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Length 65 inches Note some veneer damage to bases, some marks on top

Pair of 18 inch cubes Note damage to veneer on corners

White fox, chest 21 inches, sleeve 21, length 29

Black beaver, chest 22 inches, sleeve 24, length 42

Hanging brass scale

2 shelves, 1 drawer, 54 inches high, width 25

Lot includes Bushnell 7x35, Bushmasters, Roots 8x21, Tasco single viewer 5x20, Canon digital camera 16 megapixels

Framed, signed, 17 inches by 14

Wool, hand made, 111 inches by 148 Note dents from furniture legs and minor stains

Pair of painted cast metal patio chairs Note wear to paint on feet

Framed oil on canvas, signed 1967, 58.5 inches by 45.5 Note one chip on frame.

Includes Dansk teak ice bucket Denmark 15.5 inches tall, 1 Copco cast iron enamel fondue set Denmark, 2 sets of fondue forks, plus 1 empty box, 1 plastic ice bucket Note chip on base of Dansk ice bucket

Signed Morfy, plaster sculpture, height 24 inches Note as is, damage to arm

Black and Decker Work make 300, plus box of various tools

Framed Mexican metal sculpture, 19 inches by 14

Hand carved wooden mask 15 inches

Framed oil on board, signed, 32 inches by 25.5

Lot of 9 pieces as shown

Full length brown beaver, chest 23 inches, sleeve 21, length 52

Lot includes 9 inch handled cherry pattern bowl, 1 green ballerina pattern and oval bowl, plus 7 small pink footed dishes

Lot of 18 pieces as shown

2 pieces, one framed signed pastel 17 inches by 13.5, one framed watercolour unsigned 21 inches by 15 Note no glass on watercolour, paint loss on frame, as is

Lot of 2, approximately 12 inches without chimney

Lot of 2, cup is 10 inches, figure is 7 inches

Lot includes 1 wooden duck decoy, 14.5 inch bowl, wooden car toy, carved wooden box, hand carved small wooden basket, 2 other pieces

Mission Oak 72 inches high

Lot of 5 pieces

1 antique cast iron scale, 1 Precisa scale, 2 sets of weights Note sets of weights incomplete

Lot of 6 cups and saucers, Royal Adderley, and others

Lot of 6 cups and saucers, Royal Stafford, and others

Spode Italian pattern, 3 dinner plates, 1 salad plate, 4 side plates, 4 cups and saucers

Lot includes 3 bone china cups and saucers, set of 4 fruit Johnson Brothers plates, 1 Mason transfer ware dinner plate, Old Tupton ware butterfly plate and picture frame, 2 Royal Doulton Bunnykins bowls, and others Note glass on frame cracked

Brown raccoon, chest 22 inches, sleeve 19, length 46

Sekonic movie camera Elmatic 8 in leather case, Agfalux pocket flashgun, Meelman head set Note untested

Lot of 6 cups and saucers, Paragon, Royal Adderley, Copeland Spode, and others

Oil on canvas, 72 inches by 94.5

Framed oil on canvas, signed, 41 inches by 31

3 pieces of Fitz and Floyd including 2 vases and set of salt and pepper, 1 HNK Tunstall Autumn Tint jug, 1 Royal Winton chintz pitcher

In box, General Electric pre lit, Colorado spruce

Lot of 11, includes 1 Lego building toy, 1 pilot set, and others Note as is, not checked

Includes 2 resin bears, 1 eagle, tomahawk, 3 totem poles, handmade woolen socks

Lot of 6 cups and saucers, includes 1 artist signed Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, and others

Painted drop leaf gate leg, 10 inches wide when folded 31 inches when open

10 pieces brass and metal animal figurines, plus 2 metal buildings Chicago Sears Tower and UN New York

Lot of 4, 2 are carved

Lot includes set of stainless steel Viners of Sheffield 6 each of spoons knives forks plus 2 other spoons, also 4 silver plate serving pieces, set of 6 silver plate forks, 6 matching butter knives, plus 8 plastic handled steak knives, and others

Framed oil on board, signed, 27.5 inches by 20.5 Note board is warped and paint spots all over

Lot of 4

Walnut drop leaf gate leg, 17 inches closed 33 inches wide when open, 24 inches high

