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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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Classic Literature 5 volumes, Masterpieces of Mystery and Adventure 7 volumes

Beauce Canada, both approximately 17 inches high

Brass tray top table, width 23.5, depth 18, height 18.5 inches

Pioneer tape deck and turntable model PL512 with cartridge and stylus Note untested

Walnut 60 inches wide, 19 inches deep, 26.75 inches high

Walnut drop leaf with glass serving tray, width 29, depth 17.25, height 29 inches Note scratches to one leaf

Framed oil on board, signed landscape, 35.5 by 27 inches

Includes covered jar, box, trivet, candle extinguisher, and others

17 pieces, animal figurines, bell, paper weight, and others

Includes lobster, crab, horse, shellfish, and Greek coin paperweight

2 Sanyo cassette player and AM FM radio

25 quartz watches, various brands, including 3 Michael Kors

Duncan Phyfe style, Walnut round 2 drawer, diameter 24.75, height 28 inches Note minor scratches to top

Includes wall plaque, 6 carved soapstone animals, sealskin seal, 5 BC Native carved decorative totem poles

2 hand painted light fixtures, approximately 20 inches

Includes 2 vases approximately 10.5 inches high, 1 framed tapestry 17.25 by 17.75 inches

Robert Louis Stevenson's works, 9 volumes

Includes Life magazines, booklet on Canada's first subway, Woodward's catalog 1944, Toronto Telegram, Globe and Mail, Detroit News 1936

Includes pitcher, bowls, butter dish, wine bottle holder, and others

Lot of 15, ceramic, pottery, wooden

Literature of All Nations 1901, 10 volumes Note some damage to spines

Painted wood, mirrored back in centre section, width 30, height 25.5, depth 6.5 inches

Bose Center Speaker, model VCS10 Note untested

Underwood Forum, includes metal and wood top table

Width 28, height 40 inches

Alpaca with leather inserts, chest 19, sleeve 20, length 22 inches

Spain 1968 2 volumes, Morocco 1971 2 volumes, Greece 1973 2 volumes

2 pieces framed, black and white by Fran Sullivan 1969, 12 by 15.25 inches

Novels of Victor Hugo, 10 volumes

Lot of 3 with needlepoint covers, includes 1 needlepoint cushion, largest stool is 20 by 16 Note 2 legs on smallest need regluing

Includes Delft, Asian, and Portuguese pieces, plus 2 booklets Note break on one small shoe

Walnut, tilt top table, diameter is 24, height 26 inches

Carved oak round parlor table with marble insert, diameter 30.75, height 23 inches Note it is a bit wobbly

29.5 wide, depth 13.5, height 32 inches

Brown mink, chest 22, sleeve 21, length 34 inches Note small hole on shoulder

Signed, numbered 1 out of 50, titled Canadian Duet, 28.5 by 24 inches

Raccoon, chest 20, sleeve 20, length 31 inches

Includes Westmoreland milk glass cake stand, Fenton ashtray, silver overlay compote, small hand painted biscuit jar minus lid, covered candy jar

Includes works of Shakespeare, Tennyson poems, Sir Walter Scott poems, Poems and songs of Robert Burns, Aesops Fables, Childs Garden of Verses, Tom Browns School Days Note Childs Garden of Verses spine is damaged

Pair of Impedance, model LMS1011, made in Japan

Brass on wood base, approximate height 28.5 inches, includes 2 copper and brass model horns

2 pewter tankards, 2 copper mugs, 2 copper pitchers

Walnut rectangular side table, width 26, depth 18, height 18 inches Note small scratches on top

Lot of 11 pieces, includes one cake mold from New York

Width 30, depth 17, height 12 inches Note locked

Width 28, height 40 inches

1 folding box, plus 1 handled fruit box

Includes Royal Doulton Santa head ornament, East German figurine, Lucy Atwell figurine, Royal Doulton The Snowman egg cup and plate boxed, 1 Precious Moments figurine, 2 bisque angels

3 seater width 77, height 31 inches

Includes necklaces, bracelets, bangles, watches

Includes 1 candle holder with crystal drops on marble base, pair of brass candlesticks, 4 bells, and others

Fireplace utensils

Pair of chrome wire chairs with cushions

Includes necklaces, bracelets, bangles

Includes necklaces, bracelets, bangles

Black, chest 20, sleeve 19, length 37 inches

Includes 3 controllers, 9 games Note untested

Lot of 20, porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal

9 pieces, various makers Note antique lustre pitcher as is

Includes Royal Copenhagen seagull dish, Russian vase, Coleport bone china floral bouquet, and others Note one leaf broken off floral bouquet

4 framed pieces of artwork, floral 21.5 by 11.75 inches

20 pieces as shown

As shown Note blue transfer ware pitcher damaged

Includes necklaces, bracelets, bangles

1 hurricane lamp with chimney, plus 1 hand painted porcelain table lamp

12 pieces, includes old fashioned model car, 2 candle holders, trivet, mortar and pestle, and others

3 pieces framed, 2 oil on board, 1 acrylic 18 by 14.5 inches

Includes 3 candlesticks, candle extinguisher, wall hook, and others

Includes Royal Albert, Limoges, bone china and semi porcelain

Includes 7 tins, 1 San Francisco cable car tin, 1 tin plate, set of 4 kitchen canisters

Library of the Worlds Best Orations, 10 volumes, printed 1900 Note some spines damaged

1 leather, 1 plastic

4 metal, 2 wood

Brass screen, and black cast iron grate

25 quartz watches, various brands, including 4 with no strap

Duncan Phyfe style side table, width 26.5, depth 18.5, height 18 inches, also includes hand painted wooden tray 22.5 by 14.5 inches

Canada Goose 22 out of 50, signed, 1979, 20 by 18 inches

Pair of electric hurricane lamps 19 inches tall Note no chimneys

9 pieces, includes 7.5 inch bowl, cream and sugar, and others Note creamer is chipped

4 pieces, largest is 18 inches high Note one horses ear chipped

The Outline of Knowledge encyclopedia 19 volumes

Lot of 5

12 pieces as shown

JVC audio video control receiver, Panasonic AV control receiver SAXP25 Note untested

21.5 by 16.5 inches

28 by 21 inches

Includes round 12 inch tray, 2 covered servers, 16 inch meat tray

Pair of JVC speakers, pair of Onkyo speakers Note untested

Bone China Leaf dishes, includes Coleport, Spode, and Crown Devon

Lot of 11 books plus 1 catalogue, 2 pamphlets, 2 booklets

Includes 4 footed bowls, 1 handled bowl, and others

13 pieces, includes Robert Wells small vase, Vaseline glass bud vase, 2 paperweights, and others

As shown

12 pieces as shown

25 quartz watches, various brands

15 quartz watches, various brands

25 quartz watches, various brands, includes Gruen, Timex, and others

Sanyo stereo system with 6 disk CD player with speakers Note untested

Includes 2 hand carved figurines, block stencil, and others

Includes set of 4 champagne coupes, coasters, small pitchers, serving tray, and others

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