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23 x 35.

20" x 24"

24" x 36" Original price $3800 noted Rome, Italy artist born 1899.

Antique oil on canvas portrait of unknown gentleman in period costume. In original oversized gilt frame. In excellent condition considering it's age, there is some slight wear at 9 o'clock position. There is some minor wear to gilt frame around edge. Canvas marked on back Dresden. 40" X 33".

15.5" X 19" in original frame.

62" X 37" Vintage tightly woven silk rug.

17.5” x 25.5”. Some wear to frame, see pics for details.

20 x 24, Autumn Ontario Landscape.

23.5 x 36 City Streetscape

69" X 50" in excellent condition some wear to fringe, tightly woven rug.

13.5" X 19.5", in original frame.

26"X 14" Some wear to frame vineers. Mexican street scene.

Glen Rosa Arran 10" by 14" heavy Victorian water gilt frame

Winter landscape, 15.5" X 19.5".

16 x 20

On the road to Laurent, etching on paper. Signed, titled and dated 1941 in pencil.

"High Falls, Bracebridge Ontario". 10.5" X 14.5" landscape, professionally, double matted.

Antique aquatint engraving, by listed British artist, J. Alphege Brewer . 7 .5 ” x 9.5 ”.

"Raza de Bronce" by Amador Lugo engraving 1/15. Professionally framed and double matted. Listed Mexican artist born 1919. 11" X 9".

Eric Hartschorn fall 1970 landscape, 15.5" X 19.5".

16" X 12". Minor wear to canvas, see pictures for details.

Persian sterling and vintage bronze monkey

15.5" X 19.5" Desk items study.

10 brooches, 3 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace. See pics for details.

Blue and white Jasperware planter, 4.5" in height dated 1988, signed Lord Wedgwood Burlington 1990. Green and white covered Jasperware trinket box signed by Lord Wedgwood 1990, 4" X 4" X 2".

Canal scene, some wear to frame, 17" X 24".

Vintage rhinestone and other costume jewelry brooch lot, everything you see here.

Signed on base, 4.5 " in height some minor wear to finish, see pics for details.

5.5" X 3.5" X 0.75" Some wear to spine, edge chipping, otherwise complete fine antique volumes.

23.5" X 27.5" Impressionist sailboat scene.

8.5 x 10.5 View of Paris.

In the Coe, Glencoe, NB. 16 x 24

"The Cabin in Winter" by James Polson, Toronto, Ontario was artist with E. L. Ruddy Co.

Sunflower still life signed Mabel, 22" X 27".

Sunny Side home, Belin Creek Kitchener Ont. 17 x 23

2 handblown art glass vases. 8" height cranberry vase with clear foot. 10.5" height ruby cornucopia vase with clear foot, both in excellent condition.

25.5" x 51.5" watercolor done with fine detail, painted on silk. This is an antique scroll painting that has been framed. Unsigned, but may be signed under matting.

3 antique mechanical pencils in celluloid, 1 antique celluloid pen with 14k gold plated nib, contemporary oriduam point fountain pen, calibri of London fountain pen sold as is, all need ink and pencil lead.

Including sterling, moonstone, enamel and marcasite.

Antique coalport indian tree all in excellent condition. 4 french onion soup with saucers, 10 demi tasse cups and saucers, 1 tea cup with saucer 1 coffee cup with saucer, 1 extra tea cup with cream and sugar

Solid bronze equestrian figurine, 7" in height, 8" in length.

Still life with fruit signed S.B.S, light wear to Victorian frame. 19.5" X 30".

5" x 7", reframed.

"Elephant in the African bush" by Joachim Von Roebel, 23.5" X 29.5"

Impressionist seaside scene, 9" X 13" unsigned, with original old label on the reverse.

Log cabin in the winter scene, 12" X 15.5".

By N Cantrill 14.5 x 19.5

26 x 41 Some repairs, see pics for details

Antique oil on board painting unsigned, 17.5" X 25.5".

Signed S. Armenei, 10.5" X 8.5".

