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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Commercial band saw by toolex , model number sw-1401 amps -7.5. Works and in good condition.

Made by Boss, model MG-io , has wear sold as is untested.

Brand new shirts in packages, 20 red button down , 40 white button down sizes from small to xl +.

Model no: AA-1135 by Akai electronic co ltd made in Japan. Serial number : 30131-06962 . Comes with two Koss dynamite speakers model M/95 plus. Speaker covers came off. Everything tested and working in good condition , may have wear sold as is

Glass for bar top, also used as table top and other accent table tops, 15 pieces in total packaged up in bubble wrap Come all different sizes and shapes. Ideal for wedding decorators and florists. to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Red Snare drum by Cornet comes with two sticks , and genuine Turkish cymbal by Avedis zildjian drum has tear on one side. sold as is both have wear

Bin full of bran new yarn over 80 balls of new yarn, sold as is

Artist include Stevie wonder, frank Sinatra, Beatles, classical music, Lionel Richie, nat king Cole, star treck sound tracks, and many more, range from years 1950-2000Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Signed and framed painting. Title: traveling the wrong iron E.F Hagell Canadian Artist 1895-1964.Oil on canvas. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Bombay cutlery box made of cherry wood, brass handles, comes with two keys, has wear sold as is

25 golf clubs included. 7 drivers, 14 wedges, and 3 putters. Some of the makes are Spalding , Ram, golden bear, George burns , and more, all have wear sold with bag

Heavy cast iron vintage typewriter made by Royal, from 1940s has wear sold as is.

Around 80 assorted 8 tracks in total, some oldies , rock music, classical music and other

Signed African art paintings sold as is

Decorative wall bull hornes with fur trim and hoof.

Vintage clarinet by Wurlitzer in Bundy storage box. Includes Leo Bundy mouth piece and cleaning cloths. Case and clarinet have a damp smell, can be steamed or cleaned. Sold as is.

Hand crafted ancient style violin , detailed with chip carving knife , tribal flute working .

Special zigzag model EL 478 owner claims in working condition, has wear sold as is Come to pickup at Category A time-slot

Leather chair with hand rests , comfortable for use in living/office room in good condition , may have wear sold as is

Measures 42 by 16, signed painting of Asian style houses and a lake with boats matted glass.

Includes 4 storage containers with drawers containing a verity of screws, bolts , washers , nuts , household repairing supplies , door stoppers , and more. Silicon new in package , 4 of them in total., also wooden stool and extension cord. Plastic rosin core and more

Includes four drawers of Crystal lenses possibly used for watch makers. there are around 20 lenses, in different sizes. Some of the packages have missing lenses. Sold as is.

Scrabble from 1955 and backgammon with marble pieces sold as is may have some wear.

Used in good condition may have wear.

Tested and working microwave oven , by mane Canada inc, microwave dish missing sold as is

Model : r-s7 made in Japan works and has wear sold as is Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Includes cfrb momentous years 1927-1957 voice recordings of atomic bomb test , bikini jack Dempsey, Elizabeth's wedding Claire Wallace reports president Roosevelt premier st Laurent, Glenn Miller, 70 of his original recordings and many more vintage records. all from a private collection.

Telescope by Tasco Luminova, one leg missing screw, has wear sold as is

Girl on a rock by Louise Axelbank American, 20th century private collection bronze finish 8X14 copyrighted reproduction in the Museum of stone from the mould directly from the original and hand finished to duplicate original. size details are in the picture. Very small wear and chipping.

Direct drive automatic turntable SL - d202 , technics tested and working , needle missing, wear, sold as is Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Stumper for levelling grout, job mate drill untested comes with charger, bran new turmo flex protection gloves , rope, extension cords, box of construction nails , two crow crowbars extension cords, and more

3 in total, one of Greta Garbo "Mata Hari" from 1931 by Edward Weston graphics, the other two of unknown people ,sold as is

Including Motown, John Lennon, Neil diamond, the animals, Simon garfunkle, and many more approximately 250 lps . Some may have damage . most don't have sleeves.

Teak table with white leather in the middle , has wear and staining.

