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4 vintage movie cameras.

Includes a pair of shorts and a pair of long leg pants. See pics. New not worn. Mis-labelled

Small tripod have legs that extend to 33" and are 16" when telescoped up. Larger Optex tripod has legs that extend to 53" and telescoped up are 25".

Includes 1 burner stove with 3 refill bottles, 4 Sealing dry #5 bags, 4 Sealing dry bags #20, 2 candle lanterns, 1 utility rain coat, 2 canteens, tent pegs, food containers, 16 various size outer bags including Ostrom etc.

Assorted cameras. See pics. Eight (8) in total.

This is for a full Maple Leaf Flour tins signs. These came out of the old Thornloe General Store in Thornloe Ontario and are from the 1925 era. These had been nailed on the wall thus the nail holes.

7 various cameras and a light meter. Again see pics for details.

This carpet came from the estate of a major manufacturing family in our area. During the 1950's and 1960's he traveled the world on business and according to his surviving son he brought this carpet back on one of his trips abroad. Carpet is 33X26 and minimal wear.

This is a vintage Singer 99K sewing machine. Looks good, in working order. Box has a few scrapes.

Life Magazines: 15 - 1965 6 - 1964 1 - 1956

This carpet came from the estate of a major manufacturing family in our area. During the 1950's and 1960's he travelled the world on business and according to his surviving son he brought this KERMAN carpet back on one of his trips abroad. Carpet measures 33" X 26" and is in nice condition.

Huge lot of Jello/Hostess Airplane coins.

This is a 17" ceramic Christmas tree with red bulb and a red star. It is an Atlantic Mold tree and has no chips or cracks but does have a couple of missed glaze areas that you will see in the pictures.

This a vintage DAVIDSON TELE COLOR STAR D Projector model D162. This projector runs and lights up and is in great cosmetic condition. Has a City of Los Angeles approval stamp on it. Hard to find information on these projectors. Super display piece.

Two pieces - 1 Arnold Scharzeneger 12" Terminator figurine and a Tandy Armatron robot. Robot tested and all functions working.

Royal Stanley Jacobean pieces. Includes 2 candlestick holders and one bowl. Candlestick holders are 8"high. Bowl is 8" diameter and 4.5" high. Note the small chip on the bottom of one candlestick holder

Vintage Remington Rem-Ette small portable typewriter in hard box. Box measures 12.5 X 12 X 5. One side of leather strap is broken. Circa 1940's. Box has bumps scratches as shown.

Nice Japan Fleurette set includes cream & sugar, 5 cups, 6 saucers and 6 bread & butter dishes.

Lot includes a limited edition 2004 Indy 500 die cast car by Greenlight. This car is #1189 of 1404 and is a 1:18 scale. Also included in the lot is a hat from the same race. Both of these items are new and never used or opened.

This lot is for 51 CHUM CHARTS from 1969 through 1973. (may be some doubles)

4 JBL 4" speakers model # GT 0428 with covers and accessories. NEW OLD STOCK. Store got out of speakers.

Pyrene fire extinguisher. It is empty and a great display piece. This is brass extinguisher with a steel wall holder. Will clean up real nice.

Vintage NINTENDO includes the game unit, 4 games , Power Zapper gun and 2 controllers. Note that the controllers are taped up.

This is a vintage Hamilton Beach 3 head mixer. This highly collectible mixer is a Model 40 DM. It is 20" tall and very heavy. The cord should be replaced and the top has some scratches as the pictures show. This 1940's-50's era mixer is ready to use or re-paint to make a beautiful display. Untested.

Nice set of Beatrix Potter books with the Peter Rabbit Book Shelf. There are 23 books in the lot from the mid-1980's.

Nice Underwood #3 vintage typewriter. Clean it up, oil it and put it to work.

This is set of 6 Royal Worcester chocolate cups. Cups are 3.5" to the top of the finial and the plates are 2.25" diameter.

This is a vintage Carling Red Cap Ale sign that measures 213/4" X 12.5". This came from a decorated WWII veteran from my area with the names above the policemen being friends from his army days.

