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12 soup bowls, 12 salad plates, 12 dinner plates, 12 saucers, 12 cups (1 cup has broken handle) Noir Platinum CAE12 – comes with padded holders . Pickup Category A

2 Coach bags. Seller deems these to be authentic. 3 Vintage bags. Vintage make up case. Pickup Category B

Full size acoustic guitar. Needs TLC. As is. Pickup Category A

1. Tasco - white - 56T - 50 mm diameter; 600 mm focal length. 48x, 96x, 100x, 200x Zoom. Made in Japan. Shown at maximum height. 2. Tasco black model 60700. 60 mm Diameter; 700 mm focal length. Coated lens. Adjustable tripod legs; shown at shortest height. 3. Vintage Sunset binoculars - coated optics. 7 x 35; 341' at 1000 yards. PLEASE Note, Strap is broken. AS is, not tested. Pickup Category B

12 dinner plates, 12 cups/saucers, 3 salad plates, cream & sugar, platter and bowl no chips – Mikasa L9567 Ribbon of Gold. Pickup Category A

Each case is 52" H x 20" W x 8" D. 1 is yellow and red. 1 is blue. - this one has some wear. Pickup Category A

1. Round covered bowl with glass insert - 6" round. 2. Round server on stem - 9.5" round 3. Round bowl with decorated edge - 7.5" round Pickup Category A

72" H x 11" D x 25" W. 3 glass shelves. Lights up at the top. ONLY the cabinet and shelves are included, not the other pieces in the photo. Pickup Category C

1. Neilson Milk Sign - Lights up, plug in vintage Neilson Dairy Milk Sign. One corner is broken. 2. Creeple People Maker Kit Pickup Category A

Round top treasure chest. Solid wood. 28" L x 15.5" H x 17.5" W. Some minor scratches. Comes with wooden blocks and sorting toy. Pickup Category A

1. "Dirt Devil" upright vacuum - needs no bags. WORKS. 2. Samsung canister vacuum - includes 12 bags - WORKS. Pickup Category A

1. 2 baskets of stuffed animals including Beanie Babies, Hallmark and Webkins 2. Boxed set of ALL 7 Harry Potter books - New 3. 5 hand crafted rain sticks - 30" - 39" L Pickup Category B

1. 3 Drawer wooden dresser. 32.5" H x 24" L x 14" D. Some marking on top. 2. 3 Drawer wooden end table 29" H x 15 " L x 12" D; there are 2 end tables Pickup Category B

23" L x 25" H x 11" W Opens up. Includes some furniture. Plus a child's wooden chair. 30" H x 13" W x 12" D Pickup Category B

Set of 4 wooden TV trays. 3 are 25.5" H x 18.5"L x 14.5" W. 1 is smaller Some small marks on top of one tray. Pickup Category A

White unit - 2 bookcases with corner unit in the middle. Each bookcase is 41.5" H x 32" W x 11" D Corner unit is 41.5"H x 21"D x 33" L. Small stains on top. Entire unit missing a total of 4 shelf pegs. Back needs a few more nails to hold in place. Pickup Category C

Assorted cook and craft books (5), 2 piece taco bread pan kit (NEW), rubber trivet (5.5" Round), decorative glass bowl with glass "candies", Iguana Vase (12" H x 8" round), black garbage bin (NEW), ceramic hat wall decoration, green stone carving (5" L) Pickup Category B

1. Brand new Cross Pen - black and silver colour - still in box - untested 2. Vintage green glass decanter with lid/stopper. "Gut" 9" H x 5" Round Pickup Category B

37" L x 28" W Looks like oil but is a print. Pickup Category B

each panel 26” H x 34” W plastic, 6 panels, good shape folds for easy storage. Pickup Category A

1. Colourful lamp works and stands 60" H. 2. IKEA duvet - 75" square - white - NO COVER 3. Adjustable crutches - adult size Pickup Category A

1. Brett Lawrie Blue Jays Bobble head doll. Still in the box, brand new. 2. Poster from the 2009 Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Features Brett Hull, Steve Yzerman, Luc Robitaille, Brian Leetch, Lou Lamorillo. 11" x 17". Pickup Category B

