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Designer sterling ring. Item can be re sized.

Collection of vintage watches. Some names include vintage Helbros, Timex, lucern, also digital watches, art deco watches, gold filled watches. Everything in photo. Please note these are untested and some may need work or be parts. Others may need batteries or winding.

Watch measures 8" long. Watch is winding mechanical movement. Second hand is two race cars. Watch is Swiss movement, and working.

Bracelet is sterling silver and hallmarked.

Collection of vintage watches. Some names include vintage Timex, Seiko, Waltham, Benrus, and many more. Also some Swiss made timepieces. Some art deco, and gold filled. Everything in photo. Please note these are untested some may need work or be parts, many may need batteries or winding.

Everything in photo books are incomplete.

Lamp measures 61" tall. Lamp is working. Item has frosted glass shade.

Sterling set comes in presentation box.

1797 large copper penny is authentic.

Vintage jewelry collection. Lot contains several watches (untested) also possibly some silver and gold filled jewelry. Pot luck lo no returns excepted.

Bag contains 4-1/2 pounds of what's.

These three are all sterling and can be sized.

Bracelet measures 7" long, and has 5 large jade stones. Item is gold plate.

This watch is automatic jeweled movement. Watch is stamped 10kt gold filled. The band is a fancy mesh, the watch is engraved on back, can be removed if so desired. This watch is running and keeping time. Very high quality vintage wrist watch.

Extra large artwork measures 60-1/2" tall and 42-1/2" wide. This piece was made in 1981 by known artist k. R. Jones. This piece entitle dream was exhibited. Mr Jones has a website of his works and showings. I have included some if that info in the pics. This fine piece of art was hand signed and dated by the artist in 1981. You can view Mr Jones exhibited work and bio at Krjonesart.com

Large Champagne bucket measures 11-3/4" tall and 19" long. This item is heavy stainless steel, made for Taittinger in France. Bucket has nice engraved work on both sides. Item appears unused or gently used. Comes in original box. This model champagne bucket is very hard to find. Hallmarks on base.

Victorian Brooch measures 2-1/2" tall and 2" wide. Brooch has detailed work throughout, brooch has a hand painted portrait, with all stones intact.

1788 Silver Coin is authentic, grade on coin is opinion only, coin was not grade by a professional.

Bracelet is 7" long, has several charms, and is heavy sterling silver.

Bracelet measures 9" long. This sterling piece is a solid link.

Vintage Elgin watch measures 7" long. This watch is a jeweled wind up. The watch band is marked 1/20 10kt filled. Watch is running and keeping time. Also comes with original box.

17 vintage hex signs. Some pieces are still wrapped in the plastic.

This collection has hundreds of coins in and out of holders. There are a lot of older coins and possibly some being silver coins. these coins are from around the world. This auction is a pot luck auction, no returns excepted.

This book has 177 coins, which may include older coins, and possibly some silver. Book is being sold as pot luck. No return excepted.

Item is old sterling silver, with turquois stone.

Books are not complete. Everything in photo.

Heavy sterling silver designer Bracelet. Item measures. 7-3/4" long. And is hallmarked.

These are old Canadian silver quarters and dimes. All 21 silver coins.

Bracelet is 2-1/4" x 2-1/2" when closed up. The piece is hallmark on the inside. bracelet has two engraved black cameos, along with very detailed engraved work throughout. Very high quality

Doll carriage measures 23" tall and 17" long. The basket is 11" tall and 10-1/2" wide.

Steins measure around 9 to 10" tall. These are all hand painted porcelain. Each stein is numbered.

Sterling silver necklace measures 24" long. Piece is hallmarked.

There are 2 books with older Canadian pennies, plus a box of Canadian pennies.

Mid century table measures 42" long 17-1/2" wide and 19" tall. Table is marked Mersman underneath.

Bracelet opens up with a safety chain. Open measurements are 2-1/2". Bracelet is marked ibb sterling.

Bangle inside opening measures 2-1/2". This piece is genuine vintage butterscotch Bakelite.

Pair of vintage silver plated decanter. These pieces measure 12" tall. The decanter are very detailed, and have some age ware to them.

1959 proof penny, 1903 Indian head penny, 1935, 1936 buffalo nickels 1989 error quarter, shield nickel.

Very high end top of the line Gerber cutlery set and steak knives. Set is in wood velvet lined case. Gerber paperwork included.

This lot is authentic foreign paper currency. Lot sold as pot luck, no returns excepted.

Bracelet opening measures 2-1/2" bracelet has safety clasp, and is hand engraved.

Coin is graded by anacs.

