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2 armchairs, probably original fabric, 27 inches wide, metal bracket allows seat to be removed

3 seater, probably original fabric, 72 inches wide, metal bracket allows seat to be removed

Canadian Lynx, chest 17 inches, length 44 Note staining on lining

27 quartz watches, various makes

Glass with wooden base, height 17 inches, width approximately 11 inches

Lot of 7 plates, includes 3 antique Verona pattern by Woods and Son

Lot includes Picturesque Canada 1882 2 volumes, personal notebook 1857 to 1858 possibly German, one large leather cover marked on sping Oeuvres de Wouvermens 1737 Henry Kirk White written on fly leaf printed singly in England about 1825. The Woman in White Wilkie Collins with illustrations, preface dated February 1861. Note all sold as is, spine cover damage

Lot includes 13 pocket knives, 1 dagger, 1 Sheffield England straight edge razors, 1 German Red Point razor, and others Note German razor as is

4 drawers plus shelf, 51 inches wide by 25.5 deep. Note desktop needs refinishing (stain and fading), plus missing veneer strip on bottom of one drawer, also chipping to corners of drawers, and one small chip to one drawer

Approximately 60

1960s lounge chair with matching stool, original fabric. Note tear and pulling to back on one side

Witnauer ladies watch in box

Brown mink, chest 20 inches, sleeve 21, length 41. Note small tears to lining in underarms, and front closures need repair

Beige Peruvian alpaca, chest 19 inches, sleeve 21, length 27

Lot includes Kodak Signet 35mm camera, Adox camera, Polaroid Land Camera, plus AGFA lupe 8x

9 pairs, various designs

Lot of 8 including 2 musical, 5 wooden, 2 metal, one cloth with applique?

Lot includes 2 Stanley planes, 4 clamps, 1 small coping saw, 1 file, 4 nail sets, 1 screw driver, 1 awl

Lot of 2 framed oil paintings on board, one is 11 inches by 13, the other is 12 by 10

Brown racoon, chest 21 inches, sleeve 22, length 46

Elephant 17 inches high, width 13

Brown muskrat, chest 22 inches, sleeve 22, length 31

Sony Beta HiFi, working condition

Height 32 inches

Tutankhamon theme, 25 inches long

Height 52 inches

4 pairs of reading glasses, includes Dior, Armani, Prada, Carrera, 1 prescription Ray Ban sunglasses

7 pairs, various designs

Carl Wetzlar binoculars 8 by 40, Koss headphones, plus one small 8 by 21 binoculars, includes binocular cases

21 quartz watches including 1 Swiss Military

White fox, chest 21 inches, sleeve 22, length 26.5. Note lining faded in places

Height 36 inches Note small dent

Dark brown muskrat, chest 17.5 inches, sleeve 21, length 23

Dark brown mink, chest 20.5 inches, sleeve 18.5, length 31.5

Round table with cane shelf, 21.5 inches diameter, height 19 Small rectangular table 15 inches by 10.5, height 15. Note round table top water marked, needs refinishing, rectangular table has some sort of deposit, needs cleaning

1 amber necklace graduated stones, 26 inches

3 drawers with brass handles, depth 10.5 inches by 10, light wood with 5 drawers 13.5 inches by 10.5, mahogany box 6.5 by 1.5

2 Framed watercolours, 1 of them signed, 12.5 inches by 15.5, and 12 by 14.5

2 prints by Sue Coleman, 17 inches by 29

Semi-precious stone necklaces includes amethyst, tigers eye, crystal, and others

1 amber necklace graduated stones, 28 inches

Sherman earrings, 3 pairs, plus 4 singles

Minton China Vermont Pattern, lot includes 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 side plates, 8 dessert bowls, 6 cups, 8 saucers

8 pairs, various designs

Beige wool with leather decoration and fur trim on hood, chest 21 inches, sleeve 24, length 32.5 Note a few small stains on front

24.5 inches wide by 36, height 30.5

Hand painted engraving The Rose of England 14.25 inches by 10.75, also included is a memorial framed ribbon