1. Colourful fish tea pot with 2 cups and platter. 2.Wooden toy chest 10" H x 14" L x 10" W - rounded top 3. Box of assorted scarves 4. Silver baby rattle 5. Silver Dreidel 6. Decorative purple crystal rock and ceramic moose 7. Silver 3 candle holder, NOTE 1 holder is broken Pickup Category B

Ford 1957 Thunderbird replica. 1/18 scale. Real leather seats. Brand New, still in box. 10" L x 3.5" W Pickup Category B

A nice assortment of various sizes of picture frames and shadow boxes (new). Pickup Category A

A wide variety of supplies plus storage cabinets with drawers. FULL of crayons, pens, pencil crayons, scissors, staplers, markers +++ Pickup Category A

"Fromage a Trois" - signed and numbered original. #150 of 175 and ONLY 15 were signed. 12.5" x 10". "By Any Other Name" - signed and numbered original. #124 of 260 and ONLY 26 were signed. 36" x 13" - NOTE GLASS is MISSING. 3. "Dis-a -Pear" - signed and numbered original. # 6 of 250. ONLY 25 were signed. 25" x 12". Pickup Category B

19" H x 11" W x 6.5" D. Pendulum needs attaching, Normal wear for an old piece - untested. Pickup Category A

1. Chaffing dish - with lid and glass insert - 10" L x 8" W x 6" H 2. Small round dish - 7" diameter. 3. Small round tray - 7" diameter Pickup Category A

Explorer Back Pack. 55L capacity. No rips or tears. Good shape. Serratus Back Pack. Also in good shape. Similar size to above. Pickup Category A

Vintage memorabilia. Pickup Category A

Assorted hand stitched vintage small linens. some marks Folding card table is 27" H x 30" W x 30" L. Some stains on top. Pickup Category A

Each one is 36" L x 12" H. One is the Original 6 teams. The other is a history of the Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys. Pickup Category A

China cabinet with glass door. 64" H x 42" L x 16" W. Some wear and staining. Pickup Category C

1. Large serving platter. 24" L x 17" W, with handles. 2. Wine bottle coaster. Pickup Category A

67.5" H x 23.5" W x 10" D 2 fixed and 4 adjustable shelves. Pickup Category C

Set of 2, hockey themed, framed prints by Ken Danby. "Lacing Up" and " The Skates". Each is 10" x 13". Backs are ripped a little. Pickup Category B

1. Covered server, with glass insert - 11.5" L x 9" W. 2. Dual server, with glass insert - 9" L x 7" W. 3. Miniature tray - 2" L Pickup Category A

1. Brown and Black ladies "Fossil Watch" - needs battery - untested in past 2 years. 2. VINTAGE McDonald's "McPizza" Watch - brand new, still in box - untested Pickup Category B

Set of 2, Elephant theme, original, embossed. lithographs. "Ahhh" and "Jungle Mouth". Each print is 12.5" x 10". "Ahhh" is signed and numbered, # 58 of 220 and ONLY 20 were signed. "Jungle Mouth" is signed and numbered, # 37 of 220 and ONLY 20 were signed. Pickup Category B

1. Turquoise office storage/file set - drawer, bins, tray. 2. Assorted accordion file and stickers. 3. Boxer dog tin - 9" square with assorted items in it 4. Wicker basket with smaller storage tins inside. Basket is 14" L x 10" W x 6" H 5. White and Blue storage cube/drawer 6. Six drawer painted cube - 11" H x 11" W x 8" D Pickup Category B

3 Colourful Bears. Some minor wear. 27" H x 28" L x 13" D. Pickup Category C

Chrome, fits over toilet for extra storage/shelving. 60" H x 22.5" L x 10" D. Brand New. Never Used. Pickup Category A

13" H x 10.5" W x 7" D. Works and comes with pump. Pickup Category A

Lots of Halloween costumes. Look through all the pictures. Pickup Category A

A variety of sizes and shapes of both picture frames and mats. Pickup Category A

48" L x 27" H x 5" D. Nice piece in good shape. Pickup Category A

Vintage Dow Beer set includes 8 beer glasses, brass holder for the glasses and an ice bucket that fits in the set as well. Pickup Category B "Wouldn't a Dow Go Good Now"

