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Danish Mid Century Modern Sideboard Credenza Buffet Cabinet. W 18" x L 35" x H 28"

Signed H 9" x W 6"

Fine Pair of Asian Lions Figures. H 3 1/2" x W 2" x D 1 1/2"

Mid-Century Haddon Hall Teak Side Table with Drawer. Single drawer, rolled edges on two sides of surface. It is in good condition with some nicks due use and age. Circa 1960 Size: H: 22??_ x W 18??_ x D 29??_

Vintage Rotary Phone. Working condition.

Elevated bed Soft memory foam cushion and soft white faux fur Cushion with Velcro strips, Also suitable for small dogs. L 25" x W 16"

Brass Table Clock & Compass. H 5", untested.

Key/Coat Rack Shadow Box. Approx. W 20" x H 10"

Large Woman Bronze Sculpture reading book . H 28" x L of Base 8"

Antique Western Electric Crank Wall Phone, Oak, with Brass Plaque Not tested

King Tut Egyptian. Approx. W 16" x H 18"

Marked Louis Vuitton. Almost new in very good condition. Approx. L 17" x H 10" x Width (bottom) 6 1/2"

Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock in working condition

Anne Sutton Watercolor Painting. Signed. W 18" x H 16"

Mint condition , Carolie HN 2387

Mid-century Modern Teak Coffee Table with veneer top. It is in good condition with minor wear to some of the top corners. Circa 1960 Size: H: 15??_ x W 28 ?_ ??? x D 28 ?_ ???

Mint condition, Ninette HN 2379

Burnes of Boston, 5x7

Creazioni Silvestri Arte Murano Crystal Bowl. Made in Italy. L 9 1/2" x D 7 1/2" x H 3"

"Girls Rule" LED sign. Working. In very good condition. W 19" x H 10"

Three (3) Candle Holders. Tallest height 11"

Ashleigh Manor

1836 Canada One Half Penny

Plate. Approx. L 7" x D 7"

Creazioni Silvestri Arte Murano Crystal Bowl. Made in Italy. L 9 1/2" x D 7 1/2" x H 3"

Persian Handcrafted Wooden Inlaid Khatam Pen Holder. L 4" x W 3" and Jewllery Box L 4" x W 3" x H 2 1/2"

Abstract "Thinker". H 14" x W 4 1/2" x D 5"

Royal Doulton Buzfuz. H 2 1/2"

Walrus Figure mounted on wood. L 10" x W 4 1/2"

Murano Gondola Boat Ashtray. Measures about 14" long by 5 1/2" high

Hooper Watercolor. Unframed W 12" x H 16"

Silverplate Sets

Cast Iron Soap Holder

Portfolio No. 2 Art Work. 22 scenes recall of outstanding Canada's past three decades. W 20" x H 16"

Cup and Saucer

Vintage Monet Brooch

Oil on Canvas. Signed bottom right. W 13" x H 11"

Royal Doulton Bunnykins. Two pieces only, Plate and the Bowl.

1852 Canada One Half Penny

ALABASTER hand carved. Made in Italy. Approx. Dia 4"

Vintage Nina Ricci Earrings

Unframed. W 36" x H 24"

Brass Urn with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay. Approx. H 11" x Dia 7"

1844 Canada One Half Penny

Two Abstract Watercolor. Signed. W 11" x H 14" and W 8" x H 11"

COA. Faithful Friends. No. 3110

Vintage Wooden Sculpture Red River Cart. This Red River Cart model, in wood and leather, was made by industrial workshops at the Society of Crippled Children and Adults of Manitoba.

Small scratch. H 3 1/2" x W 3 1/2"

Salesman's Sample Style Chair. Approx. L 10 1/2" x W 6" x H 9'

H 3" x W 2" x D 1 1/2"

It has nicks due use and age. L 21" x W 16" x H 8"

Vintage Salesman's Sample Style High Chair. Approx. H 21" x W 10" x D 9" NOTE: Not checked for current safety standards. Not verified for use with infants or children.

Carlsberg Beer Advertisement Poster. H 48" x L 33"

1896 Canada One Penny

1850 Canada One Half Penny

Approx. Dia 10"

Crystal & Silver Plated Footed Bowl. Dia 5"

Persian Painting on Leather, wall hanging. Approx. H 15" x 12" and hand held mirror, used. H 7 1/2" x W 4"

Approx L 7 1/2" x H 3" x D 2"

Approx. L 12" x H3" x D 3"

Vintage Inlay Carved Box. L 8" x W 5" x H 2 1/2"

1895 Canada One Penny

TALBOTS, oval. Approx. Dia L 2 /12"

Plate. Dia. 10 1/2"

Silver plated bowl. Approx. Dia 4 1/2" x H 2"

Small Backgammon set

Vintage Coro Earrings

Unframed. W 36" x H 24"

Japan Ibaraki Prefecture Medal in the original box, Size: D 2 3/8"

Stormy Rain Change fair Very Dry Barometer

Oil on Canvas Painting. Signed. Unframed. W 18" x H 24"

Creamer and Sugar Bowls

Hand Painted Bowl with handle. L 7 1/2" x W 4"

Vase . Approx. H 6" x W 5"

Native Artist, Eddie Le Page print. W 18" x H 15"

Limited Edition LIFE SAVERS Holiday Keepsake, H 6" x Diameter 3 1/2" and Collector Series PLANTERS, Diameter 5"

Sterling Silver Overlay Bottle, marked 925. H 5 1/2" x D 2" x W 3 1/2" and Made in Italy Glass Bowl. L 6" x W 4 1/2" x H 2 1/2"

Signed Matt Jonasson. Approx. Diameter 3"

Unframed. W 22" x H 28"

Japanese Fukagawa Porcelain Vase. Approx. H 4 1/2"

Hand Carved Marble Statue. "Delilah", signed G. Law. H 14"

W 12" x H 16"

W 12" x H 16"

Selection of Ukiyo-e Prints. Approx. 7"x7"

Vintage Metal Musical Box. No key. Untested. Approx. W 7 1/2" x D 4" x H 5 1/2"

Europen Pen

COA. Patient Angel. No. 7153

Vintage Monet Earrings

Vintage Coro Earrings

Foot Chart. Unframed. Approx. W 23" x H 32"

Hand Chart. Unframed. Approx. W 23" x H 32"

In the original box

1903 Canada One Penny

Two Hooper Sketches. Unframed. W 10" x H 8" and W11" x H 6 1/2"

Signed bottom right. W 15 1/2" x H 20"

Colored Etching. Signed bottom right. Approx. W 19" x H 17"

Reform Pen Set Timeless Writing Instruments

3 Picture Frames, 5x7

The New Millennium BOHEMIA Crystal

In the original Box. H 5 1/2" x W 2 1/2"

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