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Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

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12 " aluminum rowboat comes with set of oars , 3 youth life jackets , trailer and 3 spare tires . Gets damp some times . Also platform included if wanted.

Vintage Hall or Entrance

Wolf Pocket Watch, metal storage case comes with certificate of Authenticity

GT Racer , Kids sleigh , 4 soccer balls

Rolling Pin , Wooden Spoon , Horse Shoe , Sheep Shears , Potato Ricer and Iron

"THE BAKER" STRING PUPPET (marionette) has a spoon and spatula...One in each hand ...Ceramic Face, Feet, and Hands...Puppet is 32 " in and and to the top of the control bar it is 42 " in total height....White hat, Jacket, and Apron.Grey and white checked pants...

Framed Winter Scene Oil Painting 20 " x 16 " Artist M.E.VIAU with adjustable wall mount light ..

BOSTITCH Stapler for Air Compressor along with 3 1/2 boxes of staples..Approx .8000 . 2490 staples per box SB1030205/82.5 m P50 - 10 B 04154 066

Framed Set of 12 Cardboard inserts inset in a plastic coin .

New sink measurements are 31 " x 20 1/2 "

Bass pocket watch , metal storage case comes with a certificate of authenticity

SENATORS FRAMED PRINT 23 1/4 " x 19 1/4 " ..Speeza , Alfredson, and Heatly........

Star Wars , Rock Music , Jungle Twins , Lost in Space

OLD GLASS BOTTLE MILK CRATE has company markings on the sides , has metal post corners foe stacking , and wire bottle compartments .

Superman , Batman , Rock Stars , Movie Stars etc.

White Writing Desk has a bottom shelf , large main drawer , 2 upper shelves with slot compartments ..It measures 39 " x 19 " x 48 "..

Titles include Robot Fighter , Brothers of the Spear , Tarzan , Sgt. Fury , Judge Colt , Black Panther , Detective , and Texas Ranger

Vintage Spice Cabinet 42 " x 21 1/2 " x 43 " , 3 large drawers , 1 - hidden front beveled front drawer , 3 - small drawers on the the raised top .

Tarzan , Doctor Spektor , Rat Patrol , Green Lantern ,Sgt. Fury , Tarzan , Drag ' N Wheels , Turok

Coke Case , Small Wooden Box , Wicker Baskets , and a Carpenter's Apron

Baseball stuff includes 2 batting helmets, balls , bat, 2 sets of knee and shin protectors .

Six Safety Glass Hammers with Seat Belt Cutters ..Comes with two way tape for easy dash mounting in your vehicle. Maybe it will safe your life

Home Styles Duvet 300 thread count ( white ) Double/Queen

Dale Earnhardt Sr. # 3 The Intimidator coffee mug and collector tin with playing cards ...

4 -Hand Saws , 3 - Keyhole Saws , 2 - Back Saws

Old Meat Saw , Knife Blades , Pick Axe , and Awl

Titles include Wanted , Scamp , Beverly Hillbillies , Mod Squad , Gun Smoke , Superman , Outlaw Kid , Western Outlaw , and Kamandi

Painter's stuff - paint tray , rollers , brushes , tape and scrapper

Hard Hat , Safety Glasses , Two pair of Non- Slip Cotton Gloves , Two packs of Ear Plugs , Two Right Handed Extreme Cold Filling Gloves , AGO 2XL Blaze Orange Coveralls , and and a Safety Tri Angle

Safety glasses with case , lanyard , and 5 interchangeable lenses .

Multi Function Milwaukee Ballast / Lamp Tester with extension wand for lamps and a carry case.

Tall Dresser 2 piece attaches at the back.4 drawers on the bottom and the top has shelves with a small crack in the back near the right top.

