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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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new lot of toys, can heads playdoh, all items are new and un-used. lego and skylanders good for video game system. slot b.

x-box, ps3, play station 2, computer games, psp games. all games are un-tested as is the wii console and controller, all are in good visible physical condition. over 20 games in this lot.

baseball, football, basketball, Jordan, Randolph, Elway and many more. cards are in good to very good condition. some are in plastic or cases. slot b.

Great collection of various albums, cd's, cassettes, movie dvd's. All items are un-tested, some album covers have some wear. Physical condition is good. Slot A.

sword is made in India, Roy Rogers horse shoe, Atlantic no. 510 washboard, Graybar truck, Harley saddle bag, minor tear, elgin mini clock, vintage knife sharpener. all in good condition, some have minor wear. slot a

Jordan McDonalds all American jersey, drew brees saints white jersey. Jordan size 56,limited edition, minor stains, brees large, nfl equipment, both in very good useable condition. slot c.

anne alemeida, charlotte russe, moda, Jessica simpson and more. range in sizes 7.5 to 10m. all are in good wearable condition. some come w/box. slot b.

light saber, play- doh, uggly's pet shop, 3-1 zip car, mini 4 wheeler, collectible plane, hand spinners. all items new and un-used. slot c.

Yankees banner, new mets wright women's jersey, signed baseball by David Cone, Gaetti, Hal Mcrae, Greg Gagne and more. All items in good condition. Slot A.

new items are in bags, have tags, packages, used items may have a few incomplete pairs. items are in good shape, Necklaces, bracelets earrings and more. Slot A.

2 scrabble, 1 glass chess table, 2 sets of glass chess pieces, 6 collectible monopoly games, mouse trap, checkers, Disney puzzle. most games appear to have all pieces. slot b.

8 statues, some wood, rest appear to be ceramic, rubber. pieces are in good condition. Range in height form one inch to 9 inches. some scratches on a few, overall good condition. Slot A slot A.

lot of vintage/collectible cameras, Kodak, keystone, Minolta. all are untested. all are in good condition. Slot A.

Sinatra and Jackson are used, Jackson has one cd missing. 5 other cd's are new in the package. Davis Armstrong and more. have not tested used ones. all in good physical condition. slot b

coco cola items, statue, doll, clown, disney hunchback of notre dame figures new in bag. all are in good condition, minor chips on the statue. slot b.

stroller has a tear but overall good condition. graco car seat in good condition, baby trend stroller, 37 x 32 in good useable condition. graco car seat, 16 x16. slot b.

7 pairs of sneakers, sizes, 5y, 3, 4.5y, 5y, 6y, 10, nike, converse, one pair can be used as boots, all are in good useable condition. slot c.

Tonka truck, vase handle broken can be glued, ship structure, vintage sewing machine, hat staute, easel, tripod. items are un-tested. all are in good visible physical condition. slot c.

Lot includes candle/napkin holders, trivets and more. Some crystal, metal and glass. all are in good condition, a few may have minor scratches. slot A Slot A.

light is 18 x 10, one bulb works may need new bulb, dvd player is un-tested. overall good physical condition. slot a.

hair weaves new in the packages, vintage hair rollers, curling irons(untested) and more. all in good visible physical condition. slot b.

maternity pants, under pants, sports bras, bras, belt, vest, shirts, pants. all are new an un-used. slot b.

sizes 10.5c, 11c, 11.5c, all in good wearable condition, some scuffing. slot b.

sizes 6-7, nike new balance and more. all are in very good wearable condition. some minor scuffs. slot b.

baseball, football, basketball, hats, harve benard, laurant bennet, talbott, preppie, embassy, pirtelli, barrington, goodman, peters, hamlet and more. both hats and ties are in good useable condition. one or two items may have wear. slot c.

The complete screen play of the godfather, storm marvel premiere edition, color purple and beauty and the beast programs. covers have a little wear, overall in good condition. slot a.

all 4 rotate, one light does not turn on may need a bulb, all santa's are in good condition. some stains, dayspring ornament w/the box, Victoria secret ornament w/box. slot c.

2 hand grips, screwdrivers, wrenches, and more. items have some wear but overall in good condition. slot a

vintage salt and pepper shaker, spoon, jewelry box, picture frame, picture holder, cosmetic organizer, and all in one set consisting of vase, picture frame. some items new, some used, but all in good condition. slot b.

comptoir des cottonniers pants, size 36 2 pairs new. guess wallet, aeropostale bag, bon voyage, Modella, nine west, large bag, xhilaration new w/tag, small wallet, r @ g designs, targus. all are in good condition, a few may have minor wear, overall in good useable condition. slot c.

different types of glasses/styles, some sets incomplete, a few glasses have a little defect on them. a few have chips, but overall in good condition. Slot A.

Glasses are new w/box, all items appear to be in good condition. Slot A

item is in good condition, tires need air. 36 x 46. item has minimal use. slot b.

glass serving tray w/stand, lamps, iron, umbrella, water bottle, blanket. some are items are new. glass has stain on it, overall all items are in good useable condition. lamps are 14 and 29 inches, tray is 24, has a chip. did not test small lamp. slot b.

6 pairs of shoes, sizes 9, 9w, 10, 11, rouge, mossimo, dexflex comfort and more. all are in good useable condition. slot c.

range in size from 35 inches to over 50 inches. wood walking sticks and metal canes. all are in good useable condition. slot c.

this is not lot 11 this is lot 43. bearington collection, Tessie, steven smith, 2 sailor dressed bears new in the package, wylie coyote 1992 mug, dan brechner bear. all items have been well taken care of. slot c.

precision xtra machine, ankle brace, back brace, medical shoes, walker w/wheels 36 x 21. minor wear on some items, items in good to very good condition. Slot A.

Christmas bear, anico bear, elmo, Disney tollytots, baby gap, hamleys bear, novelty inc. new w/tag, turtle, girl doll, shalom bear, soft things fish, bird, excite bear, m @ m figure, baby Einstein, ibit, kool kids w/tag, novelty inc. bear w/tag. all are in good condition. slot c.

I love you bear, new, large stuffed dog, goffa plush new w/tag ,flomo new w/tag, k cee bear w/tag, brown I love you bear, new, dankin gorilla, 2 vintage dolls, k cee bear w/bow new w/tag, Cadbury bunny,3 goffa usa bears new/tag. most are new. all are in good condition. 2 dolls have minor use. slot c.

mini mouse jump rope, etch a sketch, Barbie recorder, chrisha plush, ty unicorn, tweety bag, 9 vintage dolls and more. all are in good condition, a few may have minor wear. items untested. slot c.

lot of assorted bedding/couch items ranging form small to large. all in good shape, some minor use on some of them. slot c.

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