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One Pepsi, 2 Orange crush and one hires root beer

Aprx 100 bracelets some genuine glass beads, approx 50 pkgs of necklace gift boxes, bag of approx 30 rings, 20 plus beaded scarves

Bow rings, necklaces in individual boxes, broaches in individual packs, perfect for gifts quantity available. 3 boxes of 6 bracelet cuffs with coloured stone, Over 65 necklaces in fancy black jewelry boxes, jewelry box, 8 jewelry gift boxes with sentimental jewelry and more!

New winter gloves one size fits all. Has a company logo for Scion approx 100 plus pcs

Measures 27x23, oiled painting of an old city, painted with palate knife, signed by artist R.Frey

Squire guitar in great condition by fender model SA50 tuned ready to play, and comes with hard case by gear Lux

Over 400 + records by artist such as KISS the original record limited edition, KISS rock and roll, James Brown, Elton John, Robert Johnson, Pearl, Nat king Cole, Joe Cocker, 1972 Grammy awards, and much more.

Bow rings coloured gold and silver over 40 pcs and 1 display stand available, necklaces of crosses Sistine and Byzantine designs 20 plus boxes available, Aprx 30 pcs of fashion keeper earrings, 29 bracelets in jewelry Christmas gift boxes.

Christmas grove jingle pens with display stand Aprx 24 pcs on stand and fun holiday light up glasses Aprx 20 pcs, Xmas flashing necklaces with stand Aprx 15 pcs, Aprx 10 pens and pencils, 10 plus holiday ribbons in silver or gold, over 100 pcs of Xmas themed Jewelry

Golf clubs by Wilson, Ultra and more. Aprx 15 pcs, 2 golf carriers by paradise and A99 Golf and more

36x7, 4 series Asian Art

Approx 50 rolls of thread in different colours, strong sewers scissors- can cut through a penny, zippers and elastics

Music book stand possibly brass adjustable height 3.5 to 4 ft

Used Come in bag one by Graco and the other by Neo nato unchecked . Note: have not been checked for current safety standards for use with infants or children.

Measures 45x34 wall print decor, the other is a painting - unsigned measures 32 by 26

By electrohome untested sold as is

Includes Makita drill 6012hd 9.6 volts comes with bettery, kango drill missing cable both untested, towing gear extension cable polar grip industrial gloves 10 pairs , and other

Measures 25x20 ocean of fire, 20x16 regular ocean-same style as the other as staining on frame signed by artist named David

Teddy bear jewelry boxes and necklace includes 9 pcs. Baby boy and girl beaded bracelets approx 30 pcs. 4 display closed boxes of non slip colourful spa scissors for nails and everyday use 24 pcs per box

Holiday cards, Santa Claus masks, 2 packages of battery operated train set changing lights, snowman, decorative flowers, ornaments and more

Aprx 30 glasses in pkg , 8 three zipper side bags with tags, over 100 pcs wallets and pouches

Approx 50 Ladies stylish ID holder by Caprice, sunglasses 12 pcs available, 8 sun lily foldable ladies hats, dog lovers license plate cover and key chains

Marilyn Monroe measures 31 by 23, the other measures 30x25

Measures 22x19 unused in packages may have wear from storage

2 framed paintings of sculptures and pitchers painted on straw like canvas, {Burlap?}- signed by unidentifiable artist signature

Precise LCD quarts oversized digital display kitchen timers programmed to count anywhere from 99 mins uses AAA batteries about 100+timers total

Includes JayZ, Nelly, Moby, Outkast, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Bob Marley, DJ tiesto Lenard Cohen, Macy Gray, Alicia Keys, John legend, Queen Latifah, Ricky Martin - much music top 20 Coldplay and much more 180 + cds

Includes Dave Mathews Band, The killers, U2, Solomon Burke, Rolling Stones, REM, Santana, Radio Hea,d Alchemy, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Sting, Curtis Mayfield, The JB Hornes, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young - over 30 +

Measures 17x17 signed by artist 1/10 from 1981 As is

Vintage Royal handcrafted designer art glass bottle stoppers for wine bottles includes display stand and 9 bottle stoppers. 11 closed packages of Stem Gemz, wine glass coasters used to identify your glass includes 2 coasters per pack. Beer openers by the claw beer claw 3 displays with approx 15-20 beer claws per display box and 4 individual beer claws in package.