Everything you see here: Tuscan, Windsor, Queen Anne, Hammersley, Royal Minster, Royal Stafford, Clare and Elizabethan. All are in excellent condition.

Vintage beadwork, faux pearls, etc everything you see here.

including Royal Albert, Royal Doulton & Theodore Haviland

Including Victorian gold filled, rhinestone, enamel

Rhinestones, faux pearls, etc, everything you see here 16 brooches, 4 pairs for earrings

14 x 11

20" X 34" some wear to litho, nail holes, and dented corner see pics for details. "Lyons Tea Canada's "Quick Brew".

Made in Italy, Heller Max 1, designed by Massimo Vignelli. 1 soup bowl has chip, see pics for details.

2.5" X 3.5 X 4" in height. All pieces finely hand decorated, all are in excellent condition. 2 are signed on bottom.

Winter landscape, 24" X 29".

Pair of antique 10.5" candle sticks, antique Chinese brass vase with birds, 8.5" in height.

Teapot, open salts and grinders everything you see here.

6 vintage purses / evening handbags with rhinestones, beadwork, etc, some with mirrors and matching changepurse. See photos for details.

18" Civil War themed Santa, grey wool jacket. Signed and dated on bottom. Artist Kathy Patterson hand crafts these replica candy containers, they look just like an early German Belsnickle.

6 vintage necklaces, all glass beads.

15 x 19.

6 excellent condition vintage cups and saucers. Queen Anne, bell china, Royal Stafford, Royal Windsor, Sadler, etc.

Impressionist city skyline, 11" X 15" in original frame.

Large 17" in length, handcarved Meerschaum pipe with bowl intricately carved head with a elaborate headdress, a few chips but pipe has never been used. (See pics for details)

9.5" X 7.5"

Nude study. 31" X 24"

16" X 20" in original frame.

Glass beaded necklaces, rhinestone brooches, etc everything you see here. Approximately 10 pieces.

4 sweet violets by Stafford, etc, everything you see here.

4 Paragon, 2 Royal Doulton. All in excellent condition with no cracks, chips or crazing.

Bracelet, earrings, necklace, micro mosaic earrings, GF broach, cameo earrings, etc, see pics for details.

Contemporary reproduction of vintage tin sign, 41.5" in height.

18 x 24

All in excellent condition, Royal Doulton, Occupied Japan, Royal Stafford Sweet Violets, New Chelsea Staffs, Colclough.

7" x 7" x 3.5", electrical instrument in oak case. Pat. date 1898.

Sterling silver Tiffany & Co. key ring, in mint unused condition in original box.

Embossed with inset rhinestones, vintage and signed.

18 brooches, 1 necklace, 1 bar pin

4 Royal Albert & 2 Paragon.

3 Lomoges trinket boxes and Royal Dalton Carnation rose bowl (minor chips to flowers).

167 pages, 5" X 4" X .75" Some wear on edgewear but otherwise complete.

Portait of Inuit child and bear cub, oil on board. Signed, includes Toronto artist Sylvia Armeni's business card as well (was attached to back). 12" x 17"

Spoons, forks, serving pieces, knives, including butter knives with mother of pearl handles, everything you see here.

7" in height, redware studio pottery piece.

4 X Thun Czechoslovakia matching cups and saucers, Royal Albert, New Chelsea Staffs, Colclough and Royal Grafton. All in excellent condition with no cracks, chips or crazing.

5 vintage cups and saucers all in excellent condition. 3 Paragon Enchantment, 2 Wedgwood Beaconsfield.

Regency, Hammersley, Lady Alexander Rose, Queen Anne, Royal Albert Burlington and Salsibury, all in excellent condition.

Copper and brass

Nude study, 12" X 9".

Two 10.5" diameter plates. Royal Doulton “D4356”, Bodley & Son - “Ivory”. Both are in excellent condition.

9" in height, 10" in diameter. In excellent condition, with no cracks or chips. Original label marked made in Poland.

9" in height trophy, Andalucia star derby cup. Morning music club trophy 1955, and military badges as shown.

2 excellent condition, gold filled pen/ pencil sets in original boxes both in excellent condition. Set on the left is monogrammed.

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