Solid state record player/ 8 track player, comes with needle, tested and working, has some wear sold as is Come to pickup at Category A time-slot A

Books Include: A history of art by Norbert Lynton , Eros in antiquity erotic art, florentine art treasuries , master pieces of Chinese miniature crafts in the national palace museum,Rome and her empire , past worlds by Harper Collins atlas of archaeology, and philips international atlas

5 prints are sized 16x12, and 10 prints are sized 12x10 all came from artistica gallery 15 in total

Skyline road bike has wear tires need fixing and chains have rust, sold as is needs work

Includes designers : Hermes Paris , Christian Dior , Proust of Italy, Ralph Lauren, Oleg Casini, Aldofo Rossini, and more sold as seen in pictures

Untested turns on , may have wear sold as is

Signed By reagi wippert , painting of squirrel

Sony mega bass model: Cfd-767 nextech stereo model : 1315006 comes with two speakers all working in good condition

LG Sony and JVC DVD players come with two digital satellite receivers by Sony, and two tv converters by starcom 7 Jerrold communications ,

18 bran new pieces in package and around 40 pieces used that have some wear, made in England by Pershore sold as is Come to pickup at few pieces from noritake blue haven, and ashford Category A time-slot.

Rollerblades , skiing equipment and tennis rackets electric pogo-stick , may have wear sold as is

Model no hcd-h991AV disc exchange, can play 3 CDs, and two cassette inputs, comes with an RCA speaker model no : RS1289, all tested and work sold as is

Type EL 3542A /52 has wear sold as is untested

15 by 30 inches, oil painting of flowers, from 1973. Painting has a small puncture in the center . could be fixed.

JVC model pc-x204bk works and tested, Sony mega bass cfd-750 missing AC input missing , untested sold as is

Magazines were published in 1969 , 11 magazines total , may have wear

Painting of lake and trees signed by Liryc E Flow has gold coloured frame sold as is

Stereograph ink line Signed by J.Newman original water colour, sold as is

Part of a series of 24 palates drawn by callot Jaques published by FAP fine arts

2 prints measure 24 by 45 inches, 2 measure 18 by 31. Frames have missing glass. sold as is Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

5 pieces of mikasa total, 3 bowls, 2 plates, one serving bowl and one tray of noritake progression

Hat display rack comes with about 20 hooks and two poles that are to be attached, sold as is

All transistor RCA record player model FORMA 70, comes with needle, made in Britain tested and in working condition, has wear on outer box, needs cleaning.

3 Chrystal bowls and two Chrystal serving platters , may have wear sold as is Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

One made of cast iron , another one made by Boch Belgium has blue flowers, the other two are ceramic , all have wear and sold as is

Includes 2 snow shovels, 3 rakes, and two dirt shovels sold as is, has wear.

Wall art ceramic made in Greece. Figure is of Aesculapius Gd of health. He was worshiped in epidaurus. No 65 in production.

Fire place by majestic, untested, home owner claims it works, needs to be connected to gas line. has some wear. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

General Electric model no 7-4691A radio and alarm with snooz, Panasonic radio/ cassette player model Rs-253s both work and are tested.RCA victor vintage radio not working with broken screen , radio from 1950s

Garrard model 1025 stereo by GE has wear and scuffs , tested and working needs needle, the other turntable also by Garrard model 2025tc comes with needle has wear tested and working needs fixing has wear sold as is

Panasonic stereo system model AC-En4 live virtualized double bass, comes with two Panasonic speakers, white Sony computer screen and alarm clock by audiovox all untested

Around 40 CDs in total mostly classical music by Mozart Hayden Brahms and other , some are bran new, and 35 cassettes, artists include Paganini , Vivaldi four season , swan lake Tchaikovsky, Mozart ,Beethoven and many more classical

One print of battleships measures 36x26

Both lamps have artistic features that were hand painted , both tested and working , shades have wear on the inside

Vintage sled by playmaker , has wear and dust, sold as is

Includes: parade of santa Anna antique and classic car parade of 1983 California. Body by Lamborghini high fidelity by alpine car audio systems.lastly a print of a motorcycle in Italy

Two beverage mixers by cedar fair , osterizer mixer, all can opener with knife sharpener , black and decker coffee maker, stainless Steele pan by soltam made in Israel , all untested

One possible print with signature of a lake and weeds coming out of the water, and the other is possible Egyptian print

Air hockey table by halex , tested and working sold as is

Includes decorative mirror, silver coloured bowl, westclox kitchen clock, and glass decorative bowl Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Bass speaker made by stealth , untested.

The illustrated library of the world and its people, 15 volumes in this lot, countries include: north and east Africa , Paraguay Argentina and chile Falkland Islands , Australia New Zealand , the Middle East, India ,Ceylon, Bhutan, Nepal and more

2 ceramic lamps , shades have staining and wear.

Rolling Stones, lady Diana tribute, Michael Jackson photography by Stewart regan with 91 photographs, Royal souvenir the wedding of Andrew and Sarah abbey pictures magazine, a magazine of Charlie Chaplin by the Toronto star from 1975

One Painting on silk canvas of lake and boat framed but not signed , the other painting is a water color framed and signed

Black chair made of metal and fabric sold as is

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