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24" x 36".

30 x 24 Hungarian artist V. Kosegy, original oil on canvas. Some wear to frame, see pics for details.

24" x 36". Original oil on canvas painting.

49" x 61".

10" x 8" in original antique frame.

24" x 36"

16" x 20" Boleslaw Piasecki (1919-1980).

22" x 26".

Original watercolor by well listed Canadian artist, Charles MacDonald Manly (ARCA OSA 1855 - 1924) in antique frame. Signed and dated in corner, (C.M. Manly '88). Frame wear bottom left hand corner.

Minor wear to paint, 24" x 32". See pics for details.

7" in height. (repair on one foot of one base).

24" x 32"

Celebrity 300ft at 1000 yards 100m at 1000m.

24" x 36" Contemporary English Landscape Painter noted for his clarity of workmanship.

24" x 36"

22" x 27"

24" x 36".

24" x 48"

By John Lee dated 1981 30" x 24".

11 x 15

12" x 9" x 1.5", spine separation, chipping, looks complete with all illustrations intact.

24" x 18"

Everything you see here.

By David E. Hill 11" x 9" x 5" 7811-15-1431.

24" x 36".

9" x 7.5", 8.5" x 12", 11" x 8".

24" x 48"

Everything you see here.

Victorian frame 19" x 25".

24" x 48" Antonio Devity (1901-1993 Italy) Listed artist.

24" x 48" (Antonio Devity - 1901-1993 Italy)

Estate fresh, beaded, mesh, Magnin & Co., rhinestones.

24" x 36", oil on canvas painting.

24" x 36".

24" x 36" Small puncture as seen in the photos.

24" x 36".

24" x 36"

24" x 48".

13" diameter, in excellent condition. See pics for details.

21" x 29"

24" x 36".

19" x 15"

24" x 20"

40" x 30"

8" x 14" in original antique water gilt frame.

24" x 20"

28" x 40"

12" x 16" vintage, 13" x 13" vintage. See pics.

Antique decorator books, spines in varying degrees of condition. Printed from the edition that was carefully corrected by the author in 1867 and 1868. See pics for details.

Heavy water gilt antique frame 14 x 21. Some wear to gilt frame.

With cast metal base plastic housing and quarter coin mechanism, no key locks needs replacing 40.5 inches in height sold as is.

5 x 5 peeling upper left as seen here.

Estate fresh purse lot, Beaded, mesh, needlepoint ++ only 9 seen, (one more beaded not shown in pics, but included in lot).

See pics for details. Genuine vintage Baltic amber on .925 Sterling silver ring.

24" x 14"

24" x 48"

18" x 24".

19 x 24 Illustration of Gaston`s and David Mirvish Books. ca. 1974.

Everything you see here.

18" x 14"

24" x 48"

5.5" x 5.5"

5.25" height.

24" x 36".

Everything you see here.

Including Aynsley, Gladstone, Occupied Japan, Sweet Violets, Lady Alexander Roses.

16" x 20"

8" x 8.5"

Paragon, Royal Albert, Czech, Royal Bayreuth.

24" x 36".

16" x 12".

2 rings, 2 pairs of earrings, 9 brooches.

My Sketch Book, some foxing. Fully illustrated throughout. Dated Dec. 1, 1834. See pics for details.

4 Sound of Music 8.5", 1 The Unexpected Proposal 9.5".

10" x 14" in original antique frame.

Antique children's book lot, Mattie`s Home or the Little Match Girl & Her Friends, Vacation Days, My First Book of Flowers.

15" x 11".

Vintage Baltic amber nuggets and necklace. See pics for details.

16" x 20"

20" x 36".

65" x 93" cotton, all hand stitched some age-consistent wear spots. See pics for condition.

20" x 16"

23" x 31"

5.5" x 7"

24 x 48 some damage to frame - see pics for details.

Royal Winton vase, glass epergne vase, Paragon dish, Woodland Bluebell, Sugar castor.

20" x 16".

Everything you see here. 10 pieces, 2 pieces need some glue.

24" x 36"

25" x 34"

12", condition as noted some wear see pics for details.

Authentic Editorial cartoon art from the 1970's by Macpherson. 14" x 14" & 15" x 22". One missing glass.

Vanity Fair A Novel Without A Hero, 1849 and The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood.

11" x 15".

36" x 36"

Comes with felt lined case, bullion thread, gold filled regalia. Peel Lodge, Caledon, East.

30" x 22". See pics for details, some very light wear.

12" height, antique 3 gallon crock. See pics for details. Made in Medicine Hat Alberta.

20" x 24".

20" x 24"

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