Statue measures 6-1/2"" tall and 9" long. This statue is limited to 3500 pieces. Statue is a first issue. Few small surface scratches on base. Very well known black Americana designer.

1917 S. Type 1 silver coin is authentic.

14 silver plated pieces. These are all from several known silver makers.

Vintage Star Trek books, manuals, blueprints, some items are sealed. Some of These items are hard to find.

Everything in photo. Items include 2 coca cola Trays unknown dates. 2 playboy mugs, fort Knox bank, mickey tray, brass vase, brass and copper wall plate, old metal box, copper molds.

1 tube of genuine old buffalo nickels.

Morgan dollar is authentic.

All coins in photo.

Wagner roaster #4265, new old stock unused. Very difficult to find unused, this also comes with original box and paperwork.

Ancient unknown coin.

Watch is winding mechanisms. And is working. This vintage timepiece is mid century plastic, with Swiss movement. This is a hard to find watch. Item measures 9" long.

These holders contain 130 coins. Which may contain older coins and possibly silver. Lot is being sold as pot luck. No return excepted.

Everything in the photo. Money is poor to fine condition. Pot luck sale. No refund excepted.

Necklace measures 15". Each glass bead is all hand painted. All the beads are hand strung. This is a fine designer and a rare find.

These three are all sterling and can be sized.

Coin is authentic.

Copper pot measures 11" tall and 16" wide. Pot has double handles, and has age ware.

This item measures 5 x 7 " and is very heavy. Solid copper. Item was made for an old television station W.D.E.F , in Tennessee, and is a rare find.

Flatware set plus wood case.

Wagon wheel is 35" tall, and is authentic.

Coin is graded by anacs.

4 piece vintage desk set. This desk set has very detailed scroll work throughout. Set is silver plated.

These lamps measure floor to socket 64" the lamps are all hand painted solid brass from India. These lamps do work, and do need shades. Lamps have some age wear.

Set includes silver and display case.

Founding fathers edition set in presentation case.

All coins in photo.

Bracelet measures 7-1/2" long. Item is sterling silver and is hallmarked pr. Ex.

Bracelet is 2 x 2-1/2" item is sterling and copper mid century. Bracelet is hallmark by designer.

Hand vac by Royal, item is working. Vac comes with original paperwork and 2 extra belts.

Ancient coin is authentic.

Everything in the photo.

These two oils measure 13 x 15" these are oil on board, and signed by the artist. The frames are mid century, the one painting border is missing some gold, can be touched up if desired.

Table measures 22" tall and 17 " wide. Table is all solid wood, with brass fittings.

Lamp measures 13-1/2" tall. Made by eagle hard to find oil lamp. Lamp has opening on rim as seen is photo.

DVD movies/ music collection Everything in photo.

Set includes silver and display box.

Silver Coins are authentic. Set comes in. Presentation case.

Sterling necklace measures 30" long.

Vase measures 17-3/4" tall. Vase is etched solid brass. This piece has some age ware.

Doll measures 18" long. Doll is from Spain by Jesmar, and is anatomically correct.

1916 silver coin is authentic. Grade on coin is opinion only. Coin was not graded by a professional.

7 silver plated pieces. These all are from several known silver makers.

All comic books shown in photo.

Sterling necklace measures 15" long. The necklace is a designer piece. All stones are hand set.

Glass panels measure 30" long and 24" tall. These old panels have broke and missing glass. As is.

Form measures 36" tall and 11" wide. Form has cast iron base.

Includes higher grade coins.

Sterling silver set includes 3 stone crystal pendant.

Fountain measures 30" tall. These piece is copper. And lights up. Working parts move the water. Through.

Bangle inside opening measures 2-1/2" this piece is genuine vintage butterscotch Bakelite.

Ugg infant boots new in box with all paperwork.

Large Champagne bucket measures 9" tall and 15-1/2" wide. item is heavy stainless steel, made for Henriot in France. Item appears gently used. Bucket is hard model to find, comes with original box. Item is hallmarked on bottom.

Two genuine Annie Lee oil paintings. These pieces measure 9-1/2 x 11" framed. Each painting is hand signed, 1 painting has some scratches as seen in photo.

1922 silver peace dollar is authentic.

Auction is for all three books. All coins shown in photo.

These two measure 16-1/2" tall and 11 wide. The stands are solid brass, they both have small detailed engraved work. these older pieces have Some age ware, and are structural sound.

Globe measures 16" tall and about 12" wide. Globe spins on the axis.

These two measure 18-1/2" long and 6" wide. The ducks are all hand painted, solid wood. The one duck has ware around the neck can be touched up if desired.

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