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Lot of 6 unused sheets of EAS German made die cuts. Three sheets of cherubs and 3 sheets of Santa Claus. The Santa Claus ones measure about 3" H. The cherubs measure 2". All in great unused condition. There are very minor issues on the bottom left Santa sheet - see photos for details.

Vintage brass ashtray with green metallic inside and dog statuette. Measures 5" X 4". Good condition.

Lot of two. Winton cap measures 5" X 3". Age related wear - see photos for condition details.

Two original vintage metal Toronto Telegram f-s signs. Both measure 14.5" X 3.5". Age related wear.

Print depicts a young girl with a kitten and a puppy - measures 6X4.5. Frame is early and painted gold- measures 15 X 12. Hand notes on back of paper indicated this piece is from 1902. Backing on frame is loose from frame but can be easily fixed. Overall good. condition.

Lot of two. One is a mixed watercolor and pencil signed 9 1/2" X 3". The other is an art print signed and dated 4" X 5".

Vintage advertising ashtray for Companie Generale Transatlantique French line cruises. Made from jadite glass in France by Opalex. Very good condition. See photos for details. 3" X 2.5".

Vintage Brutalist Stylized Bronze Menorah. Jerusalem marked on side. Appears to be used due to minor wax build up. Overall very good condition. Made in the style of Israeli artist Wainberg. Measures 12" x 8".

Vintage abstract art glass bowl designed by Finnish artist Tauno Wirkkala for Humppila Finland. Label is worn but still present. Signed on bottom. Very good condition. 5" H X 9" at its widest point.

One 13" X 11" portrait of a hound - background is decorated with pussy willows, a bird, and a basket weave pattern. One 10" X 15" of two hounds on a hunt. Wear and scratching on both.

Vintage Cartier Paris Swiss Made Travel Clock - Very heavy and excellent quality. Face measures approx. 3" x 4". Model # 7505 0849. Signed Cartier Paris and Marked Swiss Made. Has semi-precious stone cabochon adorning the time setting knob. Adjustment knob and buttons still function. Unfortunately, There is scratching, wear and loss of paint. Not currently working and still has original cartier battery.

11.5" X 6.5". Painted on what could be plastic or glass. Abstract design in silver, orange, and green. Signed M Wyches. Light scratching and a tad loose in frame.

27" X 19". After Picasso's painting "Hand with Flowers". Lithograph poster by Portal Publicatios. In chrome frame. Minor wear to frame. Print in good condition.

Lot of 4. Two are team photos from Toronto schools- One is from Humberside Collegiate 7.5" x 9.5" and one was taken by Pringle and Booth in Toronto 7" x 9.5". Two are antique family portraits. Overall good condition with only minor issues including minor scratching on large family portrait and warping due to water damage on HI Y club photo. Please see photos for details. 2 framed and 2 unframed.

Lot of 7. Range in condition. Pieces missing from some games. Baseball game has all team cards but is missing other pieces. Marble maze is missing marble. Toronto game never been opened. Race around the world is missing a red piece and a die. Magnetic fish pond is in good order. shoes in very good condition. Ups and downs is a very early version of snakes and ladders- it is missing some original pieces. See photos for details.

Lot of four. Two sheets of unused German PZB Angel die cuts. Two much older, Victorian scrap style die cuts cut from their sheets. Angel heads measure 1.5" - the two singles measure about 6". Angels in very good unused condition- the Victorian couple is in very good condition- there are minor issues with the ducks including age related wear. See photos for details.

Small advertising desk clock made by the Jennings Brothers manufacturing company for Ryrie Brothers. Made from brass. Ad for the National Trust Company - executor administrators, trustee assignee, and liquidators. Measures 3" X 2" X 4". Body in good structural condition with age related wear and one crack on side. Face is in good condition. Not currently working.

Antique Asian Vase decorated with classic blue and white. It is designed to look like a bag with a ribbon tying it closed with the top rim designed with folds- the ribbon is raised and textured. Two small cherubs are holding plants on opposite sides. It measures 5"W X 8"H and is in very good condition. There are very minor flea bites along the top rim folds.

