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Large jewelry box with 3 drawers , 1 round box with compartments , 3 small jewelry boxes and glass mirror tray

Trays , miniature James Yates pitcher , silver plated salt pepper shakers , SKS Zinn 95 pewter cup , and pewter shot glass and more

Sterling 925 earrings, 10 KT gold cross , Kenneth Cole women's watch and more ,

3 boxes of Contour next monitoring systems , 2 new life source blood pressure machines in box , 100 blood glucose test strips new in box , Omron blood pressure machine Eschenbach magnifying glass in box , all untested

Model UN39EH5003FXZC tested and working

Teak cabinet , Dutch maker , 44X16X29 gloss finish , unknown maker , details of maker in photos bottom frame is detached for easy moving , key is included, wear scratches

Black and decker drill , band saw , cyclone router , Weller welding tool , 212 oscilloscope , Amber light , and much more untested

6 inch wide bowl with 2 silver stamp markings sold as is has wear

Breville juicer , Cuisinart coffee maker , Vitamix blender , wear untested, dust needs cleaning ,

New 9 boxes of tilted wine glasses each box contains 2 wine glasses ,

Two matching elephants no wear in good condition

Two canes 2 walkers one foldable nexus walker 3 reaching sticks and more sold as is.

Charger and battery included untested , wear , has missing pieces and broken mirror.

Two frames of Chagalls 12 tribe window art, a print by D. Gilboa and a wall time of mother father and a baby

Decorative mirrors all vary in sizes , 4 in total

10 tea cups , 1 sauce boat , 1 sugar bowl needs cleaning , 1 creamer small chip on bottom , 1 tea pot needs cleaning , 1 soup Tourine, 7 inch desert plates small chip to one plate , 11 , 10 inch dinner plates , 12 , 8 inch appetizer plates , small chip to one plate , 12 saucers , 10 small desert bowls , 12 bowls , wear

100 CDs Rolling Stones Elvis Presley Neil Diamond Celine dion shakers the kinks Elton John Motown pussy cat dolls John Lennon Metallica and other

Included Birks EPNS Sauceboat , Birks 8 inch bowel , James Dixon dish with trumpet stamp , EPNS butter knifes and other dishes , tarnished, wear sold as is

Double comfort massager , new Epsom salt , new rubber maid mat , Conair makeup mirrors with lights tested working, humidifier tested working , , new micro Pedi nail polished and foot Pedi machine sealed in box , clairsonic machine in box some parts are used , and more

4 prints in total , various sizes wear

35x13 cedar interior sold as is has wear

Over 70 CDs classical, Verdi Beethoven Bach Brahms Strauss and other

Electric pepper grinder , can opener water kettle , rival crockpot, new black and decker flavour Scenter steamer, Cuisinart coffee maker untested wear

Model 505-2 belt drive with needle, untested minimal wear matches lot 1, 3 , 13 includes cabinet does not include other items.

Taller is 23 inches , other is 16 inches well kept

Judaica copper art and other see pictures for detail has wear as is

Radio and cassette and 6 cd changer system untested sold as is

Tested and working model SL-MC7, multi noise shaping MASH, sold as is

The Lenox nativity bowl 1991 2 bowls in total , one basil Lenox spice village dish , sold as is.

Garden hose , landscape fabric , yard waste bags , planting mat and more ,

Hand made in Ireland sold as is

2 matching cups and saucers 2 Mexican Onyx book ends, 2 Marble book ends a calendar for 1994-2033 made of marble and brass ,

Included American half dollar , American and Canadian pennies , British old currency, Cuban money , 1 vintage Canadian dollar bill 20 Deutsche bill and 10 bill , box of foreign casino coins

Included picture frame in box , car organizer in box , sherry glass , ironing board fabric in box , photo albums and more

30X13X28 solid wood tv stand , wood magazine holder , wear

sold as is has wear

55 inch tall

Photos by Karl Reeser, some signed and have provenance, over 20 in total has little wear ,

3 total as is

Earth Day lithograph created in 1992 by official Earth Day artist Heather Cooper. The piece is titled Paradise. Each piece is signed and numbered by Heather Cooper as well as by one celebrity who worked on the project to raise money for Earth Day. All celebrity signatures are done in pencil and were signed at the time the project was done - 1992. 36 other celebrities participated in the project each signing between 60 - 75 pcs. Each celebrity has signed their full autograph, Both sides of the lithograph are beautifully embossed as can be seen in the photos. This one was signed by heather cooper and another celebrity from this list - Ed Asner, Penny Marshall, Dennis Weaver, Phyllis Diller, David Hasselhoff, Clint Black, Lisa Hartman Black, Lloyd Bridges, John Ritter, Jonathon Frakes, Hal Holbrook, Lucie Arnaz, Natalie Cole , sold as is

Sherwood model S 2680 CP Stereo receiver, Sherwood stereo double cassette deck, model S270DD , tested working, sold as is.

12 photographs by Karl Reeser

3 boxes of light fixtures all new , all by Hampton bay . 1 box has wall scone , 2 box has flush mount fixture with antique brass finish , sold as is.

Tested working , power force bag less, dust needs cleaning ,

Decorative prints

11 shot glasses , 12 wine glasses 7 flute glasses , and other

20 x10 sold as is may have wear

Fire place accessory and 2 towel hanger stands all brass

3 Corningware cups , 4 baking dishes

2 plastic containers with drawers has wear sold as is

Sony Walkman DD Quarts Samsung DVD player and other see picture for detail items are untested.

4 Primrose plate coasters , 9 silver plated coasters , silver plated dish and cutlery, tarnish needs cleaning

25 pieces total has wear sold as is

Model HSE02WNAPG Untested has wear sold as is.

Over 40 DVDs condition unknown.

Figurines and more wear

6 Sheaffers pens one of them 12k gold, 2 mailing boxes, 2 phones, Parker calligraphy set new in box and other see pictures for detail

Blue Ainsley cup and saucer, Bavaria Meakin Royal Grafton and other all sold as is may have wear

Jamo CBR 200 Speakers , tested working loud , cones on both speakers came of the frame , will need to be reattached, sold as is.

Included Ed Sullivan , Simon and Garfunkles greatest hits , Tom jerry , Connie Francis, Jim Croce classical music and other foreign records condition unknown.

2 heaters by Honeywell and Kenmore, untested both have multi functions , wear

Zsolnay Hungary small flower decorated dish , eschenbach Bavaria small square dish , Hollohaza small lidded dish , and more

2 matching speakers model PS 8100E and a subwoofer model PSWA150NE

24X18 oil painting signed bottom right corner, luong, wear unframed, 24X16 nail art of sail boats, not signed , has wear sold as is.

Model ECG 2101 , untested needs regular AC cord , owned by a paediatric Dr.

2 Creazioni miniature paintings , possibly on goldleaf , Lublin W Grafice prints , signed picture of a women ,

10 national geographic books with pictures and articles, topics of science the earth and other. sold as is

Glass chandelier untested as is

Brass coloured bottom and glass top 24 x24

Sadler England tea kettle, and other decorative pottery see picture for detail sold as is

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