Royal Doulton, artist Dong Kingman, Paris and New Orleans, diameter 10.5 inches

Semi-precious stone necklaces, lapis, rose quartz, amethyst, and others

11 quartz watches, includes 1 Seiko, Timex, and others

Full length dark brown mink, chest 23 inches, sleeve 22, length 45 Note hole under arm in lining and on tie needs replacing, and small hole in lining near collar

Black Persian Lamb with mink trim, chest 19 inches, sleeve 18.5, length 22.5 Note slight wear to left shoulder

Includes 1 carafe, various trays, dishes, salt and pepper, and more

Semi-precious stone necklaces, turquoise, rose quartz, amethyst, and others

Semi-precious stone necklaces, lapis, turquoise, and others

Canada Day July 1 1983, Royal Birth 1982, Mothers Day 1979, 250th Anniversary Josiah Wedgewood, Rick Hanson Man in Motion World Tour, all are 6.5 inches in diameter

2 amber necklaces and 1 bracelet, 1 necklace 27 inches, other is 24

Community Tudor Plate, 13 knives, 9 dessert spoons, 4 serving spoons, 13 teaspoons, 9 forks, 7 demitasse spoons, 10 dessert forks, 3 cake servers

Lot of 2, 36 inches by 11.75

Includes hand painted mask, ebony wall face, light wood face, and large bird

Semi-precious stone necklaces, tigers eye, crystal, and others

Semi-precious stone necklaces, amethyst, rose quartz, and others

1 amber necklace graduated stones, 30 inches

1 amber necklace, 26 inches

2 amber necklaces, 76 inches and 17 inches, and 1 bracelet

Lot of 3 oil paintings, framed oil on canvas 12 inches by 15, signed framed oil on metal 10.5 by 8.5, signed unframed oil on canvas 9.5 by 7.5

Includes 4 Royal Stafford Sweet Violets pattern dinner plates, plus 7 saucers, also Royal Albert Petit Point oval vegetable bowl, salt and pepper, and one small handled bowl, one Limoges France shell dish, bouquet of 11 porcelain roses

2 amber necklaces, both 26 inches

Mixed media, Sundowner 1999 by Americo DelCol, 20 inches by 25

Lot of 2 bowls and 1 small wall plaque, green bowl is Muskoka Bay Pottery, beige bowl signed Walker, small plaque is Chelsea Pottery England

1 amber necklace, 30 inches, plus 1 bracelet

Signed framed watercolour, 16 inches by 12

Sonyomatic reel to reel recorder, and KLH Intercom model 27

Moghul Miniature, India Jaipur, 19 inches by 14

Canadiana historical theme, 31 inches by 21

Stone on board, 36 inches by 12 Note one flower missing, and scratches to frames

Singer includes manual

Set of 4, height 22.5 inches by 11.5 deep Note untested, as is, all have dustcaps missing from woofers

Semi-precious stone necklaces, rose quartz, and others

Semi-precious stone necklaces, lapis, and others, includes 1 turquoise bracelet

Lot of 5, framed Japanese cut paper 12 inches by 16.5, rest are smaller

Signed and numbered, 16 inches by 18

Includes set of 6 dessert spoons, plus various spoons, forks, and knives, also serving pieces, approximately 50 pieces in total

Janine Mokrzycki Watercolour, signed 1986, 20 inches by 25

2 composition amber necklaces, 27 inches and 26 inches, and 1 cross

Sam Blaug, wood and bronze, height 24 inches

Signed S. L. Turnbull, 15.25 inches by 18.5

2 Chef BoyArDee Tins, Foam, Pop Arts Inc New York City, 14 inches tall, diameter 8 inches

Lot of 4 framed, 3 by Schmid, 1 by Goebel, all West Germany, 10.5 inches diameter

Lot of 4 prints plus one colourized photo, Victorian lady measures 11.75 inches by 9.5, others are smaller

Pride Line electric typewriter, includes ribbon cartridge, working condition

Technics, working condition

Janine Mokrzycki Watercolour, signed 1988, 26 inches by 20

Bevelled glass and metal, 38 inches square, height 16. Note minor chips on glass

Pair of hand made speakers 33 inches high, width 18.5, depth 17.5. Note as is

Set of 3 black and white animal prints, 10.5 inches by 8.5

Sam Blaug, painted wood, 48.5 inches tall

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