Vintage Elvis Presley charm bracelet with 5 charms. Good condition. Measures 6" end to end.

Lot of three Chinese communist pins depicting chairman Mao Zedong. One he's depicted in his cap. Largest pin measures 2"x 2". Chinese writing on the backs. Good condition with wear and minor paint loss in some spots. Please see photos for details.

Small cigarette holder engraved AG but dated in the reverse side 26.9.1911. English Hallmarked for Sterling- though no makers mark is present. Measures 2.5" X 3". Age related wear. See photos for condition details. Total weight is approx 56 grams.

Lot of 13 Antique Tin Type photographs. Age related wear- some in better condition than the others. Some are hand tinted with rosy cheeks and one has gold accent for jewelry. See photos for details.

Sterling silver Kiddush cup- etched Judaica detail. Measures 2 1/2" X 5". Marked Sterling made in Canada. Total weight approx 64 grams. Overall good condition with minor issues. See photos for details.

Lot of 2 vintage Vanity Fair prints by Leslie Matthew Ward AKA "Spy" - lithographed by Vincent Brooks, Day and Son LTD. One 15" X 10" depicting Louis Prince of Battenberg with caption: "He was born a serene highness but he has lived it down". One 14" X 9" depicting Finley Peter Dunne with caption: "Mr. Dooley." Both signed Spy in print and marked Vincent Brooks Day and Sin LTD Litho. MR Dooley is in very good condition, the Prince has a small tear at the top of the paper otherwise in good condition. Both are quite early.

Lot of three. Two Royal Albert and one Victoria- all English bone china. Overall good condition with minor wear - minor flea bites along handle of floral Royal Albert cup. See photos for details.

5 armed modern light fixture with dark brushed metal finish. Measures approx. 24" at widest point X 22" H. Good condition with a few spots of paint loss on top rim of body. Top plate is present but one coupling to attach it is missing.

Early vintage Inuit soapstone seal with Canada Eskimo art tag. Somewhat faded primitive detailing ages the piece nicely as does the mildly worn tag. Serial numbers as well as syllabics carved on bottom. Overall good condition please see photos for details. Measures 7" x 3"H

Lot of two antique Judaica art Torah Finials. One slightly larger than the other - one measuring 8.75"H x 2"W the other 8"H x 1.5"W. Both are adorned with enamel cabochons and intricate detailing. The smaller finial has a semi-precious stone as it's tip as well as Hebrew writing designed with a resin like material. They have age related wear and other minor issues. The smaller finial is loose and does not stay firmly shut due to some damage as highlighted in photos. The larger finial is firmly shut. They are both made from metal - while it looks like sterling silver, I cannot confirm it is due to lack of markings. Please see photos for details

Circa 1920-1930s. Good condition minor age related wear. Striking mechanism and lock mechanism still work very well. Will need new flint and fluid. Measures 2.5"H. See photos for details.

Small art glass bottle designed with blue ribbons on clear glass. Made by Finish studio Jussis Keramik- signed Aland on the bottom. Measures 6" H X 2" W. Overall good condition with light scratching.

Antique Christofle Silver Played bowl. Marked with 31 Christofle and C mark with scales dating it to early 1900s. Measures 7 1/2" w x 3" H. Overall good condition with only age related wear.

Vintage Authentic Hermes Paris ceramic dog ashtray. Depicts a hound in the woods. Signed Hermes and Made in Paris. Measures 7.5" x 6" x 1.5". Very good condition. See photos for details.

Pottery piece depicts African style Buffaloes. Stand and neck made of team wood. Wiring in great condition and still works. Overall very good condition. No shade. 7" X 12".

Lot of 4 - 2 hotdogs displayed with mustard, a sundae, and a large display for a scoop of ice cream. All marked "Litho in USA". Large piece has a makers stamp but difficult to make out. Very vintage look to the images. Hotdogs and sundae in very good condition - large ice cream has some wear and minor damage. See photos for details.

31" X 15". Vintage piece with European roman Greco style design. Age related wear and missing bottom.