In wooden case

2 sets of golf clubs, as shown

4 pieces, includes 1 framed small bottle semi precious stone and silver 10.5 inches square, 2 soapstone Foo Dogs, 1 stone laughing Buddha

Includes 1 11 inch brass and enamel vase, 1 14 inch brass bowl

Lot of 6 cups and saucers, Royal Vale, Windsor, and others

Framed oil on board, signed, R.R. Picard, 30 inches by 23.5

Lot of 11, as shown Note as is, not checked

Lot of 4, includes 2 hand carved painted figural statues, 2 wooden puzzle boxes

Black Persian Lamb, chest 22 inches, sleeve 18, length 33.5 Note lining has come undone one near inside pocket, also hole in shoulder

Brown beaver, chest 21 inches, sleeve 24, length 28.75

Dark brown beaver, chest 24 inches, sleeve 24, length 33

Lot of 5, empty, includes 2 Stetson boxes

Lot of quartz clocks, one brass electrical mantel clock, one brass Linden clock, 2 travel clocks, 1 stop watch Note untested

Lot of 5 mixing bowls

1 Mdina paperweight, 1 Murano glass duck, 1 cranberry glass bell, 1 small decanter, 1 ice bucket, 1 small polar bear, 1 trumpet, and others as shown

30 inches by 21.5 by 12 high

Noresco PE3015 Note no stylus, untested

Pine frame, 34 inches wide Note wear to frame

2 oak armchairs

Brown raccoon, chest 23 inches, sleeve 23, length 46

Brown Persian Lamb, chest 28.5 inches, sleeve 18, length 34

Carved wooden monkeys, 10 inches high

Includes 4 Tonkas, 1 metal decor car, 1 wooden and metal cannon

Lot of 6 cups and saucers, Aynsley, Royal Albert, and others

Framed pastel, 31.5 inches by 45

Lot includes 1 large hand painted Italian tureen, 1 museum copy of Greek pitcher

8 arms 16 bulbs, diameter 32 inches, height 25 inches

Grey rabbit, chest 17 inches, sleeve 22, length 22

4 pieces, one framed oil 17 inches by 13, one framed signed watercolour 8 inches by 10, one framed acrylic signed Scott Cooper 1975 5 inches by 7, one unframed signed oil on board Mary DeMarco 1951 9 inches by 7

Lot of 17 LPs, mostly 1980s music

Includes 1 leather cased whiskey and cognac flasks, 1 antique seltzer bottle, 1 stainless steel Unovac thermos, 1 corkscrew in case, 1 vintage jigger in case, 1 leather cased wine decanter, decorative glass and stainless wine cork

Set of 5 water glasses, 6 champagne coupes, 4 sherries, all etched same pattern

Lot of 7, largest pair 14 inches by 11.5

Mid century 2 wood and Arborite triangular, width 27.5, depth 14 Note chips on corners

Pair of ADC, 23.5 inches high Note some staining and scratches, untested

Brown squirrel, chest 23 inches, sleeve 17, length 24

18 LPs, lot includes Heart, Madonna, Bob Seger, and others

Lot of 2, one wood 10 inches, one chalk 9 inches

Includes 3 stainless steel serving trays including heavy 14.5 inch Cuisinart tray, boxed set of golfing corkscrew and 2 wine corks, 1 stainless bar set

Lot of 2 plus 1 set of headphones Note untested, old tube radios as is

Grey Persian Lamb, chest 22 inches, sleeve 20, length 26.5 Note rust spots

Wood and metal, lot of 9, largest painted wood is 20 inches by 16

Lot of 2, approximately 12 inches without chimney

Framed oil on canvas, signed Carlo, 1970s era, 41 inches by 41

Lot of 4 saws

Brown muskrat, chest 21 inches, sleeve 22, length 43

Oil on canvas, unframed, unsigned, approximately 81 inches by 40, not including edges

Mid century 2 wood and Arborite triangular, width 27.5, depth 14 Note chips on corners

Includes 1992 World Champion Blue Jays framed poster, Jack Nicklaus 100th US Open 2000, Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan 1942 Masters Playoff Commemorative Balls

Raymond in wooden case Note damage to base of case, untested

Lot of 6 as shown

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