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11 pieces in total . included tank tops, boot cut trousers size 27 , 2 skirts , 8 tank tops various styles and colours size small all new with tags please check pictures for details ,

kochtopfhaus mafller knife set new in box , bath ware Grafton tissue holder new in box , new white Westinghouse microwave tray , new coffee machine , new Proclus Nuwave infrared oven in box with manual and cd ,

New Levis jeans size 16 , Hollister size 28 X 31 , Hollister M hoodie , Victoria Secret xs tank tops aero postal long sleeve shirts Abercrombie t shirts and more over 20 pieces of new items with tags check pictures for details

130X100 inches lanneau rug , fine wool well kept has wear mothproofed ,

Chef knife set new in case , 12 piece set with combination locking case ,

Included Samsung 12.2 megapixel digital camera , universal remote , creative iPod , Garmin Nuvi GPS with charger , Naxa NPD 952 DVD player in box , and more all untested , wear sold as is ,

New in box Hirsh shelving unit , black shopping cart , towel hanging rack , framed mirror with hooks , and more ,

4 rugs Vary in size , 3 machine made , one wool knotted , wear needs cleaning , check pictures for details ,

Heather cooper artist proof numbered print , has small nail holes on 4 corners , other prints by various artists check pictures for details

Brackets necklaces and more over 200 pieces heavy

Singer Simple machine and new fabric tested working , has wear

Stereo Model PCH4800T construction heater tested working , 36 inch aluminum ladder , hard hat by north safety , North Harness Buckle , JobMate tested shopvac , all have wear

Lot includes 1 new roots bag , 1 new school bag , Timex Watch in box , pencil cases , Levi's jeans size 10 , Sears leggings size small , size 7 Mudd jeans , size 6/7 children's place jeans , new Kodak Grizzly pink gloves and more , all new , over 10 pieces in total

New Puma hoodie size small ,2 Kyodan slimming Gym Shirts size small , 3 beach dresses size large , beach bag , victors secret beach bag , La Senza undergarments and much more all new with tags check pictures for details 25 pieces in total

Vintage ,New mostly in packages with tags , handmade crochet 100% cotton . some sets come with matching napkins sizes range from 72X108 to 72X126 may include other sizes. 20 table cloths in total over 36 napkins all new , may have wear due to age kept in storage ,

Included abroad stone easy up event shade , comes with manual and the parts , Broadstone Wyndham Dome Tent , just tent no metal polls , water plastic canteen , Redhead outdoor Gear bag , picknick wicker box with matching plastic cutlery damage to handles , Saris Car bike rack may have a missing part please check pictures for details ,

Vintage Marco Zotta Arcobaleno Lamp Cil Roma 1970's Modernist Italian Arc Desk Lamp, has wear , needs cleaning , tested working ,

Over 45 Beanie baby's , check pictures for details , wear

Metal or Diecast cars vary in brand check pictures for details ,

Check pictures for details , expanded to 7.2 meters

Included size 0 black studded Panel Corset Dress MSRP 138 , Size 6 black lace dancer dress , MSRP 158, Petite size Banana Republic , long sleeve shirt , Kenneth Cole size Small Champaign color jacket , new hand bag , 3 small Guess handbags and more all new with tags check picture for details

Walker by Dolomite breaks working 3 wood canes 1 black wood cane , new Dr Scholls foot spa untested ,

Hitachi VM E220A Video Camera , comes with charged battery and new video cassette , Optex Video Mate tripod , Manfrotto light stand tripod , handheld bar light , check pictures for details items may have wear ,

16 by 10 Silverplated Russian Soviet tray , 29 Silverplated cutlery pieces mostly Russian Soviet markings , Silverplated elegance makeup brush set with mirror , Victoria plate tea kettle 24 KT gold plated cutlery , other items may have no silver content

Carved teak wood art , 48X17 wear mid century ,

2 76X34 area rugs wool knotted need cleaning some wear ,

Macintosh Plus Apple computer comes with keyboard and mouse all tested working , comes with original floppy disc software's and manuals , included Apple image writer 2 in box with cables tested working turn on, comes in original box with papers check picture for details