Antique coffee carafe made by the Meriden B Company. Stamped on bottom. Quadruple Plate. Engraved on front: " presented by Rev JA Carriere to Corbett Congregation 1893. Very good condition. Measures 12" H.

Lot of four antique cast iron ornate spiky wall hooks. The three similar ones measure 3" X 6". The one with the square base measures 4" X 4". Good condition with age related wear.

Vintage Kaiser Vase made in West Germany. All white with matte finish. Measures 6" Wx 4"D x 7'H. Designer signed on bottom M. Frey. Marked Kaiser and numbered 605. Decorated with abstract beaded patterns. Overall good condition just needs a very minor cleaning. Minor wear to bottom rim. See photos for details.

Lot of 21 vintage misc. jewelry pieces and accessories. Some pieces designer signed. See photos for details.

Antique Rubens Ware English made bowl. Marked on bottom. Measures 10" x 2 1/2". Overall good condition. Some age related wear including minor scratching and some very minor losses of paint.

Lot of 3 catalogues. 2 mid season catalogues from 1943 and one from 1902. Age related wear and other damage to covers and bindings. Pages are in overall good condition. See photos for details.

3"X 2". Miniature Original wood engraving entitled "Sugaring" by G. Brender a Brandis at the Brandstead Press.

Lot of 10 vintage advertising ink blotters. Overall good condition with age related wear.

Lot of 14 6" X 4" original cabinet card photographs mostly from Canada one is from New York. Cards are in excellent condition. Photos are in good condition with only age related wear. See pictures for details.

Art pottery vase with dark blue glaze and grayish brown drip detail. Measures just over 5"W X 4 1/4"H. Very good condition- minor flea bites along bottom rim. Artist signed on bottom.

Titan hockey stick signed by Eric Lindros. Unused - probably 10+ years old. Overall good condition with minor scuffs here and there.

Lot of 6 Canadian military badges. Good condition with age related wear. See photos for details. Largest ones measure about 2".

Lot of 4 Joy 1 Rosenthal coffee cups and creamer. One milk jug and sugar bowl by Rosenthal in a similar pattern and complements the cups and creamer very well. Total 7 pieces. Very good condition.

Large vintage cigarette holder engraved ADG. Inside is English Hallmarked Sterling Birmingham 1945. Measures 5" X 3". Good structural condition with staining on the outside. Missing inner strap. Total weight is approx 191 grams. Gladwin Makers Mark.

6" X 18" panoramic photograph done by Federal Photos in Montreal depicting the 1947 Baron Byng Highschool Choir. Overall good condition with minor wear focused on the left of the photo.

Lot of 4. 10" W. Overall very good condition - one has minor wear on dividing rim. Images are crisp and clear. Very cool vintage images on the tops. See photos for details. Brown spatter on one plate is a manufacturing blemish.

9" X 10". Etching by H Bourne after Van Dyck Painting of Charles 1 children and family dogs. Entitled "the family of Charles 1 - from the picture in the Royal collection". Marked Van Dyck Pinxt and H Bourne, Sculpt in print. Very good condition.

Vintage art pottery jug by Elite Art Pottery - stamped on bottom. Measures 6"W X 7". Very good condition.

Set of three porcelain urns marked Limoges - They are quite modern, most likely reproduction - all stamped made in china. Decorated with a floral theme in colors of dark blue, pink, and gold. Overall very good condition see photos for details.

9" X 12" X 5". Handsome dark wood storage box with mother of pearl inlay accent on lid. Comes with key- locking mechanism works. Some minor damage and a loose hinge. See photos for details.

Antique Sterling Birks keepsake box - presented to someone on their retirement in 1919. Engraving reads: presented to Major PTA Duff ...Ottawa 1919. Overall good structural condition with age related wear denting. Also missing its bottom. Total weight is 166 grams.

Lot of 9. Some from the late 60s, one GI Joe from 1982, and one Golden Disney comic from 1979. Range in condition from poor to good. See photos for details.

