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Each about 3.5 by 4.5 inches. Velvet mounted and silver framed as shown. Initialled in LR of 2/3 (third may be under mounting.)

About 11.5 inches tall with lacquered-brass tube, rack-and-pinion coarse focusing, micrometer fine focusing on limb, triple nosepiece-changer holding two marked Leitz (Leica) objective lenses with space for the third, substage diaphragm, eyepiece, plano/concave mirror and black-enamelled U-foot, with dovetailed Wooden American (New York) wooden case with original label. Light wear and rubbing to finish as visible in photos. Works well. Both the three lens capacity and the illuminating mirror in particular are noted to be rare on the Leica shop informational website. Note wear as expected for age. See photos.

Marked size 40 European, 10 US but fit about a 9 - 9.5. Retailed for over $300 new. These have been worn a couple of times but are clean and sound for continued wear.

Vase is very heavy, weighs about 10 pounds. It is about 10 inches tall. Swirls have a luminescence given by fine gold crystal details that are very subtle but give it a high end finish. Fine smooth bottom. Not marked.

About 8.75 inches tall with large, smooth pontil. (Note: pontil denotes blown glass; it is not a sign of damage.)

About 64 by 64 inches plus fringe. Wear to fabric around one corner as visible in photos but given its age certainly clean and sound enough for use or display.

About 11 by 13 inches. Very finely detailed gold ground with central figure of a Saint. Scratches, paint loss, craquelure. Very old, circa 1800s, but no markings found.

About 10 inches diameter. Heavy for size. Restoration as visible in photos. Despite the extensive restoration this bowl is considered "rare", in particular because of the reverse casing with the end of day glass on the inside and the white on the outside (generally this is reversed).

Measures about 48 by 68 inches and appears to never have been used although there are a few storage marks noted here and there typical for age and long term storage. Was part of the trousseau of a bride in the seller's family circa 1900.

About 8 inches tall with smooth pontil. (Note: pontil denotes blown glass; it is not a sign of damage.)

Signed in LR and inscribed verso by Quebec artist and gallery owner, Paul de Bellefeuille, however the painting itself is an original by well listed American mouth artist, Nancy Litteral. The small card shows a reprint of the painting that denotes the original artist. Painting is about 18 by 16 inches with frame.

Measures about 58 by 72 inches and appears to never have been used although there are a few storage marks noted here and there typical for age and long term storage. Was part of the trousseau of a bride in the seller's family circa 1900. This one shows very fine tatting with picot central detailing (a sign of high quality crotchet lace).

Elaborately hand quilted at about 6-8 spi all over. About 90 by 70 inches. Front side has patchwork design of a variation on a flower garden quilt made from Depression Era Flour Sack fabrics. Reverse is a solid colour where the quilted design can really be seen. Patchwork side has some areas where the white fabric has thinned showing the colour of the back (visible in photos). Part of one edge has come unstitched (see photos). Otherwise the quilt is in solid, useable condition.

Originally intended for a bed, this works as a tablecloth as well. Measures about 66 by 90 inches and appears to never have been used. Was part of the trousseau of a bride in the seller's family circa 1900.

Tallest about 3/4 inch tall. Note wear. Some embossed/engraved.

Tallest about 9 inches tall. Tallest has marking shown. These are very heavy. The tallest one weighs about 7 pounds. Designed in the 1940s by Finnish glass artist Alvo Aalto and produced by the Czech Glass Firm Libera, these forms were considered the pinnacle of Art Deco design at the time of their making. Tallest one has etched markings as shown.

Afternoon at Algonquin Park, About 24 by 19 inches. Not framed. Clean.

About 7 inches tall. Smooth pontil. (Note: pontil indicates blown glass; it is not a sign of damage.) This is a design by Scandinavian (Swedish) designer Nils Landberg but this one is not signed.

About 13.5 inches tall with rough pontil as shown. Possibly by celebrated mid-century glass artist Dino Martens for Murano Glass, however although seller has another by this artist that is marked and seems to be very similar to this one and came from the same place, this one is not signed and seller is not sure. Pontil as shown. (Note: pontil a mark of blown glass; it is not a sign of damage.)

About 15 inches diameter. Wear as expected for age and use.

About 18 by 11 inches. Note: true colour is a sort of ecru (appears a bit whiter in photos).