1. A variety of snow and garden shovels and rakes and ice scrapers. 2. Also 2 pairs of rubber boots; men's black size 9; women's black and white size 9. 3. Wooden mitten holder. Pickup Category B

1. Crystal decanter - with lid/stopper. 10" H x 4" round 2. Silver sauce server with wooden handle. 3. Brass candle stick 10.5" H x 5" round base. Pickup Category B

7 assorted kits and scrap books. ALL Brand New, still in wrapping. Pickup Category A

Garbage Bin (16” X 15” X 11.5”); Storage rack (45” x 8.5” x 7.5”); Hanging Storage (39.5” x 9.5”); metal set covered in wicker Desk not included. Pickup Category A

A box of assorted chocolate/candy moulds. Pickup Category B

41" H x 24" W x 11" D. 4 shelves of which 2 are adjustable shelves. Pickup Category C

Black leather office chair, reclines. Rolling file folder holder, comes with hanging file folder holders. Pickup Category C

1. Lattice condiment jar with lid and glass insert - 4.5" H x 3" round. 2. Water pitcher - 9" H 3. Small dish with lattice edge - 6" round Pickup Category A

Hot Wheels Tunerz. Acura Integra Remote Control car. Still in box, unopened. UNTESTED. Pickup Category B

1. Sharp digital stereo receiver. 2. Samsung VHS player/recorder. 3. Classics VHS Player (note, player only, not a recorder). 4. 2 "Sound Dynamics SDM" stereo speakers with stands - speakers are 24" H x 12" W x 9.5" D. Stands are 7" H (stands are wood and are a bit worn). Pickup Category B

1. Snow Cone maker, Snow Cone straws and cups, Microwave Ice Cream Cone maker. 2. Assorted dishes, serving platters, serving bowls, Pickup Category B

31” H x 13” W x 13” D Plant Stand, real pants and shoes, covered in fibreglass. Pickup Category A

36" H x 18" W. Seat is hand crafted needlepoint. Seat in good shape. Lining underneath needs to be tacked up. Pickup Category B

Wide assortment of cookie cutters, cookie presses, piping bags and tips. Some vintage, some new. Pickup Category A

1. Unframed colourful lithograph from the Lion King movie. Unframed. 11" x 14". 2. Egyptian collection includes magazines, articles, photos and cards all dealing with Egypt. Pickup Category B

Regal, 36 Cup capacity electric coffee maker. In Box, working. Pickup Category B

1. 2 Beer steins or small vases - 6" H x 4" round 2. Champagne bucket - 10" H x 9" round. 3. Small wine cup/holder - 3" H x 2.5" round. Pickup Category A

1. Gold and pink china plate "Elite Limage France" - 8.5" round 2. Pink flower plate "Made in Germany" - 11.5" round 3. Old Derby - orange and white flower plate - 10.5" 4. Royal Crown Derby England - multi colour - 5.5". 5. Velvet blue box with 2 "Elegance E.P. Brass" wine cups - Made in India Pickup Category B

Includes 2 McDonald's cigarette tins (1 mint, 1 a bit worn); 3 Heather rouge containers; 3 small trays (2 plastic "Elite - made in England" and one ceramic "Sandland Ware") Pickup Category B

For 5" x 7" photos. Unused, still with box. Pickup Category A

1. Large oval tray - 12" L x 7" W 2. Round platter with glass insert - 13" diameter. 3. Round dish with lattice edge - 10" diameter Pickup Category A

With certificate of authenticity. "Nearly Eve" by Dennis Patrick Lewan. Plate # 1306 of 7500. 8.5" Diameter. Pickup Category B

Signed and numbered print. 390 S/N. AP 42/47 24" L x 20" H. Frame has some damage on 2 sides. Pickup Category B

26” x 26” Good condition Desk not included. Pickup Category A

1. 90" X 63" - Brown and beige. 2. 96" x 60" - colourful stripes with underpad. 3. 47" x 31" - Black and beige. Pickup Category A

