

Sheet of USA air plane stamps 1926 to 1976. See pictures for stamp book.

Canvas duffle bag is 40" long in very good condition. Used canvas Quebec army shoulder bag. Unknown army jacket men's small with inside wear to lining.

1851 to 1976. The oldest stamp in the binder is from 1870. All stamps are in individual sleeves. Binder and stamps in good condition.

Spaces for 30 000 stamps. Looks like pages are for 1970's stamps. This is NOT full of stamps. Only a few pages have stamps. This is for someone wanting to start the collection.

Canada and Jamaica 18" x 12". Two Bob Marley at 18" x 12" and 16" x 44". May have minor dirt on them. The small size Marley flag has a broken wooden stick taped back together.

Uncirculated condition.

1985 European Music Year, British Composers stamp set. 1985 Famous Trains Stamp Set. 1984 Royal Mail stamp set. All in plastic sleeves in very good condition.

Wear to front of binder. Complete set 1959 to 1982. All in mint state.

1983 to 1987. Three signed Helen. Taken out of frames due to damaged frames. Paintings in very good condition.

Some new some used lightly. 2014 FIFA Brazil. 1996 Atlanta Olympics. 1961 Green Day Packers and more.

Large size crock 12" x 16" x 6" high. 10" x 10" pie dish. 12" x 10" casserole dish. 10" x 16" clear glass baking dish. All in very good condition, 3 look new.

By Clear Blue. In good condition. May be a little dirty. Has back pouches for water bottles Etc.

Tahiti stamp set has stamps on both sides of binder. All in good condition.

Angry Birds, Adidas, Winnie the Pooh jean bag and more. Used lightly some may need slight clean.

Heavy canvas bag in very good condition. Minor dirt on bag- could use a little clean for surface dust.

Unknown artists. 11" x 7". Art works in good condition needs to be framed.

Plastic Coke tray at 18" x 13" needs a clean, dusty. Two Coke glasses like new. Coke metal tray. Includes some other tin trays and cans. Whisky decorative jar.

Golf picture at 21" x 25" frame. Girls at fire frame size 12" x 14". Minor wear to frames. May be prints.

All tested and works as they should. 12" x 12" step on scale. Glass clock runs on batteries. 22" x 10" two bulb wall light with on/off switch on cord. Has frosted glass cover sheet that comes off to change the bulbs. All in very good condition-like new.

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