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Ring size 6.25. Tested at 10k gold and 0 35 karat diamond Ring. Tested at 10k gold bracelet,7 inches long. Total tested gold weight is 3.15grams.

72 inches by 26 inches by 1.75 thick. Very heavy. NOTE: there are some screw holes on the underneath. Can be sanded down to make a countertop or large cutting board. Top side has a few knife marks easily sanded out .Laminated maple solid.. Not veneer. Table saw and bags of stone not included.

Signed, numbered 347 out of 695. Group of Seven estate wax seal. Frame size 22 by 20 inches. Mint condition.

In working order. Comes with TV plug in wires and plug in wire for power. Comes with remote control. All CD's in good condition.CD's are Karaoke CD's in fold up binder.CD's are various music from 50's to present time. This is a complete Karaoke system ready for the party.

Solid maple board,carved,etched,burnt and painted. By Canadian artist Suzette D Nadon. Ottawa Ontario. !6 by 11 inches.

Comes in card protectors. Three cards total. These are not reproductions. They are original cards from the time period.

Missing crank handle. Will turn if cranked by hand.14 by 14 by 27inches high. Couple nicks out of wood base. Ornately stamped sound bell.

New condition in original box. Falcon holds a sterling silver leaf in its beak. The continents have silver under the clear crystal.4 inches wide 5 inches high

Stamped 925,made in Italy. Etched with 22k gold. Hand painted. Frame size is 6 by 7 inches. Stamped sheet of silver is 2 by 3 inches

Used lightly. There is a gold colour tint on the lower half of glasses.

Made in Italy. These are a sheet of sterling silver which is stamped with a pattern, then hand painted. There are 925 stamps on the face of the pictures. They are etched with 22 k gold as well but could not find stamp. Size of stamp is 2 by 3 inches. Frame is 6 by 7 inches.

Approx.22 by 20 inches. East coast artist Steve Wilson but no signature or hidden by frame.

Portable chess set. 32 weighted pieces.16 by 16 by 2 inches when opened. Pieces are 2 to 3 inches high. Poured resin? Note slight damage to top of one of the castles

30 by 27 inches high. Signed by Bachinski. Number 39 out of 100. Note small water mark on mating at bottom of picture.

Approx. 80 sheets of 6 by 6 inches of solid gold leaf.

18 inches high by 4 w. Marble base, Heavy.

Frame is 24 by 20 inches. Signed by the artist. Missing one of the cardboard corner protectors. Sisters printed on the back. Frame and picture in like new condition.

Interesting picture of the Beatles. There are multiple pictures within the picture of Lennon. Comes framed with glass. Approx. 20 by 24 inches high.

Published by J M Dent and sons. Spine in good shape, has wear due to age. No spotting, mould or damage on pages. Leather spine. Used condition.

Both bills in sleeves. Devils face bill with pen on face, very fine condition...Modified portrait plus fine condition.

20 by 24 inches. Signed Pelham or Pellram. The eyes seem to follow you where ever you are in a room. The Captain is always watching. No COA.

Made from barnboard. Cast iron legs, hinges and clasp. Stands 12 inches high by 17 long by 8 wide.

Cup has floral design, hard to see. cup is 4h by 2.5 w. bowl is 4.5w by 3h inches. Note bowl is weighted. Cup weighs 80 grams. Bowl weighs 110 grams.

Portable chess set in folding chess board. Chessboard is 10 by 10 inches when opened by 1 inch. Pieces are approx. 2 inches high. Hand painted clay?? 32 pcs

Artist is Vernon D.Shute. Painted in 1966. Artist lived 1926 to 2013. 23 by 19 inches. Note wear to frame

This is a water colour painted on silk with a silk surround. Frame is 34 high by 33 inches wide.

Large size, many single strands made up to be a large strand of hand carved beads. Note this is a heavy necklace to wear. Model not included.

Lion paws for feet. Reupholstered a few years ago in red velvet. About 4 feet tall. New springs, Note one of the arms was broken and repaired.

Needs a clean and polish. Needs slide grease. Note : some of the lacquer has been worn off from use., where you hold it while playing. couple tiny dents that do not effect its sound.

17 inches long and one at 12 inches long. Note: The only test done on these necklaces was a redhot pin test.When the pin was heated to red hot and jabbed in the pearls,it did not melt the pearl.Both necklaces were tested this way. Does not come with COA.

22 by 20 inch frame. Like new condition. This is silver on plaster with silver and gold highlights on picture.

Stands 53 inches high. Used as parking sign at an antique store . Now the sign on the wheel is vintage too. NOTE: VERY HEAVY. Made from cast iron or a heavy steel. Bring help to move.

10 long 4 high 3 inches wide

Depicts sled dog team pulling Eskimo on sled. Signed by the artist. By EKU Canada. Also stamp of artist on inside lip. 6" high by 5" wide.

Gibson Epiphone model PR 350 B,serial number is 9080279.Solid body with clear base sound. Note: Needs new strings, wear to strike board, wear to veneer on back from hitting a belt buckle. Wear to fret board. Regular size guitar.

Used condition, but in very good shape.

Pictures are 11 by 9 inches. Signed by the artist. Silk threaded on silk screen.

In working order.

Hand carved bead necklace. Note: female model not included.

10 dimes from 1960,62,63,64,65 and five dimes from 1968.

Hazel pattern. Chintz wear. 8 by 8 inches by 4 high,

Used condition. Many different patterns. Some monogrammed. Tea strainer mid 1800's

Over 50 pennies from 1940 to 1949.

8 coins,1964,65 and six from 1968.

May have some small nicks. One is Redwear

Comes in original box with flap on top of box missing. Hand painted. 13 pcs.

