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Included in this lot American 1908 one cent 1898 coin possibly British, United States quarter dollar 1941, 1940s British pennies, 5 cent coin 1918 Canadian and more 23 coins in total wear

Measures 8 inches has authentication marks, lidded butter dish possibly Albi line, glass will need cleaning scratches to bottom of dish, silverplated.

William Yates silverware set, top part of cutlery is EPNS A1 30 to 35 microns plating, highest grade of silverplate made in Sheffield England has lion crown and letter e markings possibly dating 1850s to early 1900s, wear to box, possibly Sterling handles, cutlery needs cleaning, has wear, 6 dinner knifes 6 dinner forks

In boxes 2 ships may have all pieces. included tool kit for building model ships

Included Bushnell Spector series binoculars books about mountain biking, hiking and more

This lot includes a double struck set of Canadian Coinage contains both the 1980 silver and nickel dollars nickel 1 cent dime 50 cent, quarter, check pictures for specifications

18 kt gold ring with 10 small diamond studs possibly sitting on white gold setting has wear and indentations. Total weight is roughly 5 grams, Has Marking and Jewellers Marks

1974 double struck set of Canadian commemorative coins marking the 100th Anniversary of the City of Winnipeg, check pictures for details kept in original box and sleeve

One Parker pen in box, one Sheaffer made in Canada pen, one Schneider topball 850 05 pen, one Recife Paris pen all untested

In its cases with authentication included 2 sets of 7 coins 1990 silver and Aureate coins Penny, Nickel, Dime, quarter, 50 cent coin and 2 dollar coins check specification pages and photos for more info 2 sets included in this lot, one in blue box, other in protective sleeve comes with specifications

No makers mark, 42x 75 possibly hand knotted , wool, comes with protective lining, has wear one tear, needs cleaning

Butler EPNS A1 plating 30 to 35 microns plating, 2 pieces of serving wear in box, used, needs cleaning. Wedgwood handles, 10 inches

Included one Troy oz 999 fine silver coin from Whitman coin products and 1 marked 500 silver Royal Canadian mint marking the anniversary of the launching of the steamer Frontenac in 1816

Included 14 kt gold brooch marked, with white stone, possibly opal, oval shaped, 10 kt gold marked Cozo club pendant possibly with small ruby, possibly cubic zirconia matching earrings 14 kt gold marked, one earring is broken, one 10 kt gold marked chain broken total weigh including stones is 8.67 grams

13 by 9 to 18 by 10 framed decorative sail items, 3 frames, one item will need to be glued

Included 2 serving spoons, 8 knifes, 8 desert spoons, 8 forks, 8 appetizer forks, 8 soup spoons, 1 butter knife, wear

Included Canadian 50 cent coins from 1987, 1989, 1981, 1976, 1973, one 1992 Inukshuk Quarter, one 1964 10 cents

Included Bulova N 4 10 Kt gold filled serial number 36484 or 38484, minimal wear untested kept in original box

Sterling silver wine blessing cup, sterling Mercedes key chain total weigh is 46.17 grams

Costume Jewellery includes box of necklaces pendants earrings and more, conditions unknown

Libra 1 OZ Troy Silver 999 fine coin kept in sleeve .

Included Cuisinart hand held blender, Oster blender, toaster by Kenmore, slow cooker by Hamilton Beach, all untested

27 inches tall from base , will need to be serviced wear and missing crystals Art Deco Era was kept in storage, box has loose crystals in bag

32 inches tall with lamp shade, heavy ceramic lamp hand finished, possibly hand painted, silk lampshade, damage and tearing to lamp shade in couple spots, untested.

3 included 1 1969 Elizabeth 2 DG REGINA silver coin weigh 15.63. 1 1968 Elizabeth 2 DG REGINA weigh 15.50. 1 Elizabeth 2 DG REGINA 1966 weigh 23.40 wear to all coins

Included 1 Florenza trinket box 2 inches, 1 Japan made trinket box, possibly sterling silver trinket pill box with enamel gilding and mother of pearl inlay 1.5 inches has marking unreadable

Over 20 pieces of different designs, makers unknown check pictures for details

70 inch tall hat hanger needs to be tightened at base loose 5 tier shelving unit for storage or other 20 inch tall by 30 both stainless wear

Included pennies dimes nickels loonies quarters, mostly Canadian some American, over 500 coins, collected over a period of time, matches other loose currency lots

Included 6 Champaign flute stemware glass 4 with gold rim, 2 stemware wine glasses 6 stemless Crystal glasses

Strong fading possibly 1908 or 1918 commemorative coin reads, Georgivs VI D G Rex ET IND IMP Canadian silver dollar weigh 21 grams dimensions 1 1/3

Commemorative 1990 1991 Edition one ounce 999 fine silver 31.37 grams kept in protective case

Royal Worcester Egg coddler 2 boxes 2 in each box flameproof porcelain, needs cleaning

All glass various sizes and shapes

Included 7 dinner knifes, 7 appetizer knifes, 7 soup spoons, 12 appetizer desert spoons, 10 dinner knifes, 8 soup spoons, wear needs cleaning vintage

Translucent blue plates including 3 saucer plates 2 appetizer plates 2 bowels translucent yellow orange 6 saucer plates 5 appetizer plates, 6 dinner plates, 5 small bowls 3 tea cups, 5 small thick appetizer plates

Wine bottle heel stand, jester head signed by artist, mannequin stand, and more

Matches lot 74 various sizes and shapes

Included 600 pennies in 12, 50 cent sleeves, over 100 loose pennies included 4 quarters one nickel one dime, and 2 Francs coin 1980. Penny dates vary unchecked.