31" H x 18" W x 15" D solid wood. Pickup Category A

1. 2 Large scrap book kits - BRAND NEW 2. 3 smaller scrap book kits - BRAND NEW 3. 2 scrap book supply caddies Pickup Category A

36" L x 13" W x 16" H. Includes screen lid, under tank heat pad, sand, background art, some decorations. Pickup Category B

Set of 4. Brand New, still wrapped. Each one is 12" x 15". Pickup Category A

An assortment of blank cards, stationery and envelopes. Pickup Category A

1964 Mary Poppins doll carriage. Carriage has some rust, stains and rips. Comes with a variety of doll clothes and shoes. Pickup Category A

1. Colourful wooden wall mask decoration. 12" x 12". 2. 3D picture of the New York skyline. 17" x 9". Frame has a scratch on upper left side. 3. Framed print of a mailbox in a field of flowers. Pickup Category B

Signed and numbered; #402 of 450. Frame a bit worn. Pickup Category B

1. Oval serving platter - 17" L x 13" W. 2. Covered cigarette holder 3. Match box holder Pickup Category A

1. Large oval meat serving platter - reservoir to hold meat juices - 20" L x 15" W. 2. Teaspoon holder. 3. Shell shaped dish - 7" L x 6" W Pickup Category A

1. Technics 5 disc, CD player/changer - works 2. Sony VHS Player - works Pickup Category B

1. "Weatherzone" - missing handle - wear and rust on unit - name tag is loose. 2. "Torquay" - Rotar Electric Co. Model H12. - Some wear. Pickup Category B

Clock radio, wicker baskets, fishing lure and fish chain (both new), 5 pairs of swim goggles, various night lights, electric heating pad, picture frame, sports cards, hockey puck, kite string, 2 computer bags. Pickup Category B

Includes sheets, blankets, duvets. Pickup Category B

Speaker + radio, clock and alarm. Works. Includes small game carrier, disc holder (holds 40 discs), wall plug charging holder, cleaning cloth. Pickup Category B

2 Shelves. 30" H x 28" W x 13" D. Some minor scratches. Pickup Category C

Assorted pumpkin carving books, patterns, decorators, carving tools, paints. Spirit Ball, talks, lights up and moves. one broken leg. Pickup Category A

Drop leaf table from the 1940's. 30" H x 30" L x 29" W (both sides out) OR 13" W (both sides down). Pickup Category C

1. Sylvania microwave oven. 1300 Watts - works - glass turntable is MISSING but support rod is there. 2. Spatula wall decoration - 50" L x 12.5" W. Pickup Category A 3. Brass floor lamp - works - 53" H.

Young girl 16" x 14". Dancing Woman 26" x 21" Pickup Category B

1. Tupperware non-electric food chopper "Quick Chef" - brand new, still wrapped in box. 2. Colourful Plastic service - 8 plates, 7 cups, 7 sets of cutlery, 4 "Canada" plastic cups 3. Plastic vegetable serving platter 4. Popsicle maker. Pickup Category B

Includes: 1. 5 muffin pans (and cups), 2. 2 bundt pans 3. palm tree serving platter 4. 2 segmented serving trays (each with 6 segments) 4. measuring cup, mixing bowls ( 6 stainless, 1 plastic), rolling pin 5. Poker themed set of 4 ceramic plates and serving knives (BRAND NEW) 6. Pink square basket Pickup Category B

Brand new, still in 2 boxes - needs assembly. 79" H x 32" W x 24" D. Has mirror doors on top part. VERY HEAVY - needs two people to move it Pickup Category C

5 Shelves. 60" H x 25" W x 10" D. Some minor scratches from wear. Solid wood. Pickup Category C

Assorted Halloween decorations and lights. Pickup Category A

29" H x 53" L x 42" W. PLUS, comes with 2 additional leaves; each one 10" W to extend the table to a possible 73" L. White mark on one leaf, some wear Comes with 3 chairs. Pickup Category C

28.5" H x 47.5" L x 27" D. Has 2 drawers and a shelf built in on right hand side. Pickup Category C

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