Marked No. 40 traffic card - Embury Manufacturing - Warsaw New York USA. Glass is marked Embury No.40. Good structural condition with age related wear. Glass is in good condition. Measures 7" X 8".

9 "x 7.5". Antique family portrait of a Toronto family taken in 1879 by Toronto studio J. Bruce and Co. Very good condition.

Vintage gas engine oiler made by the Penberthy Injector Windsor. Appears to be in very good condition. Measures 5"H.

Antique shoe form with metal bottom. Great age appropriate condition with only age related wear. Size 8. See photos for details.

Lot of 8 pieces. 1 Canadian Tire Moto Master tire patch kit. I outer sleeve for Red Rose Tea in excellent unused condition. One Briggs golden eye salve appears to be unused with pamphlet. One Murad tin box for Turkish Cigarettes with original tariff sticker. one box of Sprotts Elastic Pen Tips from Toronto with tips still inside. One Queen Nan hosiery box, slightly warped. One Evening in Paris perfume box with minor wear. And one Gem safety razor box in like new condition its 4 blades still inside. See photos for condition details.

Authentic antique box used for Rowntree's Pastilles. Measures 12" x 8" x 3". Signage on inner lid of box is intact albeit warn due to age. Overall decent structural condition with age related wear.

4" x 4" painted church scene. Entitled Stratford Church. Unsigned but info on gallery tag on back. Loose in frame.

Lot of 3 Italian mosaic jewelry pieces. 2 brooches and one cross. Cross has designer mark. One brooch has sterling backing. Overall good condition. See photos for details..

26.5" X 35.5". Depicts Picasso's Mandolin and Guitar Painting. Photo was taken by David Heald and poster was produced by the Guggenheim museum. Overall very good condition.

6 1/2" X 10". Depicts old town scene with a prominent church. Signed ATS on bottom right. Good condition see photos for details.

Antique photograph of lumber men posing at a work hard in Nova Scotia. Backing is stamped Graham - Truro Nova Scotia. 6 1/2" X 8 1/2". Photo was bent leaving creasing down the middle but image is clear and in otherwise good condition.

Vintage Coleman Quick Lite lantern. Marked: The Coleman Lantern Company Toronto Canada along the top rim. Quick Lite is punched into the metal section above the fuel tank. Overall good structural condition - there is age related wear. The plastic cylinder around the flame area has minor cracks and denting. Measures 14" H.

Lot of two English made collector plates. One old mother Hubbard by staffordshire and a plate showing mid century decor in black and white by homemaker. Very good condition. Measures approx. 7" wide.

Lot of 11 antique photographs. 7 are cabinet shots from Belleville, Toronto, and Lindsay - all cards writing is clear and in overall good condition. 4 smaller Cartes de Visites one of which from a Toronto studio. See photos for details.

Lot of 12 antique cabinet card photographs from Lindsay, Mt. Forest, and Cannington Ontario. Overall good condition with age related wear - See photos for details.

Two vintage Soviet Russian military caps. One has a soviet badge at the front- the other stitched writing. Both appear to be the same size measuring approx 11" long. Both have manufacture information printed on the insides. Overall good condition. See photos for details.

Painted wood mirror frame with stand circa 1920s. Currently has Victorian era print displayed with clear glass. Measures 12.5 " X 11". Good condition with age related wear. See photos for details.

Unique two piece terra cotta statue of a boys head and collar of a shirt. 6" at its widest point X 7"H. Good condition just needs to be cleaned - see photos for details. Does not appear to be signed.

Lot of 5 sheets of unused PZB German die cuts - pieces are still completely attached and in very good condition. Depict Santa Claus with toys. Each one measures just under 5" H.

31" X 23". From Marci Lipman graphics studio in Toronto. Depicts a radish in an abstract style. Does not appear to be a lithograph could potentially be a silkscreen print. Very deep and rich colors. Piece is in good condition- the back its on is slightly warped but hasn't damaged the piece. There is wear to the frame.

Designer signed art pottery jug. Signature is fairly illegible but mark appears to read 'Pignon' also signed in black on the bottom. Measures 8" H and 5" at its widest point. See photos for details.

