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8 Drexel Chairs - 2 with arms, 6 without. Patterned upholstery. Back is 38" high.20.5" depth. Width=22.5" (arms) 19.5: (w/o). Matches Lot 2.

Drexel Dining Table Top- 46"W x 72"L x 29"H. Can Seat 12 comfortably. Comes with 2 extensions-22"W. The double pedestal base is antique. The table pads are high quality and have a Wood type motif. Bring help for moving. Impeccable condition.

Back 42 high", 21" width, 18.5" height of seat. Matches table of previous lot. 2 Arms chairs, 6 w/o. Matches Lot 3.

diameter: 24" Height: 36". Seller will have down for pick up. Bring help for moving.

Seats 8. 79" wide, 37" deep, 31" high. Rod Iron base, Dark Oak surface. Light use with slight water mark. Bring help for moving.

2 Harvard metal bed frames, adjustable for all sizes.

Dream Star Orthopedic Deluxe queen mattress and box spring. Unused.

Gold Framed Mirror, 24x30

Original Upholstery. Believed to be turn of the century approximately.

Has soft closing hinges. 35" wide x18.5deep x19" high

Norman Rockwell plate and 2 Royal Doulton figurines.

11.75" diameter. Signed

Glass Bowls And Ice Bucket, As pictured

One mauve coloured leather sofa, 92" wide. 38. Depth. 29" high. Large item! Please bring extra help, dolly and tools as buyer may need to remove a door to exit. Matches Lot 32.

One mauve coloured leather sofa, 92" wide. 38. Depth. 29" high. Large item! Please bring extra help, dolly and tools as buyer may need to remove a door to exit. Matches Lot 31.

Maple Framed Mirror 38 w x 54 height and matching 60" Headboard.

60" x 38". Six chairs. Nylon Weave chairs and metal frames

5 pool cues. Balls and triangle. Cue stand.

8 dinner plates 8 salad & 8 bowls. 4 yellow and blue. 4 are white and blue.

Framed Watercolour, signed Elyse '80, 36x30

Eureka bag-less vacuum cleaner, untested, mop and pail, cleaning products, Swiffer WetJet cloths and more.

Includes vintage Pyrex small casserole as pictured.

Assorted Glass Serving And Decor Pieces

Laminate dark brown dresser, 60 wide x 17" deep 28" high.

Extendable Metal Ladder.

Brand new BBQ utensils in case, plastic trays, cutlery, straw place mats and baskets, and more.

Toshiba TV, DVD/VHS Player And Stand, 20" TV. Stand is 28 x 15.5"

Copper Pipes. Varying lengths.

Laminate armoire, black with 3 shelves and 2 drawers, 35" wide. 17 deep. 52.5 high.

Including vases, picture frames and more. Sculpture is cracked but glued together and solid. Selling as is.

Osterizer Pulse-matic 14 Blender and electric can opener, both in working order.

Assorted Items, including carving set with platter.

Glass Platters And Decanter, as pictured.

Assorted, Oval platter has chip underneath.

Assorted 5 sets of salt and pepper shakers.

34" JVC TV. Not flat screen. Large item! Please bring extra help. Samsung DVD Player. Both untested.

Assorted small household decorative and serving items. See photos

Goblets, bowls, small trays. Too numerous to list. As pictured.

Assortment of drinking and wine glasses

Assortment of serving items. Trays, platters, non matching China. See photo for details.

Soup pot and plastic prep utensils, measuring spoons, colander plus more

As pictured. As is. Untested.

Cake plate, planters, glass serving bowl.

Variety of cookbooks including the Joy of Cooking. See photo for other titles.

Assorted, including flashlights, light bulbs, extension cord, furniture pads, office supplies and more.

Assorted glass decorative Items, including 3 jars made in Israel, clock, untested, and vase.

1980s Laminate Coffee Table, 2 pieces. Bring help for moving.

Slightly blackened. Solid wood. 20.5"x 32" frame is cracked on top right corner as pictured. As is.

Original Oil On Canvas. It is a floor cloth that has been mounted. 44.5x 22"

Assorted Outdoor Brooms And Shovels, as is.

White Kitchen Table And One Chair, 42x22, note scratches on legs.

Black Entertainment Wall Unit, 77" wide. 24 deep. 78" high. Contents included.

3 Graphic Art Prints, framed. See photos

Selection of fiction and non fiction. See photo for titles

White wall melamine/glass shelving units. One missing glass door. Selling as is. NOTE: does not included contents.

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