Bessey Edge Clamp 5-1 , Quick Grip Mini Bar Clamp , Quick Grip 6 " Bar Clamp

Old style dial buzz light phone ..Untested. Buzz stands 15 " height and is 11 1/2 " in width

K-E German Drafting Set , Hemi Slide Rule , Quick line 24 " ruler

Dresser has silver knobs and the measurements are 25 1/2 '"x 16 " x 44 1/2 "

Teapot , cream pitcher , cups and saucer ( one teacup has a small crack ) dessert plate , glass mason jar tops , candy dish , green glass cream pitcher .

SNL Trivia Game and Don't Forget the Lyrics Game Unopened

Old Football Magazines along with CFL Football Cards and NFL Cards

Spice Spinner Spice Rack , Table cloth , Pillow Case , 4 Celery Green Pillow Cases , Set of 8 Cloth Place Mats with Matching Napkins

Papco Socket Screw Kit ( 180 ) 026 - 629 and Misc. Tools..

Basketball stuff includes balls, nets , fiberglass backboard measures 44 " x 31 "

Shovels , Rakes , Forks , Pick and Driveway Markers .

Hand painted sap bucket 9 " x 12 1/2 "

Framed Howling Wolves Print 22 " x 18 "..The Artist is B. FINAN

Assortment of tool boxes 2 - red, 1 - blue , 1 - brown, and 1 plastic with multi compartments

Vintage Gum Tape Dispenser , Scale weights , and wood stove Damper

APC Battery Back Up with Surge Protection for computers , fish tanks etc. UPS ES 350

Jobmate portable mitre saw. This saw has 11 positive stops, Quick release settings, and depth stops. Still in the package

Two Old Framed Linen Prints 8 1/2 " x 8 1/2 "

Misc. New Hardware and Power Scrubber Etc.

Thunder Bolt Comic , Simpson Cards , Flintstones Cards , Disney Cards , Misc. mix of random Cards.

Seed spreader , Lawn sprayer , Gas can , Part jugs of Motor master fluids

Shoe Shine Kit , Men's Manicure Set with Wallet , Sun Glass Case ..

Glass Lamp stands 11 " in height and the Bird House stands 9 1/4 " in height ...

Large silver Tray , Medium silver Candy Dish , and a small Pewter Goblet .

C.S.I. Senses Crime Solving Game ,unopened

Book of Secrets , 1000 piece Permalock Howling Wolves Pack Puzzle 17 7/8 "x 26 1/2", 1000 Piece Glow in Dark Puzzle -- The Astronomer 20 " x 27 " , and a Aquarium Photo in a stand off Frame 10 1/4 "

Vintage Book----EXAMINATION PAPERS IN ARITHMETIC 1879 By Miller & Sons Educational series

Pimpernel heat resistant place mats (4) and a set of cloth place mats with a stick natch dispenser .

The Holmes Inspection Book 248 pages and Mike Holmes --Make it Right Book 210 pages

Easy Feet Scrubber (un opened )Travel STEAM IRON , small Heater in working order 9 " high and 10 " wide

Poker , Triva Pound , Golf , Mind Trap

Dear Teacher , 2 - Calvin and Hobbes books , Yukon Ho , Trail of the Wolf , Discovery Journal

Micro Beer Brewing Machine ....MACHINE ONLY

Selection of Movies ---Speed , Ferius Bueller , Mummy , Pearl Harbour , Pelican Brief , plus etc..

TLC Do It Yourself Books ..Titles include Clutter Gutters , 48 Hour Makeovers , and $100 - $1000 Makeovers...

Two Large Home Depot Project Books ..Kitchen and Bath 1-2-3 , and Outdoor Projects 1-2-3.......

Memorable book , Jeff Fox Worthy Red Neck Dictionary , Why My Daughter Needs a Mom , Stanley Complete Book of Masonry and Patios , Today Home Owner 500 Home Tips

Two pairs of downhill skis with bindings .. 1 pair of HEAD , and 1 pair of SALOMON

Collection of Cross Stitch Books and Needle Point Books ..

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