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Mostly Classical music CDs Mozart Beethoven Bach Vivaldi . There are some other genres. Over 150 CDs

Authentic Fendi sunglasses are prescription, Gucci shoes never worn, Alberto Guardiani lightly used shoes, both shoes come with bags , sunglasses come in Fendi case , sold as is

Relay G 50 digital wireless system . 4th Gen technology proven on major world tours . Compander free signal sounds just like wired guitar or bass one step setup .24 bit 420 $ value . Untested Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Open box unused thermal therapy paraffin bath , untested sold as is

Serial 4233056, comes with hard case, guitar is tuned, has wear, and the case has wear and scuffs

In new condition untested sold as is

Size 8.5 new in box Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Lee cooper car by Maisto. Mini flame red car by Corgi in box . box has wear . Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Size 10 1/2 beige construction shoes new in box, oil/ shock resistant hard toe protection, box may have wear , come with anti fatigue matts

Winter Wholesale Lot

bbq in box unopened

Black size 9 wide width new in box Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

23 deep, 30 wide, 39 long, on wheels , sold with content inside see pictures, as is may have wear

Misc Wholesale Kids Lot

Wholesale Drapes

Tennis Ball shooter , tested and works in good condition , comes with a full load of balls sold as is may have wear

Size 10 1/2 brand new in box, the box has wear , beige in colour, oil/electric shock resistant , made in Canada,

Comes with 2 wetsuits, untested

Dimpled Heater

New coffee mugs in box bracelets photo album made in Philippines toys all new Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Guitar Made of Rose wood finger board and maple neck, styled with Hannah Montana on it , comes in box sold as is

Die cast metal with plastic parts 1 opening doors upward. 2 opening engine cover. 3 adjustable front wheels 4 workable steering , independent spring suspension for wheels, collectable car comes in box bran new in box, the box has some wear

Tested and working comes with cable and a note stand the connects to keyboard sold as is

25 deep 24 wide, 39 long, content includes , construction helmets, extension cords and more, see pictures, container has wear sold as is

Box has wear and its screen has damage, car inside in mint condition untouched

16X32 bike needs fixing . One part broke off can be glued. Bike made of plastic rubber and metal. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Camping Lot

Date from 1980-2005, hockey and baseball cards two binders 48 pages of cards, around 432 cards total

Oil/ electric shock resistant construction shoes size 9 1/2 black in colour, brand new in box come with anti-fatigue matts , box has wear

Size 10.5 black new Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Limited edition number 40 from 5000 . Premier edition 1 to 43 scale die cast replica . By racing champions .

Has wheels, measures 21 inch deep, 21 wide, 36 long sold with content see pictures sold as is

Lot includes 2 boxes of shoes. Size 10.5 black colour merrell. New in box. Iseco size 11 oil and acid resistant soles . Look new possibly used . Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

20 inches deep, 25 wide,67 long , sold with content inside details in pictures, sold as is container may have wear

Tool/ Construction Lot

Fast Lane Racing And Train Set


Shoes size 9.5 select grip soles . Wide width Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

2001 Harley Davidson F 150 super crew pick up 1 to 18 scale die cast activity set . Damage to box all parts included . Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Fast cooking , fat reducer grill box is opened grill still packed inside unused untested

Diving Equipment

Black glass flower stand 36 inch high, 10 wide , sold wrapped in plastic , may have wear and scuffs

Comic books includes mostly Richie rich, and Walt Disney including Tom and jerry, woody the wood pecker, superman, daisy and Donald , Mickey Mouse , and more, sold as is may have wear

Action shot at the finish line Scott Goodyear and Al Unser Jr , racing at the Indianapolis 500, Scott Goodyear a torontonian racer finished second place just 43/1000 second behind Al Unser Jr, the photo is singed by R.steele no 6/9 measures46x26

Beauty Products

One pair universal speaker stands included , comes sealed in box bran new sold as is

Air hogs RC resistor reaches 640km /hr scale speed all pieces in box , box has some wear sold as is see details in pictures

Decorative picture frames vary in sizes . Made out of wood metal and more . Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Limited edition Scott Goodyear adult collectible truck numbered 40 out of 7500 in box .Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Comes with two motorized karts, game was used before , may be missing pieces sold as is to see inside content go to pictures

Yellow fire hawk racing car. depiction of the original . By On tour hardening inc . Includes an original photograph. Not authenticated Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

dye cast 31 model A Ford in box. Depiction of the original. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

First act MA 111 guitar Amplifier . Untested has wear.

Sentry safe 1100 fire proof with keys . Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

14x10 for the singed one the 3 others measures 24x16 comes with model cars 3 exact models out of box with trailer that caries them

Includes Scott Goodyear 5 dollar pokerchip from October 1997 tread way racing. Romanowski watch . Onyx model cars Indy car collection of 152 Mckenzie Lola, 068 Mckenzie Lola .

15 inch in size

Has one wheel other is missing measures 21 inch deep, 21 wide, 36 long sold with content see pictures sold as is

Xbox 360 games include CSI, motor gp 08, Madagascar and more,'pep include mortal combat grandtheft auto liberty city lords of dog town, for DVDs family guy season 1 and 2 one cd out of 4 missing, star Treck time travel and more

Action Print of a racer named Scott Goodyear signed by racer . A news paper from 1992 of the finish line Scott Goodyear started last and finished 43/1000 second behind winner, signed by Scott good year, th print measures 14x11, and the news paper measures 21 x 16 sold as is

Exclusive and deluxe book and video edition of Snow White and the seven dwarves , the book described behind the scenes makings of the classic film Snow White , comes with ten lithographs of the original theatrical posters from 1937-1993 everything in box in mint condition with authentication, box cover may have wear

Ford semi trailer and truck diecast metal. Wood car remote controlled cars all untested .Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

One Bohemia Crystal and the other bowl comes in a box made by Krosno , was hand crafted

New Made in Italy by IVV Christmas themed platter . Comes with certificate. Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

Singer electronic control sewing machine missing cable, has wear, may be missing other pieces as well see pictures, sold as is

Sold as is may have wear

Sold as is, cover of typewriter has a few cracks

Triple lens turret 8mm movie camera model t185 no 185 by Tower lens are still covered box has wear camera in mint condition sold as seen in picture

By Bentley untested owner claims working recently used

3 measure 14 X11, and one 20 x16, all from the Indy racing , the racer in picture is Scott Goodyear

Untested Viking cassette player and two speakers sold as is

Wholesale Drapes

Woman's Shoes

Missing pedal and some cables, comes with joystick 6 speed shifter, with push down reverse gear, joystick has a tear, and comes with wheel , sold as is

has wear, sold as is

Includes 2 cameras as seen in pictures, one pocket camera and one movie camera m22 instamatic movie camera

Doll with red dress designed by cottage collectables ganz, doll is named Nicole. The other doll also porcilan , unknown maker

Around 45 in total sold as is

Around 30 books see pictures for details

Around 40 in total

Novels , around 35 books total,

100 ml each one , by sports 8 in total, includes lip gloss packages about 20

See pictures for details

30 volumes sold as is

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