Signed, 22 by 20 inch frame. GROUP OF SEVEN estate wax seal. Numbered 359 out of 695.. MINT condition.

Stamped Silver 925.These are large size and heavy pieces to wear. Total weight is 82 grams of silver. Almost 3 ounces. Chain is 16 inches long without the Heart.

18 by 20 inch frame. Note: Frame may have wear to it.

Size is 1 inch to 10 inches high. Note: Used condition,rust,dents and wear.

20 by 22.East coast artist.

Two are 1968.One is 1969 and one at 1972.Note: These are nickel alloy, with no silver content.

Used condition. Book in good shape for its age. The pages are in good condition. No spotting, mould or damage. Spine is also in good condition.

6 pieces stamped 925, Pictured on the right side of the picture, from the rosebud bracelet to the right edge. The gold coloured pieces on the left, include a Walt Disney ring of Mickeymouse,a pearl and diamond ring ,one broken chain,3 gold coloured earnings and three gold coloured chains. Note None of these pieces have been tested for gold. Found this pile after all the gold in this auction was tested. Note: No COA on the gold pieces. Total weight of silver stamped, in this lot is 40 grams of sterling silver.

Tested at 10 k Gold. Size 7. Total Tested Gold weight is approx. 1,5 grams. There are small diamonds at either side of ring cluster. No COA on the diamonds. Note: Ring box not included.

Oval ruby ring size 6,Butterfly ruby ring size 5.5 Total tested weight at 10k gold is 4.74 grams.

Total weight is 41 grams of sterling silver. Its hard to see the heart necklace is 3D ,not flat. The swirl necklace can be taken apart so that you can wear the swirl as a brooch, there is a clasp on the back to attach and lock onto clothing.2 by 2 inch brooch.

This watch was never worn. Has brand new battery, put in by a jeweller. Small size. Note: Has an inscription on the battery plate at back of watch. Works like new.

Tested at 10k.Mothers is 8 inches long,baby at 5 inches long. Total Tested 10k gold weight is 2.67 grams. Note: The plates are not inscribed yet.

Comes in card protectors. These are original not reproductions

Circulated condition. Has some pen marks on face. Has been folded, Note: AS IS. There is shade from the photograph, not on the bill.

Church scene with children playing in yard. Stamped 925 silver. Frame size 6 by 8 inches. Silver picture is approx. 3 by 1.5 inches. Pattern stamped out of a sheet of silver, then etched.

Bought in Nepal 50 years ago. Size is 12 by 6 inches.Approx. 3/4 inch thick..

3 pieces. In sleeves

9 by 11 inches.Signed"Marco"

Depicts Inuit cutting blocks of ice for igloo.6 by 6 inches. Made in Canada sticker on back. Also hand crafted by SIKU sticker. Genuine soapstone sticker.

In original box. Model 5121. 16 inches high.

Comes in Royal Canadian mint leather case.

Horse yokes have iron hand forged hooks and rings. Was used to hang things on. One is 39 inches long and one at 34 inches long. The blanket dust whacker is for display only and is rusted.

Used condition. Diagnostic sound centre,3 pump and attendant piece and 5 cars.

Signed print, numbered 204 out of 350.Titled Black Water Reflections. Frame size 21.5 by 17.5 inches, print size is 14 by 11 inches. Includes 8 different , folded prints cards with envelopes,, of his art. Includes book Canoeing and Hiking Wild Muskoka. By Hap Wilson...An-eco adventure Guide. Shows lakes, trails, river routes with pictures and maps of Muskoka. All in like new condition.

20 by 22 inch frame. Signed SC.

Winston Churchill at 4 inches, poor man at 6 inches.

Toning and in original leather bound display box. NOTE: dimes in picture are not included.

Used condition. All same pattern. Vintage.

Tested at 10k. One heavy 19 inch chain.One heavy 19 inch Cross chain with Jesus on it. Total Tested weight is 3.64 grams.

Tested at 10k. One 20 inch heavy chain with one charm. Total Tested Gold weight is 4.78 grams.

In working condition.

8 by 6 inches high.

Used condition.

Used condition, may be monogrammed. All the same pattern.

Dollar and quarters. Mint condition

7 by 7 inches. Note" Not soapstone". Signed Abbott ,Canada

Asian vase is 10 inches high by 6 inches wide. There is a small amount of crazing on inside lip from age. The two small ones are enamelware. 4.5 by 3 inches wide.

King Tut ashtray, Tut on marble. Made from steel or a heavy metal. The dancer is brass. The candle holders are metal. Note : pieces are dirty and need a cleaning .

Total weight of 4 bangles and necklace is 90 grams of sterling silver. Note: model not included. Thats almost 3 ounces of sterling silver. 3 ounces = 93 grams

Comes in oval tin engraved box with COA

comes in card protectors. These are original cards, not reproductions.

12 by 10 inches wide.

Hard to see the train on the coin. Its a picture of a steam train coming in to the station.

As released from Mint.

1986 has rare Thiessen-Crow Signature. Both in sleeves. 2 pieces

Box is 8 by 8 inches by 3. Wine cups are 6.25 inches high. Good condition. Winnie the Pooh eating honey out of a jar on the stem of the cups, tinted honey colour with clear glass on top..

Comes in square tin stamped box,5 by 5 inches MINT condition.

All in used condition. Apothecary is 5w by 3h inches. Jug is 3h by 5w inches.

Elephant mugs are 4" high by 3" wide. Marble or stone. From Africa.

Approx.4 by 6 high.

Carved from one piece of wood.

Used condition. Fire truck is 15 by 7 by 6 inches. Pick up truck is 13 by 6 by 6.Note: crack in windshield of pickup truck.

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