One funeral home memorial print from 1925 14" X 8" with age related wear overall good condition. Accompanying coffin marker etched with 'Our Darling' one chip and age related wear. See photos for details. Print framed with no glass.

Vintage brutalist style 9 candle menorah. Made in highly stylized fashion out of metal. Cannot locate artist signature. Appears to be gently used. Overall very good condition with only minor wear. 5" X 12" X 13".

Lot of 4 measuring 10" x 10". Two with white and two with black dogs. Overall good condition - minor puncture holes from pin that was holding them together as a set.

Small pottery French bull dog in a seated position with raised ears. Truro NS is written in his chest. There is a slot on the back of his head - was originally a souvenir piggy bank. Circa 1940s. Good condition with minor crazing. 5" H.

Lot of four. One is a gray terrier with a label reading: an enterprise exclusive, Toronto Canada - it's marked made in Japan. The French bulldog and the two small long haired dogs are marked made in Japan. One seated long haired Whippet. All good condition. Minor age related wear and minor losses of paint. See photos for details.

Lot of 6 calendar prints of Carlos Marchiori paintings depicting Toronto street scenes. All dated 1975 or 1976. They were cut from calendars and framed. Good condition. 8" X 10".

Very good overall condition. See photos for details and titles.

7" X 9". Lithograph by Vincent Brooks Day and Son- Image was originally a C Burton Barber painting called Foxhound (Archer). Purchased at an art show many years ago piece is still wrapped in plastic on board. Unframed.

Lot of 16 antique CDV photographs from Toronto and Lindsay. Toronto photograph is from Eatons. Overall good condition with age related wear. See photos for details.

Lot of 12 from various Ontario cities including: Lindsay, Belleville, Peterborough, and Cannington. Overall very good condition. See photos for details.

Lot of two Japanese made vintage ashtrays. Depicted are two playboy style risque funny comics. Measures approx 3 1/2" W. Good overall condition with minor wear. See photos for details.

21" X 14" Victorian style print of a young girl dancing with a dog- high gloss finish. Color of the paper indicates this piece is early. Good condition - Minor wear and tearing to edges and other minor issues including wrinkling and scratching - please see photos for details. Frame has no glass.

Keg shaped ad lighter for Red Stripe Beer. Measures 3 1/2"H. Good condition - strapping is a tad loose around the barrel. Other age related wear. Made in Germany stamped on bottom.

Highly stylized Japanese made vintage ceramic dog statue. Blushed cheeks, red nose, and a flamboyant orange bow tie. Overall very good condition with age related wear and minor losses of paint. See photos for details. 7.5" H.

Vintage designer Mexican silver brooch. Stamped on back. Measures 2.5" in diameter. Unique design. See photos for details. Can be a brooch or a pendant.

Two 5" X 3 1/2" calendar prints of Robert L Dickey images from Gerlach Barklow calendars. Both depict two cute puppies in humorous situations. Both signed Robt L Dickey in print. Gerlach company of Canada printed on one. Good condition with minor age related wear.

Lot of 6 vintage felt patches from the 1950s and 60s from Toronto school Ice Hockey teams. Overall very good condition. Big E measures 7"X5"

Two duplicate 5" X 7" photographs of a man with a horse. Photos are in good condition with very minor wear along sides.

Three portraits of women - one is a nurse- one was shot in Kincardine Ontario. One portrait of a huge family. All in good overall condition. Age related wear. See photos for details.

7" X 9" black and white photograph of three men at what appears to be a golf awards ceremony for the Ontario golf association. The back states it was purchased at the Myron Angus Art Gallery meaning it could be a popular photographer however the piece is not signed. It's in very good condition.

Lot of 31 from various Toronto schools and other organizations including Mimico. Basketball, Rugby and more. Overall very good condition. See photos for details. Majority from 30s and 40s only one from 1956.

14 cards and 9 envelopes. Oversized vintage Hinz humorous greeting cards. Range in condition from good with minor wear to like new. All are unused. Measure 15" X 8".

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