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15" by 17" signed on back of stretcher. Excellent condition.

11.5" high in excellent condition, signed by well listed Murano glass blower, Elio Raffaeli

Impressionist landscape 14" x 17" unframed measurement, excellent condition.

3" by 4" by Charles Walter Simpson 1878-1942. (Sold for $450 through DE Lake, Toronto).

Excellent condition.

16" by 32" signed excellent condition, lower right hand corner of frame damaged.

Heavy high quality set. 32" necklace 1" earrings. Excellent condition.

7 pairs of earrings, 3 bracelets, 1 necklace.

Winter Solstice 16" x 40"

Everything you see here including rhinestone brooches, charm bracelet, earrings, rhinestone ring, MOP necklace, black crystal bead bangle, Victorian enamel stick pin

3" by 6" RS Prussia bowl with 7.5" Limoges plate in complimentary pattern

7 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 7 cereal bowls, 7 cups, 6 saucers. Mint condition.

11.5" by 9" 2 Birds in Flower Tree. Hand carved gilt frame. Excellent condition.

3 pieces excellent condition pattern Y2480

9.5" x 8" Excellent condition except slight flattening to tip of nose.

11.5" to 12.5" in height, 3 immortals, excellent condition Hand painted

3.5" high in excellent condition.

3 bangles, 1 necklace and pendant, 5 pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet

All Sterling Silver, in excellent condition 8", approximately 25 charms.

13.5" high excellent condition

Everything you see here, 10 pieces. Fine condition.

20" by 16" Old Fisherman excellent condition

Dartmoor 7" x 14" unframed measurement Rubens Southey (1881-1933)

12" by 16" by HL Sandkoop 1956

12 cups, 12 saucers, gravy boat and underplate, serving bowl, coffee pot, side plate. Excellent condition.

8.5" high in excellent condition

12.5" by 7" made up of pieces of fabric. By Silvia Armeni 1979, Riflessi Sul Canale.

Port de la Trinite Bretagne, France. Artist graduated from academy des beaux arts, Paris. 20" by 24" excellent condition.

Small leather bound book 6.5" x 4" by 1.5" with many illustrations, some fold outs. 401 pages plus index.

24" by 20" Female nude excellent condition.

2.25" fine condition. Bag and box included. Paloma's Groove.

39" by 22" Embossed and gilt

16" by 24" excellent condition

Scandinavian mid-century signed Airole. 23" x 13" unframed measurement

18" by 24" Still Life on Table excellent condition

18.5" across mint condition.

24" by 20" Portrait

7" high excellent condition.

28" by 20" Storm Clouds Rising. Excellent condition.

16" by 12" Autumn Landscape excellent condition.

2.5" to 10" including Caithness vase all in excellent condition.

The Corn Field. 8" x 10" unframed measurement. Hand carved water gilt frame.

Mid-century European cityscape measurement 24" by 14" original frame excellent condition

Early panoramic landscape 7" x 21".

Outsider art, excellent condition.

8" high Russian Mig fighter jet with Italian Air Force markings. Marked Shyam Store.

One 17" 50 star American flag, one 46" 48 star flag (faded), one 82" 48 star flag (all stripes and stars individually sewn, faded some holes and edge tears).

15" by 21.5" excellent condition

31" raw amber nuggets excellent condition.

22.5" long carved from a single piece of dark green/white jade. See pics for details.

3 antique bevelled glass and brass jewel boxes, with age consistent wear 2" to 5". Large one padded with tufted silk and hook to hang a pocketr watch or jewelry.

22" by 18" Portrait excellent condition

14" by 18" Quebec House excellent condition

11" by 16" signed MH excellent condition

Cast Iron Monarch Airdale Terrier 6" Smaller Border Collie 3" Matt finish. Both mint.

16" by 20" unframed measurement 'Small Town Train Station' excellent condition.

Profusely illustrated with Art Deco Bauhaus interiors by many different German designers. 12" x 9.5" x 1" 100 pages "Colored Spatial Art 5th ed 100 Modern Designs"

10" high (vase) 19" overall, hand painted decoration. Excellent condition.

4" excellent condition.

2 antique Sterling Silver napkin rings, heavy silver Birks meat fork, 3 silver servers one with Imari handle.

Several pieces with sterling mounts, some damage to teapot lid and handle, otherwise in excellent condition

24" by 18" Mother & Child. Excellent condition.

7.5" by 11.5" excellent condition.

21" x 13.5" unframed in original frame excellent condition some wear to frame.

10.5" x 14.5" unframed measurement Rosseau to Parry Sound Trail, Ont. by WT Wood original hand carved gilt wood frame excellent condition

7.5" high with brass mounted flower frog, excellent condition.

10 charms and 6 chains, designer necklace, excellent condition display bust not included

16" by 12" Sombrero Siesta excellent condition.

7" by 9" Lake Scenes. One has some bubbling.

Excellent 4.5" high, early mark HN 1678 HL

7" excellent condition, see pics for details.

Bronzed Rhodes plate Moses and the Ten Commandments 8.25" across and alabaster Da Vinci's Last Supper 10" long

A mix of vintage and contemporary estate jewelry. 7 necklaces including Kenneth Lane, 2 sets of earrings, all in excellent condition.

10" by 15" excellent condition.

24" by 20" excellent condition.

16" by 24" Moonlit River and Dusk River

15" by 19" rural landscape, unframed measurement.

9" by 12" Eastern European country side scene excellent condition.

20" by 16" excellent condition.

Prayer for the New Moon 4" by 5" in large frame. Excellent condition, artists bio on back.

340/500 15" by 22" by Mary Rose Sanderson. With COA.

5" Wade Coronation dish with British Colonies, cobalt Jasperware Mother's Day 1975 plate

11" heavy gold wings excellent condition.

16" by 19" unframed measurement Landscape excellent condition

38" by 25" small crack in glass bottom left hand corner

Everything you see here, 14 + pieces. Key for suitcase.

Ink and real feather birds 11" by 9". One frame cracked glass lower right.

Cattle Plowing Field 24" x 36" excellent condition.

24" by 20" excellent condition.

4" high excellent condition.

Rose quartz, hand painted porcelain, semi precious polished stone beads

4 pieces of Canadian pottery, 1 Chinese bowl excellent condition.

17.5" by 13.5" Walkover Bridge

7" bisque doll by Standard Toykraft of New York. Includes patterns, fabrics, threads, buttons. Original restored box 13" by 17" by 2"

28' by 20" Portrait of an old man excellent condition.

14" x 17" Forest River excellent condition nice original frame

28" by 20" The Old Fisherman excellent condition

8" by 5" signed Roly. Excellent condition.

Hard to find. 8" and 13" high excellent condition.

9.5" x 7" unframed old Cleric oil some bubbling to paint.

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