Measures about 88 by 68 inches and appears to never have been used although there are a few storage marks noted here and there typical for age and long term storage. Was part of the trousseau of a bride in the seller's family circa 1900. The picoted edges are a sign of high quality workmanship.

About 2.5 inches tall. Marked as shown. Wear as visible.

Measures about 50 by 72 inches and appears to never have been used. May have small storage marks here and there (didn't see any but possible!) but is quite crisp and clean for age! Was part of the trousseau of a bride in the seller's family circa 1900.

Large lot, mostly unsorted from many international locations. Some noted to be vintage/antique. Some cancelled; some not. Wear to books as visible.

About 5 inches tall. Heavy for size.

Hallmarked and marked as shown. Note: Buffer knob needs to be reset. Other wear as visible in photos.

As shown.

Pre-1947. Reversible. One pocket has torn seam as shown. Minor wear otherwise but very wearable on either side.

A large and heavy 1929 publication with original Art Deco lithography and graphic illustrations by renowned American graphic artist, Taylor Ward and edited by William A. Swallow, who went on to work as an American war journalist in Asia. All done on fine art paper and the cover is elaborately embossed fine tinted leather with gold detailing on the fly leaf. Light wear and rubbing to cover, some toning of the paper but overall very clean and solid. Includes 1941 Dinner and Dance Programme (wear).

About 7.5 inches tall with partially smoothed pontil. (Note: pontil denotes blown glass; it is not a sign of damage.)

About 3 inches long. No markings found but flat bottle may be sterling or part sterling; however cannot be certain. Taller bottle marked as shown. Both date to circa 1900-1905. Unverified contents but these were for smelling salts originally.

Larger about 9 inches diameter with two handles. Smaller has pouring spout.

About 7 inches tall. Pontil as shown. (Pontil indicates blown glass. It is not a sign of damage.)

About 15 by 13 inches. Wear as visible in photos.

A two inch vintage round compact, decorated with profile of a woman s head. Size: measures 2-1/4 inches across, has a nice mirror around which is written: Armand Pat.- 7 1 - 24 Made In U.S.A. Condition: vintage, used, the latch and hinge work properly.

About 6 inches tall.

About 10 inches tall. Heavy for size. Large, smooth pontil (pontil is a sign of blown glass, not damage.)

About 64 x 80 inches. One very small stain noted.

Wear to leather thimble case as shown. About 1 inch tall. Thimble marked England. The case is very early, circa 1840.

About 17 by 20 inches, signed in ink in LR with date inscribed centre.

Pitcher about 9 inches tall with six glasses

With jacket. Minor wear to jacket as shown, inscription on first page. Still has its original price tag on flyleaf.

About 8 inches tall, clear pressed glass foot, and 2 clear glass handles. Rough pontil as shown. (Note: Pontil a sign of blown glass, not mark of damage.)

About 5 inches tall. Not signed.

About 50 inches long.

About 6 inches tall. Large, smooth pontil (denotes blown glass, not damage). No chips visible but a small one can be felt on the inner rim by running your fingers just inside it.

New and unused place setting of Mikassa White dinnerware (note cup has a tiny chip on the rim), Royal Worcester Pagoda Chinoiserie Porcelain, Miniature Royal Worcester Bud Vase, Miniature Occupied Japan Bud Vase, Set of Antique serving platter and serving bowls, Sadler Gold Pitcher, note wear on some pieces, blue and white transferware miniature plates, Royal Winton Grimwades Rose Plate

Marked as shown. About 4 inches fullest diameter.

Designed with the skirt at one end intended for use on a single 4 poster bed but works as a good sized tablecloth as well. Elaborately worked with a popcorn detail and full fringe along the sides. About 68 by 96 inches, light yellow storage marks visible here and there, however for its age the spread is crisp and clean and undamaged, ready for use. Was part of the trousseau of a bride in the seller's family circa 1900.

About 52 by 70 inches. Has a couple of very small, faint marks but is very crisp and ready to use.

About 3.5 inches tall. Very fine glass. Pontil as shown (denotes blown glass, not damage).

About 10 inches tall with lid. Wear as visible in photos.

Marked as shown. About 8 inches wide fully opened.

About 16 inches tall with stopper. Pontil as shown. (Note: pontil denotes blown glass; it is not a sign of damage)

Has wear to finish as visible but works well. Cup is original and hard to find.

First is brown leather very clean and rarely worn. About a size XL/L. The other is longer, Danier black leather. Also a size XL/L. Has minor wear to leather as visible but was only worn a few times and remains very supple and in very wearable condition.

