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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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2 speakers, 64". Master control panel 5000, CD player model 5500, receiver model 5500, remote control. Review photos for details. Untested, has some cosmetic damage and wear .

Large assortment of Spider-Man comic books. Also see lot 945.

Large assortment of Spider-Man comic books. Also see lot 944.

2 Nexus collapsible walkers, with wheels and seat. Note some wear and damage. breaks work may need to be serviced 21X21X34.

Sentry safe, metal, 17X14X11. Note some minor wear to finish. working tested

Walker wheels, walker, Soft Heat heating pad, One Touch Diabetes Monitoring System, Medisense Blood Glucose censor.

4 Piece tea set of Echt Cobalt China, made in Germany. Pair of pewter salt shakers marked Pat. Mar 29, 1927 USA. Pair of brass shakers. Pair of cornflower glass shakers.

Normandy chime clock 13X5.5X9 Mfg. Black Forest Clock Co. With brass 8-day pendulum movement. Note some damage to casing. Untested.

Assorted serving utensils, some quite old. Brands include Sheffield, Towel, Corham. Note some tarnish.

NHL Pro set of hockey cards. Super Bowl 2013 commemorative plaque 24X36.

50X18X36 Wood with 4 drawers, I cupboard, note cupboard door needs to be attached. Note wear to finish.

Framed limited edition print numbered 77 of 777 by Group of Seven artist, Franklin Carmichael.

3 Framed and matted mechanically reproduced prints 8X5.5, appear to be hand signed. Signature is illegible.

Large box of new plastic storage containers, heart shaped metal containers. 4 New plastic shelves by Gedy Design. 2 New cruet sets.

42X26X8 , includes legs wear, may have all nuts and bolts to put together unchecked .

The Museum Watch Movado by Lord and Taylor with manual and purchase receipt. Untested.

Various sports and leisure books. Cooler. Men's hiking jacket by The North Place, SZ L.

18.5X18.5X33 Note minor wear to exterior. Untested.

18.5X18X33 Model SR-3620W. Untested.

Scarf lot featuring Lambswool Burrberry scarf, Lochmarl wool scarf, Club 7 Echo silk scarf, and many more.

Large assortment of Conan comic books. Also see lot 942.

5 Large ceramic planters, up to 7" tall.

Wagner cordless drill kit. Hammer, brushes, Ryobi cordless drill. Various hardware.

Lego system model 6075. Star Wars role playing game. Star Wars, The New Essential Guide To Vehicles and Vessels. New Kellog's premium gift camera, untested. Garfield Crazy Eights game.

4 Ski googles, ski wax, mini Vangard binoculars, new Bolle helmet SZ L. Climbing harness, poncho and flashlight.

DeLonghi toaster oven, 18X11X9. Regal food processor. Untested.

Large assortment of Conan comic books. Also see lot 943.

Large assortment of 33rpm records including many titles from the 1960s-1970s such as Godspell, marching bands, classical, and easy listening.

4.5" Brooch marked 925. Band ring with marcasite stamped SHA 925. 1" pendant with stones with 18" chain both marked 925. Note minor tarnish.

New Lightening Bottle Opener. Cuisinart coffee maker missing carafe. Cafe Roma Espresso maker. Metal battery operated clock. All untested.

New in packaging. Metal with castors. New bath caddy by Harman.

Cuisinart coffee maker, Waring juicer, Dak1000 and Braun juicers. All untested.

Mfg. Quantum 24X30X39. Note wear. Untested,

2 steam irons, 2 travel irons, 2 Seabreeze fans. Brilliance New York, Hair Couture flatiron and curling wand. Toastmaster electric kettle.

Men's Timex Expedition watch, Prestige by Waltham. Women's watches by Moulin, Liz Claiborne, ESQ, Embassy by Gruen. All untested.

Titles include Joan Rivers, Elton John sealed in original plastic, The Grateful Dead, Leeny Kravitz, Rod Stewart.

New in box, Lamplight oil lamp. Lucite paper towel holder, Set of 4 Pfaltzgraff stemware.

Large box of new coffee carafes. Brands include Braun, Melitta, Cuisinart.

Wooden jewelry box. Wooden box with bar set. Wooden display stand.