Singer 306K sewing machine. Needs to be oiled. Off/On switch needs repair.

Approximately 20 LP's including Beatles, Muddy Waters, Glen Frey etc.

HP LaserJet printer model P4015N. In service at local business when removed. Powers up. Two trays plus envelope tray.

This lot is for 58 CHUM CHARTS from 1974 and 1975 (may be some doubles)

Included are Friesland vase 5.25", blue 12' - brown 6.75", Kaiser 7.5", Nemadji 4.5", Ross - 6", Rosenthal glass - 7"

These are 2 unopened puzzles. Note that one is from a concert of the Grateful Dead with Jerry Garcia.

Silvertone "10" Solid State guitar amp. Powers up.

Lots of fun with these battery operated train sets Christmas. Minimal wear.

HP LaserJet printer model P4015 TN. In service at local business when removed. Powers up. Two trays plus envelope tray. Note chip on corner of one tray.

Vintage Coleo Telstar.

Lot includes 3 cup & saucer demitasse sets made by Minton in the Ancestral pattern.

This is for a 1/2 and one full (painted) Maple Leaf Flour tins signs. These came out of the old Thornloe General Store in Thornloe Ontario and are from the 1925 era. These had been nailed on the wall thus the nail holes.

Lot includes 2 blood pressure cuffs. One has hole in the bag. Three stethoscopes and 3 blood sugar testers. All are used.

Approximately 20 Rock era LP's including Beatles, Ventures, Bonny Tyler etc.

Autographed picture of Alex Ovechkin.

Vintage Ampex Amplifier. Powers up and has sound on speakers. Case measures 20" X 14" X 9".

These new canoe parts are from a canoe manufacturer in our area that closed a few years ago. Included are 1 yoke 36", 1 yak 37.25", large seat long side 21" short side 17", canoe tips 6.5X6.

2 fur custom made and 2 felt vintage hats

Lot is for 3 Crown sealers. Two are 1 gallon jars 9" tall while one is a one pint jar that is 5.5" high. They are in the blue/green/aqua colour.

Lot includes 2 sets of the mugs shown. Each lot contains one tall 470 ml coffee mug and one shorter 455 ml desk top mug. These are NEW IN THE ORIGINAL BOX

Included are 3 sets of lights as well as ornaments, untested

Television show a few years ago shot in Toronto. Episode included a bike gang thus the helmet. Read the warnings on the helmet. Designed as a prop. This item has not been verified to conform to current safety standards or regulations.

Antique (1893) climbing monkey toy. Box not usable but gives details.

Includes 4 of the Prudential Insurance "Great Moments in Canadian Sport". These are late 1960's early 1970's vintage

2 vintage telephones. Desk phone has never been used, wall phone has little use with very minor scratches

4 Vintage clocks. All may need work, not tested. Ingraham is 13". Mauthe needs a square key for winding.

This is a grill removed from a truck at purchase time and replaced with a custom grill. The numbers I can see are 7/24/07 and 132848. I believe it will fit everything from an 07-13. I acquired it directly from the dealer. Pictures may show more relevant numbers.

Nice collection of vintage tools for use or display as well as a box that you can see inscribed as an Acme Cobblers Outfit for Repair of Shoes Boots and Harness Repair.

Thirty plus 45 records including Poion, Billy Squier, The Beatles Diana Ross etc.

This lot is for 10 Chum Charts from 1967 and 1968 (may be some doubles)

Two RELIABLE CANADA piggy banks. Pig is 10" and the Lion is 10.5" high.

Lot includes 1 Husky Hauler with car, 5 Hot Wheels, Lesney's ALL WELL USED

Lot includes 17 vintage view master reels.

This is a partial set of Roslyn china in their Imari pattern. Set includes 1 platter, 6 saucers, 6 sandwich plates, 4 cups, 5 soup bowls and 1 creamer.

Vintage French Ivorex set. Includes 14 pieces in the pictures. One piece is a plastic Kard Pak business card dispenser.