About 4 inches tall. Marked as shown. Working condition cannot be verified as no fuel however parts seem to be working fine. Note felt on bottom is worn aware to reveal the marking.

Signed in the LR. Label verso showing it was an original Christmas card for the recipient. About 13 by 11 inches with frame.

Facsimile reproductions from the original collection of twenty-three lithographic plates published in London (ca. 1840). This includes Smyth's dedication to The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Durham, and a reproduction of Smyth's signature. Green cloth, gilt lettering 14" x 23" (approx.) and illustrations on heavy art paper. Minor rubbing and warping to jacket boards otherwise condition is clean. Large portfolio size about 23 x 15 inches.

About 3 inches tall with lids. Marked as shown.

Marked as shown. About 64 inches wide with 6 inch long fringe.

About 5 inches tall with pontil as shown. (Note: pontil indicates blown glass; it is not a sign of damage.)

About 5 inches tall. Marked as shown.

About 22 by 18 inches. Note: photographed on a slight angle to reduce glare from the glass. The frame is not crooked!

Book is large and heavy and filled with 100s of illustrations and art work by the incomparable artist Aubrey Beardsley. Note: jacket has wear and tear to upper right front corner as illustrated.

Jug about 9 inches tall. Marked as shown.

Blue is a harder to find glaze from Blue Mountain Pottery, and this one is quite large, about 10 inches diameter.

About 4 inches tall. Very heavy for size. Not marked but appears similar to Finnish glass; possibly Scandinavian.

About 8 inches diameter. No markings visible which is typical of pieces made before circa 1868.

Large Plate unmarked about 9 inches diameter. Smaller plates not an exact match but go well. About 3.5 inches diameter each.

About 8 inches diameter. Hand Painted with gilt detailing throughout. Fainter markings verso but couldn't quite make them out.

Largest about 50 by 50 inches. Some may have wear, marks from storage or other small stains. The blue one in package is vintage but was never used or removed from packaging.

About 6 inches tall.

Four pieces in total. All signed except that the corked jug has a covered bottom and can't be verified whether signed or not. Plate about 9 inches diameter. Larger weed vase is actually a plant watering jug and has a small hole drilled into the bottom edge for that purpose.

Mint in original box with original Birks price tag still on one.

Illustrated (well, obviously).

Wear as expected for age visible in photos. Published in 1879 and inscribed with a date of 1885.

As shown.

About 18 inches long. Wear as visible. Works well.

Wear to box as shown. Books have sticker type illustrations.

1950s Peacock Bedspread about 88 by 78 inches. May have wear. Elephant spread about 54 by 60 inches. Vintage Rainbow Crotchet blanket came tied in a ribbon and was not untied.

About 15 by 12 inches across the top. One leg has a repair. Upholstery newer, braid trim loose at one end.

About 6 inches tall. Signed with maker's mark as shown.

Bottle about 8 inches tall. Bottle signed as shown. Cup marked as shown. Hole in Buddha's belly is for a straw.

Very clean for age, appears to have rarely been used. Suede is very sound and retains suppleness. Label as shown. Note: seller believes fur to be fox but cannot be sure. Please see photos. Fur is real.

About 5 inches tall. Marked as shown. No lid.

Tallest about 13 inches tall. Note wear, small stains on some. Pleated shade does not have liner. SHADES ONLY.

About 6 inches tall.

Paper label affixed to back. About 12 inches diameter.

About 30 inches tall. Heavy. Marked Made in Italy. Note wear, tarnish.

About 7 inches tall. Not marked. Note line across face in second photo is not a crack, just a glazing mark. The jug isn't damaged at all.

About 8 inches tall. No stopper.

Van Gogh book has wear to jacket as shown. Filled with fine art prints of his work. These are removable for mounting if preferred. Some have been removed. It appears a couple are missing however there are over 125 fine pieces still enclosed. Also includes three original modernist ink sketches that were found in the book and are not marked.

Inscribed as shown. Light wear and rubbing to spine and boards but overall condition is very clean for age.

French ivory shaving brush, small decorative tray, small metal vase, patented mustache trimmer, etc.

About 9 inches tall. Marked as shown.

Lady with Flute, about 7 inches tall. Marked as shown.

About 6 inches tall, very large, rough pontil. (Note: pontil denotes blown glass; it is not a sign of damage.)

As shown.

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