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2 pieces. 1 large, hand made tin bin. Approx 2ft/11 /1ft. Has some dents and tarnish. 1 large stoneware pickling crock, embossed with blue crown, stamped USA on bottom. Approx 16 /16 /19 .

3 plaster figurines, 2 framed prints, 1 wooden coo-coo clock, made in Germany, untested.

2 handmade wooden rocking chairs. No nails used in assembly. Both show signs of wear and age, sold as is . Both chairs are the same size, approx 21 /18 /35 .

Oval shaped Pier One wool rug. Rug shows signs of use but should be fine with proper cleaning.

1 Thorens TD-146 belt drive turntable, working. Comes with platter and proper adaptor. No cartridge or stylus included. As in picture, no plastic dust cover.

Red Westbury drums, 3 pieces. 2 small rack toms, 1 floor Tom. Red finish on shells. Some signs of age/wear/rust. No hardware, sold as is .

Assorted toy lot. Includes 1 IKEA Murmel crawl through bee tunnel, assorted Barbie accessories, 1 Discovery Kids digital camcorder untested , 1 Gymboree bean bag game can attach to bunk bed, etc. , other misc toys.

Mixed lot of approx 80 vinyl records in a wooden wine crate, assorted titles and artists. Condition of vinyl varies, all are sold untested, as is.

Pioneer stereo receiver/amplifier, model sx-770, untested. 1 small box of assorted lps.

Finished jewellery display/storage box, contains several drawers filled with assorted jewellery pieces. Box dimensions approx 21. 5 x 12 x 7 .

1 small scale 1st Act children's drum kit. Includes 1 bass drum, 1 pedal, 1 snare drum, 1 small Tom, 1 small cymbal, 1 adjustable seat. Drum kit shows signs of age/wear/use, sold as is. Great starter kit for aspiring little person drummers. Bass drum approx size 14 x 10 x 15 .

2 cardboard boxes filled with 4 porcelain dolls, all naked , along with various body parts, arms and legs, torsos, eyes . No clothes included.

2 anniversary clocks, 1 metal with glass dome, 1 plastic and metal with no glass dome. Classic antique style Both clocks require regular manual winding to work. Both clocks are untested. Some wear/age visible. A

Assorted storage boxes, clothes, jeep, in large plastic bin

Used and shows sign of wear. Assorted clothes, snowmobile toy and 4 GI JOE toy dolls lid of command centre has crack in plastic. Dusty.

1 Dunken Fife mahogany dining room table. Approx size 36 x 18 x 30. 5 with leafs folded down, approx 36 x 48 x 30. 5 leafs folded out full size . Comes with 2 wooden chairs, both show signs of age/wear.

Large bin of assorted craft items related to making/dressing porcelain dolls. Many small accessories hats, wigs, shoes, clothes, etc . Several dolls included.

1 large bin of assorted small children's toys, action figures, and trinkets. Many small pieces, not suitable for infants.

Large box of assorted sewing fabrics, various sizes.

1 Reed smocking pleater in box untested , a collection of smocking, needlepoint, cross stitch, and embroidery patterns. 20 patterns in 1 red binder, with additional loose patterns. All kept in storage bag.

Old fashioned hand wound gramophone, sold as is, untested. Comes with a small selection of assorted 78 rpm records. Gramophone approx size 20. 5 x 21. 5 x 46 . Shows signs of age/wear.

4 bar stools, 2 with swivel seats. 1 large bar table, approx 26 x 31 x 41 . Very heavy, solid metal base. Will require more than one person to move. All items show signs of age/wear/use.

1 Fender Princeton Chorus solid-state amplifier. Rolex cover has signs of wear, some stickers on side of amp. Sold as is/untested. 1 Squire SP-10 practice amplifier. Sold as is/untested. 1 Batman shaped CD player/radio. Dusty w/signs of age/wear. Sold as is/untested. All items unearthed from storage, operability unknown.

Milk crate filled with approx 35 shellac 78rpm records. Most are stored in custom 78 book style sleeves. Assorted titles/artists, all are sold untested, as is. ,

1 Sears brand 8 track player, untested. 1 box of assorted 8 track tapes, various genres, all untested.

2 cheese barrels, both show signs of age/wear approx 17 x 16 x 14 , and 1 Apple box approx 16. 5 x 12. 5 x 10. 5 suitable for storage use.

1 Telefunken Concertina Hi-Fi amplifier/receiver. Not tested.

2 mini Christmas trees, 1 glass display case, and assorted miniature Christmas tree decorations. Some items new in packaging.

The Allison wooden doll house build kit. Unopened, untested. Comes with a 30 piece Green Lief wooden furniture craft kit, also untested.

3 wooden folding chairs, approx size 15 x 14 x 36 .

Hornsby Antique electric train set, made in England. Some parts missing, some parts show signs of age and wear. Electrical is untested.

Large box of fabric remnants, various shapes, sizes, patterns.

Large hiking back pack and suitcase. Used condition and carry on bag

Men's used hockey gear. Shoulder pads, shin pads, neck guard, mouth guard in package, hockey gloves, elbow pads, shorts, jersey, socks, large hockey bag on wheels. Used one season.