Autographed picture of Frank Gorshin "THE RIDDLER" of Batman fame. Measures 8" X 10"

5 Rock & Roll Books

ROGERS EP tea service. There are 11 pieces in total. Note one tea pot has a Bakelite handle and the bell is marked Made In England.

These new canoe parts are from a local canoe manufacturer that closed a few years ago. Included are 1 yoke 37.25", 1 yak 37.5", large seat long side 223" short side 20", short seat 19.5" long side 15.5" short side, canoe tips 6.6X6.

Aircast FP Walking cast. Size LARGE. Cast is 18" high is NEW and never used.

Lot of two figurines. Mother & Daughter is a musical figurine playing "Wind Beneath My Wings". This a 2003 Bradford collection 8" figurine. The other one is made in Spain figurine with the sticker on it as an Eaton Collection figurine.

Lot includes 3 pieces of the Quebec Beauce Pottery. Included are ashtray #1551 is 12.5" long, bowl #1704 is 6.5" diameter and planter # 508 that is 6.25"

This is a Northern Electric rotary dial phone.

From out of business antique store lot. Yellow platters are 11.5", blue is 11" and the round plate is 9.5". Pictures have description tags.

4 JBL 1 1/2" speakers model # 2- GT 018T and 2 GTO017T with 2 foam rubbers. NEW OLD STOCK. Store got out of speakers.

Blue vase is marked T. Limoges, Red vase marked Indiana Glass. Clear crystal candle holder.

4 of the Crown sealers in the blue/green/aqua color. These are 0ne quart jars are 7" tall. One has a Corona top.

Lot is for various train parts. (see pics)

Includes some rare Pontiac Firebirds, Beaumonts, Acadians. Couple of French brochures included.

This lot is for 24 Pontiac Brochures from the period 1968-76.

From the estate of a former CHUM employee, these lists I believe are an internal radio station list. From 1977-78. Total of 48.

From the estate of a former CHUM employee, these lists I believe are an internal radio station list. From 1975-76. Total of 62.

These are all British police uniform buttons from different forces. See pics for different towns.

Included are approximately 70 pieces.

7 various cameras.

Includes 5 Elvis books and 4 Elvis LP's.

Cute art deco dresser set. It is 7 pieces. See pics for items and condition.

Included are 3 Beswick tomato pieces. The small dish is 7", the large bowl is 11.75" and the sugar bowl is 4.25" diameter. Note the one inch hairline crack on the sugar bowl.

Antique tools include 2 draw knives and 1 single man buck saw. Great display pieces.

Canon E-80 movie camera. See pics.

DeJUR 750 projector. Projector nice. Great display.

Includes Perry Mason, Easy Money and BIG SHOT. Big Shot is a 50's table top open pinball game made by Gotham New York. Needs some cleaning but a neat old game.

This is a grill removed from a truck at purchase time and replaced with a custom grill. I acquired this grill directly from a dealer. the outside measurements are 45" X 45". Check pictures for relevant numbers.

This a used President's Choice train set. It is not tested.

Lot includes 8 Hot Wheel Buttons. Note that one is missing the back tab.

These are guides that US troops received when traveling into Italy during WW II. Included are guides, maps and a dictionary as well as a postcard of the Pope.

6 Vintage PEPSI-COLA 17 ounce goblets made by Bartlett-Collins. Heavy Glass. NEW OLD STOCK

This is a 1950's vintage phono-motors record player designed in it's day to play 78's. The turn table is missing and the cord needs to be replaced. The only reference I have ever been able to find about this is a mention of it being in a Canadian Museum.

This is a Wynford Hall World Time Short Wave Radio. This powers up and the FM works and I had no way to check the other bands. Some scratches and measures 12" X 10" X 4.5". Can be used AC or DC and the antennae is a little loose.

Collection of 9 Cadillac brochures from 1969-1980.

Lot is for 6 NHL Stanley Cup trophies as well as 1 each of the Hart, Ross and Norris trophies.

VINTAGE Silverstone 4 speaker Stereo Phonic record player. Requires a stylus (needle).

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