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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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National Geographic globe on stand- 51" around and 19"tall. Some scratches as pictured. Vintage cast iron lamp- working condition but should be rewired. 15 3/4" tall. Beautiful Art Deco base

80 pins, all various, some duplicates (and more). All in a binder.

Made of brass and wood. 15 1/2" tall and 16" wide. Also comes with music sheet book. Very good condition some wear on metal handle.

Modern made. Folds up and can be carried. It is missing a couple of butterfly screws for one of the legs but easy to get. Folds up to 20"tall.

Hombre Silver set of 6 glasses with sparkle rose design, coasters and original rack as well as 2 much more modern polka dot glasses

2 Mid Century brown flourescent desk lamps. Both are in working condition though we suggest re wiring any vintage lamps. One takes a little bit longer to come one and one has a metal base attached with 2 holes to screw on to a desk. Some slight scratching on paint.

Cotswald pattern dinner plates by J.G Meakin- 3 are in Very good condition and 1 is fair with some smudged paint from firing and slight discoloration- as pictured. Each plate is almost 10" across.

Gorgeous silver plate dispenser is 17 1/2" tall. Has dents and scratches and needs cleaning. Wear of plate in some spots. Silver plate burner base. 6 1/2" tall. Unsure if in working order.

2 strings of working party lights (2 plastic covers missing)- tested and working Lot of plastic coffee stir sticks Pillsbury patch and exacto knife (both 90's)

Decanter bottle with frosted and gold accent design, 12 1/2" tall. Comes with 5 glasses 3 3/4" tall. 1 blown juice glass 4 3/4" tall

1 is pinkish glass (very pale) with white and gold design 5 " tall and nearly 5 3/4" across the top 1 is clear glass decorated with black and gold polkadots. stands nearly 5 1/2" tall and 4" across the mouth. The base on this one is larger and it tapers to the mouth. Both is excellent shape

Various pieces and ages and conditions. As pictured. As is.

1960's Rollomatic Bridge Game 1990's Big Boy Burger Stamp Vintage Cast Iron Toy Stove

Kitchen set from the 90's. Unused BUT the box is in horrible condition. Blow up Pillsbury Doughboy- Needs some tape over where you blow it up and secure the rubber nozzle. It popped out when tested but no holes

Mixture from 70's-90's. Includes plastic cups- in varying conditions (a couple are quite yellowed) original plastic rubber dolls, plastic bagged bean dolls and doll house with 3 figures. The dollhouse has plastic floors which have been broken off and cracked.

Shabby chic. Wood painted green with much of it coming off. 24"tall. Great piece.

All in very good condition. Made by Johnson Brothers in the Sheraton Pattern. Some prints are brighter than others as per original making. 4 Dinner plates 3 salad plates (1 is smaller than the other 2) 6 side plates

All wood, conditions as pictured. All with dove tail corners. 2 are 15 1/2 x 10 1/4" 1 is 12 1/2 x 10 1/2"

Mid Century golden pinecone drinking glasses. Each is nearly 5 1/2' tall. The gold lines around the top of each glass are mostly worn away.

Various Pillsbury kitchen accessories and jewellery from the 90's. Includes items in package with original labels. Some packaging is pretty rough. Also includes a Hamburger Helper clock but it is quite dirty and untested.

Approx 10 Locks for the door and a number of spring hinges for old stoves. All in varying condition- none are mint.

Ikea fabric from 2006. Desined by Cilla Ramnek in Sweden. 3 pieces canvas rough cotton like 4+ yards in total. Never used. Like new

4 Gusano Rojo tall shot glasses from Oaxaca- Wear and fading 4 Rumpus Tiki Shot Glasses- Cannibal motif - Excellent condition 1 Blown glass shot glass- Excellent condition 1 Kennywood Shot Glass- Wear from use

All 5 are used and measure approx 7 1/4" across. 2 are labeled as being from Spiderman 3

All in very good condition. Made by Johnson Brothers in the Sheraton Pattern

All in very good condition. Made by Johnson Brothers in the Sheraton Pattern. Some prints are brighter than others as per original making. 2 Serving Bowls 2 Soup Bowls

Vintage Amber and Gold Decanter Set with 2 glasses. The bottle stands 13 1/2" tall and the glasses are 3 1/2" tall. Black bonsai planter- 10x5" Wooden spoons

2 1964 New York Worlds Fair Circus glasses with EXCELLENT colouring and design each approx 6 3/4" tall. 5 Samba/Rumba high ball glasses all just under 6 1/2' tall featuring male or female dancers

2 pottery made in asia and signed- Each is 5 1/2 to 6' across the lip of the bowl and 2 1/4' tall. Roughly made. 1 pottery bowl signed Tim Isaac 3" tall and 5 1/2' across the lip 1 wood bowl for decor signed

Some damage on the top as pictured

Plastic Hen and Rooster in wire basket- Excellent condition Art Deco square glass salters- Excellent condition Anthropomorphic Grapes- Made in Japan- One is missing a cork stopper from the bottom. Pig- Made in Japan, missing stopper and in need of a clean! Denmark Chrome set- Split in metal on one as pictured 2 fake (appear to be fake anyway!) shakers each missing their cork stopper

Yellow hand held measuring/mixer cup- With wear from use and age. Green Dorchester dinner ware sugar and creamer Rubens 1968 ceramic rooster and flower lidded and shaped like an iron. Some wear of glaze and paint around edges and bottom edges as pictured.