Mixed lot of approx 30 vinyl records, assorted titles and artists. Condition of vinyl varies, all are sold untested, as is.

1 large Cardboard box filled with assorted sewing fabrics, various shapes, sizes, fibre content and patterns.

Approx 45 one size fits all baseball caps, All hats are beige with a brown leather strap on back of hat for easy size adjustment.

6 assorted blue China tea cups, made in England.

Lot of 7 remote controlled cars, all untested. Sharpie marker in picture for size comparison only.

8 assorted hats and 7 assorted hat boxes. Boxes show signs of age/wear/storage.

Large cardboard box filled with assorted crafting felts, various sizes, shapes, and colours. Box dimensions are approx 21 /13 /15 . o

1 wood cabinet and 4 Apple baskets, suitable for storage use. Cabinet approx size 19 x 23 x 29 . Sold as is, shows signs of age/wear.

Assorted basket balls and basket ball mountable hoop with net. Hoop no hardware . Screws needed to mount

Assorted camping supplies in large plastic bin. 1 small gas stove, made in Sweden untested . 2 pairs of water shoes, 1 size five, 1 size seven. 1 small cooler shows signs of wear 2 man tent untested, shows signs of age/wear .

Plastic bin filled with misc pieces of fabric for sewing and crafting, various sizes, shapes, colours. Mixed fibre content.

1 box full of assorted kids paperback and hardback books.

1 metal and wood wine rack, condition used, and 2 shoe racks in box, unassembled, box partially open.

1 wooden Apple box, approx 16. 5 x 12 x 10 , suitable for storage. 1 plastic Coca-Cola branded bottle carrier, shows signs of age/wear/use. 7 old bottles, various styles/sizes. 1 Humpty Dumpty branded cardboard chip container. 1 crumb pan. All items are used.

1 pair of matching pleated panel curtains, approx size 7 ft 4 x 9 ft 4 . Comes with 1 small valance, approx 33 x 12 . 1 wool carved floral patterned rug. Beige/gold/olive green/burgundy colours. Shows signs of wear/age. Some slight staining, steam cleaning suggested.

Lot of assorted storage and furniture items. 1 wooden hoop-backed chair, shows some signs of age/wear, 1 wood and cardboard cheese barrel, shows signs of age/wear, 1 small IKEA Pine shelf.

Assorted fabric and scrap pieces. Fibre contents mixed. Polar fleece, wool blends mixed

Large lot of misc household items. Includes several Lamps, a VTech free household phone system with 4 phones and bases, 1 automobile power inverter 150 watts , 1 PT Trainer push up resistance exercise device in original packaging. All items are untested.

Assorted glassware lot. Includes 3 China plates, 4 tea cups and saucers, 2 Cauldon cups, 2 Royal Vale cups , 1 Royal Daulton plate, 1 Rosale plate, 1 plate T. G. Green and Co church Greeley potteries.

Lot of assorted gently used dance shoes. 2 pairs of size 2 tap shoes, 1 pair of size 4 tap shoes, 1 pair of leather jazz shoes size 6 still new in box , 1 pair of leather slippers size 5.

1 cardboard and wood cheese barrel filled with assorted glassware.

2 club bags and assorted clubs. Spaulding and Palm Springs brands.

Christmas tea pot with cream and sugar set, several crystal dishes, other assorted glassware.

9 pieces of assorted glassware.

1 sewing machine, incl. carrying bag and manual. Comes with thread, various colours. Untested.

Three folding chairs and table. Childs card table. Retro style with signs of wear, rust and well used condition. Fully folds up for easy storage

2 boxes of approx 80 vinyl records, assorted titles and artists. Condition varies widely, sold untested, as is.

Assorted glassware lot, includes multiple salt and pepper shakers, cups and saucers, clear drinking glasses, and other misc glassware. Dusty, shows signs of storage and some pieces may require washing/cleaning.

1 box full of assorted kids paperback and hardback books.

Large window. White frame. Intact. Approx size 51. 5 x 63 x 4 . Heavy object, will require more than one person to move. Located ground level in garage.

Retro high chair, metal frame. Shows signs of age/wear. . Does not comply w/ current safety standards/regulations.

Rectangular wool rug with brown pattern. Shows signs of use but would be fine after cleaning. Approx size 5 feet by 7 feet.

1 large, green, beige, and brown hand tufted wool rug, approx dimensions 8 feet by ten feet. Shows some signs of age/wear/use, with slight staining. Sold as is. Steam clean for best results.

Mixed lot of women's shoes, size 6 1/2 and 7. Leopard print shoes are size 8. All shoes used, gently worn.

10 pieces of assorted glassware and one tray.

Assorted crystal goblets. 9 pieces total.

Assorted luggage and bags. 1 Swiss Gear suitcase, used condition. 2 duffle bags, used. 1 orange purse, used.

2 hoop backed wooden chairs, both show signs of age and wear.

Lot of outdoor furniture, 5 items total. 1 wooden table, approx size 33 x 40 x 28 . 2 folding wooden chairs. 1 large foldout umbrella, mounts in hole in centre of table. 1 jute rug, approx size 5 ft by 7 feet. Shows slight signs of age/wear.

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