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All vegetable dyes with cochineals including very rare and expensive green and blue. Very fine high quality mirror weaving noted to have been done by a master weaver with a high knot count. 13' x 9'8. Note: beautiful colours, overall condition good, however antique item has wear consistent with age and use

Serial numbers: 141470 and 02025. Tagged Gucci, made in Italy. Very soft, buttery leather and well made. All hardware states Gucci. Very minimal wear. Please view photos carefully. As is.

Hand written by artist: Ancient House, Malbaie (Quebec), original landscape drawing/sketch. Stamped with artist's stamp in LL. This is an original drawing on artist's paper and is framed in gold leafed frame that appears to be original to the piece. Drawing about 17 x 14 inches inside frame. CARON is one of Canada's best known listed artists and his drawings do well in the four figure range at auction. Note: drawing is loose in frame; wear to frame, mild toning, foxing of paper

Peacock worked a great deal in the Haliburton and Canton areas of Ontario and is best known for his etchings which have fetched close to four figures at auction. About 9 by 7 inches, visible portion inside frame. Toning of paper

High Quality 18/10 Dutch Oven by Lagostina, used once, shows very light wear. 25 year warranty. Heavy. About 10 inches diameter. Part of set with lots: 67, 68, 94, 100, 128 and 134

High Quality 18/10 Cooking Pot by Lagostina. Heavy. About 7 inches diameter. 25 year warranty. Part of set with lots: 56, 67, 68, 94, 100 and 134

In good condition but wear to finish

High Quality 18/10 steel Cooking Pot by Lagostina. Heavy. About 9 inches diameter. Used once, shows very light wear. 25 year warranty. Part of set with lots: 56, 67 68, 100, 128 and 134

Pendants on S chain necklace and one box chain necklace. Jewelry only.

Labeled Mikasa, made in Slovenia, very heavy cut crystal vase about 9 inches at widest point.

Very heavy. Table and Two Chairs.

About 22 inches tall. Nice narrow dovetails on drawers. Found in Kingston area. Note: Antique item shows wear

With dustbag. In new condition. Tag inside. Has shoulder strap and key strap. As is.

Beautiful detailing. Original leather seat in good condition. Super comfortable and solid.

Circa 1920. About 12 inches in diameter, not marked, very heavy, Japanese glazed terra cotta, originally used as mortar when pounding rice into sticky mochi. Inside is smoother then a typical mortar as a more delicate approach was used for mochi. Makes a great serving bowl or jardinière!

Pencil signed and ink printed signatures in LR as shown, about 12.5 x 15.5. Some toning and rippling of paper.

Hand rolled edges. Label states Chanel Made in Italy, as shown. Please view photos carefully. Sold AS IS.

About 16 inches long. These were carried as part of an early doctor's kit. There was a space in the bottom of many bags where they were inserted. There were stood over a burner of some kind and filled with water and the instruments were immersed on the perforated tray to be sterilized. They are most often lost or were destroyed by corrosion. This one is in pretty good, clean condition for age. Copper with brass legs that fold away. Sometimes people make use of these as fish poachers when they are found in good condition, as this one is.

Very heavy. About 14 inches diameter at bottom.

Includes some very rare and interesting postcards, photographs, greeting cards, comic strips, photographs etc. Rare images include African-Canadian Man in Bathing Costume, Empire State Building, "Great White Hunters", Pre-1900 Japan, White Star Liner, etc. Comic Strips mostly war-time Blondie and some others. Some of the inscriptions on the postcards are priceless!

About 18 inches wide by about 22 tall. Dovetailed drawers. Back is a single board. Found in Kingston area in a very old farmhouse hanging on the wall about ten years ago. Note: Antique item shows wear and loss

Painted wicker. Note: light wear; chair and love seat only, other items not included

High Quality 18/10 Cooking Pot by Lagostina. Heavy. About 6 inches diameter. 25 year warranty. Part of set with lots: 56, 67, 68, 94, 128 and 134

Light wear

Circa 1980, heavy duty, professional cork screw. Note: light wear

Used twice. Includes instructions.

Made in USA. Marked as shown.

About 15 inches diameter. MATCHES LOT 64. Note antique item shows wear

With drawer. Only about six months old so in good condition with only minor visible wear. Top attaches at back only and is removable to turn into two sections if preferred. About 70 inches tall. SHELF ONLY, other items not included

About 12 by 9 inches, signed in LL and also on back with date 1976. Gibson primarily known for lithography and typesetting, however has produced work in multiple genre and this little painting is very nicely done and shows his skill for detail and fine brushwork very well

About 24 inches long. Note: antique item shows wear

About 30 inches tall. Light wear, scratches to top

Deep blue and pinks. About 3.75 inches diameter. Faintly stamped Moorcroft on bottom. Matches Lot 36.

About 12 inches tall with stopper. Signed on bottom.

Note: wear and losses, especially to one edge. About 34 x 42 inches.

About 5.5 inches tall. Signed and numbered, heavy.

Largest about 5 inches diameter. Some have chips. NOTE: FROGS only

About 32 inches tall. Note: wear, one stave loose

High Quality 18/10 steel sauté pan with lid by Lagostina, used once, shows very light wear. 25 year warranty. Heavy. About 11 inches diameter. Part of set with lots: 56, 67, 94, 100, 128 and 134

Matches Lot 130 and originally went with Lot 127. About inches tall. Antique item shows wear. Awesome alligator finish to old paint!

About 8 inches diameter. Shows wear from use

Cream and sugar on leaf tray. Tray about 6 inches long. Marked as shown on all pieces.