Check pictures for details ,

1224 bracelets in total new in packages , breast cancer awareness month ,

Tie Domi bible head , Jason Spezza , lava lamp ,Coors bear neon sign tested working , gold gift set , NHL pillow , wear check pictures for details ,

Coins from around the world , included 1940 10 Reich Fennig swastika coin , 1943 , 10 cent US coin , rolls of Canadian pennies , and much more

5 decorative framed art various sizes check pictures wear

2 Asus VC239 computer screens 21 inches tested working comes with cables , wear ,

2 64X36 area rugs wool knotted rugs , wear needs cleaning

2 vintage boards , wear needs cleaning ,

Matching mirror and free standing console table , made of wood plastic or resin , matching lamps possibly brass one missing shade untested ,

2 Romanian brass plates and other brass decorative items

Included Raptor Silver eagle gun View loader 200 bag of 500 paintballs , and other parts may need further testing untested sold as is wear

All new Included 19 sunglasses , 16 picture frames , box of new elastic size XL painters utility disposable pants 10 or more plastic cutlery boxes ,

Marco model B-2 infrared heating lamps tested working , Ice-cream slushy maker tested cleaned recently working , heavy wear

CD players by I candle , Panasonic , black light florescent light box , and other all untested

2 trunks dust , needs cleaning , has rust and wear

Various items prints posters and other vary in size , wear check pictures

Original art works various artists acrylic oil and other methods , various sizes check pictures for details ,

44 DVDs in total , titles included OZ 6th season , 2nd season , behind enemy lines , Italian Job , South Park and more , wear

Silk threading Asian Art , 34X17 wear to frame

Corpse rolled gold pens. Seiko working table Clock , 2 table lamps ,

Limoges trinket bone china dish , and bone China decorative bowel.

1 ceramic sculpted art of Jerusalem on wood plak 9x9 possibly 925 silver gilding on copper art of Jerusalem , artist unknown 4x5

108X65 wool rug heavy wear ,

Glass demijohns 3 in total in wicker and plastic cases , needs cleaning ,

4 PlayStation games , over 60 cds , titled can include Metallica , bare naked ladies , Barbara Streisand , Jessica Simpson , purple rain Prince , and more most CDs are Lose may have wear , sold as is

13 inch Acer screen AL 1511 , acer keyboard , LG Flatiron W2442PA 23 inch tested working

3 Empty new metal tanks , unknown usage , 31 inches in width,

4 vintage meat grinders , various brands , has wear.

2 bed support items , 2 back support belts Nisei blood pressure monitor model DS 157 tested working , prestige medical Sphygmomanometer certified blood pressure instrument , Tranquillity adult diapers size XL new oxygen tubing's over 20 packages , check pictures for details ,

Black Office Chair , file cabinet 28X18X36 has scuffs wear , comes with key , 2 drawers , HP laser jet P1005 printer , untested items may have wear

Kenmore heater tested Lakewood radiator General Electric heater black and decker iron all tested working wear ,

Size M minimal ware Persian Lamb Coat ,

Over 60 pieces of silver plate cutlery has wear various makers

25X20X42 Chateau Beige H back arm chair , some wear ,

19X17X34 vanity , used in hair salon plumbing and hose included , has wear check pictures for details

Decorative figurines vary in size may have wear or chipping sold as is.

Ceramic porcelain or other , wear

Framed and unframed art various sizes

Metal light fixture, Ceiling fan , untested , wear ,

World war 2 books , Cook books , Life magazines from 1965 and 1955 , and more check pictures

25X25X22 marble top wood cabinet, 39X18X18 wood coffee table has scuffs wear ,

Included , tribe , Mario Lanza , sound track from carousel , Jewish folk music Hassidic music and more over 40 records

Matching sets of goblets , check pictures for details

Solid wood possible oak , 24X24X24 heavy has wear ,

40X30X40 has 2 leaf extensions , minimal wear.

Imported from Italy , heavy minimal wear , 40X42

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