6 vintage side plates made by J.G Meakin in a cream colour with floral pattern decoration. The pattern name is Cotswold. No cracks or chips but some wear through use. Great colours!

One silver plate tulip vase 10 1'2' tall One milk glass hoosier bud vase 9 " tall One signed pottery vase 5 1/2" tall

The 2 owl jars are both missing lids and 5 1/2 and 6 1/4' tall Mushroom Pitcher and Plate are 6"tall when the pitcher rests on the plate. Some wear and scratched but overall very good condition. All could use a cleaning

1 Vintage brown Chivas bottle (8 3/4" tall) and 1 vintage googley eye whistle mug (5 1/2" tall) with barber shop theme and working whistle. The eyes look like they could be replaces as the plastic is yellowing.

all modern. One cobalt blue with original Italian label, 1 blue is a pretty cheap cylindrical one that appears to have been painted to obtain the blue (11") and one Asian peacock motif (11 1/2"). The real gem is for sure the cobalt with label.

2 Musical Notes- made in Canada- 5 and 6 3/4' tall Vintage Stamp Box needs cleaning and the lid is slightly off kilter could use a new hinge Vintage tongs- needs a clean- 8 1'4" lobg

All as is! 7 in total. Various sizes and conditions

Foot Warmer for carriage. You can see rusting and corrosion as well as wear on the fabric. Antique piece 13 1/2 x 7" Copper pan which is silver plated with ornate lid and wooden handle. Definite wear inside and out but a lovely piece. 10 1/2" across. Porcelain dish is 7 1/4" across.

Bowl, marked Nippon but probably not, a couple of paint scratches Anchor Hawking mug and bowl- Small chip on each Rubber made coasters- Discoloration and cracking on some.

Mostly from 60's. Duck and Goat bank (no stoppers) both have wear. 2 planters- Donald Duck -esque one has a big chip in the corner

Small green Lubiana teapot from Poland- Excellent condition Small Tom and Jerry Mug- Some wear Arta Gloria Rubio mug with original box- never used Monterey made in California pink and speckled creamer- Excellent shape- no lid Staffordshipre Shorter and Son Jam Jar- Excellent condition

Caramic Napco Bookends. 2 chips and some paint chipping as well. All pictured. Peakfreans tin- some wear and corrosion- 5 1/2" tall Chicamarachi hand painted Japanese bowl with swan. 83/4" across the mouth and no chips.

35" tall and 30" across The wooden base is 16 3/4" across Water damage on the mirror backing as pictured. Some small scratched in wood. A couple of spots in the mirror. All conditions pictured.

5 in total. ALL are in used condition, some with small tears and creases. 3 are 46x33". 1 is 35 1/2 x 31 1/2" and the final one is 36x26".

7 Books in total from the Heritage collection. Some great illustrations. All books have previous owner stamp inside each cover and all have a they rest in that leaves the spine visible.

7 Books in total from the Heritage collection. Some great illustrations. All books have previous owner stamp inside each cover and all have a they rest in that leaves the spine visible.

4 pieces in total. 1 large repro in a velvet 60's like frame. 33x24". Some damage on the image. 1 original 1800's etching in original frame. Rough shape. The frame has pieces of decoration that have come off and the etching has mold and needs serious saving. The remaining 2 images are much smaller are of a regal lady and a repro.

Both are modern. The ginger jar is very thin and delicate with a lid and 17 1/2" tall. The Lenox Vase is decorated with raised flowers and 15 1/2" tall. Both are in great shape.

Vintage ladies Desk set and pieces. Needs crazy cleaning and in very vintage condition 17 3/4 x 11 ". Missing a couple of pieces. Brass pen brush- used condition Wooden inkwell case with glass ink jar insert. Jar is in great condition but the wood case has chips and scratches. Art Deco stone inkwell (possibly quartz) missing the glass inserts. The bullet like chrome has some chips and scratches and the stone itself has a number of little chips. 7 3/4 x 5"

90's Plastic Pillsbury Recipe Box Modern Artist Made Cat Bowl, 2 bowls, 8 1/2" across. Vintage Syrup/Coffee Pitcher - Some wear- 9"tall

Made by Bombay company. A nice repro though with brass shell. 11 1/2 x 8 " and stands 10 3/4" when set up. Some scratching as pictured.

3 McDonalds glasses from Hawaii each is 4" tall 2 amazing Tiki high ball glasses with colourful design each is 7"tall with some slight wear

NOT IN GOOD CONDITION! Looks like it has some moth damage. Modern and machine made. 85x60"

Awesome Coronation street book with all sorts of things inside like postcards, birth notices, letters from characters etc. Glen Miller Record Set- 5 Albums- All in played condition.

Size 5 1/2 US. Purchased in the 90's and worn 4 times. Need new laces and a bit of a cleaning. Also comes with a white clutch. Some staining on the inside lining.

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