Antique item shows wear, fading and rubbing of cover and spine, etc.

Deep blue and pinks. About 3.75 inches diameter. Faintly stamped Moorcroft and marked with an A on bottom as shown. Matches Lot 35.

High Quality 18/10 Cooking Pot/Sauce Pan by Lagostina. About 8 inches diameter. Heavy. 25 year warranty. Part of set with lots: 56, 67, 68, 94, 100 and 128

Tallest piece about 9 inches tall. Metal (possibly bronze) figure is older and depicts the mother goddess with two snakes from Babylonian mythology.

Well aged. Original tap still present but not verified if complete or working. Heavy, bring help. Note: must be moved from backyard

Elaborate and very heavy. Note: Antique items used outdoors, show wear.

About 36 inches tall. Very unusual handmade item. Note: vintage item used outdoors shows wear

Brand new and never opened. Untested in the ear model hearing aid.

Antique items shows wear. MATCHES LOT 300. About 15 inches diameter.

Newer from Sheridan's in Whitby and in good condition but shows wear and staining to canvas seat from being outdoors (seat cushion added - will be included). Very heavy. Will be disassembled for pick up

About 58 inches tall. Note: heavy. Antique item shows wear.

About 10 x 10 inches square.

Each about 14 inches tall. Note: wear.

Used only once or twice

A very collectible piece of Mid-Century American Pottery. This is a more difficult to find larger size. About 8.5 inches diameter.

Purse only, brand new with tags.

About 18 inches long, as shown

Some arms move. About 32 inches tall. Note: antique item used outdoors, shows wear/corrosion to centres of some of the planter supports. Auction is for STAND ONLY. Other items not included.

Two Pyrex, USA bowls with rubber lids. Larger about 7.5 inches across.

As shown, never used, untested

Heavy Brass, made in Italy, very ornate

Very slinky silk textile/fabric, about 5 yards long by about 40 inches wide. Brand new unused with label from Indian Textile Weavers.

Longest about 21 inches long. Antique items show wear.

About 11.5 inches long. Marked as shown. Note: vintage item shows wear.

Two birds in a tree. Leaves and birds slot into tree trunk. Not marked or signed. About 14 inches tall. Note: Vintage item shows wear.

Basket only.

About 32 inches tall by 38 wide. Old distressed finish. Came out of old Mr. Frank's Assembly Room (Montreal) Dressing Room. Antique item shows wear

Some have wear. Includes two small baskets not shown.

Size Large. Minor wear.

Drink Dispenser on stand in original box. Taken out for photo only.

15 inch diameter. Antique item shows wear appropriate to age and use. Marked as shown with maker's name.

About 26 by 20 inches. Pencil, Gouache and Watercolour on paper, signed J. Sarno in the LL and dated '78.

Inscribed verso as shown. About 22.5 by 17 inches with frame. Signed and dated. Note: age toning of paper. Ontario artist Francine Moher (b. 1948) has had work in the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the AGO and the National Gallery among others.

Pyrex, Fire King, Signed Ceramics and Pottery, Glass, including vintage and antique pieces, Royal Commemorative China pieces, Cream and Sugar, Teapot. Some have wear

Canvas back pack with picnic set with corkscrew, wine glasses, including lemonade set and plastic salad tongs.

Good condition for age. Very supple leather for age. About 6 inches wide. Interesting design of hunting dogs in central cartouches both inside and exterior. Provenance: Purchased at Bohnam's Auctions in England in 2003. Men's wallets in general did not often survive from this age. This example is unusual also for the design of the embossing and its unique interior construction. Antique item with wear; someone has done some mathematical calculations on one inner flap at some point in its history.

Size Extra Large, has belt tie.

Jewelry only. Chain and pendant marked 925 and Rope chain marked GF or GP (hard to read under loop).

Vintage Copper and Brass Utensil Set with original hanging bar (utensils only; does not include cabinet)

About 38 by 64 inches. Came out of an old Clarington church. Would make a stunning large mirror for an entryway or a garden accent piece! Wear, paint loss.

Note: vintage item used outdoors shows some wear

About 28 inches long. Note slightly heavy. Light wear.

Marked as shown. Pots about 4 inches tall with lids. Note: marks on lids are actually glare from camera

Date stamped as shown. About 12 inches tall. Note: antique item shows wear, filled in chip to glazing on rim

Were working but wear to lighting inserts and should be rewired for current standards. About 9 inches tall each (without fixture).

This little heater heats up a surprisingly large room!

New in Box, unopened, untested, blue colour

Folds out to bed, with carrying case. Used outdoors, shows light wear.

11 Pieces. High quality stainless cookware. Used only a couple of times and some pieces never used. Show light wear only.

Light fabric staining and wear.

Not marked. About 12 inches tall with large smooth pontil.

About 6 inches tall each.

Brass fittings over mahogany (?) tray with a hand painted folk art bird. Antique item shows wear. Tray handles removed possibly to allow tray to be hung as a painting at one time. About 18 inches wide.

In near mint condition. About 54 x 54 inches.

About 11 inches tall. Note: wear, primarily small paint losses to cap and around right eye

Rare depiction of a demon. About 5.5 by 3.75 inches. Antique item, handled much in antiquity, shows considerable wear. Note: item found tucked into a book in an old trunk. Seller does not know how it got there but has been told by Asian Art specialist that it is at least 200 years old.

Nicely "alligatored" green painted finish. Top about 30 inches square. Note: goes with lots 130 and 131 - antique item shows wear

Matches Lot 131 and originally went with Lot 127. About 24 inches tall. Antique item shows wear. Awesome alligator finish to old paint!

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