935 marked pendant , Engraved and signed, commemorating 13 years to the establishment of the State of Israel, has serial numbers to show number in production 4035. weigh 50 grams roughly, chain is not of any significance, comes in box

In boxes, some loose, mostly new over 10, possibly silk and cotton.

Rosenthal 10 inch size serving dish, gold gilding on porcelain, possibly rose cameo design pattern, fading at some places, wear

2 in bags 5 in box very heavy, needs cleaning, wear

Knives ladles serving ware included ceramic serving ware and French stoneware per owner

In its case with authentication included 7 coins 1991 Penny , Nickel, Dime, quarter, 50 cent coin and 2 dollar coins check specification page in photos for more info

Included solid brass contempo dish, brass turtle with glass, 2 brass candle sticks and more. Wear

Jacques Cartier 1984 3 identical commemorative silver coins loose no sleeve wear .

Including high fidelity Tchaikovsky record, Victor Musical Masterpiece thick records Adieu Piaf, Heifetz, Rubinstein and more. 15 or more are thicker then standard, maybe missing complete set, conditions unknown

3 inches in diameter. Limoges Porcelain dish with lid made in France possibly hand decorated and painted . Wear needs cleaning.

Box of Pennies, nickels, dimes, and other. Unchecked , including 2 one dollar bills and more check pictures for details .

Maison plus 3 piece serving set, bountiful Mikasa Crystal 12 inch platter 6 wine stemware glasses, in box

4 silver coins in this lot all are the same with queen Elizabeth 2 DG REGINA on one side other side mentions 1534 Jacques Cartier 1984

Included 1 Bank of Canada one dollar bill mint shape in sleeve, 1 dollar bill mentioned Centennial of Canadian Confederation has the number 33 written on it, wear, in sleeve, and 1, 2 dollar Canadian bill in sleeve good condition

70 inches tall wood hanger with shelves, has scuffs wear need retouching

Made in Japan Chateau Rose Fine China included 14 appetizer plates 6.5 inches, 10 inch 13 piece dinner plate set, 10 appetizer bowel plates 6 inches, 9 plates 6 inch soup bowels, 14, 6 inch saucers, wear maybe few have chipping, floral design, some fading to rim on some plates

Included bouquet British empire wear 22 kt gold plate 7 inches. 8 inches, Crown Devon plate on wood stand, has small hairline superficial crack to back, needs cleaning

Included 6 men's cuff links. 1 sterling silver with green stone cuffs, 5 other cuffs vary in style, check pictures for details .

3 coins in this lot included, 1 American half dollar 1972 silver coin. 1 Elizabeth 2 DG REGINA, 1968 silver coin. 1 1978 Elizabeth 2 DG REGINA, silver coin, Total weight of all 3 coins 42.90 grams

Royal Canadian Mint 1971 silver dollar in original box in protective case

A Jewish prayer book in box with metal decorative casing, bronze medal commemorating the 13 year to the establishment of Israel numbered 2231 in production in original box with stand.

Different designs and patterns also contains table wear napkins thick cloth type silk cotton or other, may need cleaning.

22 X 16 date unknown, looks to be hand made pressed on brass, wear, tribal East Asian possibly

Matching metal decor green painted on iron or metal candelabra with vase stand no vase, may match lot 77

2 solid brass stemware, in velvet box 7 inches tall thick heavy

Open welcome sign for retail or other, 32 inches tall untested

Crystal platter , glass with copper pitcher and more ,

Silverplate shot glasses with etching design , in blue velvet box , wear

Included Leonard silverplate pitcher, silverplate stemware dish by F B Rogers, Viking plate tray and more.

9X6X4 Jewelry music box, hand painted with mother of pearl inlay lacquer finish, mirror inside box hand painted, has wear, chipping to lacquer finish, music box untested, key included

Signed unreadable 8 X 10 with not in frame

Collectible undrinkable Vintage Labatt's Blue bottles, Budweiser, over 20

35 inches tall frosted glass possibly iron heavy chipping on centre glass, missing 2 metal coverings, untested needs cleaning

Royal Worcester Spode commemorating the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana kept in box 5 inches tall

5 cups and matching jug, very dense bubble pattern pitcher all hand blown glass stemware all vary in size handmade with cobalt rim

Over 50 pins of different sizes and shapes, mainly political pins check pictures for details.

different makers, over 40 wear

Included Lil Dreamer Supercycle, Hotstuff Huffy bike Giro extra small helmet, Nash skateboard, wear scuffs hipping. NOTE: Helmet has not been checked for current safety standards and is not verified for use.

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