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You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.
A max bid would make it more difficult for others to outbid you.

A max bid is the highest amount you are willing to pay for an auction item.

In response to other bids, the auction system will automatically increase your bid in the smallest increment possible (up to your max bid amount) in order to maintain your lead position.

To get a max bid you simply enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the bid form just as you would any other bid. If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

At the end of the auction, the winning bidder pays only the lowest winning bid possible. That means that you can win an auction item at a price less than your max bid amount.

Your max bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

You can lower or delete a max bid by entering a lower amount.

Note: After watching hundreds of auctions and talking to thousands of bidders, we think using max bids in your bidding strategy works best for most people. It eliminates some of the pressure and reduces the risk of "sniping", where other bidders slip in slightly higher bids in the last seconds of bidding.

You now have a max bid.

You can raise or lower your max bid at any time by entering a new amount.

If you wish to remove your max bid you can do so by entering an amount equal to the current bid into the bid form.

You have a max bid of %s on this item. That means that the system will place bids for you in response to bids from other bidders, up to %s.

You can adjust this max bid by using the form above.

If you want to remove your max bid click here.
You can add a max bid to protect your item against other bidders by using the form above.
Place a bid using the form above.

You can enter the minimum bid of %s or a greater amount.

If you bid more than the minimum bid you will get a max bid that the system will use to bid for you against other bidders, up to the amount you enter. So if you enter a bid of %s for this item, the system will place bids on your behalf in response to bids from other users until someone bids more than %s.

Chinese book with wood covers and beautiful colour pictures. 'The Story of Rice'. In Chinese and English.

Chinese accordion book with wood covers. 'Pang Tao'. Beautiful colour pictures, Chinese and English text.

Various jewelry item. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Age related wear, some items need repair

See pictures

See pictures. Bolo Ties and house brass

Most items are signed. See pictures

Barometers, hydrometers and thermometers. See pictures for details.

Most items are signed.

Wood figurines, most made from ebony.

Mostly wood. See pictures.

Parker set, Cross set and Mont Blank pen. All in original boxes.

Champagne cooler, candle holders, cow bell, railroad spikes, salt and pepper dispensers and more. Most items are vintage.

Most signed

Turtles of different materials: bronze, metal, stone. Wood mask 9in high.

Two pairs. See pictures for details. Not tested.

Two birds are missing stands. Wear related to age.

White Mahakala made in Indonesia 9in high and other mask (Japanese?) 9in high. Both made of wood.

2 Japanese Woodblock prints 18x13in, framed.

Drummer statue made of wood 25in high and wooden spoon 27in high.

Collection of Steins. Some made in Japan. Also includes a selection of decorative metal pieces.

Collector spoons, figurines, pencil cup and more.

Illustrated by G. Dore. Front cover is separate, spine connected to back cover. Published in 1824.

Household items made of various metals. Wear related to age

Pipes made in Italy and England. Stand with glass jar for tobacco (tobacco humidor).

Old Standby, Marine Band, Pocket Pal. Not tested.

See pictures for details

Some signed pottery, brand name porcelain, kitchen containers and more

Need cleaning and adjustment

Owls made from stone, clay, feather, metal and wooden mask 11in high.

'My Pet' HN 2238.

Pipes made in US, one is heavily used.

Various silver plated items, some old. Most need cleaning

Two African busts made from ebony, 10in high, very heavy. Note small checks and three missing braids on girl's head.

Variety of hand carved figurines and wood bracelets.

Two prints are framed and glassed. Trays are metal. Minor wear.

2" vise, drill stand for hand drill, and more (need cleaning).

Made of brass or copper, 34in long, wear related to age.

Six in total. Each print is 9x7. Printed in Holland in 1966 by the Donald Art Co. Matted, but not framed.

West Germany set, various countries and styles.

Right hand. See pictures

Phone related collection of signs. All on metal base. Some may be enamel

Very beautiful humidor made from solid cedar. Note small scratches. Marked Zino inside. 12x8x5

Vintage wood relief 11in high, note chips on top, vintage relief (unknown material), vintage protector, note chip on hilt and wooden box.

See pictures

Wireless stereo headphones, Pyramid 240 with amplifier, Pyramid 12in woofer and more. Not tested.

Collectible knives. See pictures

Framed prints of Canadian trains 6x4 and handmade relief of San Marco basilica 7x4.

Two large identical wood frames with some gold paint. 31x37, with glass, minimal wear.

All roosters and hens you see. Clock is not tested. Various materials

See pictures for details.

3 collectible pens and pencil. See pictures for details.

Vintage Mickey Mouse figurines, vintage Mountie, Kodak 304 camera, Coronation glasses, royal mug, vintage porcelain with Scottish emblems and more.

Vintage Sheffield carving set and silver plate cutlery. See pictures for details.

See pictures for details.

Vintage tea pot, new in box pewter napkin rings, serving tray and more.

Some books are almost new, others show normal wear.

Needs adjustment. See pictures for details

Various LPs including Kenny Rogers, Roger Whittaker, Lou Mason, Engelbert Humperdinck and others. Used. Box covered with faux leather, 21x15x13, shows light wear.

Polaroid 340 camera, Kodak X15 camera, Polaroid Flashgun 268, flash TZ250, Carlton tripod and more. Not tested.

Right hand. See pictures

Heavy duty, needs cleaning

Three pieces, two have inscriptions, largest one is 10" high.

See pictures for details

Glass, metal, prints and more.

Several vintage and newer bottles, coloured glass items, crystal vintage items, new set of Luminarc 4 cl glasses and more

Air compressor (not tested), hose, connectors and more

Comes in wood box. See pictures for details.

See pictures for details

Size 48x36. Needs cleaning, top surface should be re-glued

Large parasol 54in diameter and Asian style broom

Royal Worcester 'Lady Bountiful' 3097, crack in the base. Sitting girl made in Germany, 12in high, repaired finger.

See pictures for details.

Two 17in alloy rims. Lightly used on Volvo. Will fit other makes.

Six old jars from various cosmetics.

Two boxes of computer parts and networking items like: cables, drives, routers and more

Selection of tobacco and cigar boxes. See pictures for details.

See pictures for details

See pictures for details.

Several badminton and tennis racquets. Roller skates 'Ultra Wheels', size 11, lightly used. Come with safety pads. See pictures for details.

Large tripod on wooden legs with precise adjustments. Possibly was used for telescope. Wear related to age.

Various books. See pictures.

See pictures

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