Framed prints that vary in size and theme. See photos for details

Both measure 20 by 16 matching decorative prints

Measure 24 by 23 painting of a ship signed and framed by J.Maclean 1991

Measures 42x36 by Safco used to store prints and canvases without frames etc..

Includes Stevie wonder, Motown, disco music, Neil diamond, Donna Summers, folk music oldies and much more, around 250 + tracks

Red pencil sketches signed by artist named Newman measure 18x 21 signed and framed

Bic sport rack systems and conversion kit, Thule flat top ski carrier 4 pair

Painted on leather etched out with scalpel and special markers used as well , measures 21 x16 signed by yoseph painted in Tzfat Israel

Signed by W.Adam 25x29 as is

Measures 24x21 has small puncture, signed by L.King frame has little wear

5 prints total one is signed by the artist Bracha L, sold as is

As seen in pictures boxes not included bring bags to collect items

Pioneer multiplay compact disk player PD M435, Pioneer auto return turn table PZ 771AZ pioneer multi purpose system which includes radio, streak cassette deck recover Ax-1191, pioneer double cassette tape deck. AKG head set. Not tested

Measures 17x17 welded metal and glass

15000000 candlelight power spotlights untested sold as is

Av receiver rx v595 and the other rx v495

Krups large capacity coffee jug in white and set of 4 sea shell shaped serving dishes by studio Nova in box

Measures 13x11 of a winter lake by M.Cowan , other painting of trees and mountains measures the same, signed by a Reardon

LED lights, Euro duct, fast wax removes road grime grease tar and bugs 10 wax cans total, and other accessories seen in picture

2 leather, one denim racing jackets

Measures 13x11 small painting of lake and trees signed by artist, and another painting measuring 20x16 of lake and trees signed by B.Wood, some staining on frame,

Red pencil sisters by Newman , measures 32 x27

Approx 70 VHS or DVDs includes Bridget Jones's Diary, Monsoon Wedding, the Motorcycle Diaries, the Best Man, the Soloist and many more.

HPS Ferro carbon disk brake pads by Hawk Performance. Race proven street legal brake pad technology. 2 new in boxes 1 open box included

Measure 12x10 one of a kind playing in sand on the beach, the other of a boat on lake

991av played cassettes as well tested and working comes with vintage stereo headphones by futura model 3126

New belts around 80+ and other

One is 6 foot high, the other is 5.7 foot both untested

1 Travel tag stand, Travel tags by Along in packages Aprx 35, 7 packs of elastic luggage strap by sky's the limit, 5 new boxes of travel accessories by Travel Elite 3 pcs set, gem tags 6 tags

Measures 13x11 of cottage house with snow signature unreadable, second painting measure 21x16 painting of two cabins in forest signed by a C.T. Owen

Gemz Glitzy headbands display stand with approx 15 headbands, 3 bags of 24pcs headbans, 2 display cases of dazzling hair by Olivia moss and wrist wear 40 plus pcs.

2 measure 20x8 of coffee wall art, the other two measure 12x12

Measures 25x17 puzzle , handmade needle work of dancers, measures 14x11, and a print of mountains

Glass chess board with glass pieces comes in unused box has wear

Comes with 4 additional shelves measures 68 by 34 inches

6ft xmas tree by boto, wooden, ceramic, brass tree ornaments some look vintage, 11 pcs hand painted X as scenery set, container full of content includes: more Xmas decor

Fashion ladies belts over 100 pcs. Some belts may be damaged Come to pickup at Category A time-slot.

2 record players by Garrard professional series needs a fix, and by Lloyds. Not tested, as is

20x16 painting of lake and mountain signed by R.Fre frame has little staining

Vintage red leather carrier by Slazenger. 4 wooden drivers by Spalding, 9 wedges by Spalding, and more

2 way speaker system by Road Masters untested

Country, folk classical music and oldies and many more comes with 40 Lps

Used tested and working missing two wheels sold as is may have wear

One measures 6 x7 of dog listening to radio, the other measures 20 X 16

Includes classical music and Israeli folk, symphonies etc ..

Model A made in Japan, and dark room timer by GRA lab model 300, clock face glows in the dark both untested , Hansa developer needs to be reassembled has wear sold as is

3 matching prints 2 measure 7x11, and one measures 23 by 21 - unknown if print and unknown material

2 measure 21 x16 made with pastels signed by artist , and one measures 18x16 made with pencil signed by D.Harrison

Two wooden upholstered chairs made by Chair Choice in Toronto, chairs are in good condition sold as is

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