Brands include Boucheron, Escada, Todd Oldham, Woman, Il Bacio. Note items may be open or used.

Tiered collapsible server. Brush and mirror, serving plate, small lidded tureen on platter. Note some tarnish.

Upholstered footstool with wooden legs 24X16X13. Upholstered 2 piece pouffee 16X12X10. Note some wear.

2 Office cabinets 16X16X22, note one castor is missing. Swivel upholstered office chair 24X20X48, note some wear. New in packaging, metal picture frame 11X29.

Several decks of playing cards. Teasers game. Keramik's Krystal game. Cribbage. Pictionary. Six in One Game set.

7 New Daily 142 food choppers, 12 cruet sets. All new in boxes.

Multiple plastic salad strainers, egg boiler trays, tankards. dust due to storage

Large assortment of purses including brands such as DKNY, Nine West, Tumi, Ralph Lauren. Note used.

Large blown glass piece 27X10X5, unsigned.

178 litre capacity, 3000 watts, model XE40M61ST30B0. Untested.

12" and 13" model wooden boats, assorted shells.

Hardcover vintage books including King James Version of The Holy Bible, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe.

2 Decanters. 2 Candlesticks. Iridescent pedestal bowl and vase. Crystal pitcher. Pair of pressed glass candlesticks.

Assorted 33rpm vinyl records in Hebrew.

1991 Guide Book To United States Coins. Assorted coins, mostly US and Canadian. Mexican bank notes.

Upholstered retro chairs with solid wood frame, 25X22X32. Note wear.

Brands include Top-Fite, Campbell, Knight, Tourhawk, Spectra, Countess. Sold as-is. Includes golf bags.

Sternos, bases only. 4 new stainless white graters, 4 new microwave bacon racks, box of new cheese graters, clay onion baker in box.

8" Crystal bowl. 3 piece ceramic and metal set. 10" carafe with longstem martini and champagne glasses.

Model SA-DH44 compact audio system with Disc Changer, model SL-DH66, 2 speakers. Untested.

Staplers, sticky-notes, 2 packs of mailing labels, Lexmark printer and fax machine. Magazine organizers. Trash bin.

Box marked 19 units, unconfirmed. Decorative metal clocks, new in box. Batteries not included.

3 large wicker picnic baskets. Single basket with handle.

5 Crystal champagne glasses. Cornflower and pressed glass sugar bowls. Gold trimmed glasses. 3 Highball glasses.

Assorted goblets, bowls, glasses and pedestal bowls circa 1960s-1970s.

Ceramic pottery. Single Quartz bookend. Ornament. Pair of brass candlesticks, note one needs repair. Golf figurine

Assorted coloured glass vases, bowls and pitcher. Up to 12" in height.

2 Asian style vases. Single RGK candlestick, made in Czechoslovakia. Royal Albert bone chine candy dish. Blown glass bud vase. Small Royal Crown Derby dish. 2 Carltonware dishes.

Assorted mugs, vase, planters, bowls and cookware.

4 Champagnie flutes, 7 wine glasses.

New oak letter rack, in box. 4 plastic tankards, new kitchen storage jar, variousnew containers, carafe and decanter.

Set of 6 faux pearl beaded bracelets. Metal cuff bracelet. Beaded bracelet. 2 metal bracelets. Hair clip.

Assorted earrings, necklaces, hair clip. 1 pair sunglasses, reading glasses. Note not all earring sets are complete.

Large piece of raw glass. 17" glass vessel. Ornament.

Various wall hangings and plaques, some signed but illegible.

Framed print 40X28. Framed original painting, signed M. Brody '74, note broken glass. Framed wall art 20X24.

Asian style ceramic bowls, 4 large, 5 small. 15 glass mugs, 12 glasses.

Hardcover books mostly classic titles such as The three Musketeers, Around The World In 80 Days. Reference books.

Large assortment of hardcover books mostly contemporary fiction and reference.

Decorative box with inlay. Wooden box. Framed butterfly decor. Papyrus, note some damage. Leather book cover.

Hardcover books including 6 volumes of Life Nature Library, 5 volumes of Life Library of Photography. McNally Atlas. NNayional Geographic The Art of Photography and more.

Framed ceramic wall art, heavy 24X28.

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